Tuesday, October 20, 2020

10-20-20 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: Radical Left Court Packing Will Destroy the Constitution
2. Karen Kataline: Mask Mandates Continue to Suffocate Liberty
3. James Hirsen: The Role of Projection in Democrat Politics
4. Lowell Ponte: The Democratic Demolition of America
5. Daniel Greenfield: Hunter Biden's Magical Moscow Laptop

Radical Left Court Packing Will Destroy the Constitution

By Joseph Klein

Say goodbye to free speech and other constitutional freedoms.

Joe Biden is waiting until the last minute before Election Day to finally tell voters where he stands on packing the Supreme Court, which would expand the number of justices who sit on the Supreme Court to ensure a progressive left majority for decades to come. It doesn’t really matter, however, what Biden thinks about court packing in his heart of hearts. If Democrats sweep the White House as well as both the House and Senate, packing the Supreme Court will almost certainly become a reality along with an end to the Senate filibuster. [more...]

Mask Mandates Continue to Suffocate Liberty

By Karen Kataline

"It's just common sense and it's smart. It shouldn't be controversial." That's what Colorado Governor Jared Polis said when he was asked recently if his mask mandates would continue. His statewide mandate has been in place seven months and he recently extended it another 30 days. It requires a mind-boggling degree of hubris to use the power and force of government to mandate that almost six million people wear a rag on their face, but the Governor doesn't even think it's worth discussing. He decides what's "smart" and what goes. Not coincidentally, so do most Democrat Governors like Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, Pritzker, Inslee, and Northam. [more...]

The Role of Projection in Democrat Politics

By James Hirsen

Back in the 19th century, Freud identified a psychological defense mechanism in human beings that he termed "projection." Freud's concept of projection encompasses the notion that in order to avoid facing uncomfortable feelings about themselves, individuals will impose the same negative characteristics upon another person. In my assessment, which results from my academic coursework, professional background, and ethics studies, there is another kind of projection that exists, which takes place within the moral realm of human consciousness, one that I term "moral projection," which occurs when an individual experiences feelings of guilt over acts that he or she has committed or omitted. Moral projection has been used extensively by Democrats in their ongoing war against anyone who would get in the way of their agenda du jour. It continues to be wielded as one of their main political and propaganda weapons. [more...]

The Democratic Demolition of America

By Lowell Ponte

For Republicans, November 3rd is Election Day. For the radical leftists who have hijacked the Democratic Party, this is a moment for overthrowing the United States in a revolution that they have been plotting for more than 100 years. If they seize power, by fair means or foul, they will fundamentally transform our government so their power becomes a dictatorship that no future election can remove from office. This will demolish democracy in America by blowing up the key things that support and defend our democratic republic. [more...]

Hunter Biden's Magical Moscow Laptop

By Daniel Greenfield

The only Russian disinformation operation here is the one being waged by the media.

There are only so many ways that media and social media companies can avoid saying, “We refuse to run this story or allow it to be seen by any human being because it might hurt Biden.” First, they claimed that it was unverified, a problem that never troubled the same papers and news networks which had spent years claiming that President Trump was a Russian agent. After arguing that the story is unethical because it contains stolen materials, a scruple that the media had never previously exercised when it gleefully rushed to dig through everything from  Sarah Palin’s e-mail account to President Trump’s tax returns, they defaulted to Russia. Hunter Biden’s laptop is, the media and social media companies insist, a Russian operation. What’s the evidence for the Biden laptop being a Russian operation? About the same as the evidence that Trump is a Russian agent. Or, as the media might politely call it, "unverified." [more...]

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

10-13-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Kataline: Liberty is on the Ballot Nov. 3
2. James Hirsen: 'Never-Trumper' Means 'Always-Sellout'
3. Dr. Jerome Corsi: Dollar Crashing to Zero under Unsustainable Amount of Debt
4. Dr. Steve Turley: Biden Campaign Collapsing as Rigged Polls Revealed to be Fake
5. Andrew Puzder: WHO Reverses Position on Lockdowns
6. Patrick Wood: Google is Giving Search Keyword Data to Police

Liberty is on the Ballot Nov. 3
By Karen Kataline

Some would defend socialism as the best way to "take care of the needy." But only those who desperately want to amass power take it away from others. They will do anything to convince the supremely naive that socialism is the better and more humane way. Everything will be fine. No one will go hungry and the "needy" will be taken care of when they're in charge. Of course, they get to decide who's needy and who's not. Prosperity in a free economy is not the zero sum game the left would have you believe, but Liberty itself just might be. Those who love liberty know that they must protect it not only for themselves but for those too naive to know that it is in grave danger. Our freedom depends on others to refrain from using government as their proxy to take it away. That’s what's on the ballot November 3. [more...]

