Tuesday, December 31, 2019

12-31-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Kataline: Democrats Bluffin'
2. Daniel Greenfield: Soros's War Against the Jews
3. James Hirsen: Disney Rules Over a Declining Box Office
4. Crista Huff: Separating Stock Market Facts from "Malarkey"
5. Christopher Markowski: Failure to Debate Spending in Congress
6. Lowell Ponte: Progressivism's 'Godless' Religion

Democrats Bluffin'
By Karen Kataline

Pelosi continues to "threaten" to hold back the filing of two junk Articles of Impeachment the House rushed to pass before Christmas on the phony premise that Donald Trump is a threat to life as we know it. Actually, he continues to be a threat to life as they know it. Pelosi pretends that the Republican-controlled Senate actually wants what she and the Democrats have been selling. Given her previous remarks not so long ago, we can do more than speculate that she didn’t want impeachment either. [more...]

Soros's War Against the Jews
By Daniel Greenfield

As one of the wealthiest men around, George Soros was a man hiding from god by playing god. His shameful secret lay in the God and His people whom he had sinned against. The family’s Jewish origins were Soros’ secret shame. Schwartz, a Jewish family, were dead. They had been replaced by the Soros clan. George, who had once had a Bar Mitzvah, had been reborn a Nazi collaborator. And then, after the excitement of the war, he washed up as just another refugee in the UK. It wasn’t the Holocaust that had traumatized Soros, but the aftermath of being a nobody. [more...]

Disney Rules Over a Declining Box Office
By James Hirsen

Despite some blockbuster hits, Hollywood’s box office continues on its downward trend as 2019 comes to a close. Domestic revenues are expected to fall nearly 4 percent by year’s end; this according to The Hollywood Reporter. The box-office total of this past fall not only constitutes the sharpest decline in five years, it is also the fifth downturn this decade. Executives in Hollywood are assuming that the decline is mostly due to new home entertainment technology and the rise of streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. [more...]

Separating Stock Market Facts from "Malarkey"
By Crista Huff

It is a ridiculous idea to stare at the bond market and guess whether a recession is coming when there are a few basic, readily available economic statistics that clearly tell investors how the economy is doing. I’m extremely familiar with the malarkey that people hear and believe about the stock market, and I’m sick of it all. So, today’s rant is about truth vs. malarkey, and how to tell the difference between stock market facts and stock market fiction. Here are some random, popular media topics that are consistently wrong... [more...]

Failure to Debate Spending in Congress
By Christopher Markowski

On my new podcast: taxes in 2020 - what you need to know. Holiday sales. Savings goals, when are you going to start? Lenin and Marx were pikers, Elizabeth Warren is worse than both combined. 'Home Alone' in Canada deletes Trump. Economic reality for life. U.S. Women's Soccer edition. [more...]

Progressivism's 'Godless' Religion
By Lowell Ponte

Even the Pope now agrees that Christianity is fading in Europe and much of the West. But as the Wall Street Journal notes, Pope Francis has traded traditional Christianity for what nowadays is called the "social gospel" of politics - economic equality, immigrant rights and global warming - as if government held the key to human spiritual needs. This is now the "religion" of the Progressive Left; and, make no mistake, Marxism and fascism and other philosophies metastasized from Progressivism are not mere ideologies but pseudo-religions, cults bent on destroying and replacing rival religions such as Judaism and Christianity. [more...]

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