Monday, February 8, 2016

Trump Targets Cruz... Who’s Next?

By Michael Reagan

There are times when it’s very easy to believe Donald Trump lives in an alternate universe. And by that I don’t mean his running for president in the first place. I’m talking about garden variety campaign events where Trump either fails to remember what happened in the recent past or hopes Republican voters fail to remember. The latest instance is Trump’s “defense” of Ben Carson. Mark Levin points out that Trump is evidently positioning himself as Carson’s defender as he criticizes Ted Cruz’s campaign for a caucus night tweet in Iowa. [more...]

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Super Bowl Analysis from “The King of Vegas” Wayne Allyn Root

Super Bowl Analysis from “The King of Vegas” Wayne Allyn Root

Las Vegas Oddsmaker Turned Vice Presidential Nominee and National Political Commentator Offers Super Bowl Interviews

Wayne Allyn Root is known to national TV viewers and radio listeners as the former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee; conservative political commentator; speaker at Republican and conservative events across the USA; and bestselling conservative author of "The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide" "The Murder of the Middle Class" "Millionaire Republican" and "The Power of RELENTLESS."

However, what millions of Wayne's political fans across the country might not realize is that Wayne first built his celebrity and name recognition as “The King of Vegas” and “America’s Oddsmaker.” Wayne started his TV career in 1989 as the Network Oddsmaker and NFL Analyst for Financial News Network (now known as CNBC), where he hosted 5 shows - including the network’s signature NFL pregame show with his co-host, the famous Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder. 

Wayne has predicted the winners of sports events for over 30 years for over 3 million clients (the most in the history of this industry). He created, hosted and executive produced his signature national television show, "Wayne Allyn Root's WinningEDGE" from 2000 through 2009. He created, executive produced and co-hosted the hit TV series "King of Vegas" on Spike TV. He is the author of sports books "Root on Risk: Betting to Win on Sports," "The Zen of Gambling," and "The King of Vegas' Guide to Gambling."

Because of his success as the most successful oddsmaker and sports handicapper ever, Wayne was awarded his own 180-pound granite star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars (in front of Paris Resort & Casino). Wayne is one of 75 legends in history with their own star on Las Vegas Blvd. - including Wayne Newton, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Liberace, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Bobby Darin and Siegfried & Roy. 

Wayne’s sports handicapping career has been profiled by CNBC, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, CNN/Money, Equities, Success, Entrepreneur, EMMY, Millionaire, The Robb Report and The Financial Times (among many others). Wayne now makes over 1,000 TV and radio appearances annually talking politics.

Wayne’s record picking winners is second to none. His lifetime Super Bowl record is 21-9, 70% winners (against the point spread). That's a 70% success rate over three decades. He has won 17 of the past 24 Super Bowls - 71% winners.

Wayne is available for interviews regarding Sunday's Super Bowl - the biggest sports and TV event of the year. Over $8 BILLION dollars will be wagered on this event. In Las Vegas legal wagers are expected to top $100 million, with a chance to break the all-time record. At this moment about 90% of the money is being wagered on one side. Wayne will explain who and why. Wayne will discuss, debate and analyze the biggest game in the world for your audience, as well as explain the amazing growth of sports gambling (and its importance to TV ratings). 

Wayne offers interviews and advice like no other sports personality in the world - with charisma, energy, enthusiasm and a bigger-than-life personality.

Trump is No Reagan Republican

By Michael Reagan

Mr. Trump, I knew Ronald Reagan. And you’re no Ronald Reagan! Of course, I am stealing that line — with a twist. Donald Trump shouldn’t mind. He’s been stealing my dad for his own purposes. Trump frequently invokes Ronald Reagan’s name to defend his sudden 180-degree switch from being a lifelong, pro-Clinton Democrat to a Reagan Republican.
Both men did make a switch, but almost all the similarities between the two end there. Ronald Reagan’s odyssey from Hollywood liberal to conservative backer took place over almost two decades. Starting with his 1964 “Time for Choosing” speech that galvanized Americans for Barry Goldwater, dad began a 16-year effort of crisscrossing America to support conservative candidates for office. My dad also served eight years as California’s governor. When he ran for President, he had a proven conservative track record.

