Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12-27-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump’s Growth Plan is Reaganesque
2. James Hirsen: Celebrity Boycott of Trump Inauguration Backfires
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Six Predictions for Inauguration Day
4. Daniel Greenfield: U.S. Should Not Only Defund UN But Withdraw from It

Trump’s Growth Plan is Reaganesque

I’ve been searching for the new Reagan to “Make America Great Again.” I’ve been searching for a president who would reward the economic engine of America - small business - and reward the people who value work ethic, personal responsibility and rugged individualism over cradle-to-grave government dependency. That was precisely how Reagan created the greatest economic expansion in world history - by incentivizing the only people who matter to an economy: the business owners, financial risk-takers and job creators. It’s no coincidence Reagan and Trump share the same campaign theme: “Make America Great Again.” That simple gameplan reinvigorated entrepreneurs and turned around the economy in the 1980s. Trump’s plan will do exactly the same. [more...]

Celebrity Boycott of Trump Inauguration Backfires

According to numerous reports, certain members of the Hollywood elite, particularly those who seem to routinely display an inflated sense of self-importance, are refusing to take part in President-elect Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration festivities. Those who have agreed to perform at the historical event are being attacked by the alt-left through conventional media means as well as through an array of social media sites. Trump’s inaugural committee announced that the New York City Rockettes would take part in the festivities. However, after news of the Rockettes’ participation hit the media, a dancer by the name of Phoebe Pearl used her Instagram account to launch a left-wing diatribe against the performance, posting that the decision to have the dance troupe involved in the presidential inauguration made her feel “embarrassed and disappointed.” “The women I work with are intelligent and are full of love and the decision of performing for a man that stands for everything we’re against is appalling,” Pearl wrote. Interestingly, many of the Rockettes apparently felt otherwise. The American Guild of Variety Artists, the union that represents the Rockettes, told the Hollywood Reporter that participation for the dancers was voluntary, but regarding the upcoming inauguration, the guild indicated “we had more Rockettes request to participate than we have slots available.” [more...]

Six Predictions for Inauguration Day

We are only about three weeks from Inauguration Day. President-Elect Trump’s journey from unlikely candidate, to primary and caucus winner, to Republican presidential nominee, and then ultimately to winner of the presidential election, has been an historic odyssey of surprising twists and turns and overnight tweets. It’s a journey that has challenged both conventional expectations and the establishments in both major parties as well as the old main stream media (MSM). The pollsters, the media, and the elite are all still reeling in the wake of Trump’s election. Indeed, as I predicted in my new book last January, Great News for America, this is probably the most profound American presidential election since the historic and critical presidential election of William McKinley in 1896. I think America and the American people, and even the world, will marvel at the Inauguration Day of Donald J. Trump on January 20, 2017. [more...]

U.S. Should Not Only Defund UN But Withdraw from It

The United States pays 22% of the total UN budget. What we get for our $3 billion a year is a corrupt organization whose dysfunctional and hostile agencies are united in opposing us around the world. The United Nations does only two things consistently and effectively: waste money and bash Israel. Sometimes it manages to do both at the same time. After an extended, and no doubt costly, visit to the region, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women blamed Muslim men beating their wives on Israeli settlements. No wonder the UN Security Council just condemned them. Who wouldn’t rightfully be upset that Jews living in Jerusalem somehow causes poor Mohammed to batter his wife? The Jewish State is the UN’s scapegoat for anything and everything. [more...]

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Are We Seeing the End of the Democratic Party?

In my book, Great News for AmericaI predicted that the Democratic Party (as we know it) will end in 2016. It has just happened. The Democratic Party (as we knew it) has effectively ended. It’s over. It’s history. The Democratic Party (as we knew it) ended on November 9th, 2016, when Clinton conceded the presidential election. She lost the election. The Democrats lost the White House, the House, and the Senate. The Establishment Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee, and the Clinton political machine, ALL lost. But what about the 2018 election and beyond? [more...]

12-20-16 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump is Uber
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Alaska Closes Acquisition of Virgin in Critical Time for Airlines
3. James Hirsen: Facebook’s Phony War on Fake News
4. Joe Messina: I Don’t Celebrate Holiday, I Celebrate Christmas
5. Daniel Greenfield: Muslim Terror for Christmas

Trump is Uber

Uber and Lyft represent freedom, capitalism, competition and the efficiency and quality of the private sector vs. government.  I’m a business traveler. I’m away on business 25 or more times a year. That’s at least 50 taxi rides to and from airports to my hotel. Plus another 100-plus taxi rides from my hotel to business meetings or conventions where I’m giving a speech. That’s means I’ve taken 150 or more taxi rides a year for the past 25 years. No more. I haven’t even gotten into a taxi once in the past three years. I’ve replaced all those taxi rides with Uber. Taxis are as obsolete as dinosaurs. This is the same reason so many people voted for Donald Trump... because Trump is the Uber of politics. He represents freedom and competition and the marvelous quality and efficiency of the private sector. [more...]

