Tuesday, January 14, 2020

1-14-20 Great New Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: On the Brink of Peace
2. Lowell Ponte: Today's Democrats are Equal Opportunity Betrayers
3. Don Buckner/MadeinAmerica.com: Buy American Made and Get Fit
4. Jeff Ferry: U.S. Trade Deficit Shrinks to Smallest in Three Years
5. Daniel Greenfield: People are Dying in Racial Violence So That Democrats Can Win Elections
6. Karen Kataline: Trump's 'Immodesty' Unnerves those with Fake Humility

On the Brink of Peace
By James Hirsen

Many of the previous foreign policy makers of our country have turned a blind eye to the evil that has emanated from Iran over the years. A glance back helps to explain where we are now, how we got here, and what we need to do moving forward. President Trump has been remarkably consistent. He has shown a great deal of restraint in his use of limited targeted action, while still displaying strength and resolve. It is clear from Iran’s failed missile attack against U.S. forces in Iraq that the regime has a healthy fear of the Trump administration. And so it should. In the aftermath of the Soleimani saga, a healthy fear is precisely what is needed to keep our country and the world solidly on the brink of peace. [more...]

Today's Democrats are Equal Opportunity Betrayers
By Lowell Ponte

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now feels entitled to control the Senate's impeachment processes, and to be Commandeer-in-Chief, telling President Trump how he must fight terrorism. Pelosi and her fellow leftist lawmakers now insist that President Trump was wrong not to get their permission before assassinating Iran's American-killing terrorist mastermind. Trump tried previously to secure such permission, only to have Democrats who are increasingly anti-Semitic leak his plans to the media - thereby letting this Islamist terrorist escape. To these new leftist Democrats, past friends are now enemies, and past enemies of the U.S. are their friends. These hijackers of the once-great Democratic Party have become "equal opportunity betrayers." [more...]

Buy American Made and Get Fit
By Don Buckner, Founder & CEO of MadeinAmerica.com

Buy American Made and get fit in 2020. That’s the goal for all of us. Every year, many of us promise ourselves to get fit and take better care of our bodies. Now while the majority of getting fit is contributed to eating healthy foods and being conscientious about what we’re putting in our systems, exercising is the best way to get optimal results and have a long, healthy life. We found a company that provides equipment to everyone from the military to apartment complexes with 100% American Made hardware. [more...]

U.S. Trade Deficit Shrinks to Smallest in Three Years
By Jeff Ferry, Chief Economist

The U.S. scored the smallest trade deficit since October 2016 as tariffs slowed the flow of imports into the country. With imports down while U.S. consumption continues to rise, American workers grabbed a larger share of domestic demand. The U.S. trade deficit in goods and services for November 2019 was $43.1 billion, down 8.2 percent on the previous month and down 19.6 percent on the year-earlier figure. The November decline is due to a $3.9 billion decrease in the goods deficit to $63.9 billion and a slight decrease in the services surplus of $0.1 billion to $20.8 billion. [more...]

People are Dying in Racial Violence So That Democrats Can Win Elections
By Daniel Greenfield

After a black nationalist attack on a Jewish supermarket in Jersey City, a member of the Jersey City Board of Education defended the murder of two Jewish people and a Latino employee. "Drugs and guns are planted in the Black community,” Joan Terrell Paige ranted on Facebook. The two Black Hebrew Israelite killers, the former community organizer wrote, “went directly to the kosher supermarket. I believe they knew they would come out in body bags. What is the message they were sending? Are we brave enough to explore the answer to their message? Are we brave enough to stop the assault on the Black communities of America?" While some Democrats called on Joan Terrell Paige to resign, others defended her hatred of Jews. [more...]

Trump's 'Immodesty' Unnerves those with Fake Humility
By Karen Kataline

From the moment he entered politics, Donald Trump has never deviated from being exactly who he is. After almost four years, some have gotten more used to his "this-is-who-I-am-warts-and-all" style. Some, like myself, have found it downright refreshing compared to the steady diet of air-brushed politicians who have spent thousands on media training so they could appear genuine. What’s more, by any fair, objective standard, Trump has been wildly successful first at winning the Presidency against all odds, and then doing exactly what he set out to do in office. One could argue that his opponents have also been successful - at not doing exactly what they have not wanted to do: secure America’s borders, decrease our dependence on foreign oil, lower the unemployment rate, protect American citizens and American sovereignty, etc. The difference is that now we know that they never wanted to do those things in the first place. [more...]