Donald Trump doesn’t have one. In fact, Trump still can’t explain his sudden change from being a liberal Democrat. When dad ran in 1980, Trump donated the maximum amount to Jimmy Carter. As the Wall Street Journal reported, Trump also donated to a PAC for Walter Mondale, who ran against dad in 1984. Trump has criticized some candidates for their indiscretions made during their childhood. But what can you say for a grown adult who supported both Carter and Mondale over Ronald Reagan? [more...]

Michael Reagan is the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan. A bestselling author, syndicated columnist and NewsmaxTV commentator, he chairs the Reagan Legacy Foundation.

New Hampshire Primary - Key Questions

By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

The New Hampshire primary is coming up only eight days after the Iowa caucuses.  The results in Iowa were surprising to many 2016 presidential election watchers.  Ted Cruz and his strong ground organization beat Donald Trump and won after numerous recent polls predicted Trump would be victorious. Also, Marco Rubio, whose numbers had been somewhat flat in recent Iowa polls, suddenly jumped up into third place, nearly beating Trump, and winning the same number of Republican National Convention delegates as Trump, namely 7 delegates.  Of particular importance, it was an historic Republican caucus turnout.  This foreshadows my prediction of an historic 2016 presidential election with a record high voter turnout in my new book, Great News for America. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2-2-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Leland: Hillary, Can You Feel the Bern?
2. Lowell Ponte: Enter Chinese New Year of the Monkey
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Iowa Didn’t Hurt Trump... But it Destroyed Hillary

4. James Hirsen: Campaign Ads Go Negative in Iowa & New Hampshire
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Apple and Google Battle it out to be King of the Tech Mountain
6. Daniel Greenfield: Why the Left Can’t Understand Islam
7. Joe Messina: Lying, Cheating and Stealing... an American Way of Life?
Hillary, Can You Feel the Bern?
By Karen Leland

With last night’s Iowa Caucus action, the personal brands of the candidates became front and center once again. As a personal branding consultant, I’ve been watching this election cycle closely. Last night was no exception. Winning isn’t always winning. Despite Clinton’s ultimate and minuscule victory over Sanders, who really won the night? The degree to which Sanders inspired millennials, who are disenchanted with politics as usual, to participate is in many ways a much more important and longer-term gain that could make the difference in the end. He’s obviously in it for the long term. When it comes to building a personal, business or CEO brand, it’s all about the long game.  [more...]

Enter Chinese New Year of the Monkey
By Lowell Ponte

On Monday, February 8, the ancient Chinese Lunar calendar, based on a 12-year cycle of different animal years, exits the Year of the Sheep or goat and enters the Year of the Monkey. Chinese astrologers warn that 2016 will be a year of competition and challenge, youthful energy and fun, curiosity and creativity, intelligence and trickery, like monkeys themselves. This Year of the Red Fire Monkey is auspicious for bold new enterprises, say Chinese soothsayers. Those who take daring entrepreneurial risks this year are more likely to succeed – and old political and business empires to fall. [more...]

Iowa Didn’t Hurt Trump... But it Destroyed Hillary
By Wayne Allyn Root

I can hear it now – every so-called “political expert” telling us how important this loss in Iowa is for Donald Trump. They’ll tell you it’s a big deal; it’s the end of Trump; it proves Trump will under-perform the polls in other states too; it proves he’s not invincible; the bubble has burst; Trump is wounded. This is all nonsense. As usual, the experts know nothing. As usual, they are clueless blowhards trying to sound like they know something the rest of us don’t. As usual, they have it all wrong. [more...]

Campaign Ads Go Negative in Iowa & New Hampshire
By James Hirsen

Negative attack ads are flooding the airwaves in Iowa and New Hampshire. Front runner Donald Trump, his chief rival Ted Cruz, climbing centrist Marco Rubio, and mainstream media favorite John Kasich are the targets of countless advertising buys that are crafted to direct attention toward the perceived shortcomings of each of the GOP presidential candidates. Florida Senator Rubio is being targeted in New Hampshire and in national ads by Right to Rise, a Jeb Bush-friendly super PAC. One political advertisement depicts Rubio as a perpetually twirling weathervane that changes positions on immigration with the fluctuating political winds. [more...]