'Never-Trumper' Means 'Always-Sellout'
By James Hirsen

The term "sellout" can be used to describe someone who is willing to trade his or her deep personal convictions in exchange for some momentary fame or short-lived gain. It is also a word that can aptly apply to the "never-Trumpers" of today's politically fractured society; i.e., those who steadfastly maintain a hate-filled mindset and who indulge in retaliatory thoughts and behavior. In my estimation, never-Trumpers are merely your average everyday garden-variety leftists. What is not your average everyday nugget of info, though, is the fact that never-Trumpers receive their money from uber-wealthy leftists. [more...]

Dollar Crashing to Zero under Unsustainable Amount of Debt
By Dr. Jerome Corsi

The U.S. dollar has joined other major currencies in a race to zero value as central banks are failing, unable to preserve purchasing power in fiat currency that has lost 100% of its value since the U.S. went completely off of the gold standard under President Nixon in 1971. The U.S. dollar, along with other major currencies around the globe, has lost over 90 percent of its value since 1971. The sad truth in this same time frame, U.S. national debt has on the average doubled every 8 years since Reagan assumed the presidency in 1981. Even more alarming, the Congressional Budget Organization (CBO) published a study last month that reported the national debt will rise to nearly twice the U.S. total economic output in 2050, an increase from less than 80 percent since last year. [more...]

Biden Campaign Collapsing as Rigged Polls Revealed to be Fake
By Dr. Steve Turley

If rally attendance for each of the candidates were all we had to go by in assessing the state of this election, it would be forecasted as the single biggest blowout in the history of American politics. Perhaps one of the most depressing pictures of late was a photo snapped of the audience in attendance at a Biden rally in Eerie, Pennsylvania; the rally drew only 12 to 20 people, and that included Biden's staff. It actually gets worse. On Thursday of last week, both Biden and Harris held a campaign event in Phoenix, Arizona; it was touted by the mainstream media as evidence that Biden is making significant inroads into states that Trump won in 2016. However, virtually all of the reporting failed to mention one little inconvenient truth: only eight people showed up to the event. Even a local news reporter had to admit that it was getting pretty boring being out there. [more...]

WHO Reverses Position on Lockdowns
By Andrew Puzder

WHO Special Envoy on COVID-19 - WHO does "not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus." They "have one consequence that you must never ever belittle and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer," as President Trump has warned for months. [more...] Check out Andrew's latest Broadside: It's Time to Let America Work Again

Google is Giving Search Keyword Data to Police
By Patrick Wood

Google is providing information to police based on what people are searching for, including data like IP addresses. There are few things as revealing as a person's search history, and police typically need a warrant on a known suspect to demand that sensitive information. But a recently unsealed court document found that investigators can request such data in reverse order by asking Google to disclose everyone who searched a keyword rather than for information on a known suspect. [more...]

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

John Lott: Democrats are Coming for Your Guns

Democrats are Coming for Your Guns

By John Lott, President of Crime Prevention Research Center

Holding gun makers liable for gun crimes hurts the vulnerable.

When President Trump introduced Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, he warned: "The coming years will decide the survival of our Second Amendment." He’s right. Joe Biden’s campaign website contains a long list of gun control proposals: national gun licensing; red-flag laws, which let judges seize guns without a hearing or mental health evaluation; and bans on semiautomatic guns that look like military weapons. [more...]

