Wednesday, September 28, 2016

9-28-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Crista Huff: Hillary Lied About TPP
2. Michael Stumo: Beef and Cattle Imports Set Record Under Ag Secretary Vilsack
3. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: New Employees Are Changing the Workplace
4. Daniel Greenfield: FBI Warns of “Terrorist Diaspora” of Isis Migrants to West
5. Joe Messina: No Safe Spaces for the ANTI-Safe Spacers

Hillary Lied About TPP

Hillary Clinton called TPP “the gold standard.” The most focused statement Clinton made about the TPP was as follows: "I’m going to have a special prosecutor. We’re going to enforce the trade deals we have, and we’re going to hold people accountable." That statement is absurd. First, trade deals are generally enforced by taking grievances to the World Trade Organization and/or the global courts, via the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism. These contentious situations often take years to be resolved. And while the aggrieved parties await resolutions, American industry suffers. For example, the U.S. steel industry's production fell 27% in 2015, largely due to currency manipulation and illegal dumping on the part of Asian nations, especially China. If Clinton were going to appoint a special prosecutor - and we're assuming here that such a person would actually have the power to make a dent in trade problems - why didn't she influence the appointment of such a person at any point during the last 30 years? [more...]

Beef and Cattle Imports Set Record Under Ag Secretary Vilsack

Cattle, beef and beef product imports have nearly doubled (from an average $3.05 billion per year to $6.04 billion per year) under the Vilsack Agriculture Department in relation to the Clinton years. The imports have increased by 33% in relation to the George W. Bush years ($4.5 billion per year average). [more...]

New Employees Are Changing the Workplace

We all knew the day would come when baby boomers and gen X-ers usher a new generation into the workplace. The oldest members of Generation Z, a population born in the mid-to-late-1990s through 2010, have just entered the workforce with all new perspectives and expectations. They follow in the footsteps of their older siblings and counterparts, the millennials, who share similar lifestyles but also remember the days of the VHS and a world without wireless technology. Millennials are now taking on management positions and it appears the workplace we are accustomed to is now at the base of a mountain of change. [more...]

FBI Warns of “Terrorist Diaspora” of Isis Migrants to West

Intelligence and law enforcement agencies worry that a surge of violent extremists will eventually move from ISIS-controlled areas in Syria and Iraq into Western nations with the aim of committing terrorist attacks, FBI Director James Comey told Congress on Tuesday. "The caliphate will be crushed," but hundreds of people will remain and become part of a "terrorist diaspora" in the next two to five years. "When ISIS is reduced to an insurgency, those people will try to come to Western Europe and here," Comey said in testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee. [more...]

No Safe Spaces for the ANTI-Safe Spacers

The Left always talks a good game of equality but they have yet to prove it. Whether it has to do with equal pay for women working for the Democrat party (the audit of salaries in Nancy Pelosi’s office showed she pays her female staff 29% less than their male counterparts) or fighting against racism (as was evidenced in the many e-mails released from the DNC dealing with the “Taco Bowl Voters”) or even religious rights (also evidenced by the DNC e-mail leak planning to use the fact that Bernie Sanders might be an atheist against him in the south). These facts and many more show just how the Left deals with social justice. [more...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Ten Points Trump Needs to Make Tonight

These are the 10 points Donald Trump must make tonight in the first presidential debate:

1) That none of Hillary's name-calling is true. By his answers and demeanor show that he is not: sexist, racist, deplorable, reckless, unpredictable, buffoon, homophobe, Islamaphobe. Once he shows he is a reasonable person, all of Hillary's negative ads go away. [more...]

9-26-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: How Can Trump Win the First Presidential Debate?
2. Joe Messina: The Silent Trumpers are Coming Out
3. James Hirsen: Hollywood Celebrities Go All in for Hillary
4. Wayne Allyn Root: Donald Wins the Presidency if He Talks Economy Tonight
5. John LeBoutillier: Will Anyone Win - or Lose - the Crucial First Debate?

How Can Trump Win the First Presidential Debate?

Trump Needs to Connect Heart-to-Heart with the American People During the Presidential Debate. Many observers criticize Clinton for being cold and stiff. She has been seen as aloof, uncomfortable, angry, and recently, even manic in public appearances. All of this on top of the criticisms for looking tired and weak. Some analysts think she doesn’t want to have to campaign at all, having a certain sense of entitlement to being the next president. (It’s her turn, finally.) Trump campaigns with a style that is in sharp contrast to Clinton in many ways. For Trump to deal Clinton a clear defeat, he needs to show his warm side and connect with the American people, just as Reagan did in 1980. Here are some things to look for... [more...]

