Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8-28-12 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Ronald Kessler: Dave Keene: Romney Will Win by 5 to 7 Points
2. Al Fadi: The Muslim Brotherhood: A Global Threat, A Regional Dilemma
3. Joseph Klein: Ban Ki-Moon’s Neville Chamberlain Moment

Dave Keene: Romney Will Win by 5 to 7 Points

As the GOP convention begins here, Mitt Romney is well positioned to win the presidency and should pull it off by five to seven percentage points, Dave Keene, former chairman of the American Conservative Union, tells Newsmax. "For all of the money that President Obama is spending - and he is burning it at a very rapid rate - he doesn't seem to be making much progress," Keene says. "It is still very, very close between the two of them, and I think with the GOP convention, Romney will probably get a four to five point jump, and people will take a new look at him after the convention." [more...]

The Muslim Brotherhood: A Global Threat, A Regional Dilemma

Not that long ago the Muslim Brotherhood was an obscure name to the global community until just recently with the unfolding events in Egypt during the Arab Spring revolution. Many are not aware of the existence of this organization which has lasted for over 82 years - initially rising as a religious reformation movement, then advancing as a political organization, and finally culminating into a ruling party in Egypt for the first time in its history. The very reason that led to the Muslim Brotherhood inception should be of concern to the global community. After all, their motive was to reform Islam back to its original roots which include Jihad, Sharia, global domination, and the establishment of Caliphate (the first system of government established in Islam), among other things. [more...]

Ban Ki-Moon’s Neville Chamberlain Moment

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon succumbed to pressure from Iran and its anti-American allies by deciding to attend a summit meeting in Tehran later this week of the 120-member "Non-Aligned Movement." Iran is heralding Ban Ki-moon’s visit to Tehran as proof positive of its unbowed diplomatic prowess. Israel and the United States tried to dissuade Ban Ki-moon from attending, but to no avail. "The extraordinary effort that the Iranian leaders have put into the summit is intended to showcase Iran’s global role and offer concrete evidence that the U.S. policy of isolating Iran has failed," said Farideh Farhi, an independent Iranian scholar at the University of Hawaii, as quoted by the New York Times. [more...]

Thursday, August 23, 2012

8-23-12 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Al Fadi: Why the Obama Administration is Perfect for the Muslim Brotherhood
2. Dr. Elaina George: Obamacare Unmasked
3. Kyle Olson: Chicago Teachers Union Attacks Founding Bloggers and Filmmaker Andrew Marcus
4. Ronald Kessler: Former FBI Official: Trip Wires are Foiling Plots

Why the Obama Administration is Perfect for the Muslim Brotherhood

As a former radical Muslim who once had aspirations to fight as a jihadist against the enemies of Allah, I find it disheartening when I hear or read about the many venues of support that the Obama Administration has made in the past or is making available to the Muslim Brotherhood - a radical Islamic group that aims for world domination, Islamic Caliphate resurrection, Sharia law implementation, Jihad implementation, and the destruction of the enemies of Allah, which includes America. Since 2008, it has become apparent that the Muslim Brotherhood is being dealt with in a special way with so many amenities and privileges being granted to them. Such privileges include access to or even employment in many sensitive government positions dealing with national security. Many other external signs support this new disturbing trend, such as access to the Egyptian presidency when the Obama Administration pulled the plug on Mubarak, a long time regional ally. [more...]

Obamacare Unmasked

When Massachusetts Governor Patrick signed new legislation requiring that all healthcare providers, in order to be licensed, register with a state board with the power to rewrite provider contracts with insurance companies; mandate what fees providers could charge; and punish physicians with a $500,000 fine for 'spending too much money on their patients,' it became clear where the Affordable Care Act will eventually lead. It was never about affordable and accessible healthcare. One only has to look at what has happened in Massachusetts (increased healthcare costs, limited access for patients, and the destruction of independent physicians dedicated to individualized patient care) to know that it was unsustainable. Why would this system be the template for Obamacare... unless the ultimate goal is a centralized quasi corporate healthcare system designed to transfer independence and power from doctors and patients to the government via regulations and compliance. [more...]