John Lott is the author of Gun Control Myths: How politicians, the media, and botched "studies" have twisted the facts on gun control

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

10-6-20 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Andrew Puzder: September Jobs Numbers Best Since Reagan-Era, Don't Panic America
2. Karen Kataline: The Democrat Fear Campaign
3. James Hirsen: Democrats Lose Their Humanity
4. Dr. Jerome Corsi: The Truth about Treating COVID-19
5. Dr. Steve Turley: Trump is Beating Biden... Here's Why
6. Daniel Greenfield: The Biggest Mask Hypocrites Wear Masks

September Jobs Numbers Best Since Reagan-Era, Don't Panic America
By Andrew Puzder

There is simply no historical parallel for the magnitude and speed of the current economic recovery

The last jobs report before the November election was released on Friday. You may read elsewhere about an economic slowdown but September’s very positive jobs numbers actually confirm that we are still experiencing the most dynamic economic recovery in American history - bar none. [more...] Check out Andrew's latest Broadside: It's Time to Let America Work Again

The Democrat Fear Campaign
By Karen Kataline

Fomenting fear, uncertainty, & Trump-hatred is all they've got

To the unhinged Left, less than a month away from Election Day, anything other than fear and panic is a "an embarrassment." Huh? Are Democrats actually saying that courage in the face of fear "undermines public health messaging?" Yep. To them and their campaign, public health messaging is based on scaring people into obedience. The truth is that it's not at all good for public health but it is good for their political campaign... or so they think. We have never seen a political party so invested in the fear and isolation of the American people and they are positively furious at the notion that we might not be afraid of coronavirus or of them. [more...]

Democrats Lose Their Humanity
By James Hirsen

A lack of basic human decency has been on display by many on the left. Since the news first hit that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19 and the president was hospitalized, numerous Democrats and their media mouthpieces actually expressed wishes that the president would depart this life. [more...]

The Truth about Treating COVID-19
By Dr. Jerome Corsi

Dr. Corsi is joined by Dr. Karladine Graves and Dr. Vladamir Zelenko, who are on the front lines fighting the Communist Chinese Wuhan Virus. The nation suffers needlessly as the forces of darkness continue their relentless attack against humanity. May this be the turning point, a new awareness, for the opposition to the Zelenko Protocol to be vanquished. For the truth that Hydroxychloroquine, this 70-year-old medication, the Swiss Army Knife of medications is the answer. [more...]

Trump is Beating Biden... Here's Why
By Dr. Steve Turley

With just four weeks to go before the November 3rd election, President Trump is indeed beating 'Sleepy Joe' Biden. No, that's not mere wishful thinking. It's the conclusion of Patrick Basham, analyst and head of the Washington, D.C. and London-based think tank Democracy Institute. For those who don't know, Democracy Institute polling predicted both Brexit and a Trump victory in 2016. This same polling firm is now predicting the same outcome for Trump in 2020. [more...]

The Biggest Mask Hypocrites Wear Masks
By Daniel Greenfield

The biggest mask hypocrites wear masks... as long as they think the cameras are on and people are paying attention. The moment they’re not signaling their virtue, the masks come off. "Why don’t the NYPD wear masks? What signal does that send?" Governor Cuomo ranted. The New York governor, whose order forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients may have killed as many as 11,000 seniors, had previously accused President Trump of being "a co-conspirator of COVID" for not wearing a mask. Meanwhile, at the height of the pandemic in New York, Cuomo signed an anti-police bill, closely flanked by Al Sharpton and police opponents, with nobody wearing masks. [more...]

Thursday, October 1, 2020

10-1-20 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: The Civil War Started When Democrats Seceded from the Union in 2016
2. John Lott: Why Dems' Threat to Abolish the Filibuster Means the End of the U.S. as we Know It
3. Robert Curry: Why Americans Need to Rediscover the Founders' View of Equality
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Who Lost the Presidential Debate?
5. Daniel Greenfield: If Biden Won't Condemn BLM, He Supports its Riots

The Civil War Started When Democrats Seceded from the Union in 2016
By David Horowitz

My NY Times bestselling book BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win shows we're already in a civil war. What the Democrats did in 2016 is what you call treason. They seceded from the Union for the second time, the first being with the election of Abraham Lincoln, which led to the shooting war. The reason we don't have two armies in the field is that the federal government is too powerful so there's nobody outside the government who can organize a military force that wouldn't be crushed immediately. So, the civil war is over who controls the executive. Five days after the 2016 election there was a meeting at the Mandarin Oriental, which is a very posh hotel in Washington, D.C. It was organized by George Soros and there were something like 400 people there including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Soros, Bernie Sanders, the Occupy Wall Street communists, the whole range of the Left. What they did is form what they called a “resistance” to Trump - you remember, 70 Democrats boycotted the inauguration. This is sedition. [more...]

