Tuesday, December 24, 2019

12-24-19 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: 'Christianity Today' Becomes a Tool of the Left
2. Crista Huff: My Best Stock Picks from 2019
3. Christopher Markowski: Impeachment and How it Will Affect the Economy and Markets
4. Lowell Ponte: Pelosi's Impeachment Games
5. Karen Kataline: Too Many Republicans Playing Defense
6. Sally Pipes: Court Ruling Leaves Problem Plagued ObamaCare's Future Unknown

'Christianity Today' Becomes a Tool of the Left
By James Hirsen

Although a lot of people link “Christianity Today” with evangelical Christian ideology, the magazine’s editor, Mark Galli, recently nixed that idea with a click of his keyboard. Galli penned a column that appeared to be written with the goal in mind of putting grins on the faces of leftists and garnering gobs of attention from the Trump-hating faction of the media. Whether the above stated goal was mapped out or not, the end result was the same. The magazine’s image took a hit, the president was unfairly maligned, and the liberal media ate it all up. [more...] NOTE: Listen to James Hirsen's beautiful rendition of the great classic 'O Holy Night.'

My Best Stock Picks from 2019
By Crista Huff

As we approach a new year, it’s time to reflect on what we accomplished in 2019, what’s left to do, and our hopes and dreams and goals for 2020. Those thoughts will differ, whether you’re focused on your family, your job or your golf handicap. For me, those thoughts focus heavily on stock picking, because December is the busiest month of the year for me. There’s a lot of forecasting involved. What will the major stock and economic trends be in 2020 and how can I position my stock portfolio to best capitalize on those opportunities? [more...]

Impeachment and How it Will Affect the Economy and Markets
By Christopher Markowski

Why has there been a muted stock market response? Where could danger arise in this process? How to hedge a "progressive" nominee? How will business in the United States react?  International? [more...]

Pelosi's Impeachment Games
By Lowell Ponte

You might have thought that the impeachment games that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat comrades have been playing during the holidays were designed to declare President  Trump "impeached," but, by refusing to transmit the House indictment to the Senate, they could deny President Trump any chance to be found "not guilty" by the Senate. Days ago, one of the main "impeachers," Adam Schiff, also "declared war" (according to the London Daily Mail) on Vice President Pence regarding a phone call Pence had with Ukrainian President Zelensky. This makes the impeachment game much, much bigger. How much? On September 2, 2018, my column here was titled "Are You Ready for 'President' Nancy Pelosi?" [more...]

Too Many Republicans Playing Defense
By Karen Kataline

Republican activists are debating among themselves about what the Senate’s next move should be if the Democrat majority in the House sends them two articles of impeachment. Should they take the ball and run with it by holding a full Senate or decline to hold a hearing at all and expect to score points by throwing the ball away? This could be one of the greatest opportunities for political theater and civics education in our lifetimes, but I fear that too many Republicans will remain comfortable playing defense, even when they finally get the ball. [more...]

Court Ruling Leaves Problem Plagued ObamaCare's Future Unknown
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

ObamaCare's much-hated requirement that every American carry health insurance or pay a penalty was ruled unconstitutional in a 2-1 decision by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. That’s the right decision on a badly flawed law, but it won't change anything for months or more likely years as the case continues to slowly wind its way through the courts. The big question facing the courts – which will be decided eventually by the U.S. Supreme Court – is whether the rest of ObamaCare can survive without what’s known as the individual mandate that everyone get health insurance. [more...]

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