Chicago Teachers Union Attacks Founding Bloggers and Filmmaker Andrew Marcus

Documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus (Director of the motion picture Hating Breitbart to be released this fall), is the subject of a new attack video produced by the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU).  Marcus directed a short documentary entitled “A Tale of Two Missions” for the Education Action Group (EAG). The documentary examines the reform battle being waged in Chicago between advocates for school choice and the CTU. The film stars Juan Williams and features a candid interview with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The CTU describes Marcus as a writer for a “right wing radical extremist blog” and further asserts that because education reform groups are working with people like Marcus, they’re guilty of associating with radicals. Is CTU suggesting that Juan Williams and Mayor Emanuel are radical extremists for their participation in the documentary? [more...]

Former FBI Official: Trip Wires are Foiling Plots
By Ronald Kessler

Trip wires developed by the FBI to warn of threats are rolling up terrorist plots and saving lives, Dr. Vahid Majidi, the former assistant FBI director in charge of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, tells Newsmax. To devise trip wires, the FBI in effect reverse-engineered a terrorist operation. It looked at a potential terrorist incident and then worked backwards to pinpoint all the elements a terrorist might require to achieve his goal. The FBI then had a roadmap of possible clues to an impending plot. [more...]

Monday, August 20, 2012

8-20-12 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Obama: Mission Accomplished?
2. James Hirsen: Priming the Obama Pump via the Entertainment Media
3. Joseph Klein: The New Syria Peace Envoy’s Bloody Background
4. Kyle Olson: Ending Free Pension Giveaway Would Save Cleveland Schools $35 Million

Obama: Mission Accomplished?

A few weeks ago when he heard unemployment went up and few jobs were created, President Obama remarked: "The economy is headed in the right direction." The media assumed it was another off teleprompter mistake. I’d assume it was the subconscious slip of the tongue, as we’ve predicted this was all part of Mr. Obama’s plan from the first day of his Presidency. We might even say to Mr. Obama... Mission Accomplished! The only question is "What was that mission?" From the day Obama was elected, I’ve warned the nation along with others that this president’s goal was to follow the detailed plan of Cloward and Piven, two former professors at Columbia University where Obama and I graduated in 1983. Cloward and Piven advocated overwhelming the system and collapsing the U.S. economy to weaken (and eventually destroy) capitalism. [more...]

Priming the Obama Pump via the Entertainment Media

President Barack Obama has been ducking the Washington press, and the journalists responsible for covering the White House are not amused. In stark contrast, the president has made himself readily available for a number of entertainment-oriented interviews, and he is evidently making the Hollywood rounds to discuss everything but the all-important issues that are confronting the country. You have to feel a bit sorry for the D.C. press corps as the typically self-aggrandizing endure the sting of being publicly jilted by Obama and his reelection cohorts. [more...]

The New Syria Peace Envoy’s Bloody Background

Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi has accepted the position of Joint Special Representative of the United Nations and League of Arab States for Syria, replacing former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan whose six-point peace plan is dead. The United Nations spokesman announcing the appointment said that the "Secretary-General appreciates Mr. Brahimi’s willingness to bring his considerable talents and experience to this crucial task for which he will need, and rightly expects, the strong, clear and unified support of the international community, including the Security Council." [more...]

Ending Free Pension Giveaway Would Save Cleveland Schools $35 Million

For a school district facing possible bankruptcy, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District was very generous with its employees during the 2010-11 school year. For example, taxpayers may be surprised to learn they paid the pension contributions for both the district and the teachers during 2010-11. So instead of paying just the district’s portion to the State Teachers Retirement System (nearly $49 million), taxpayers picked up the teachers’ $35 million tab, too. Under the Freedom of Information Act, EAG was able to track how some of CMSD’s $995 million total budget for 2010-11 was spent. The findings were remarkable... [more...]

