Monday, December 23, 2013

12-24-13 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dave Bego: Obamacare Provides Unfair Advantage to Big Labor
2. Wayne Allyn Root: "Duck You!" to A&E
3. Joe Messina: What Do You Believe In?
4. Christina Tobin: What is the Proper Role of Government?
5. John LeBoutillier: Are the American People Turning Against Big Government?

Obamacare Provides Unfair Advantage to Big Labor

Virtually unnoticed and ignored by the media is the fact that big labor benefited tremendously from the deal struck last week to avoid the "catastrophic" fiscal cliff. The President abandoned his own concept of fairness, which of course is nothing more than a hypocritical one way street, in order to reward his big labor buddies and to ease the pressure they have asserted. The President clearly understood the displeasure of big labor with respect to Obamacare, and realized that he desperately needed to throw them a bone, and a big one at that! [more...]

"Duck You!" to A&E

Have you heard the joke about the family of duck hunters that took down an entire billion-dollar TV network? It’s no joke. A&E just stepped in duck poop. They made the biggest mistake in the history of Hollywood – they showed us how leftists in Hollywood (and D.C.) really think. And America said, "Duck You!" Something amazing is happening in America. An awakening. More people showed support for the star of "Duck Dynasty" in 24 hours than signed up for Obamacare in its first few months. Which means at this point in time, Americans are starting to come to the conclusion we'd be better off with a duck hunter in the White House than Obama. Heck, we couldn’t possibly do any worse. [more...]

What Do You Believe In?

Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson was recently attacked for basically quoting (albeit loosely) scripture and talking about his basic beliefs in an interview with GQ magazine. He talked openly about his experiences working alongside black workers back in his day and you would have thought he was caught skinning cats alive in the public square! I spoke to a few people who know Phil. They have all said he hasn’t changed from when he was flat broke, to when he was making money with the duck call business, to what he is now making on A&E. He hasn’t changed. The money and other resources he has given to those in need, the poor, the sick, and the homeless has increased as God increased him. [more...]

What is the Proper Role of Government?

What is the proper role of government? To protect individual rights... or to constrain the individual for the greater good? Such questions have tended to divide the people. But we need not be divided on this issue because community, society can only emerge from a group of free individuals, who, being free in their actions, can also be held accountable for their actions. A government that controls us with a top-down approach discourages individual responsibility and creative action. Good government must emerge from the bottom up and be responsive to the people. A large federal government concentrates power in the hands of a few individuals and we cannot leave it up to a few individuals to decide what the greater good is. [more...]

Are the American People Turning Against Big Government? Will Obamacare Hand Senate Control to the GOP or Will the Republicans Again Blow a Golden Opportunity?

As 2013 ends, have the American people begun to turn against big government? Are they more pessimistic about our future and achieving the American Dream? Is Obamacare going to hand Senate control to the GOP in 2014 or will the Republicans yet against swipe defeat from the jaws of victory? This and much more will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS live on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at our new time: 7:25 PM ET. [more...]

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