Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4-30-13 Expert Commentators for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: Grim Alternatives in Syria
2. Dave Bego: Big Labor Bosses Fear Employee Incentives
3. John LeBoutillier: Are D.C.'s Leaders Adrift and Awash in Self-Dealing and Hypocrisy?
4. Kyle Olson: What Students Won't Learn During California’s Labor History Month

Grim Alternatives in Syria

The crisis in Syria is going from bad to worse. Civilians continue to be killed, injured, detained and abducted every day, including most recently the kidnapping of two prominent clerics in northern Syria. Both sides in the conflict are to blame for the unspeakable carnage. As terrible as the bloodshed is, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the resolution to this scenario rests with two grim alternatives. Although Assad, a reliable Iranian ally, has proven his monstrous capabilities, it is becoming indisputable that al-Qaeda-linked rebel forces stand to usher in an equally unworthy regime. Another erratic Islamist theocracy is certainly something the West can ill afford in the rapidly deteriorating region. [more...]

Big Labor Bosses Fear Employee Incentives

Control is the most pressing priority for the leadership of Big Labor. They need to control the masses; and in order to do that, they must control the terms of employment, and they must control the benefits of employment. For this reason, the Big Labor bosses oppose employee incentive raises. They create discord and jealousy, and thus, the union’s ability to control its membership. But such incentives also create ambition, initiative and increased productivity. While important to the employer, these traits are potentially damaging to the union. Complacency, mediocrity and sameness benefit the union; the results are that it takes more employees to produce the end product, translating into more union members and more union dues, which is the ultimate objective. [more...]

Are D.C.'s Leaders Adrift and Awash in Self-Dealing and Hypocrisy?

Are we witnessing an Administration adrift and a Capitol awash in self-dealing and hypocrisy? Why can’t our leaders do anything correctly? The Russian warnings about Tamaran Tsarnaev, the air traffic controllers and the Sequester, Syria and ObamaCare are all examples of our government caring more about themselves than about doing their jobs. And what is going on with former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s campaign for Congress on May 7th? [more...]

What Students Won't Learn During California’s Labor History Month

California lawmakers don’t simply like labor unions. They love them. So much, in fact, that they recently eliminated Labor History Week from the state law books and replaced it with Labor History Month, with the first scheduled for this May. That means starting tomorrow, Californians (particularly school children) will be getting a steady diet of pro-labor propaganda, displaying the history of the union movement in only the most flattering light. That’s where EAGnews comes in. We believe it’s necessary to balance that stream of happy history with the rest of the story. [more...]

Monday, April 29, 2013

'Duck Dynasty' Scores Big with Faith, Family and Firearms

Even those few folks who had never heard of the hit reality series “Duck Dynasty” recently saw some of the cast of the reality show in attendance at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

CALL 516-735-5468 or e-mail Sandy to schedule interviews with James Hirsen.

A&E’s reality television series follows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy as a result of the success of a family-operated business, Duck Commander, which is headquartered in West Monroe, Louisiana.

The show routinely includes scenes exhibiting time-honored American values, which, incidentally, certain current-minded television executives previously had a difficult time believing were marketable. Some of the values that are seamlessly woven into many of the episodes include fervent faith, family loyalty, dedication to the work ethic, and valuing of our Constitutional rights, Second Amendment rights in particular. [more...]

Friday, April 26, 2013

Republicans Have the Perfect Opportunity to Win On Obamacare By Using Obama's Tactics Against Him

The Republicans squander most every opportunity to get the upper hand, but if they play their cards right, this time they have a golden opportunity to beat Obama at his own game.

President Obama and the Democrats have tried to make the country feel pain as they selectively choose what services to cut back while blaming it on the Sequester to make Republicans look like the bad guys. They've hoped that the citizenry will revolt and demand that Republicans give in and spend more money that we don't have. Now the Democrats are giving the Republicans the perfect opportunity to strike back in a bigger and more powerful way using those very tactics with Obamacare. [more... ]

Thursday, April 25, 2013

4-25-13 EAGNews.org Updates

Bill Clinton calls AFL-CIO leaders the ‘best businesspeople in America’

Back in 2011, union leaders announced a plan to use pension dollars set aside for union retirees to fund real estate development. The New York Times reported the AFL-CIO in particular wanted to work with banks and pension systems to come up "with hundreds of millions of dollars to retrofit large commercial buildings." Such investments, of course, are risky. And the unions are clearly willing to risk their members’ retirement benefits to fund these projects. Could taxpayers be left holding the bag if things don’t work out and retirees need their pension funds suddenly restored by the government? This week, the AFL-CIO walked the talk by announcing that it will retrofit its own building to make it more “green.” Officials didn’t announce how much pension money will be needed to complete the job. Former President Bill Clinton was on hand to herald the announcement.  [more...]

