Monday, December 28, 2015

12-29-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Rising Tide of ‘Star Wars’ Lifts All Films
2. Karen Leland: Why J.J. Abrams Got the ‘Star Wars’ Brand Right
3. Wayne Allyn Root: The Perfect Islamic State Recruiting Tool - Hillary Clinton
4. Daniel Greenfield: It’s Not ISIS We Need to Beat; It’s the Caliphate
5. John LeBoutillier: Will 2016 Be an Even More Unpredictable Year Than 2015 Has Been?

Rising Tide of ‘Star Wars’ Lifts All Films
By James Hirsen

Disney’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is nothing short of an entertainment industry phenom. “The Force” energized the Christmas movie box office while simultaneously spreading yuletide cheer to its cinematic competitors. Having debuted a weekend earlier with a worldwide record of $529 million, the J.J. Abrams sequel attained another box-office milestone by reaching a global gross of $1 billion faster than any movie that has ever been made. [more...]

Why J.J. Abrams Got the ‘Star Wars’ Brand Right
By Karen Leland

Give a Nod to Nostalgia and New: There’s a scene in ‘Star Wars’ where Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and crew get into a sticky situation while on the evil New Order’s Star Destroyer ship. Mid-snafu, Harrison Ford tosses out the classic “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” There are many other times during the film when a classic thread from past movies is brought into the present moment. At the same time, Abrams teases us with future possibilities for how this whole crazy thing might unfold. Your Takeaway: Failing to give your brand’s positive past its due can be dangerous business. Remember when Coca Cola tried to introduce the New Coke? While preliminary taste tests for the new formulation were positive, consumers revolted at the idea of their old standby being replaced by a new upstart. Sales dropped and Coke Classic (the original formula) was reintroduced. Change can give your brand a powerful boost, but it needs to take into account the sentimental relationship your customers have with your brand as before. [more...]

The Perfect Islamic State Recruiting Tool - Hillary Clinton
By Wayne Allyn Root

Hillary Clinton lied – again. Just like when she covered up the terrorist attack at Benghazi by blaming it on a video no one ever watched, now she is blaming Donald Trump for inciting hatred, violence and Islamic State recruitment... even though no such video exists. But guess what the truth is? While there is no Islamic State video featuring Donald Trump, ironically Islamic State does use videos featuring Bill Clinton as a recruitment tool. [more...]

It’s Not ISIS We Need to Beat; It’s the Caliphate
By Daniel Greenfield

A recent report by, of all places, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, found that the Syrian rebels were mostly Islamic Jihadists and that even if ISIS were defeated there were 15 other groups sharing its worldview that were ready to take its place. And that’s just in Syria. The official ISIS story - the one that we read in the newspapers, watch on television and hear on the radio - is that it’s a unique group whose brand of extremism is so extreme that there is no comparing it to anything else. ISIS has nothing to do with Islam... or with anything else. It’s a complete aberration, except for the 15 other Jihadist groups ready to step into its shoes in just one country. [more...]

Will 2016 Be an Even More Unpredictable Year Than 2015 Has Been?
By John LeBoutillier

As 2015 comes to a close, will 2016 be an even wilder political year? What is the state of the Republican and Democratic races with five weeks to go before Iowa? Can Trump be stopped? Will Cruz’s methodical approach pay off with the nomination? Can Bernie Sanders upset Hillary in either Iowa or New Hampshire – or both? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Perfect Islamic State Recruiting Tool: Hillary Clinton

By Wayne Allyn Root

Hillary Clinton lied – again. Just like when she covered up the terrorist attack at Benghazi by blaming it on a video no one ever watched, now she is blaming Donald Trump for inciting hatred, violence and Islamic State recruitment... even though no such video exists. But guess what the truth is? While there is no Islamic State video featuring Donald Trump, ironically Islamic State does use videos featuring Bill Clinton as a recruitment tool. [more...]

Monday, December 21, 2015

12-22-15 Great Guests Available for Your Show

1. Joe Messina: Merry Christmas to All Who Still Celebrate
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump Can Win New York State and All Working Class America
3. James Hirsen: Mark Burnett to Head MGM Television Unit
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: What’s Next in the Presidential Race?
5. Daniel Greenfield: Obama Won't Take Out Caliph of Isis Because of Collateral Damage
6. John LeBoutillier: Is Trump Now the Inevitable GOP Nominee? Is Speaker Ryan a Clone of John Boehner?