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8-15-12 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dave Bego: What Obama and Big Labor Bosses Have in Common
2. Wayne Allyn Root: How to Turn Paul Ryan into "Obama's Shadow"
3. Joseph Klein: Ryan Plan Would Save Medicare; Obamacare Will Destroy It
4. Ronald Kessler: American Crossroads: Obama is Exposed as 'Pretender'
5. James Hirsen: Actress Maria Alonso: Obama’s Reelection a 'Step Towards' Chavez's Venezuela

What Obama and Big Labor Bosses Have in Common

Like his Big Labor buddies, Obama will continue to run a "Death by a Thousand Cuts" campaign, designed to vilify, psychologically intimidate and financially ruin Romney and his supporters. Obama, like the Big Labor "Gasping Dinosaurs," has no record to run on or viable product/program to sell. Rather, he is forced to resort to demonization and destruction of the opponent through defamation, distortion, intimidation, misinformation, propaganda and exploitation of the naive and easily influenced, much the same as his Big Labor allies utilize during their "corporate campaigns" to force unionize targeted employees. Obama and his Big Labor buddies have no other choice as they lack the character, honesty, integrity and skill set to survive, let alone win, in a free market economy and open society. [more...]

How to Turn Paul Ryan into "Obama's Shadow"

If there’s one man in America born for the job of debunking Obama’s myths and lies, it’s Paul Ryan. As a political pundit, I have to admit my initial reaction to Romney's choice of Paul Ryan for V.P. was surprise. Ryan won’t gain Romney Latino votes, or expand Romney’s base. And, quite frankly, he’s not the most exciting guy in the room. Ryan is a policy wonk extraordinaire and boy genius. But those are not ideal attributes for giving rousing speeches. But, after a day of thought, my opinion has changed 180 degrees. Romney made a brilliant move - he found himself a stealth weapon - someone that proves Obama is a phony, someone who proves that Obama is not the smartest guy in the room. My advice - from one former Vice Presidential nominee to another - is to capitalize on Paul Ryan's unique brainpower and talents by turning Ryan into "Obama's Shadow." [more...]

Ryan Plan Would Save Medicare; Obamacare Will Destroy It

The Obama campaign has wasted no time trying to scare the elderly with lies that Mitt Romney’s selection of Representative Paul D. Ryan as his running mate signifies Romney’s plan to destroy Medicare. Obama senior campaign advisor David Axelrod claimed on ABC’s “This Week,” for example, that Medicare would be in “a death spiral under this plan.” Not content with that scary prognosis, Axelrod doubled down with the bogus assertion that the Ryan budget plan was an “attempt to do away with Medicare” and “a Trojan horse that ultimately will spell its demise.” That’s interesting, considering President Obama’s own characterization back in January 2011 of the Ryan plan as “an entirely legitimate proposal.” Obama recognized that spending for Medicare, Medicaid and other entitlements were “the major driver of our long-term liabilities” and that the right solution deserved “a healthy debate.” But the Obama administration has ducked trying to solve this problem completely. In fact, it is making the problem even worse by sweeping over $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare, which will rob today’s seniors of the choices they now have under the current Medicare program. [more...]

American Crossroads: Obama is Exposed as 'Pretender'

A political ad essentially accusing Mitt Romney of killing a woman who had cancer exposes President Obama as a "pretender" who is quite different from the image he projects, Steven Law, president and CEO of the powerful political action committee American Crossroads, tells Newsmax. American Crossroads is running its own ad highlighting the contrast between Obama’s promises to end divisiveness in Washington and the fact that Priorities USA Action, an Obama super PAC headed by his former White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton, is running the "cancer ad." "This is someone who loves to brag about how special he thinks he is and how his morals are better than everyone else's, but when the chips are down, as I think we are seeing with this particular scandal, he turns into just another grubby politician who will do anything to protect his job," Law says. [more...]