Sequester jester: Taxpayers fund trombone festival, project on Ukrainian wedding rituals

Budget problems? What budget problems? While airline passengers prepare to stand in multi-hour security lines and Iowa 6th graders are blocked from touring the White House, arts groups are laughing all the way to the bank. The National Endowment for the Arts has released its latest round of grants, this one totaling $26.3 million. [They include...] The full list can be found on the NEA Web site.

Chicago activist teacher group circulates two-week ‘lesson plan’ on school closures

Is this what Common Core-compliant school lessons are going to look like? Activists with the Chicago group “Teachers for Social Justice” have produced a two-week lesson plan to teach students about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to close 54 schools in the city. While the lesson plan will supposedly be balanced in the way it addresses the issue, it was produced by activists staunchly opposed to any school closures, regardless of the validity of the reason. Does anyone really expect a group that has been at the forefront of the effort to stop school closures to give students a lesson that isn’t politically-charged? [more...]

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4-24-13 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Carl Schramm: Helping Cities Fix Themselves
2. Ryan Mauro: Boston Bomber's Mosque Has Muslim Brotherhood Ties
3. John LeBoutillier: How Does the Boston Attack Impact Our View of Government?
4. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.: Delving into the Minds of Terrorists to Try to Understand their Motivations
5. Doug Johnson: PC Endangering America

Helping Cities Fix Themselves

There is no compelling narrative in our public discourse today about what to do with cities that are no longer economically viable - that are losing their populations in the wake of losing their economies. In every such place, and there are dozens of them, the talk is of recovery, restoration, often "renaissance." The alternative of seeing some of our cities as smaller, operating on a different and more diminutive scale, is never heard. Instead consultants bring bright visions that politicians and citizens know in their hearts can't be realized. So how should we think about the re-development of cities if the reality of de-development is ever to be turned around? [more...]

Boston Bomber's Mosque Has Muslim Brotherhood Ties

Dzhokar Tsarnaev, arrested for the terrorist bombings in Boston, attended the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) in Cambridge, a mosque with strong Muslim Brotherhood links. The ISB Cultural Center, which is at a separate location, is even run by a group that federal prosecutors said in 2008 “was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America." An ISB attendee reports last seeing Tsarnaev there during Ramadan last year. It is unclear if his brother, the other bomber, also attended the mosque. The ISB has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, has had radical leadership and promotes anti-Western themes. [more...]

How Does the Boston Attack Impact Our View of Government?

How does the Boston attack impact our view of government? Does it change our politics, immigration reform and gun control? How does it impact our civil liberties? Watch The POLITICAL INSIDERS - Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen and John LeBoutillier - Sunday: Part 1 - Part 2 - Monday [more...]

Delving into the Minds of Terrorists to Try to Understand their Motivations

The two Chechen brothers who are suspects in the Boston bombings raise important questions of how the terrorism in the Chechen conflict appears to have ended up being played out here as well. Having interviewed over four hundred terrorists, their family members, close associates and even hostages worldwide - including those from Chechnya, I have some ideas as to how these young boys may have been radicalized. [more...]

PC Endangering America

It is blatantly clear that the Boston Marathon bombing was an act of terrorism. Of course, the term "terrorism" isn't well received by the left because it's politically incorrect, but political correctness endangers us and only truth can protect us. Led by President "politically correct" Obama, the left wants us to be careful not to use phrases like "Radical Islam," especially when it involves such groups as Muslims. Heaven forbid that we might offend someone! No, they think that it's far better to reduce our safety and make sure no one is offended. [more... ]

Robert Redford's Latest Film Romances Radicalism

Robert Redford has a new agenda driven film out. Unfortunately for him, the timing of his latest release is terrible. As the nation struggles to recover from the recent tragic events that took place in Boston, moviegoers have little appetite for flicks that are sympathetic to terrorism and its evil machinations.