Merry Christmas to All Who Still Celebrate
By Joe Messina

Even if you don’t believe that Jesus is Lord, nearly every religion acknowledges Him as a real person and as a prophet or, at a minimum, a very righteous and good man who went about spreading love. Christmas is CHRISTmas. Yes, the fat man in the red suit worked his way in. The tree worked its way in. The green man, Mr. Grinch (one of my favorites) worked his way in. Traditions have come and gone but the one that remains now and always is Jesus... and He’s not a tradition. He is real. He was born and gave His life for all of us. That’s why it’s CHRISTmas. [more...]

Trump Can Win New York State and All Working Class America
By Wayne Allyn Root

Hillary Clinton is scared. Smart Democrats are panicking. Leading Democrats keep saying in the media that Donald Trump can’t win the general election. Really? That may be what they’re saying out loud, but it’s not what they are whispering in private. I think leading Democrats know exactly what I know. Donald Trump can win New York State... and if he does, Hillary’s goose is cooked. If the GOP wins New York, Democrats have no electoral path to the White House. [more...]

Mark Burnett to Head MGM Television Unit
By James Hirsen

Faith-based fare is about to take a giant step onto your television, smart phone and tablet. Mark Burnett, the prodigious reality show magnate and faith film mogul, has been named president of MGM Television and Digital Group, and Burnett’s wife, actress-producer Roma Downey, is taking a position as president of LightWorkers Media, the faith and family division of MGM Television and Digital Group. The couple’s deep devotion to Christianity has motivated the two to become innovators in bringing inspirational content to television and film. [more...]

What’s Next in the Presidential Race?
By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

As we approach January and then the important Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire primary, South Carolina primary, and Nevada caucuses, what’s next in the Republican presidential race?  The Republican contest started with 17 candidates, it’s now down to about a dozen.  We know Trump consistently leads nationally.  We know Cruz has moved ahead in Iowa with his grassroots, analytics based campaign.  We know Christie has recently moved up in New Hampshire.  Where do we stand?  Who will drop out next?  When will they drop out? [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Obama Won't Take Out Caliph of Isis Because of Collateral Damage
By Daniel Greenfield

We could have beheaded the ISIS leadership by now. But we can't do it. Because of collateral damage. If this sounds familiar, it should. So we can't bomb ISIS leaders until they're well away from civilians or people we think might be civilians or anyone who isn't waving a gun or an ISIS flag at the moment. Which means all ISIS leaders have to do to be immune from U.S. airstrikes is surround themselves with human shields. Obama is actually making human shields mandatory for ISIS... just like he did for the Taliban. [more...]

Is Trump Now the Inevitable GOP Nominee? Is Speaker Ryan a Clone of John Boehner?
By John LeBoutillier

Is The Donald now the inevitable GOP presidential nominee? Can he be defeated by anyone anywhere? Which GOP presidential hopeful will attack the new Federal spending bill – and the GOP leadership for agreeing to it? Is Speaker Ryan actually a clone of John Boehner? And why do the Democrats keep having their debates on Saturday nights? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why Trump Will Be President - Up Close & Personal

By Wayne Allyn Root

Donald Trump is going to be the next President. There's no stopping him now. Let me explain why - with an up close and personal Trump experience. I am writing this column after a wild 48 hours. I returned late last night from the GOP Presidential debate, where I was a guest of the Trump campaign. The night before the debate, every GOP Presidential candidate was in Las Vegas for a rally or fundraiser with their fans. Each of them attracted 200 people here... 100 people there... 50 people here... 40 people there. Donald Trump, on the other hand, had a “small intimate gathering” for 5,000 to 7,000 fans! And guess who had the honor and privilege of being the lead speaker and Master of Ceremonies? Yours truly. [more...]

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Who Won Last Night’s GOP Debate?

By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

At times it was really a bit heated on Tuesday night in Las Vegas.  As we fast approach the Iowa caucuses, there was more pressure on the Republican presidential candidates to try to boost their poll numbers in front of a national audience.  There were squabbles and stressed expressions and a few light-hearted moments.  But, who were the winners? Will Trump maintain his sizable, national lead in the polls?  Will Cruz continue on top in Iowa?  Will Carson stop his decline?  Plus, who won the Cruz – Rubio battle for the #2 spot?  Did Bush improve his numbers?  Here’s are my thoughts written after the debate ended... [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Are Republicans “Cruzin’” for a Crack-up... or Victory?

By Lowell Ponte

With voting in the 2016 presidential contests soon to begin, is the Republican Party headed for a train wreck? Does the GOP face a politically fatal dilemma: either nominate the provocative billionaire Donald Trump or deny him the nomination via a brokered convention followed by a Trump independent candidacy (like Teddy Roosevelt's in 1912) that would split Republican votes and bring victory to likely Democratic rival Hillary Clinton?