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

1-7-20 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Jeff Ferry: Tariffs are Working, to the Consternation of the Economics Profession
2. Karen Kataline: Is There a Truth-Telling Trend on the Horizon?
3. James Hirsen: The Trump Doctrine in Real Time
4. Lowell Ponte: The Outlaw Left and the Roaring 2020s
5. Ilya Feoktistov: How a Small Group of American Citizens Exposed Terror and Antisemitism in Boston

Tariffs are Working, to the Consternation of the Economics Profession
By Jeff Ferry, Chief Economist

The New Year dawns on an America where many manufacturing sectors are in a state of aggressive growth. The evidence from the American heartland is clear. The Trump administration tariffs are working. These companies are examples of a broader trend. As we’ve reported before, U.S. steel companies are investing some $13 billion in new steelmaking or mills across the US. Around a dozen solar panel and solar cell manufacturers are following First Solar’s example and launching U.S.-based production. Frustrated by the flow of good economic news, the economics profession looks for other means to wage their religious war against tariffs. [more...]

Is There a Truth-Telling Trend on the Horizon?
By Karen Kataline

Ricky Gervais is currently the toast of flyover country for his scathing rebuke of Hollywood hypocrisy at The Golden Globe Awards. Many of us had stopped watching those self-congratulatory lecture-fests a long time ago, but the video of his opening monologue is everywhere. In a country that has stood as a beacon to the rights and traditions of free expression, it has been heartbreaking to see how much courage is required by an individual these days, simply to tell the truth as he or she sees it. Of course, that’s only if it doesn’t comport with Leftist orthodoxy.  America has become the land of the freely offended and the home of the brave new world where the same "creatives" who formerly prided themselves on thinking "outside the box" are now the first ones to try put you in that box. The Left has cheered our enemies and trashed our country one too many times and it looks like everyday Americans are ready for the fight. Is this the beginning of a trend? Let’s congratulate Gervais and start telling our own truth louder and more often than ever. [more...]

The Trump Doctrine in Real Time
By James Hirsen

The mainstream news and entertainment media are once again in a frenzy trying to figure out what just happened on the world stage and how they can make the latest Trump victory look like a loss. The president does not expect to receive accolades for his successes from those who have hated him from the start. No credit given for the safe return of hostages, no singing his praises for facilitating the meet-up between North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in, no congrats for making changes in trade policy that resulted in better deals for average working folks, and on and on. [more...]

The Outlaw Left and the Roaring 2020s
By Lowell Ponte

Historians called the 1920s the "Roaring Twenties" because this decade's Prohibition was intended to end the evils of alcoholism. Instead, it led to big-city mobsters supplying illicit alcohol, and to a widespread breakdown of obedience and respect for law. As the 2020s dawn, the left intends to make this new decade one that could end respect for the law - and perhaps end law and order as we know it. [more...]

How a Small Group of American Citizens Exposed Terror and Antisemitism in Boston

Ilya I. Feoktistov's new book, TERROR in the Cradle of Liberty: How Boston Became a Center for Islamic Extremism tells a harrowing story of uncovering Muslim terror organizations in Boston. What's even scarier is how the media and community organizations wanted to look the other way.  [more...]

Monday, January 6, 2020

How the Left Uses Its Old Lies to Justify Its New Ones

By Robert Spencer

Late in November I wrote at FrontPage about how Raymond Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, called me a "white supremacist" in the run-up to my speaking event in his cold little state, and repeatedly refused to retract when asked to do so. Now Buckley’s lawyer, William E. Christie, has finally responded to a letter from my attorney. In doing so, Christie reveals a common but little-known tactic of the Left: build new lies upon old ones, to create a tower of mendacity as costly to counter as it is dishonest.

Of course, what happened to me is minor, but it is a microcosm of what is happening on a much larger scale. The impeachment proceedings in search of a crime against President Trump, however, show that this practice of building lies upon lies is a favored Leftist tactic. Raymond Buckley’s colleagues in the national Democratic Party are clearly willing to destroy our very system of government in their quest for partisan dominance and tell any lie in order to do so. My nasty experience with the Democrats in New Hampshire shows that this impulse didn’t spring out of nowhere. [more...]