Why Dems' Threat to Abolish the Filibuster Means the End of the U.S. as we Know It
By John Lott, President of Crime Prevention Research Center

For months, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Senate Democrats have talked about eliminating the filibuster. And with Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, the discussion by the Democrats has become even more extreme, with some Senators saying that they must get rid of the filibuster so that they can pack the Supreme Court. Even if not used to pack the Supreme Court, eliminating the filibuster would radically transform the Senate and our country. [more...]

Why Americans Need to Rediscover the Founders' View of Equality
By Robert Curry, author of Reclaiming Common Sense

The further we as a people drift from the Founders' idea of equality, the nearer we come to being a once-free people who have lost our liberty. We have reached a time when each of us must make an effort to rediscover what Adams and Jefferson and the other Founders meant when they declared that we are all created equal. For over a century, instead of trying to help each generation of Americans understand the Founders' idea of America, political thinkers in academia and their minions in the press have made a concerted effort to replace the Founders' vision. They have worked to redefine the very terms that the Founders used. No term has suffered more at their hands than "equality." [more...]

Who Lost the Presidential Debate?
By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

Who lost the presidential debate? Joe Biden lost the debate even with Chris Wallace's help, but Chris Wallace was the biggest loser. Why? Chris Wallace allowed the debate to deteriorate into chaos. It was not simply Trump's or Biden's interruptions that caused the chaos and confusion, but it was Chris Wallace's inappropriate and biased tactics and the fact that he used false Leftist arguments and language that made it even worse. [more...]

If Biden Won't Condemn BLM, He Supports its Riots
By Daniel Greenfield

After the recent toll of mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter rioting wrecked cities and tilted the polls toward Trump, Joe Biden and even Kamala Harris began condemning "violence." Biden has said meaningless things like "we condemn the violence," and "I condemn this violence unequivocally" as if violence were an independent entity. Condemning violence, like condemning war, is either pacifism or evasion. Since Biden isn’t a pacifist, he’s evading. Violence is a concept. You don’t condemn a concept: you condemn its perpetrators. The Democrats embraced Black Lives Matter, they even fundraised on behalf of the rioters and looters. [more...]

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Ponte: China Backs Biden

By Lowell Ponte

China is waging three kinds of warfare against America to help elect Joe Biden:

1) China is waging chemical war, a new Opium war with the opioid fentanyl. This drug kills 65,000 Americans a year - more than died during the entire Vietnam War. George Floyd died not only from a policeman's knee on his neck, but from a three-times-lethal overdose of illicit fentanyl that cut off his breathing. Yet leftists would rather blame police for Floyd's death than blame Communist China.

2) Biological warfare is China's release of the COVID-19 virus, which has killed 200,000 Americans and wrecked our economy. It has also been used by leftist mayors and governors to keep the economy locked down, destroy small capitalist businesses, and impose dictatorial control - a state more similar to Red Chinese totalitarian control.

3) Economic warfare has been backed by Democrat governors and mayors who shut down churches but allow protests as the only place young people can gather outdoors and get exercise together.

Both the Marxist-founded groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter are raising money for Biden - as are athletes and others who kowtow to Communist China as a huge source of their income. This includes Nike, which de facto owns the NBA and reportedly uses Chinese slave labor to enrich itself. [more...]