Actress Maria Alonso: Obama’s Reelection a 'Step Towards' Chavez's Venezuela

Actress Maria Conchita Alonso, who along with her family moved from Cuba to Venezuela when she was only five years of age, recently voiced her opposition to President Barack Obama's  reelection, stating in an interview that, should Obama be given a second term, the United States may end up looking more like the Venezuela of the current Hugo Ch├ívez government. [more...]

Monday, August 13, 2012

8-13-12 Great Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: A Predictable Reaction from Hollywood to the Paul Ryan Pick
2. Ronald Kessler: Romney Hits Bull's-Eye with Paul Ryan
3. John LeBoutillier: The Ryan Pick: The Hand of God?
4. Doug Johnson: Romney/Ryan Will Be a Polarizing Duo

A Predictable Reaction from Hollywood to the Paul Ryan Pick

Recent comments from some of Hollywood’s more vocal left-winged celebrities have been remarkably shrill toward GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Some celebrities continued the political trash talk even after Saturday’s announcement that Romney had chosen as his vice presidential running mate the genial Rep. Paul Ryan, crudely taking to their Twitter accounts to disparage the new GOP team. [Go here for a sampling of the posts...] Watch James on Fox & Friends.

Romney Hits Bull's-Eye with Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney hit the bulls-eye with his selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential candidate. On the one hand, Ryan will energize conservatives who have been lukewarm toward Romney, dispelling once and for all the notion that Romney is not a true conservative. On the other hand, the 42-year-old Ryan, with his boyish good looks and laser focus on the economy, will appeal to independents. [more...]

The Ryan Pick: The Hand of God?

Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan to be his running mate will not help Romney win the election. Romney has run such a poor campaign that it is now doubtful he is going to win - barring an economic collapse - even though this is an entirely winnable election. Romney has run one of the worst challenger campaigns in the modern political era. From his poor, message-less speeches and empty interviews to the self-created mess of Cayman-Swiss bank accounts/un-revealed income taxes/Bain/offshore jobs, he has sabotaged his own chances of ever being President. [more...]

Romney/Ryan Will Be a Polarizing Duo

With a nation in so much trouble that we face imminent collapse if we do not make serious changes in this election, it is critical that this election be about clear choices. But if the electorate are not involved enough to study the issues and make informed decisions, then the election needs more polarization to get people to see the drastic differences between the failed efforts of the president’s administration and what the Republicans have to offer. To that end Mitt Romney unveiled a decision on Saturday that is said to polarize this election by choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate. That decision is critical if America has a chance at making the necessary decisions in this election. [more...]

Friday, August 10, 2012

8-10-12 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Ronald Kessler: Calls for Tougher Romney are Misguided
2. Kyle Olson: Big Labor Not Kicking in for the Dem Convention in North Carolina
3. Doug Johnson: The Latest Unsubstantiated Attack on Romney
4. Ryan Mauro: Jihadists Take Aim at Egyptian Military

Calls for Tougher Romney are Misguided

Some conservatives are pushing for Mitt Romney to punch harder at President Obama. They forget that for all his failures as president, Obama is well liked. He is the celebrity president, cool and debonair. If Romney began attacking Obama in a more personal way, he would turn off many voters and undermine his own image as the experienced, competent, unflappable adult in the race. Moreover, it is not in Romney’s DNA to respond in a nasty or belligerent manner. As a Mormon, he does not swear. In keeping with the values of his religion, he is modest. And as a businessman, he is not given to the rhetorical excesses of most politicians. But Romney is no wimp, as Newsweek recently claimed. He is highly competitive. [more...]

Big Labor Not Kicking in for the Dem Convention in North Carolina

Big Labor has traditionally been the life blood of the Democratic Party. The party owes everything it has to unions. The two have become one. So when the party decided to hold its convention in Charlotte, North Carolina - a right-to-work city and state - it committed a grave sin. The Democrats clearly upset their chief fundraising and manpower source. And now that the party is lagging in fundraising and is trying to line up some last-minute support for its convention, unions aren’t answering the call. [more...]