Alaska Closes Acquisition of Virgin in Critical Time for Airlines

Last week, Alaska Air Group finalized its $4 billion acquisition of Virgin America. The merger brings together two beloved airlines which in some ways are similar and other ways very different. Both carriers have loyal customer bases and award-winning resumes. Alaska has always emphasized its customer service and performance and has been awarded “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Traditional Carriers in North America” by J.D. Power, nine years in a row. Virgin America is revered by travelers for its innovative and high quality in-flight experience, and has been named top airline in the country in Conde Nast’s reader’s choice awards. The merged airline is surely positioned to compete with the traditional “Big 4” U.S. airlines. [more...]

Facebook’s Phony War on Fake News

Having apparently succumbed to the political pressure being imposed by the left and its media allies, in what appears to be an effort to address the issue of fraudulent posts, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chairman of Facebook, has announced that the social media site will be outsourcing decisions regarding the truth or falsity of posts to fact-checking organizations. However, content interference, under the guise of oversight by a dubious fact-checking organization, is anything but fact-oriented. Rather, it is an insidious part of a more serious problem that continues to plague the once noble profession of journalism. Facebook users should take no comfort in the fact-checkers' signing of a code of ethics. Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network, the source of the ethical principles to which the fact checkers are to adhere, is, in part, funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. [more...]

I Don’t Celebrate Holiday, I Celebrate Christmas

First of all, let me start by saying, MERRY CHRISTMAS. When you say what difference does it make to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” to a Christian it should be a big deal. Whether you say it or not, it doesn’t change Christmas, because it’s still about Christ, BUT you take something away from us. It’s Christmas. Without the birth of Christ, it’s just another holiday, gift exchange day, tree day, tinsel day, elf day, fat man in a red suit day... it’s just another day. I’ve got enough “other days” - I want Christmas. [more...]

Muslim Terror for Christmas

On the 5th of December, a 12-year-old Iraqi boy planted a nail bomb in a Christmas market in Ludwigshafen. The Muslim boy left the nail bomb in a marketplace filled with jolly plastic Santas bearing knapsacks of presents and booths of chocolates built like cottages covered with twinkling lights. Inside was his Christmas present to the little boys and girls of this German city - a glass jar filled with powder and surrounded by nails. Islamic terror had come like a bitterly cold wind from Iraq to Ludwigshafen.

Now a truck smashed into the Christmas market near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church crushing shoppers into a stand selling mulled wine. Visitors to the nearby Berlin Zoo picking out Christmas gifts or treating themselves to hot chocolate fled from the murderous carnage. Red fluid flowed through the market and the terrified crowds could not tell whether it was spilled wine or the blood of the dead. This latest Muslim Christmas present took the lives of twelve men and women who might have otherwise picked up some eggnog or a stuffed reindeer. It injured dozens more who went from munching waffles one moment to watching a truck barrel at them through the Christmas market in another. The Muslim killer was a 23-year-old Pakistani refugee with a criminal record. He repaid the generosity of Europe’s open borders by smearing the blood of its people across a Christmas market. [more...]

Monday, December 12, 2016

12-13-16 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Will the Electoral College Survive the Election?
2. James Hirsen: Al Gore’s Documentary Sequel Set to Debut at Sundance
3. Joe Messina: How Fake News and Delusions Win Elections
4. Crista Huff: Yet Another International Trade Deal Has Fallen Apart
5. Citizen Kelly: Why I’m Filing an FEC Complaint Against CNN (and so should Trump)
6. John LeBoutillier: The D.C. Swamp is Already Seducing Trump

Will the Electoral College Survive the Election?

Ever since Trump beat Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, the uber left has been attacking the Presidential Electoral College. Their main argument is that Clinton won the popular vote and Trump won the electoral vote and in a “democracy,” the popular vote should count. Of course, this misses the point: America is not a democracy; it’s a Constitutional Republic formed by a group of “Free and Independent States” (The Declaration of Independence) that joined together for the common good. Plus, the uber left are upset they didn’t win. They believe the Electoral College must be wrong, not Clinton, not the Democratic Party, not their leftist policies, and not the fact that most Americans believed America was “off track.” Attacking the Electoral College is also part of the left’s attempt to delegitimize Trump and his future administration. [more...]

Al Gore’s Documentary Sequel Set to Debut at Sundance

Former vice president Al Gore is set to debut a sequel to his Academy Award-winning film “An Inconvenient Truth,” which is a documentary that warns of imminent worldwide crises due to global warming. According to Paramount, the studio that green-lighted the project, the latest installment “follows Gore as he continues his decades-long fight to build a more sustainable future for our planet.” The film’s financing was provided in part by the left-wing finance specialist, Participant Media. Gore’s sequel is slated to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on opening night, January 19, 2017. The movie will reportedly be part of an added attraction at the festival called “The New Climate.” The former veep will also be a participant in a panel discussion that will take place on the issue of climate change. [more...]