The Silent Trumpers are Coming Out

I have said this for a long time now, that there are millions of Trump voters who have “stayed in the closet” and not spoken out in their intention to vote for him.  Well, all of this has changed and I believe that it is largely due to Hillary Clinton’s faux pas (calling half of his supporters a “basket of deplorables”).  Little did she know that that arrogant, demeaning comment in front of her millionaire donors who yucked it up with her would bring millions of formerly silent voters to speak up and own their vote. [more...]

Hollywood Celebrities Go All in for Hillary

In an unprecedented attempt to help get their candidate elected to the nation’s highest post, Hollywood is pulling out all the stops to assist Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. Many of the Tinseltown residents with sizeable influence are busy supplying “in kind” contributions to the Hillary campaign. Playing their typical roles in the quadrennial Academy Award show of politics, they have been making personal donations, rounding up gobs of cash at left-leaning fundraisers, rushing stages to publicly endorse, appearing at campaign-stop junkets, and generally lobbing stink bombs at any political, entertainment, media, business, or high-profile individual or organization that dare express a semblance of objectivity or opposition. [more...]

Donald Wins the Presidency if He Talks Economy Tonight

The American people know what they're hearing from Obama, Hillary and the media is a lie. Trump must explain how he’s created prosperity and jobs his entire life. He is a walking economy. He needs to explain how he will turn it around for one specific group of Americans - those who want work, not welfare. He’ll create an economy that works for working people, not welfare addicts. He cares about the people who pay the taxes, who contribute into the system. It's time we had a President who turns the tables.  The system should be tilted in favor of the taxpayers, not the freeloaders. He needs to tell the American people that he is the first president on the side of working men and women - the middle class, small business, not big business - the taxpayers. [more...]

Will Anyone Win - or Lose - the Crucial First Debate?

Tonight’s debate will be watched by more than 100 million Americans. Who will win? What are Hillary’s and Trump’s strategies, strengths and weaknesses? Will the race be altered by this 90-minute event? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

9-21-16 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: The Breakup of Jolie & Pitt
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Hillary Sick About Coming E-mail Debacle
3. Daniel Greenfield: Deport the Rahami Family
4. Michael Stumo: ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished,’ Trade Official Says of Scrutiny of His Luxury Travel

The Breakup of Jolie & Pitt

The business and legal ramifications of the pending divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are enormous. Case in point: It was not long ago that public allegations against Johnny Depp, related to his breakup, caused the box-office numbers of his most recent movie to sink. Brad and Angelina reportedly have a pre-nup with a highly unusual provision in it that will dramatically affect the outcome of their legal proceedings. Ironically, it appears that Angelina's marriage to Brad is ending in much the same way as Jennifer Aniston's did. [more...]

Hillary Sick About Coming E-mail Debacle

What’s making Hillary so sick? What’s shutting down her body? The stress of what she knows is coming. Hillary knows what’s in those e-mails she deleted. It’s enough to ruin her career and destroy her presidential campaign. It’s like a ticking time bomb. Stress is eating away at her. The weight of the world is on Hillary’s shoulders. That’s precisely why Hillary deleted those e-mails. Does she think we were all born yesterday? Those e-mails she deleted had nothing to do with “personal issues;” they had everything to do with the Clinton Foundation. That’s why we now know she deleted them after she found out the FBI was demanding she turn them over. Hillary destroyed evidence that she and her husband extracted big bucks from foreign governments and foreign companies in return for favors from the State Department. [more...]

Deport the Rahami Family

It’s time to send Muslim terrorists a message. The Rahami family came to America from Afghanistan as refugees. They made life miserable for their neighbors. When the police tried to bring some order, they cried Islamophobia. Two of the Rahamis have posted in support of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and other Islamic terror groups on social media. The third actually built and planted bombs to kill Americans. He terrorized two states, tried to kill and maim countless Americans and then shot it out with police. The media, eager for a story of redemption, has widely broadcast the claim that Mohammed Rahami, Ahmad’s father, told the FBI that he was a terrorist. But that was years ago. And Mohammed didn’t turn in his son because there was a terror plot, but because he attacked family members. This wasn’t Mohammed Rahami being a good citizen. It was a dysfunctional oversized family of Muslim refugees causing problems for local law enforcement over their own internal disputes. Ahmad stabbed his brother in the leg with a knife. His father told the FBI that Ahmad was a terrorist. Then he recanted the accusation and said that he had made it out of anger. This wasn’t patriotism. It wasn’t helpful. It was selfish abuse of the system. [more...]

‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished,’ Trade Official Says of Scrutiny of His Luxury Travel

Top Senate Republicans are demanding that Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker explain how the luxurious travel habits of her top trade deputy escaped her notice and whether she has examined the expenses of additional agency employees. The questions from John Thune (R-S.D.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, come in response to an investigation by the Commerce Department watchdog. It found that a high-level political appointee identified by government sources as Stefan Selig, the Commerce undersecretary for international trade for more than two years, stayed in four-star hotels as he traveled around the world promoting U.S. industry and spent $50,000 to renovate his office in Washington. [more...]

Dick Morris on Trump Debate Strategy

What can Trump do to get under Hillary's skin? Dick Morris, Hillary's and Bill's chief political adviser for twenty years - and their regular debate coach during that period - is available for interviews as we approach the debate. Dick will address:
  • Which points in Hillary's record should Trump focus on?
  • How can he rattle her and get under her skin?
  • How should he handle attacking Bill?
  • What does Trump have to do to win?
On Tuesday, November 5, 2016, American voters will make a momentous decision. They will decide whether or not this great country will remain a free market, constitutional democracy. The stakes could not be higher. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, it will mean the end of the America we know and love.

Dick and his wife Eileen McGann are co-authors of the new bestseller, Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary.  It has been on the bestseller's list for eight weeks and still going strong.  In their powerful and timely new book, they reveal a surprising political game plan that could change the outcome of the 2016 elections.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

9-20-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Bring the Profits Home
2. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Voter Momentum Continues to Build Toward a Trump Victory
3. James Hirsen: Social Media Will Pick the Presidential Debate Winner
4. Joe Messina: Hillary’s History of Lies
5. John LeBoutillier: Who Has the Momentum in the Race Now?

Bring the Profits Home

It is time for corporate profits to return to the United States. Some of America’s biggest corporations, particularly in the technology sector, have been stockpiling offshore profits for years now, largely due to unfavorable tax codes. Companies like General Electric, Microsoft, Apple, and Google have hundreds of billions of dollars outside the U.S., which amount to a big chunk of the more than $2 trillion in deferred overseas income. What needs change is not the operations of these companies; it’s the deterrents in our current tax policy that are causing these sums to increase every year. [more...]

Voter Momentum Continues to Build Toward a Trump Victory

Clinton took a considerable lead in the polls after the Democratic National Convention, but voter momentum has clearly and dramatically increased for Trump since then. The Quinnipiac poll gave Clinton a 10% lead over Trump on August 25th. Currently, the LA Times/USC poll gives Trump a 7% lead. While polls vary somewhat among themselves, and while results of individual polls can vary within their margins of error (often 3% – 5%), polls show an enormous shift toward Trump in recent weeks. What’s going on with the polls? What trends and issues are driving voter momentum and intensity? More importantly, who will win this historic and critical presidential election? [more...]

Social Media Will Pick the Presidential Debate Winner

Here is the unvarnished truth: Social media is set to play an unprecedented role in the upcoming presidential debates. The televised political match-ups will undoubtedly reach an audience the size of which has never been seen before in the history of presidential debates. Trump has already proven to be a ratings magnet in the GOP primary debates and fifteen million people tuned in to the “Commander in Chief Forum” hosted by Matt Lauer, which was, in effect a “preseason” debate event. The public intrigue stems from the stark contrasts between the two candidates: Outsider vs. insider, populist vs. idealogue, businessman vs. politician, et al. The same dynamics that drew people to see “Batman vs. Superman” and pay-per-view sporting events will be present here. [more...]

Hillary’s History of Lies

Hillary Clinton has all the signs of “pseudologia fantastica,” which is defined as “a condition involving compulsive lying by a person with no obvious motivation. The affected person might believe their lies to be truth, and may have to create elaborate myths to reconcile them with other facts.” Let’s look at some issues, starting with what happened recently. [more...]

Who Has the Momentum in the Race Now?

Why has the Presidential race become a virtual tie? What has caused Hillary to sink? Is it her health problems or her dishonesty and “lack of transparency?” Will Trump’s “birther” reversal now flip the momentum of the race back to Hillary? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I Am One of Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables”

Hillary just let the cat out of a bag. She thinks supporters of Donald Trump belong in a “basket of deplorables.” She was talking about me and my friends. I’m Exhibit A for her rant. I am the author of the new book ANGRY WHITE MALE. It’s my testimony about exactly what millions of angry white males who support Donald Trump believe in - and exactly what liberals like Hillary and Obama think of us - and how they are trying to target us, muzzle us, punish us and destroy us.

Thanks Hillary. At least now the ten-ton elephant is out in the open. Now we know what you think of us. Now we know how much you despise us. Now it’s clear as day. [more...]