The Latest Unsubstantiated Attack on Romney

Another attack on Mitt Romney has surfaced to lead people to believe unproven allegations. Peter Canellos and Edward Kleinbard have introduced the idea that Mitt Romney’s personal tax returns are hiding something because of a tax shelter utilized by Marriott during the 1990s when Romney was chairman of the audit committee for the firm. Marriott utilized a tax shelter known as Son of Boss and as chairman of the audit committee Romney was required to sign off on Marriott’s actions. The IRS, the authors state, considered the shelter abusive and successfully challenged the use of it by some companies. Canellos and Kleinbard try to link the idea that since Marriott chose to utilize this type of tax shelter that it implies that Romney probably has things in his personal taxes that should be questioned, therefore it is important for him to release his tax returns. [more...]

Jihadists Take Aim at Egyptian Military

Sixteen Egyptian soldiers are dead after unidentified jihadists carried out a terrorist attack in the Sinai Peninsula, striking at the only institution standing in the way of an Islamist takeover of Egypt. The assailants were stopped as they entered Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood predictably accused Israeli intelligence of being responsible for the massacre, but all indications point to Al-Qaeda-type jihadists. [more...]

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8-8-12 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. John LeBoutillier: Romney Must Sell Economic Rescue Plan to Win Election
2. Ryan Mauro: Christie Says “Bigots” Attacking Him on Radical Islam
3. Dr. Elaina George: Nanny State Medicine Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
4. Joseph Klein: Iran’s Axis of Terror Draws Closer
5. Al Fadi: Honoring the Family Name by Dishonoring Women

LeBoutillier: Romney Must Sell Economic Rescue Plan to Win Election

Mitt Romney must “sell America on a plan to rescue our economy” if he wants to win the White House in November, former New York Congressman John LeBoutillier tells Newsmax.TV in an exclusive interview. “He needs to make some changes. The way he’s going now, I could see him narrowly losing in the Electoral College a race that he should win,” says LeBoutillier. “He can still turn this thing around. He will turn it around. What is his message as a candidate to the American people about how to turn around our economy?” asked LeBoutillier. “He has yet to grab that issue in a positive way and turn people on and say, 'Yeah, Mitt Romney is the guy to fix our economy.'" Watch the exclusive video here.

Christie Says “Bigots” Attacking Him on Radical Islam

NJ Governor Chris Christie, often described as a "rock star" in the Republican Party, has finally addressed the criticism of his courtship of Islamists. On July 24, Christie held an Iftar dinner at the Governor's Mansion, attended by Imam Mohammad Qatanani, a Hamas-linked cleric whose deportation is sought by the Department of Homeland Security. Christie reiterated his support for Qatanani and made the case to his Muslim audience that he is their ally by ridiculing the "bigots" attacking him. Christie opens by talking about the attacks on "our relationship" (between him and, as he would characterize it, the Muslim community of NJ) that show a "gaze of intolerance that's going around our country that is disturbing." [more...]

Nanny State Medicine Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large soft drinks, trans fats, salt, and now the assault on a new mother’s right to choose how to feed her baby is a stark reminder that whoever pays has the power to control. It is no mistake that these overall meaningless rules are an attempt to control behavior. They are trial balloons sent up to see how far the American public will allow themselves to be pushed before they say enough. Now that the Affordable Healthcare Act has passed, we can all look forward to the government deciding what services will be covered - after all, under Medicaid and Medicare the government is footing the bill, and private insurance companies follow their lead. In the era of healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, cost will become the driving force, and ultimately it will be the government that will decide who lives and who dies. [more...]

Iran’s Axis of Terror Draws Closer

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is having a particularly bad week. His country's Prime Minister Riad Hijab has just defected and appealed to other top officials to "abandon this murderous and terrorist regime." He joined a swelling number of military defectors. The armed opposition continues to strike close to Assad's seat of power, bombing the state television building. However, Assad can still count on his most loyal ally Iran, whose self-described “axis” with the Syrian regime is alive and well. During his visit to Damascus this week to meet with Assad, Saeed Jalil, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council and top nuclear negotiator, declared that "Iran will never allow the resistance axis - of which Syria is an essential pillar - to break." [more...]