A gambit by Texas Senator Ted Cruz might prevent this GOP disaster. Having surged ahead of Trump by 10 points in Iowa in the latest Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Poll, Cruz is the one candidate in a position to play this gambit, likely in one of the final Republican debates. The gambit would be to propose that in 2016 the Republican Party should do as our British cousins do – offer voters not just a President and Vice President, but an entire “shadow government,” while daring Democrats to do likewise. [more...]

12-15-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: The Massive Climate Change Agreement Give-Away
2. James Hirsen: SAG and Globes Sea Change
3. Joe Messina: Stone Prophet Gore
4. Karen Leland: Give Your Brand a Makeover
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Will Fossil Fuel Go the Way of the Dinosaurs?
6. Daniel Greenfield: The San Bernardino Terrorists Weren’t Radicals, They Were Mainstream
7. John LeBoutillier: How Has Trump's Call for a Ban on Muslims Changed the 2016 Race?

The Massive Climate Change Agreement Give-Away
By Joseph Klein

Nearly 200 countries reached consensus in Paris on what President Obama has called an “historic agreement” to combat man-made climate change. On a superficial level, the agreement, which is to take effect in 2020, appears ambitious in terms of the goals it sets and its universal participation. In reality, however, what emerged from Paris was the folly of a massive give-away to bribe the so-called developing nations to participate. In truth, the various provisions are little more than glaze to cover over the massive wealth redistribution scheme that lies at the heart of the agreement. The phrase “common but differentiated responsibility” has served as the guiding principle of the negotiations.  It is based on the redistributionist notion of “climate justice” or “equity,” which casts the developed countries as the source of the problem of alleged man-made climate change and the developing countries as the innocent victims. [more...]

SAG and Globes Sea Change
By James Hirsen

As part of the kickoff of Hollywood’s award season, two significant organizations recently announced nominees, and the sea change in media consumption that has occurred was clearly illustrated by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Golden Globe nominations. The SAG Awards are watched closely by the industry as a whole; this is largely due to fact that the membership of SAG overlaps with the acting section of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which is the organization that ultimately doles out Oscars. [more...]

Stone Prophet Gore
By Joe Messina

I would like to know how many times one has to get predictions wrong before you kick them to the curb. With something as “important” as “Global-Warming-Cooling-Climate-Change,” you would think we would want accuracy and real numbers. For someone who has been leading this “war,” Mr. Al Gore has gotten it wrong every time. Yet those who have made him lord and savior don’t care. They keep following him off the cliff like he can save them. [more...]

Give Your Brand a Makeover
By Karen Leland

As employers gain almost unlimited access via the Internet to our personal histories, they also develop a greater demand for details about who we are beyond our business acumen. A professional personal brand consulting session can offer valuable insight (and implementation) in crafting your reputation. Here are three specific ways you can use personal brand consulting to help create a personal brand that will show your stuff in the best light possible and land you that perfect job — from secretary to CEO. [more...]

Will Fossil Fuel Go the Way of the Dinosaurs?
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

For years, oil companies in the U.S. could count subterranean, untapped oil reserves as assets in their financial statements, which lead to highly inflated numbers. Now, with oil around $40 a barrel, the cost of pulling it out of the earth is greater than the sale price (at least for fracking), so the SEC is requiring companies to remove these fictitious assets from their books since investors cannot gain any value from oil that won’t be touched. With billions of barrels of oil disappearing off books overnight, already tense investors are growing more fearful of a complete oil collapse. [more...]

The San Bernardino Terrorists Weren’t Radicals, They Were Mainstream
By Daniel Greenfield

After Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook killed 14 Americans in their corner of the Jihad over in San Bernardino, the media began its long laborious search for their moment of “radicalization.” The assumption that the intersection of terrorism and Islam can only be an aberration led to the conviction that there was some moment in time at which Malik and Farook became “radical extremists.” Initial reports pegged that moment of “radicalization” as having happened at some point during the twenty minutes after Farook left the party. When the amount of firepower and preparation made the idea of a twenty-minute radicalization massacre seem silly, the media tried to stretch it back for weeks. Now they’ve had to give in and pull back that dreadful moment of radicalization for years. [more...]