How Fake News and Delusions Win Elections

The CIA and Democrats are claiming the Russians hacked the DNC servers to give information to WikiLeaks to embarrass Hillary Clinton and the Democrats as a whole. If that’s true, the Russians are being accused of taking e-mails from an unsecured server and giving them to a media outlet that would show the American people what the Democrat Party actually thinks about them, therefore allowing them to make an informed decision to vote against the hypocrisy of the DNC and Progressive Left. So, revealing evil and telling the truth is now a bad thing? [more...]

Yet Another International Trade Deal Has Fallen Apart

Various pending international trade agreements continue to experience serious delays and impasses in 2016 negotiations. We’ve seen such problems this year with TPP, TTIP, TiSA, and CETA. The latest casualty among trade agreements is the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) between the EU, U.S., China and a dozen other countries. The EGA seeks to lower tariffs on 54 products and services related to green energy production, including wind turbines and water treatment filters. The EGA was supposed to have been concluded last weekend, but negotiations fell apart when China backed away from a proposed list of the country’s products that would be affected by the trade agreement, and substituted a new product list during the final hours of the weekend ministerial meeting. Inside U.S. Trade reported, “The list did not contain items that other members strongly believed should be in the agreement, such as gas turbines, while it also contained items that were considered to be red lines by others.” There is no current hope of the EGA being finalized in 2016. [more...]

Why I’m Filing an FEC Complaint Against CNN (and so should Trump)

For decades, conservatives’ complaints about media bias have fallen on deaf ears. The 2016 presidential election marks the first time voters had actual evidence of direct collusion between reporters at CNN, The New York Times, CNBC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Conservative media must take action. The evidence of collusion between CNN, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and the DNC is the tip of the iceberg. WikiLeaks revealed only a small part of the larger picture. Corporate contributions to political campaigns are prohibited – whether they are in-kind or otherwise – and CNN is a corporation. Even if CNN’s in-kind donations to Clinton’s campaign were legal, the value of the broadcast airtime gifted to her campaign would be far in excess of legal contribution limits. This represents not only a serious violation of the public trust but federal election law. Yet no action has been taken by CNN to investigate the employees who leaked debate questions to Donna Brazile, or fire Wolf Blitzer who used DNC-prepared questions for his interview with Donald Trump, or the scores of CNN reporters who participated in secret dinner meetings to coordinate on framing and messaging with Clinton campaign staffers. CNN should consider itself lucky that this election wasn’t a criminal trial because they would have been found guilty of media malpractice in the first degree. [more...]

The D.C. Swamp is Already Seducing Trump

As his campaign drew to a close, Trump adopted the "drain the swamp" mantra, and drew huge applause from his base for it. But the D.C. swamp was paying attention and immediately went into action. They found - as we all are finding - the soft underbelly of Trump: flattery. Indeed, with Trump, flattery will get you everywhere. Two days after the election, President Obama discovered this easily exploitable Trump weakness when he sat for 90 minutes in the Oval Office, praised Trump to his face for his campaign and his abilities and - presto! - Trump began softening on two issues dear to Obama: global warming and Obamacare. Trump even went from calling Obama "the worst president, maybe in the history of our country" to asking for the president's counsel. And since then, they have had a series of long phone calls; clearly Obama is convincing Trump to change his tune on a range of issues. [more...]

Thursday, December 8, 2016

12-9-16 Great Guests for Your Show

Rahm Emanuel Bully for Sanctuary Cities

President-Elect Trump met with Chicago’s most unpopular man, Mayor Rahm Emanuel - the same guy who recently declared “Chicago will always be a sanctuary city” in defiance of Trump’s pledge to deport millions of illegal immigrants with criminal records. He was also the same Rahm Emanuel who has already set up a legal defense fund for illegal immigrants and refugees using millions of dollars that were, once upon a time, set aside for Chicago property tax relief. That was the little bone Rahmbo chucked at those silly Chicago taxpayers after he nailed them with a $600 million property tax increase while increasing his own mayoral budget in 2015. For years, he has mismanaged Chicago’s finances even after his “Never Trump” Republican pal, Gov. Bruce Rauner, endorsed his stellar “financial acumen” in his Rahm’s sorry bid for re-election. [more...]

What’s Really Behind the Recounts and Petitions

If the Jill Stein recount were a car, it would be on fire in a ditch while being swarmed by angry snakes. The failed Green Party candidate raised $7.2 million for presidential recounts that have so far increased Trump’s lead in Wisconsin and made a convincing argument why Detroit shouldn’t be allowed to participate in elections after the ballots on the books didn’t match voting machine printouts in 59% of the precincts. Stein may end up having to pay the entire cost of the Michigan recount and is struggling in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, 42% of Clinton voters believe the recount will show she won. They’re going to be very disappointed. [more...]

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Should 'Mad Dog' Mattis Be Disqualified?