Honoring the Family Name by Dishonoring Women

Islam prides itself with the fact that one of its hallmarks is bringing honor to women by way of protecting her beauty via the wearing of Hijab, providing for her needs through marriage, and respecting her freedom by sheltering her from the outside world. This may be acceptable to some Muslim women, but certainly not to many, at least to those who have been born in Western societies or immigrated to the West. How can Islam bring honor to women when it tolerates dishonoring them for being westernized or at the least for seeking freedom to express their God-given gifts and rights? Go here for a sample of Qu'ran verses where women are clearly degraded and humiliated in a book considered to by holy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8-7-12 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Doug Johnson: Harry Reid’s Claim Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes is an Attempt to Deflect Attention from Obama’s Record
2. Joseph Klein: UN Ignores Al-Qaeda Link to Syrian Rebels
3. Al Fadi: Islamic Sharia and Freedom of Expression
4. James Hirsen: Reality Shows Exploit Children

Harry Reid’s Claim Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes is an Attempt to Deflect Attention from Obama’s Record

The hypocrisy of Harry Reid's claim when his own candidate, President Obama, has more information sealed and kept hidden about his background than probably every president in U.S. history combined is deplorable. The outrageousness of the claim should be enough for any thinking voter to reject it and only remember which side stooped to such a level to besmirch the name of their competitor. Voters need to remember that Romney's been running for elective office for years with his eye on the presidency for a very long time. He’s known for running a clean, careful business operation. Why would a guy who's so successful and careful in his business life be so stupid as to not pay his taxes for ten years if he plans to run for president? [more...]

UN Ignores Al-Qaeda Link to Syrian Rebels

A day after Kofi Annan, the Joint Special Envoy for the UN and the League of Arab States for the Syrian Crisis, announced his decision to resign in frustration over the failure of the United Nations Security Council to pass a strong resolution that would enforce compliance with his six-point Syrian peace plan, Arab League members led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar went to the UN General Assembly for a symbolic vote on a resolution strongly condemning the Assad regime. The resolution said nothing about al Qaeda and other Islamist jihadists who are hijacking the armed opposition and committing their own atrocities. [more...]

Islamic Sharia and Freedom of Expression

Oftentimes we hear the rhetoric that Islamic Sharia Law is compatible with Western democracy and the U.S. Constitution. Many Muslim advocates of Sharia try to promote the notion that Islam provides adequate forms of democracy and freedom. However, the more one explores such claims, the more disturbing the findings become. Pakistan, for example, has a law that calls for the death penalty against anyone who blasphemes against the prophet of Islam. Many innocent people were victimized as a result of this law, often accused falsely by neighbors or colleagues without any proof. Some as a result have been imprisoned for years losing all forms of freedom. [more...]

Reality Shows Exploit Children

When first created back in 1972 by NASA and the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, The Learning Channel made its cable television debut as an educational network. In 1991, The Discovery Channel acquired The Learning Channel, which is now called TLC; however, the public perception of the cable channel was then, and for many who have not had a recent opportunity to tune in still is, primarily that of an educational network. The idea of today’s TLC mainly being educationally oriented could be considered absurd, perhaps even laughable, in light of the dubious content of its current programming lineup. TLC s “Toddlers & Tiaras” is a reality show that overtly exploits young children of the tender 3-to-5 age group. [more...] Watch James on Fox & Friends this week.

8-6-12 Obama's College Classmate: 'The Obama Scandal is at Columbia'

I am President Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. I am also one of the most accurate Las Vegas oddsmakers and prognosticators - accurate enough that I was awarded my own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars - and I smell something rotten in Denmark. Obama has a big skeleton in his closet. It’s his college records. Call it "gut instinct" - and that's how I’ve made my living for 29 years since graduating Columbia.  I'm here to tell you Obama has a secret hidden at Columbia - and it’s a bad one that threatens to bring down his presidency.