Apple and Google Battle it out to be King of the Tech Mountain
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

For much of 2015, Wall Street speculated Apple may be the first company to reach a trillion-dollar market cap. Last February, Apple saw its market cap peak at $774 billion, a record setting number. Now, not even 12 months later, the company has shed $240 billion in value. How did this happen? Last week, Apple posted its fourth quarter earnings and, in the words of Forbes Magazine, got “creamed.” Across the board, Wall Street slammed Apple for subpar numbers. The already declining stock dropped another 5% after the report. Why are investors dropping Apple? Apple confirmed investors’ worst fear: stalled growth. Last quarter, Apple stopped growing, and in fact, CEO Tim Cook predicted a decline in future sales. Silicon Valley is filled with the skeletons of once strong companies that stopped growing and lost investors soon after. Wall Street worries Apple will join them. Remember when BlackBerry was the biggest name in the tech world? [more...]

Why the Left Can’t Understand Islam
By Daniel Greenfield

The left’s greatest intellectual error is its conviction that the world can be divided into a binary power struggle in which both sides agree on the nature of the struggle, but disagree on the outcome. For leftists of a certain generation, it was class. Marx began the Communist Manifesto by laying out a primal class struggle throughout human history. For Marxists, everything in the world could be broken down to a class struggle with the wealthy oppressors on one side and the oppressed on the other. It didn’t matter that this model didn’t fit a reality in which Communist leaders came from wealthy backgrounds and their opponents were just as likely to be poor peasants. To the left, everything is defined by the model. Reality is an inconvenience that is suppressed with gulags and firing squads. [more...]

Lying, Cheating and Stealing... an American Way of Life?
By Joe Messina

Over the years I have watched the American people and the legal system back down on truly criminal issues because we have too many people in jail. They say our judicial system is overloaded and can’t take anymore. So now we stop enforcing laws or shorten jail sentences? We basically give up? Are we afraid to call them out as bad actions? Has political correctness made it so wrong to call thugs, thugs; terrorists, terrorists; and so on? For example, General Petraeus was sentenced to two years parole and a $40,000 fine for giving classified material to his girlfriend and biographer. It pretty much ruined his career because he swore on his outgoing paperwork from the CIA that he had returned or destroyed all classified material. He obviously didn’t! (This may be a bad one.) [more...]

Monday, January 25, 2016

1-25-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Get Ready for President Trump
2. James Hirsen: Hollywood Celebrities Launch Trump Attack
3. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: 47 Cents a Gallon
4. Daniel Greenfield: The Problem with Bernie Sanders Voters is They Don’t Actually Vote
5. Joe Messina: GOP Establishment Piles on Trump
6. Joseph Klein: ISIS’s Barbarity and Leftist Feminists’ Callous Heart
7. John LeBoutillier: We are Witnessing the End of the House of Clinton

Get Ready for President Trump
By Wayne Allyn Root

The stock market is crashing, the economy is in reverse, Sarah Palin is back in the headlines, and Hillary Clinton is in freefall. All the ducks are falling in place for Donald Trump. The latest poll shows Trump leading 42 to 12 and establishment favorites Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich are all in single digits. It’s all over folks. Get used to Donald Trump as your GOP nominee. Keep in mind, Trump hasn’t spent any serious money yet. What happens when he drops $500 million on the race? What about $750 million? How about a cool billion? Could Trump’s 42 percent rise to 52 percent? Or even higher? [more...]

Hollywood Celebrities Launch Trump Attack
By James Hirsen

When members of the far-left in Hollywood are using the same script as the editors of National Review, we know we are living in very surreal times. “Stop Hate, Dump Trump” is a new slogan that has been adopted by a group of Hollywood liberals in the hopes of derailing Donald Trump’s campaign bullet train. In an almost simultaneous effort, National Review has devoted almost every page of the most recent issue of its magazine to essays that urge voters to withhold support from the GOP frontrunner - something that most likely would have appalled conservative icon and magazine founder William F. Buckley Jr.  Hollywood’s assault on Trump emanates from decidedly left-winged individuals, most of whom work in the entertainment business. [more...]

47 Cents a Gallon
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

Last Sunday, a few lucky Americans got to pay 47 cents for a gallon of gas. A few years ago, when fuel was topping $5 a gallon, this would have seemed impossible.  Now, it might just be a sign of things to come. A few gas stations in northern Michigan found themselves in a brief, but newsworthy, price war. One location dropped prices to 95 cents, another 77 cents, and two gas stations offered 47 cent gas. Monday, the market corrected itself, and those few audacious gas stations brought prices back to $1.46 and $1.47 a gallon., which tracks gas prices across the country, now lists the average price per gallon in the U.S. at $1.89. [more...]