How Has Trump's Call for a Ban on Muslims Changed the 2016 Race?
By John LeBoutillier

How has Donald Trump’s proposed ban on all Muslims coming into the U.S. changed the 2016 race? Is this issue making Trump more or less likely to win the GOP nomination? Can he win in November 2016? Is there a revolt inside the Republican Party by the establishment against the outsiders – Trump, Cruz and Carson? Is the GOP about to come apart at the seams? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Monday, December 14, 2015

Big Labor Fears Cadillac Price Hike

By Dave Bego

President Obama’s Big Labor buddies are not referring to automobiles, but rather the President’s Affordable Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare) “Cadillac tax” provision that, if left in place, could seriously hurt unions financially and result in membership loss. Big labor is hoping for an early Christmas present from the Democratic party and the President – but it may not be coming. Despite the fact that Harry Reid and other Democrats have announced the repeal of the Cadillac tax as a main priority in an attempt to support struggling unions whose support Democratic candidates desperately need in the 2016 elections, it appears the President’s narcissistic ego will keep him from supporting such a repeal since he views Obamacare as his signature health care reform law.  This could become a major problem for the President and the Democratic party if not achieved this week, as negotiators attempt to wrap up a major tax bill. [more...]

Friday, December 11, 2015

Donald Trump Just Destroyed the Mainstream Media and GOP Establishment... Again

By Wayne Allyn Root

Donald Trump just did it again. He is so much smarter than the mainstream media and the establishment GOP. He is playing at another level – like Michael Jordan did years ago, or LeBron James does today. Every time the media, the establishment GOP, or Donald’s critics and opponents for president think he’s destroyed himself with outrageous and offensive comments, his ratings go up, and they wind up with egg on their face. It’s about to happen again.

Trump shocked and outraged the media, critics and the GOP establishment by recommending a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S. Trump’s move was brilliant – again. Trump’s comments were harsh but true. There is a crime wave in this country being committed by illegal aliens. Illegal aliens account for over 30 percent of murders in several states. Our prisons are filled with foreign nationals; almost 70 percent of them are from Mexico. Many bad people – including potential terrorists – could be coming across that border. But even the peaceful nice illegal aliens pouring across are on welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and other forms of government entitlement checks at a far higher rate than native-born Americans. Illegal immigration is leading to the bankruptcy of America. [more...]

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Carter Banned Iranians from Coming to Us During Hostage Crisis

By Daniel Greenfield

Trump is a monster, a madman and a vile racist. He's just like Hitler. Or Jimmy Carter. During the Iranian hostage crisis, Carter issued a number of orders to put pressure on Iran. Among these, Iranians were banned from entering the United States unless they oppose the Shiite Islamist regime or had a medical emergency. Here's Jimmy "Hitler" Carter saying it back in 1980...

“...the Secretary of Treasury [State] and the Attorney General will invalidate all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States, effective today. We will not reissue visas, nor will we issue new visas, except for compelling and proven humanitarian reasons or where the national interest of our own country requires. This directive will be interpreted very strictly.”

Apparently barring people from a terrorist country is not against "our values" after all. It may even be "who we are." Either that or Carter was a racist monster just like Trump. [more...]

12-8-15 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Obama Plays Catch-Up with ISIS
2. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The Latest in Iowa, New Hampshire, and more...
3. “Coach” Ron Tunick: If You See Something, Say Something
4. James Hirsen: Superstars and the Second Amendment
5. Joe Messina: The PC Police
6. Karen Leland: How Cell Phones Hurt Your Personal Brand
7. John LeBoutillier: How Does the Act of Terror in San Bernardino Change American Politics?

Obama Plays Catch-Up with ISIS
By Lowell Ponte

The president, on Pearl Harbor Day eve, offered no new policy against ISIL/ISIS in his speech. His battle plan in this newly acknowledged war against terrorism sounded more like an attack on Americans than on radical Islamist terrorists. Imagine that in 1940 we had tuned in to hear British Prime Minister Winston Churchill encourage those facing Nazi Germany’s bombing of London and 15 other British cities. What if Churchill had announced that in the face of Nazi aggression and potential invasion, his government’s response would be to disarm law-abiding British people? [more...]

The Latest in Iowa, New Hampshire, and more...
By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

The latest Monmouth University poll was released on Monday and Sen. Cruz is now in the #1 spot in Iowa.  Importantly, Dr. Carson dropped 19% since the last Monmouth University poll in which Carson was in the #1 spot.  That, of course, seems to trace back to voters perceiving Carson as weak on global terrorism.  Carson voters appear to have largely moved to Cruz.  Now, we are about eight weeks from the Iowa caucuses and about nine weeks from the New Hampshire primary.  Cruz appears to be gaining momentum, not only in Iowa, but also nationally. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

If You See Something, Say Something
By "Coach" Ron Tunick

We are a country full of people who just drive by the accident on the road of life and go about our business, hoping someone else will solve the horrific problems in our country now. We all need to wake up.  Perhaps the powers that be should release the pictures of the crimes. Maybe it would disgust enough people that we’d all become more vigilant and start to care. We need to open our eyes about what is going on in this country. There are people who hate us - people from other countries that believe in their own God; they hate our God. These people follow their own laws; they hate our laws. They hate our way of life and want us to live in fear. The solution? We need to get our borders secure. We all need to start to look and listen and pay attention to our surroundings. We need to help each other and put political correctness on the shelf. Our great country - The United States of America - is under attack by people who hate us. Don’t just drive by - become a citizen soldier and take action. [more...]