Lowell Ponte is an author and political writer. His diverse background includes being a reporter in Washington, D.C., a legislative aide in the California Assembly, a consultant and speaker; and he worked for 15 years as a roving editor for Reader's Digest magazine. He has done reporting in 33 countries from Indonesia and Israel to Communist Cuba. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and he writes regularly for Newsmax.com.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

9-29-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. John Lott: Amy Coney Barrett a Clear 2nd Amendment Backer
2. James Hirsen: Dems Launch Health-Scare Attack on Judge Amy Coney Barrett
3. Dr. Karladine Graves: Not the First Time the CDC Has Lied to the Public
4. Karen Kataline: Biden is the Best They Can Do?
5. Dr. Jerome Corsi: Sleepy Joe's Debatable
6. Lowell Ponte: Three Ways Red China is Helping Elect Joe Biden
7. Dr. Steve Turley: Dems' Mail-in Ballots Scheme Backfiring While Trump Surges in the Polls

Amy Coney Barrett a Clear 2nd Amendment Backer
By John R. Lott, President of Crime Prevention Research Center

The Second Amendment is hanging in the balance, and Trump’s Supreme Court nomination will determine its fate. Barrett has the clearest record, having actually ruled on such cases. Barrett is also the most feared by liberals, some of whom concede that she has "a topnotch legal mind." By a narrow 5-to-4 majority, the Supreme Court has now twice ruled that there is an individual right to self-defense. Democrats, however, steadfastly promise to overturn those decisions. They claim the Second Amendment only guarantees the government the right to own guns. [more...]

Dems Launch Health Scare Attack on Judge Amy Coney Barrett
By James Hirsen

Some Democrat strategists are of the opinion that the Democrats were successful in gaining a majority in the House of Representatives during the 2018 mid-term elections by talking about the imminent loss of health care coverage for pre-existing conditions at the hands of the Republicans. Well they're at it again. Health care seems to have become the main attack angle with which Democrats are going to try and harm, pump the brakes on, and/or completely halt Judge Coney Barrett's confirmation. Specifically, Democrats are using an upcoming case, which will be heard by the Supreme Court shortly after the election, that involves the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., Obamacare. [more...]

Not the First Time the CDC Has Lied to the Public
By Dr. Karladine Graves

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield at the Senate Committee hearing on COVID-19 last week stated: "More than 90% of our nation remains susceptible to the virus." Don't believe anything these people say anymore. They have lost all their credibility. If there were any truth in what they said, the reason would be because of their mishandling of the virus. For the first time in all of humanity, that we know of, completely healthy individuals were quarantined. Social isolation, lack of community and loss of freedom have taken its toll. They have done to America in a few months what other nations could not have done in taking down America's world status.

Biden is the Best They Can Do?
By Karen Kataline

With almost four years to cultivate a real challenge to Donald Trump, all the Left has done is create and reinforce the false narrative that he is a racist, a dictator, mentally ill, yet strangely diabolical. If they couldn’t convince you of that, they did a “Jussie Smollett” and manufactured evidence that he was evil and then handed it over to their friends in the propaganda media. They insult your intelligence by expecting you to believe that Joe Biden is fit to be President of the United States and anyone, even a doddering, plagiarizing, political hack with dementia is better than Donald Trump. What today’s Democrats want you to believe and what you can see with your own eyes are in two completely different universes. [more...]

Sleepy Joe's Debatable
By Dr. Jerome Corsi

Chris Wallace is all set for tonight's first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. Sleepy Joe has the questions, Chris & Joe have probably worked out their hand signals (a la the Holt/Hillary protocol), and Joe has been in his bum shelter for the last week ensuring his flesh colored ear piece is working properly and he has rehearsed all of the answers others have written for him. Green for go for the Democrats and media minions. [more...]

Three Ways Red China is Helping Elect Joe Biden
By Lowell Ponte

Seven years ago, during a meeting with new Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, then-Vice President Joe Biden asked Xi to help him become America's president. China now appears to be doing so. Biden helped the Marxist dictatorship gain permanent most-favored-nation status in the World Trade Organization (WTO), gain exemption-from-audit for its companies on American stock exchanges, and gain 3.5 million once-American industrial jobs, creating China's wealth and power. But that's not all... [more...]

Dems' Mail-in Ballots Scheme Backfiring While Trump Surges in the Polls
By Dr. Steve Turley

I'll just say it: the left is self-destructing; they're becoming unglued. Don't let their veneer of 2016-styled confidence fool you; if you look past their bellicose prognostications on the inevitability of a Biden victory in a few weeks, you'll see that the liberal left is unravelling. In fact, the New York Times, the mecca of far-left journalism, is so desperate to stop Trump's massive momentum that they're actually attempting to resurrect the whole tax issue... from 2016! That alone should tell you how bad it is for the left right now. [more...]