For the past week, since the announcement about President-elect Trump's pick for Defense Secretary, I have been barraged by requests from the media to talk about what I know based on what I'd written about General Mattis in my book, The Only Thing Worth Dying For in 2010.  I've received quite a bit of hate mail for what some believe is my intention to bring down and smear retired Marine General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis, simply because I accurately reported an event that happened years ago. I have dedicated my life and career to telling the stories of heroes, yet now I'm being mistakenly characterized as someone trying to bring down a beloved General.

In my 2010 New York Times bestselling book, The Only Thing Worth Dying For: How Eleven Green Berets Fought for a New Afghanistan, I write about how General Mattis refused to send his men and helicopters to MEDEVAC the wounded from a mass casualty situation. An A Team of Green Berets who were assigned to Hamid Karzai had been hit by friendly fire on December 5, 2001- an errant 2,000-pound Jdam bomb called in erroneously on their position. Although the bulk of the book recounts the team's mission with Karzai, after the bomb hit, its focus shifted to their survival. The Green Berets requested immediate assistance from Mattis, the leader of the closest unit with the ability to respond, but he was stubbornly unwilling to help as was reported to me by eyewitnesses. 

General Mattis's actions, which were not formally investigated at the time, are now likely to get more scrutiny during the retired general's Senate confirmation process. I've been told I might be called to testify since my book is the only published account of that mission - and that terrible day when all but one member of then-Captain Jason Amerine's eleven-man team was either seriously wounded or killed.

Last week, a few days shy of the fifteen-year anniversary of December 5, Amerine, now a retired Lieutenant Colonel, wrote a post on his Facebook page saying in part that Mattis "was indecisive and betrayed his duty to us, leaving my men to die during the golden hour when he could have reached us... The delay of Mattis in launching MEDEVAC that day was never in question, not even by him. The only debate was whether it was justified and how many died, as a result."

What are the brutal facts behind one of the most heated debates in politics this week? Did General Mattis betray his duty and leave men to die? Or was he acting responsibly based on the facts he had at hand? Or is it a matter of different policies within the Conventional and Special Operations communities? How many died? Who could have been saved? Did he make a mistake that he learned from? And is he fit to serve as the Secretary of Defense? Was Mattis interviewed to hear his side of the story? 

Both Amerine and Mattis are beloved leaders in their respective communities, and the quote by Amerine started up a viral storm of polarized opinions on social media and in the news that is still playing out. For my part, I have given numerous interviews about The Only Thing Worth Dying For in recent days, (and posted one of the articles on my Facebook page) that have elicited a huge range of heated responses. The comments on that page run from "hate mail" that accuses me of being a liberal on a smear campaign who writes fiction, to those angry with mainstream media for trying to take down an American hero... to those with reasonable questions about why Mattis did what he did... to those who were on the ground on December 5, 2001, who staunchly stand behind what I reported in my book. [more...]

Eric Blehm is the award-winning author of the New York Times bestsellers Fearless, Legend and The Only Thing Worth Dying For. In 1999, Blehm became the first journalist to accompany and keep pace with an elite Army Ranger unit on a training mission. His access into the Special Operations community and reportage set an important milestone for American war journalism two years before reporters began to gain widespread embedded status with the U.S. military in the War Against Terror. He has dedicated his life to telling the stories of those who serve.
Michael Reagan: Trump Right to Worry About AT&T, Time Warner Merger

Today, the Senate Judiciary committee will hold a significant hearing on the proposed $84 billion merger between AT&T and Time Warner, which owns CNN.

AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson will be testifying, as well as others, who support or oppose this merger. The senators should be prepared to ask Stephenson some tough questions – because allowing this merger will have important implications for a free press and American democracy for many years to come. During the recent election candidate Trump said, "AT&T is buying Time Warner, and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few."

Since then, a number of press reports – no doubt pushed by AT&T – are suggesting President Trump will have a laissez-faire approach and the deal will go through. Knowing of the grassroots concerns that many conservative leaders share, I doubt President Trump or Congress will rubber stamp this deal.

Trump was right when he warned of the massive concentration of media power in a few hands. Consider that today 90 percent of cable television networks are owned by just six companies: Time Warner (CNN), Viacom, CBS, ABC, Comcast (NBC) and 21st Century Fox. Of these major conglomerates, only Fox gives conservatives a fair shake. New, independent networks like NewsmaxTV are on the rise, but the big media still controls, dangerously, the flow of information to the public. Trump was their most recent victim.

A combination of AT&T and Time Warner will be toxic, further constricting competition and press diversity. AT&T is a giant media company which also owns DirecTV. They also were a major corporate backer of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. They strongly opposed Donald Trump's election.

Time Warner's CNN was nothing short of the "Clinton News Network" – a 24-hour propaganda machine spewing out anti-Trump and anti-Republican venom.

Right now AT&T has 26.3 million pay TV subscribers through DirecTV and ATT U-verse service – controlling about 25 percent of the U.S. cable market. They are the largest cable/satellite operator in the U.S. bar none. By owning the largest chunk of cable home distribution, AT&T will obviously be in a position to favor their own channels like CNN, over other channels like Fox News, Newsmax and many others. The ability for AT&T to discriminate against other cable networks that could compete against CNN or their other networks would be endless.