Superstars and the Second Amendment
By James Hirsen

When it comes to the Second Amendment, Hollywood hypocrisy has been on display for a very long time. In light of recent tragedies, though, the double standard that exists seems to be even more exaggerated now than in past circumstances. Many celebrities are woefully comfortable with their superb level of private protection while simultaneously being wildly insensitive to the plight of others who do not enjoy such luxury for themselves or their families. While countless numbers of the famous are on board with the passage of laws that infringe upon the constitutional right to bear arms, the entertainment business as a whole, and individual stars in particular, have made billions of dollars capitalizing on the placement of guns in movies and other media and exploiting the use of firearms for gratuitous purposes. [more...]

The PC Police
By Joe Messina

Two separate individuals - a delivery man and a neighbor - have stated that they saw very suspicious activity going on at the suspects’ residence in San Bernardino and didn’t report it. Why? Because the PC pinheads have convinced the weak of mind that they are racists or Islamaphobes for even considering it - even when common sense would draw that conclusion. Shame on them! They blame the NRA president for promoting mass murder and have even lumped him in with some of the most notorious killers in America, yet some are willing to give a pass to those who say, “We hate Americans,” “We hate what you stand for,” “We hate your way of life and we will kill you every chance we get!” [more...]

How Cell Phones Hurt Your Personal Brand
By Karen Leland

People today just can’t seem to live without their cell phones and most do a poor job at creating boundaries in a public forum – subjecting the rest of us to others’ private conversations. This lack of basic cell phone etiquette, while seemingly harmless, can and does have an impact on your personal brand. If your response to this is “who cares, these are not my clients,” think again. You never know who is listening or the impact they could have on your business and/or career. So it’s talker beware when it comes to showing off your personal brand while blabbing on your cell phone. [more...]

How Does the Act of Terror in San Bernardino Change American Politics?
By John LeBoutillier

What does the San Bernardino “act of terror” portend for American politics – and American foreign policy? Why is President Obama so reluctant to condemn radical Islam? Will this attack impact the 2016 race for the White House? Is this why Donald Trump is doing even better than a week earlier? Why does the GOP Establishment want to stop Trump? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernardino was Entirely Predictable

By David Horowitz

On the heels of the Paris attacks, ISIS issues threats against the United States. A Muslim couple highly trained and armed to the teeth, with an IED factory in their house, with GoPro cameras on board, murders 14 and wounds 17 members of a seasonal gathering in San Bernardino, and a day later no one in the media will say it’s a terrorist attack. Even on Fox, the word is “No one will say whether it’s workplace violence or a terrorist attack.” Really? Who leaves a meeting goes back home, as the killer did, gathers up his wife, drops his six month old child with the grandmother, dons battle fatigues and drives back to the meeting to carry out his mayhem? The obvious answer is no one.

Twenty years after Islamic jihadists declared war on us, fear of offending Muslims still trumps securing the safety of 300 million Americans, non-jihadist Muslims included. This suicidal stupidity flows from the top. The president will not acknowledge that millions of Muslims are at war with us. His first response to this latest massacre is another call for gun control. How about bomb control – three were set at the target site. [more...]

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Las Vegas Oddsmaker Names Obama "Worst Degenerate Gambler in History"

By Wayne Allyn Root

Over the 32 years I’ve been in the gaming business, I’ve met winners, but many more losers, many pathetic and reckless. The worst of the worst are called “degenerate gamblers.” Degenerates are mentally ill. They are so reckless, so pathetic, that they’ll make idiotic bets with little to no chance of winning. Degenerate wagers come with huge downsides and little if any upside.

President Barack Obama takes the cake as the most degenerate gambler I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, he’s not betting with his own money. He’s making reckless idiotic bets with your money... and your children’s lives... and your job. Even the health of the U.S. economy is on the line. Obama is making these reckless, degenerate huge downside bets with no upside whatsoever. Take his bet on importing thousands of Syrian refugees... and don’t forget to add in about one million other Muslim immigrants over the past seven years of Obama’s presidency. [more...]