Obama and his infamous strategist David Axelrod understand how to play political hardball, the best it's ever been played. Team Obama has decided to distract America’s voters by condemning Mitt Romney for not releasing enough years of his tax returns. It’s the perfect cover. Obama knows the best defense is a bold offense; just keep attacking Mitt and blaming him for secrecy and evasion, while accusing him of harboring a scandal that doesn’t exist. But the strategy for this baseless attack is clear - make Romney defend, so not only is he “off message” but it helps the media ignore the real Obama scandal. Why are the college records, of a 51-year-old President of the United States so important to keep secret? I think I know the answer. If anyone should have questions about Obama’s record at Columbia University, it’s me. [more...]

Thursday, August 2, 2012

8-2-12 Expert Commentators for Your Show

1. John LeBoutillier: Is Romney Blowing a Winnable Election?IsIs RomIs
2. Kyle Olson: Condoleezza Rice Makes Case for School Choice on Friedman’s 100th Birthday
3. Dave Bego: Big Labor’s Expense for Election Foot Soldiers, Finally in Media Spotlight
4. Doug Johnson: The Tea Party is Back and Growing Stronger

Is Romney Blowing a Winnable Election?IsIs RomIs

With 97 days to go, the 2012 presidential election remains Romney’s to lose. The deteriorating economy is President Obama’s albatross - and should be enough to defeat him on November 6th. But - and it is a significant “but” - Mitt Romney has yet to convert this inherent advantage into an asset. Why? Because he seems to be a step slow politically. It is alarming to observe:

• The President - as a candidate, not as a president - is a far superior political candidate than Romney.
• He is hungrier.
• He switches tactics on a dime.
• He and his campaign are setting the tone and terms of each week’s debate.
• Overall, Team Obama is playing a weak hand much better than Team Romney is playing their far stronger hand.  [more...]

Condoleezza Rice Makes Case for School Choice on Friedman’s 100th Birthday

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a compelling case for school choice at The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice dinner honoring Milton Friedman’s 100th birthday. Friedman, who died in 2006, was universally known as one of the most influential economists of the 20th century. His free-market philosophy had a strong influence on the policies of world leaders like President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and helped convince leaders of many developing nations to reform their economic strategies. Less known is the fact that Friedman was the father of the American school choice movement, advocating for school vouchers and the elimination of public school district boundaries as early as the 1960s. [more...]

Big Labor’s Expense for Election Foot Soldiers, Finally in Media Spotlight

Last week, Fox News Corporation and the Wall Street Journal stepped up and exposed the extravagant spending of Big Labor bosses at the expense of the rank and file members. They also brought to light the coercion utilized by Big Labor bosses to impact elections at all levels of government through funding of their intimidating foot soldiers to the tune of four times actual political donations over the past several years. The WSJ article reported that Big Labor contributed $1.1 billion from 2005 through 2011 to political campaigns. However, during the same time period, Big Labor spent $3.3 billion on political activity. In other words, they spent $3.3 billion utilizing foot soldiers to register people to vote, and then get them to polls to vote for the candidates Big Labor endorses! [more...]

The Tea Party is Back and Growing Stronger

Contrary to the desires of the mainstream media, Democrats, and establishment Republicans, the Tea Party and other like-minded groups are growing and prospering. Their detractors thought that the rallies a few years ago were all the Tea Party was good for. Their detractors think the movement is dying when, in reality, they’ve only just begun to grow. When the Tea Party started a few years ago, the establishment watched the rallies and thought they’d go away; and to aid in their demise they started attacking them as radicals and racists. They think the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement are the same from different ends of the political spectrum. But they are wrong. The Tea Party is a conviction-driven movement of citizens who have actually developed a plan and are moving it forward for the betterment of America. They aren’t just about rallies (which their detractors think are the same as Occupy’s protests). They are about a plan to save America and bring it back under control of the citizens. [more...]