AT&T, which controls a huge percent of the mobile telephone market, could exempt its mobile customers from data usage charges if they stream CNN content, but streaming independent news networks like Newsmax might continue to count against high speed data caps.

Frankly, I am usually in favor of government keeping its hands-off business activities. But there are exceptions. When certain businesses act like monopolies or near monopolies, have unusual access to publicly-owned or controlled distribution systems, and get preferential access to broadcast/satellite airwaves, then government has a compelling need to insure that such media companies act in a fair way to insure competition and the diversity of public opinion.

We already know that vertical integration of cable operators undermines competition. For example, when Comcast completed its merger of NBC back in 2011, it promised that it would not favor its own channels over other channels.  It agreed to a condition that would have put the Bloomberg financial news channel on equal footing with CNBC across its distribution platform. It is well known that Comcast never honored the condition. For this and other reasons, Comcast's recent effort to merge with Time Warner was rejected.

AT&T has not demonstrated, in my opinion, a real desire to support the public's interest in the areas of competition, diversity and fairness. Recently the Department of Justice sued AT&T and its subsidiary DirecTV for price fixing and illegally colluding to harm consumers.

There are many reasons why the FCC and Congress needs to handle this merger with intense scrutiny and remember this is not a business decision, but a matter that affects our democratic institutions. President-elect Trump knows this firsthand. [more...]

Michael Reagan is the son of President Reagan and chairman of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. A New York Times best-selling author, he is a commentator for Newsmax.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

12-7-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Daniel R. Joseph: Trump on Taiwan
2. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Understanding Trump’s Tweets and Calls
3. James Hirsen: Trump’s Hollywood Pick for Treasury Secretary
4. Wayne Allyn Root: How About Lieberman for SoS?
5. Michael Stumo: What Happens if We Ditch NAFTA?

Trump on Taiwan

Donald Trump poked China with a stick this week by speaking on the phone with the President of Taiwan, something that hasn’t happened since 1979 when the U.S. formally recognized the Communist government to be the official government of China. The Chinese were predictably outraged at Trump and pundits across the U.S. suggested that Trump either didn’t know what he was doing, was showing his reckless side, or both. What is the “One China” policy? Is a phone call really a big deal? Did Trump take the call by accident? [more...]

Understanding Trump’s Tweets and Calls

Trump’s tweets and other actions seem to be a constant source of controversy, especially among the uber left. Trump just doesn’t seem to do things the way the “old establishment” expects them to be done. From the uber left’s warped perspective, Trump’s tweets break protocol more often than seasoned athletes break a sweat. Are Trump’s tweets actually brilliant negotiations ploys? Are they attempts to frustrate Trump’s adversaries? Are they actually attempts to move America away from the uber left’s stifling of freedom of speech with political correctness? [more...]

Trump’s Hollywood Pick for Treasury Secretary

A high-profile member of the Hollywood community has been named to a pivotal position in the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump. It was recently announced that Trump has chosen movie production finance expert Steve Mnuchin to be his treasury secretary. Prior to coming to Tinseltown, Mnuchin had a 17-year stint at Goldman Sachs, where he was a partner and eventually became chief information officer for the firm. While in Hollywood, he earned additional credentials as a significant behind-the-scenes player in the movie business and an industry leader who headed up business entities that completed numerous financing deals with big-name studios 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Mnuchin’s record in Hollywood is a winning one. He has played the role of producer and executive producer with numerous box-office successes to his name. [more...]

How About Lieberman for SoS?

Here’s a new name to consider for Secretary of State: former Independent Senator and Democrat VP nominee Joe Lieberman. Trump needs to expand the GOP tent for 2020. He needs to show he is the president of all Americans, not just Republicans. Lieberman is one Democrat (and the only one) I can live with. Also, Trump needs to expand the GOP tent with Jewish voters. Lieberman is extremely qualified. He served 24 years in the Senate, taking a leading role in foreign affairs and national security. He loves America and, of course, our number-one ally, Israel. So, Lieberman hits the ground running, knowledgeable and experienced on the issues on day one. [more...]

What Happens if We Ditch NAFTA?

President-elect Trump promises to renegotiate NAFTA and withdraw if he does not get what he wants. What would actually happen if we withdrew from NAFTA? Certainly, the old guard globalists would freak out. America must lead, not isolate itself from the world. We must trade, because 95% of U.S. consumers are outside the U.S. I asked a trade law attorney what the result of NAFTA withdrawal would be. In a nutshell, he said tariff levels for Canada would remain at zero because of the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement that preceded NAFTA. As to Mexico, tariff levels would be governed by our WTO commitments. [more...]