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

12-1-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Replaying Baltimore in Chicago
2. “Coach” Ron Tunick: Global Warming vs. ISIS?
3. James Hirsen: Karl Rove to Use Dr. Ben Carson in Anti-Trump Effort
4. Daniel Greenfield: Obama: Building Momentum to Degrade ISIS
5. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Should We Expect an Uncivil, “Civil War of Words” in the Republican Party Next?
6. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Happy Birthday, Cyber Monday
7. Joe Messina: Transgender Ideology for 6-Year-Olds?
8. John LeBoutillier:  How Will Fear Impact America and the 2016 Presidential Race? Are We on the Verge of a Terrorist Incident Here at Home?

Replaying Baltimore in Chicago
By Lowell Ponte

Santa Claus was taken hostage by terrorists this past weekend in Chicago and might within days also be skyjacked in Baltimore. On the busiest shopping weekend of the year, thugs blocked the doorways to Chicago stores. The mainstream media described these gangsters as “law abiding,” even though they were committing assault and battery against would-be Christmas shoppers who tried to enter the stores. Chicago police, who days before had made a few token arrests as these bullies blocked entire streets into the Windy City’s shopping districts, made clear that the city’s Democratic political bosses had ordered them not to interfere with the urban terrorists who were by intimidation and force effectively shutting down these stores and preventing the store owners from making a living. [more...]

Global Warming vs. ISIS?
By "Coach" Ron Tunick

Who is afraid of global warming? NOT the terrorists… certainly not ISIS. But we might want to learn what global warming means and why the political class keeps bringing it up. Why should we be concerned? If the oceans do rise, they will wipe out countries and populations - no water and we’re all screwed. The real problem is GAS . . . political gas. World leaders, countries and politicians should be working with the experts on saving water and new technology for growing crops - using their power for good instead of assembling lavish meetings to talk about Obama’s fantasy theory. [more...]

Karl Rove to Use Dr. Ben Carson in Anti-Trump Effort
By James Hirsen

In yet another sign that the Republican establishment is in a meltdown over Donald Trump’s campaign success in pursuit of the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Karl Rove is implementing a collateral attack on the frontrunner. Rove’s weapon of choice in the apparent effort is a somewhat unexpected one - Dr. Ben Carson, a fellow outsider candidate. According to numerous media outlets, Rove arranged for a meeting between the Carson campaign and Las Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn. The campaign strategist confirmed to Bloomberg Politics that he is the individual who was the intermediary between the Carson campaign and Wynn. In the past, Wynn and Trump crossed paths as business competitors in the casino real estate market. [more...]

Obama: Building Momentum to Degrade ISIS
By Daniel Greenfield

First ISIS was a JV team. Then we were going to “degrade” it. Then it was contained. Now the U.S. is “building momentum” to “degrade” ISIS - by calling it mean names on Twitter. With Mean Girl politics, we shall finally triumph over the head-choppers. So Obama is confident that he can continue building momentum in an effort to degrade ISIS. Oil companies use more weasel words when discussing an oil spill they caused. [more...]

Should We Expect an Uncivil, “Civil War of Words” in the Republican Party Next?
By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

As we rapidly approach the Republican presidential caucuses and primaries in about two months, should we expect to see an uncivil, “civil war of words?”  It’s true that Trump and Cruz appear to be methodically moving ahead in the race. If that continues to turn out to be true, no “establishment” Republican candidate will be nominated by the Republican Party.  It’s reasonable to expect that Republicans and the mainstream media will not roll over and give up.  Starting very soon, we can expect to see an all-out assault on Trump and Cruz. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Happy Birthday, Cyber Monday
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of “Cyber Monday.” The National Retail Federation first coined the term in 2005, after noticing a spike in Internet sales the Monday after Thanksgiving. Why? Back in 2005, Internet speeds were slower and fewer people had computers at home, let alone in their pockets; so, once the Thanksgiving holiday break was over, millions of Americans would return to work or school (with high speed Internet) and begin their online shopping there. This trend has now moved out of the confines of the office and, in fact, has taken over from Thanksgiving Day through the end of the following week, but the spirit of Cyber Monday still lives on. [more...]

Transgender Ideology for 6-Year-Olds?
By Joe Messina

Parents revolt, blocking a school district from allowing guest speaker, Jazz Jennings, to push transgender ideology on 6-year-olds. Parents mobilized after being given only a one-day advance notice about the guest speaker reading her book to kids. The Liberty Counsel was engaged and sent a letter bringing a halt to the presentation. The letter cites a number of Supreme Court decisions determining the right of parents to decide the upbringing of their children, that children “are not mere creatures of the state.” [more...]