The Problem with Bernie Sanders Voters is They Don’t Actually Vote
By Daniel Greenfield

You keep hearing about how well Bernie Sanders is doing. But Bernie does best with people who don't necessarily vote. Only including voters who previously caucused in their party's most recent competitive caucus, Cruz is neck-and-neck with Trump, with 30% for Cruz to 28% for Trump. The Sanders campaign could very well be headed for a crushing defeat in Iowa. He's dependent on young, hipster voters, while Hillary Clinton took the minority part of the Obama coalition. Unfortunately for them, the core Democratic voting bloc is older and whiter than the Obama coalition. By dividing the coalition, Bernie Sanders is left with the hippest, but most unreliable part of it. [more...]

GOP Establishment Piles on Trump
By Joe Messina

We are so busy attacking Trump that we are not paying attention to the issues; we are not dealing with the issues as a party. Trump wouldn’t be able to make any headway if we had the right candidates and if people trusted the mainstream Republicans. Over 60% of Republicans feel betrayed by their party. They believe the party doesn’t care or listen to them except at election time. Republican rank and file wanted the Republican elects to vote against funding Planned Parenthood, illegal immigration benefits, refugee relocation money, a $1.7 billion dollar interest payment to Iran on $200 million owed. In these cases (and so many more) Speaker Ryan and McConnell ignored the will of “We the people.” [more...]

ISIS’s Barbarity and Leftist Feminists’ Callous Heart
By Joseph Klein

ISIS’s brutality knows no bounds. Early medieval style beheadings, crucifixions, enslavement and rapes of women and young girls are ISIS’s calling cards. They have slaughtered or abducted thousands of civilians and have committed systematic genocide against Yazidis and Christians. Yet when reports of such acts of barbarism began to emerge in 2014, the progressive left either ignored the worst demonstrations of pure evil in our time or pooh-poohed them. For example, the far left feminist Naomi Wolf, pretending to be an objective journalist, has demanded proof of ISIS transgressions. She questioned whether the videos of beheadings by ISIS jihadists were real. “So much about ISIS seems hyped/spun,” she said on her Facebook page in August 2014. In response to accounts of ISIS jihadists’ sexual exploitation of women, she bizarrely warned us to “remember the fake accounts of ‘the HUN’ raping Belgian women that drove everyone else into World War One.” Recall that Naomi Wolf has argued in the past that Muslim women veiling themselves are doing so as an expression of their own free choice. [more...]

We are Witnessing the End of the House of Clinton
By John LeBoutillier

There is the stench of political death around Hillary, Bill, Chelsea and the entire House of Clinton. You could feel it when Republican frontrunner Donald Trump hit back - hard - over the "penchant for sexism" charge by basically calling Hillary Clinton an enabler in the former president's sexual shenanigans. When have we ever seen the Clintons back off? But they did. Then came further reports about an expanded FBI probe of her handling of secure information; the nexus of State Department favors for donors to the Clinton Foundation; and the story that Hillary Clinton or her staff might have lied to FBI agents in this probe. [more...]

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Supreme Court on Obama's Amnesty Plan

By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

The Supreme Court will rule on President Barack Obama's decision to defer deportation for as many as five million undocumented immigrants, agreeing to hear the administration's appeal on one of the most contentious issues of his presidency. But what are the common sense solutions to the threats illegal immigration is having on our national security - the threats posed by America's unprotected borders?

Illegal immigration is arguably the hottest topic of this coming election - of grave concern to many Americans. Donald Trump is not the only one to hit a nerve when bringing this issue to the forefront of the debates. In Great News for America, now climbing the charts on Amazon as a go-to book for information on the election, Dr. Gerard Lameiro emphasizes that first and foremost, to be a sovereign nation, a country must have borders and those borders must be clearly delineated and readily enforced.

One common sense solution that the newly elected president can take is to completely shut down America's borders for a "cooling off period" of two years. This means no new immigrants (legal or illegal) will be permitted to enter and stay in the U.S. This gives the new administration time to seal the border off from illegal immigration completely - physically with fencing, electronically using advanced tracking technology, and militarily with appropriate law enforcement and military support. [more...]