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

12-1-16 Excellent Guest for Your Show

1. Citizen Kelly: Billionaire Behind NYC Trump Sign Removals Tied to Illinois Gov. Rauner
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump’s Cabinet & Mitt
3. Daniel Greenfield: Diversity Officer Says Ohio Jihadist Deserves Sympathy
4. Crista Huff: Ridiculing the White Working Class Voter
5. Michael Stumo: The Working Class Election

Billionaire Behind NYC Trump Sign Removals Tied to Illinois Gov. Rauner

Should Trump supporters forgive ‘Never Trump’ Republicans? Citizen Kelly says NO. Billionaire real estate developer Sam Zell isn’t the only one trying to cover his political tracks since November 8. Governors Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley have “come to Jesus” since Trump’s election and more ‘Never Trump’ stalwarts are scurrying about motivated by the carrot of plum appointments. But can they be trusted? Trump loyalists say NO. Regardless of the PR spin, supporters of Donald Trump have cause for concern. Find out why by reading Citizen Kelly's latest column at Daily Caller. [more...]

Trump’s Cabinet & Mitt

I think the president-elect’s picks are fantastic. All of his national security picks understand we are at war with radical Islam. They aren’t afraid of identifying our attackers as “Islamic terrorists.” They won’t mislabel “Islamic terror attacks” as “workplace violence” or cite some other excuse. They couldn’t care less about political correctness. They understand their job isn’t to be sensitive to the feelings of our enemies. Their only job is to protect Americans... period. Mitt Romney is no doubt highly qualified, but the most important trait in life is loyalty. Mitt was disloyal. I have no problem with Trump adding a few talented rivals to his team, maybe even one Democrat, but not Mitt. [more...]

Diversity Officer Says Ohio Jihadist Deserves Sympathy

Even before Abdul tried to kill a bunch of non-Muslims for the crime of being non-Muslim with a car and butcher knife, the OSU Lantern helped paint him as a victim, suffering imaginary fears over Muslim stereotyped as terrorists. Afterward, the diversity officer defended him and used the hashtags #SayHisName, usually referring to Black Lives Matter protests on behalf of criminals shot by police officers, and the BLM base hashtag. Nothing says unity like the name of a racist hate group and defending an Islamic terrorist. [more...]

Ridiculing the White Working Class Voter

I’ve been shocked to see liberals on Twitter aggressively ridiculing the “white working class voter.” Is this about the Twitter libs being bigoted against white people, or about them expressing class superiority, or about them hating Republicans and/or people who voted for President-elect Trump? Were the libs previously embracing white working class voters because they needed their votes, and now they’re revealing their true colors? No matter how you slice and dice it, it’s extremely bigoted behavior. [more...]

The Working Class Election

While identity politics was a big part of the media's election narrative, those issues did not actually drive voters' election choices. Instead, exit polls showed they voted on the basis of the economy, not identity. There are still competing narratives about how the election was won. Some say racists prevailed to elevate an authoritarian bigot to the Oval Office. While some may have voted that way, it is an electoral sub-plot which is not explanatory. Others, those who are correct, say this was a working class populist election. The evidence shows that, when comparing to 2012, identity politics was not much of a factor. The Clinton campaign's reliance on that theme was a big problem. [more...]

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

11-29-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: The Working Class & Trade
2. James Hirsen: Hollywood Helps Fuel Election Mischief
3. Joe Messina: Castro Was Not a Freedom Fighter
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Oil Producing Countries Hold Their Breath
5. Dr. Elaina George: The Fix for Our Ailing Healthcare System
6. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Will the Uber Left Prevent Trump from Becoming President?

The Working Class & Trade

There’s no question: the working class decided the election. Stupid trade policies, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, was a major factor in voters' trust in the candidates to work for their economic well-being. They believed Trump more than Clinton. CPA's Republican members are joyous. CPA's Democratic members are devastated. The electoral counts show the extent to which Dems are reeling from the loss of their prior working class constituency, where Trump gained them, and the absolute necessity for both parties to cater to the economic well-being of the working class by, among other things, fixing trade. [more...]

Hollywood Helps Fuel Election Mischief

Some big-name Hollywood celebrities, along with political pouters of all persuasions, recently joined forces with 2016’s Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in hopes of pulling off an election redo. Although President-elect Donald Trump won a decisive victory in the 2016 presidential election, many of Hillary’s supporters and those in her Hollywood fan base are stubbornly refusing to accept the election results. Now some celebrities are attempting to use social media accounts to try and persuade fans and followers alike to sign petitions, make telephone calls, and donate cash, all in an effort to support a recount in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. [more...]

Castro Was Not a Freedom Fighter

The Left is almost in as much mourning for Fidel as it was for JFK and MLK. The same Left loons that called Trump a dangerous man, a bigot, a homophobe, a xenophobe, is calling Fidel Castro a revolutionary, a freedom fighter, and someone who will be revered for bringing education and social services to the Cuban people. They’re gushing over a man who has had THOUSANDS of people killed simply for not agreeing with him; he has killed, by firing squad, over 3,500 people. He also executed people for fleeing Cuba by raft. Are these people serious? [more...]