How Will Fear Impact America and the 2016 Presidential Race? Are We on the Verge of a Terrorist Incident Here at Home?
By John LeBoutillier

How will fear impact America and the 2016 presidential race? Is a terrorist attack inside the U.S. now imminent? Is a war in the Middle East about to break out? Could it become a World War? Russia. Turkey. Iran. Where is American leadership? How is this impacting the GOP presidential campaign? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Here’s Where We Should Tell Obama to Send All the Syrian Refugees

By Wayne Allyn Root

We cannot allow any Syrian refugees into the United States; 98 out of every 100 may be nice people, but we already know for a fact that many Muslims from war zones are not so nice. Ask the people of France. I propose turning Hawaii into a modern day Ellis Island. Send all the Syrian refugees to Hawaii - every single one of them. Hawaii is Obama’s home turf. He claims it as his place of birth. He went to school there. He is planning to retire there after his presidency. Hawaiians are his people. They vote almost exclusively Democrat. They love and adore Obama and his ultra-liberal policies. So this is the perfect test case. Let’s send every Syrian and Middle East refugee to Hawaii. It can be the new Ellis Island. If Democrats love diversity so much, let’s see what the loyal Democrats of Hawaii think about this idea. [more...]

Monday, November 23, 2015

11-23-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Colbert’s One-Sided Comedy Puts CBS in a Late-Night Ratings Rut
2. Daniel Greenfield: SJP Hate Group Fights for Right to Harass Jews at UCLA
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Is the GOP Race Down to 2 Candidates – Trump and Cruz?
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Finding Your WHY with REI
5. Karen Leland: Does Brand Identity Play a Role in Online Dating?
6. Joe Messina: Christians vs. Muslims?
7. John LeBoutillier: Has ISIS Actually Made Trump Even Stronger?

Colbert’s One-Sided Comedy Puts CBS in a Late-Night Ratings Rut
By James Hirsen

At the launch of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” thanks to the hype, promotion, and curiosity that led up to its debut, the show experienced a late-night honeymoon of sorts, which arguably may have artificially boosted the show’s ratings. However, the show’s ratings recently fell to a level that the CBS network most likely did not anticipate. While Letterman boasted a long track record of being number two in the late-night ratings, Colbert’s offering has descended to third place behind ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel. [more...]

SJP Hate Group Fights for Right to Harass Jews at UCLA
By Daniel Greenfield

The University of California has an anti-Semitism problem. Its name is Students for Justice in Palestine. Co-founded by Hatem Bazian, a notorious bigot who was described by Rabbi Kahn of the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council as being, "more responsible than any other student on campus for trying to make life miserable for Jewish students," the SJP hate group has lived up to his hateful legacy. [more...]

Is the GOP Race Down to 2 Candidates – Trump and Cruz?
By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

For the last few weeks, the Republican presidential race has been effectively narrowed down to four candidates: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz.  With the terrible Paris attacks and the candidates’ reaction to those attacks, the polls have moved dramatically.  Trump has solidified his significant lead and the #1 spot.  Carson’s support has dropped precipitously in some places.  Rubio and Cruz have moved upwards.  But, even more importantly, we might now be able to predict who the final two candidates will probably be.  Of course, in a dynamic race, with global events taking place all around us, things could change quickly.   Who are the most likely top 2 candidates and why? [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Finding Your WHY with REI
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

In my book, I talk about finding your WHY - the thing about which you are most passionate, why you do what you do, and, in the context of owning a business, WHY you own that business. The best example from the small number of businesses taking a stance against commercialized holidays is REI. The outdoors store prides itself on equipping its customers for whatever outdoor activity they choose. REI is not a traditionally organized company; they are a co-op, meaning REI is owned by its members. Essentially, these are customers who pay a $20 lifetime fee to gain ownership of the company. So, when this holiday season began heating up in October, instead of announcing big Black Friday sales or in-store promotions, REI will shut its doors, and instead, pay every employee to go do what they love – be outside. Is this plan financial suicide? [more...]

Does Brand Identity Play a Role in Online Dating?
By Karen Leland

Most people new to online dating craft an online profile that is based on a personal brand identity catered to an image that produces a result, rather than authentic rapport. They essentially write what they hope the dater will want to hear. This can include but is not limited to lying about age, weight, income, interests and height and claiming that decade-old photos are recent. A whole coaching industry (books, videos, audio programs, blogs) exists telling women how to avoid the biggest mistakes that will make them look like low-self-esteem or overachieving non-wife material. These same experts explain how men can avoid being put into the wuss and whiney category. Full disclosure here: I have hired some of these folks and read some of these books, and a few have been very useful. [more...]

Christians vs. Muslims?
By Joe Messina

ALL Muslims are not bad or killers. However, ALL Muslim extremists are bad and killers. They kill in the name of Allah. TODAY they still stone women for being raped, throw gays off the roofs of buildings, light people on fire alive, and behead… all in the name of Allah. Now some of you are going to say, Joe, they aren’t following the real teachings of their book just like you say Christian extremists don’t follow yours. You are correct! However, when a Christian does something stupid and horrible in the name of God or openly says it’s because of his/her religion, I and MANY others speak out against them. We have no problem because, though we believe in forgiveness, we also believe you pay for your crimes. [more...]