Oil Producing Countries Hold Their Breath

Wednesday marks the 171st OPEC Meeting, which takes place in Vienna, Austria. This is one of the more significant meetings for members of the Organization for the Petroleum Exporting Countries as tensions grow worldwide to control oil production and stabilize oil prices. For more than two years, a downward pressure on oil prices was caused by an oversupplied global market in need of higher demand. The imbalance of supply and demand sent prices down from a high above $105 per barrel to a low of $27 per barrel. Since oil’s low in the winter of 2016, prices have recovered and are trading around $50 per barrel, but are still off 50 percent from previous levels. In September, a deal was reached among OPEC members to cap output at 32.5-33.0 million barrels per day - slightly lower than the current level of production. A move like this would prop up oil prices and regulate supply. [more...]

The Fix for Our Ailing Healthcare System

The stated intention behind Obamacare was to improve the healthcare system. However, it has become apparent that the changes implemented were based on incorrect assumptions: 1) that having health insurance equals access to quality affordable healthcare; 2) that central planning via government regulations and mandates could be used to control costs; and 3) that the behavior of doctors and patients could be controlled by implementing rigid practice guidelines (i.e., value based medicine, care driven by algorithms instead of physician judgement) and increasingly shifting the cost of healthcare to patients leading them to self-ration by pricing them out respectively. The end result has been an increase in healthcare costs, decreased competition among insurance companies with monopolies in some states, and a decrease in both primary care and specialist physicians. Whether you like Obamacare or not, an honest assessment would conclude that it is simply not sustainable. There is, however, a solution. [more...]

Will the Uber Left Prevent Trump from Becoming President?

The uber left appears to be working overtime to block Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States of America. Will protests, riots, violence, threats and intimidation to presidential electors, and recounts in key states prevent Trump from becoming president? Will conspiracy narratives gain enough traction to hand the election over to Clinton? Will Clinton accept a Trump victory? What is the purpose of the recount effort? What happens if no candidate gets 270 Electoral votes on December 19th? [more...]

Monday, November 21, 2016

11-22-16 Fascinating Guests for Your Show

1. Citizen Kelly: Time for Trump to Defund the ‘Hamilton’ Left
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump for Israel
3. James Hirsen: MSM Using Fake News to Censor Conservative Views
4. Joe Messina: The Dems Still Think They’re in Charge
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Justice Dept. Fights to Contain Healthcare
6. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Is Trump’s Transition off to a Great Start?
7. Daniel Greenfield: AG Sessions - Civil Rights Hero

Time for Trump to Defund the ‘Hamilton’ Left

‘Hamilton’ actor Brandon Victor Dixon exposed the elitist cultural divide when he treated Vice President-elect Mike Pence to an on-stage scolding that some have called “bullying.” To Dixon, Pence’s simple act of attending a Broadway show was an act of criminal trespass. Pence is a foreigner, an outsider. He didn’t belong there, or so the progressives believe, and he isn’t the only one. In today’s America, working class Americans don’t visit “the theater” and I would bet most have never even been to a Broadway show. That is a luxury that they can’t afford. The ‘Hamilton’ actors live in a different world – a privileged world – where they can afford to be insufferably self-consumed. It is this privileged class that is, even now, fighting to keep a tax provision that allows live-theater backers deductions in a show’s first year. Sen. Chuck Schumer is the architect of the Broadway’s tax break. Who pays for Broadway’s tax write-off? Middle-class taxpayers. Brandon Dixon apparently didn’t get the memo. [more...]

Trump for Israel

President-elect Trump could be the most pro-Israel president in history. He will always stand with the Jews of Israel. How strong are Trump’s bonds to Israel? He was the Grand Marshal of the annual “Salute to Israel” parade. The Jewish National Fund awarded Donald the “Tree of Life” award for his lifetime of support for the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Jewish Week found that he has given generously for many years to Jewish charities. A professor of “American Jewish History” calls Trump’s charitable giving to Jewish causes “impressive” and clearly out of the ordinary for a non-Jew. [more...]

MSM Using Fake News to Censor Conservative Views

After telling the public for over a year that the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States was not going to materialize, the mainstream media have now turned their collective attention toward something they have characterized as “fake news.” The phrase, however, is a fake itself, and its deliberate use manipulative in nature. The mainstream media are out to cleanse social media of sites that pose obstacles to a uniform way of thinking; that being a left-leaning ideology. [more...]

The Dems Still Think They’re in Charge

According to the Left, ALL the key appointments President Elect Donald Trump has announced so far are terrible for the country. Mind you, these same people said Trump could never win; he wasn’t a serious player. My advice to you: don’t let them pick your lottery tickets. To the Dems, just a reminder: You lost! Your direction, ideals and your ideology LOST. Your own people, union-working, life-long Democrats rejected your governing style and foundation. To sum it up: your opinion on this matter doesn’t count. [more...]