Has ISIS Actually Made Trump Even Stronger?
By John LeBoutillier

Have the ISIS attacks in Paris and the influx of Syrian refugees actually helped Donald Trump’s campaign? Has President Obama gone off the rails since the Paris attacks? Is he abdicating his role as Leader of the Free World? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11-18-15 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Baltimore Braces for Trials by Fire
2. Karen Leland: Lessons from the Democratic Presidential Debates
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Were the Paris Attacks a Botched Assassination Attempt?
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: France at War
5. Joe Messina: ISIS is “Contained”... in Paris
6. “Coach” Ron Tunick: Syrian Refugees Coming to America - A Bad Choice

Baltimore Braces for Trials by Fire
By Lowell Ponte

We remember news images of the Baltimore riots in April 2015: Police retreating from a mob that was hurling stones at them; a city councilman chatting with reporters while only feet away a mob of looters was robbing a liquor store; a CVS Pharmacy erupting in smoke and flame, one of 27 such stores that gangs raided for drugs while the riots hamstrung police. Those riots – which injured 200 police, damaged 350 businesses, and set fire to 150 vehicles and 60 structures – were sparked by allegations that six Baltimore police officers had caused fatal spinal injuries to Freddie Gray, a small-time drug dealer in this city where nearly one resident in 10 uses heroin. On November 30, the first of these police officers goes on trial, with the rest to follow. [more...]

Lessons from the Democratic Presidential Debates
By Karen Leland

Shortly after Bill Clinton was elected president, I met two women at a party who had been college school chums of then Hillary Rodham. They were keen to tell me how even then, Clinton’s friends would say, “She will be the first woman president someday.” Her brand was solidly in place even at University, and she has not stopped since. In a post-debate CNN focus group, when asked which candidate they thought had the experience to deal with the current security issues facing the U.S., all hands went up for Clinton. Love her or hate her, Mrs. Clinton has built her personal brand consistently — for decades. Through thick and thin, up and down, she has kept her attention on her goal, pivoted where necessary and kept her personal branding in alignment. [more...]

Were the Paris Attacks a Botched Assassination Attempt?
By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

It has been suggested that the attacks in Paris were not just a terrorist attack against helpless citizens, but a coordinated attack meant to assassinate French President Hollande.  All together there were about six locations for the attacks that took place in about a 30-minute period.  It’s possible some of these attacks were meant to be distractions and diversions to potentially throw President Hollande’s security force off guard.  Remember that President Hollande was in attendance at Stade de France, the first location to be hit.  Were these attacks a botched assassination attempt?  Has ISIS changed its strategy?  Is ISIS growing more powerful?  Will Obama change America’s strategy toward ISIS?  What would the Republican candidates do differently, if elected president? [Go here for a complete analysis...]

France at War
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

France has stepped up its battle against terrorism with the raids and arrests of some of the terrorists last night. War is tragic, but the world must do something against ISIS and its affiliates. Our current pace in the East is not enough to put down this radical terrorist group. The attack in France, plus the recent attacks in Beirut and Kenya, which each took well over a hundred lives, may be enough to push the West into taking more decisive action. I am not advocating violence, but we need to change, and sadly, that change and that peace may come at the price of war. [more...]

ISIS is “Contained”... in Paris
By Joe Messina

President Obama gives a whole new meaning to “altered reality.” The French President called it the first year President Obama was in office. After they met, he alluded to the fact that Mr. Obama may have some real character flaws. His actions protecting America (or not) throughout his terms in office have proved his grasp on reality is almost nonexistent. Mr. Obama is not interested in protecting Americans. His daily actions prove it. Let’s just deal with the recent events, with the understanding that they are not so recent. Remember these bombings, these killings, are planned out; it takes time. This wasn’t a sleeper cell or a rogue group. This was a coordinated, planned attack. [more...]

Syrian Refugees Coming to America - A Bad Choice
By "Coach" Ron Tunick

How do our leaders think that bringing thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S. could be of any benefit to our country? It will create homeland security, economic and safety issues. When will we take care of our own people first? How can our leaders put us in this position when we cannot even take care of our own helpless, homeless and the poor? These Americans currently struggling in the streets of our cities need our help in so many ways. Our social infrastructure is at a breaking point now. Go to any emergency room and see how long your wait is to see a doctor. Our leaders seem to care less about what we want and need. How could our leaders have such a lack of caring for American citizens and our issues? [more...]