The Justice Dept. Fights to Contain Healthcare

The biggest proposed merger in the health insurance industry faces its opposition this week in court. More than a year ago, Anthem Inc. and Cigna Corp. entered an agreement to merge their companies. Under the agreement, Anthem shareholders would own 2/3 of the combined company while Cigna shareholders would own 1/3. On Monday, the U.S. government goes to court with the two insurance companies to block the $48 billion transaction. The Justice Department argues that the proposed merger would reduce competition in the health insurance industry and raise costs for consumers. [more...]

Is Trump’s Transition off to a Great Start?

If you listen to the Old Mainstream Media (OMSM), you might not realize that Trump’s transition is off to a phenomenal start. The reality is that Trump’s transition team is firing on all cylinders. Trump is reaching out not only to his close supporters that helped him to win the election, but also to his harshest critics like Mitt Romney. Trump is communicating across the board, even to the Old Mainstream Media, according to news reports. [more...]

AG Sessions - Civil Rights Hero

Leftist racists shamefully smear a public servant who has steadfastly fought for civil rights - and against racist abuses

The last lynching in the U.S. began when Michael Donald, a 19-year-old African-American man, was kidnapped by two Klansmen. They forced him into the car at gunpoint, beat him, tied a rope around his neck, cut his throat three times and left him hanging from a tree on Herndon Street in Mobile, Alabama. The search for justice ended two years later when U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions announced that the killers had been arrested. Local authorities had botched the case badly. But Sessions was determined to see that justice would be done. Federal and State resources were combined for a successful outcome. The case brought an end to lynching culture and broke the KKK. But the man whose office investigated the case, who helped send one of the killers to the electric chair, would be smeared as a racist despite his history of fighting for civil rights and against racist abuses in dozens of court cases. [more...]

Thursday, November 17, 2016

11-17-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Prospects of a Trump Economy
2. Citizen Kelly: Don’t Let Rahm Emanuel’s Anti-Trump Re-Election Stunt Fool You
3. Carl Schramm: Trump Should Fix the Business Climate So a Million Americans a Year Can Start Companies
4. Wayne Allyn Root: Democrats’ Destruction Overwhelming

The Prospects of a Trump Economy

If Mr. Trump runs this country like he runs his business, which he intends to do, our economy is in for a HUGE treat. He promises to lower corporate taxes and individual tax rates, thereby boosting profits and helping business owners create more jobs. Couple this with Trump’s plan to slash regulations and we’ll likely see very fast growth in the short run.  One of the hottest items on Trump’s agenda is trade. If he follows through on trade and imposes tariffs on foreign goods, the U.S. could see a great deal of money coming in from abroad as well as jobs returning to the US. The list of what-ifs and possible policy actions goes on, but the most important thing to understand is that for Trump to be successful in growing the economy, he must focus on job creation, civic investment, and shrinking the size of the government. The prospects of a Trump economy are encouraging. No government in history has been as efficient as the private sector. [more...]

Don’t Let Rahm Emanuel’s Anti-Trump Re-Election Stunt Fool You

Don’t let Rahm Emanuel’s ‘Chicago will always be a sanctuary city’ stunt fool you. Monday’s anti-Trump press conference was his unofficial re-election kick-off for a third term as Chicago’s mayor. After all, it’s not as if Rahm is now going to be named White House Chief of Staff in the Hillary Clinton Administration. If he has any presidential ambitions for 2020 and beyond, what’s he got to lose? I know something about this. I was Rahm’s GOP opponent in 2015 and almost defeated him by busting the campaign finance caps in the mayor’s race, forcing him into a historic run-off election. [more...]

Trump Should Fix the Business Climate So a Million Americans a Year Can Start Companies

Consider the economic situation that President-elect Trump is inheriting. Despite the addition of 161,000 jobs in October, the labor-force participation rate fell to its second lowest level in nearly 40 years, according to the St. Louis Federal Reserve. More people have joined the ranks of the chronically unemployed, slipping into poverty at alarming rates as their skills decay and dependency on public assistance grows. Considering population growth, America needs at least 325,000 new jobs every month to stanch the growing numbers of discouraged workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Merely bringing back factories from overseas will not solve this problem. Technology has made every factory more productive. Fewer workers make more goods no matter where they’re located. At the same time, fewer U.S. businesses are being started. New firms are the country’s principal generator of new jobs. What can President Trump do to encourage more entrepreneurship? First, increase economic growth. More businesses start when GDP expands at 4% rather than 2%. Existing businesses look for new markets, often turning to young companies for innovative ideas. [more...]

Democrats’ Destruction Overwhelming

The Democratic Party has a problem. If this were “The Celebrity Apprentice” it might be worded, “You’re fired.” And it all happened with Barack Obama at the helm for the past eight disastrous years. Obama is the doomsday captain of the modern-day Titanic formerly known as the Democratic Party. In 2018 Democrats must defend 25 U.S. Senate seats vs. eight for the GOP. Thirteen of these seats are in states Trump either won or barely lost. Five seats are from states Trump won by a landslide (19 points or more). Democrats won’t regain the U.S. Senate for many years to come. [more...]