Redford produced, directed, and stars in “The Company You Keep,” a political action thriller that is derived from a script, which was adapted from Neil Gordon’s revisionist novel of the same name. In the movie, Redford plays widower and single dad Jim Grant, who is an anti-Vietnam War radical and former member of the Weather Underground. Grant is being sought by law enforcement in relation to a bank robbery and murder.

For three decades, Grant has posed as an Albany attorney in order to hide from the FBI. He finds himself in the position of being forced to flee, after an aggressive reporter (played by Shia LaBeouf) exposes his true identity. Sharon Solarz (played by Susan Sarandon) is another fugitive who readies herself to surrender to the law. Replete with hippie-era cliches, the dialogue of the film puts a positive spin on sixties' radicalism. "We made mistakes, but we were right," Solarz says at one point. The line is reminiscent of an interview that Bill Ayers, former real-life radical and associate of President Obama, had given a while back to The New York Times. [more...]

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Bombers' Chechnyan Past

“Victory or Paradise!” is the rallying cry of the Chechen suicide terrorists who took over the Beslan School and the Moscow Theater (holding over one thousand and eight hundred hostages respectively). Chechen terrorists acting from inside Chechnya launched more than 112 suicide attacks inside Chechnya and are still active spreading their movement outside Chechnya into the region. Likewise because of the devastating wars of independence, Chechens refugees dispersed all over the world - to Europe, Canada, U.S. and elsewhere. As refugees, they fled Chechnya and the surrounding region with deep traumas seared into their souls - death, torture, rapes, carpet bombings, complete and total devastation. A few of these became terrorist instigators and actors in Belgium, in France and now it looks like also the U.S.

The young men identified as suspects in the Boston bombings are Chechens who came here as children fleeing two devastating wars of independence in Chechnya. As such, they likely grew up hearing stories of Russian atrocities there and may have also been exposed to stories glorifying rebel fighters in Chechnya that have been involved in militant jihadi activities. [more...]

Anne Speckhard, Ph.D. is a professor of psychiatry, has studied the Chechens intensively, is an expert on PTSD and the author of Talking to Terrorists.

Boston Terror - Political Correctness Blames It On the Right

With the devastating news about the bombings at the Boston Marathon we should all be concerned about safety and security. But sadly there are many among us who are not. Rather, they'd prefer to make the same old poorly-founded allegations to try to support their political viewpoint.

Barely had the smoke cleared the air in Boston and the mainstream media were determined to make sure the public understand who their likely suspect was. It didn't take long for them to suggest that the bombings might have been done by a right-winger. From Chris Matthews at MSNBC saying that domestic terrorists tend to be on the far right, to New York Times columnist Nick Kristof backhandedly attacking the GOP by saying that the bombings are a reminder that the GOP had blocked the confirmation of a new ATF director, the left was determined to make it clear who they think the bad guys are.

This worn out old process of attacking the right at every opportunity to make them the villains should be crystal clear to the public by now, but, sadly, it isn't. Unfortunately, the public still believes the lies and distortions the media and Democrats continue to spew. [more... ]

Monday, April 15, 2013

4-15-13 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: John Kerry's Shameless Flip-Flop on Missile Defense
2. James Hirsen: SNL Pushes Obama's Gun Agenda
3. Carl Schramm: College Application Should Encourage Entrepreneurialism, Not Narcissism
4. John LeBoutillier: Is Everything Inside D.C. Just For Show?
5. Dave Bego: The Center for Independent Employees

John Kerry's Shameless Flip-Flop on Missile Defense

Secretary of State John Kerry talked tough during his news conference in Seoul on April 12th, with South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-Se at his side. He was responding to North Korea's continuing stream of warlike rhetoric and its final preparations for a possible imminent launch of one or more mid-range missiles, which could happen as early as Monday April 15th when North Korea celebrates the birth date of its founder Kim Il-Sung. Ironically, Kerry is now flaunting the missile defense systems he so vigorously fought in his decades serving as U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, when he had used words like "fantasy" and "mythology" to describe them. Indeed, earlier this month in Washington, Kerry shamelessly bragged that "the President made the decision to redeploy missile defense with respect to the United States itself." [more...]

SNL Pushes Obama's Gun Agenda

As the U.S. Senate voted in favor of initiating debate on the implementation of new restrictions on constitutional rights, the "Saturday Night Live" crew was readying its Obama-supporting comedic arsenal. SNL writers came up with an opening skit for this past weekend’s show, which essentially chided Congress for failing to sufficiently negate the Second Amendment. [more...]

College Application Should Encourage Entrepreneurialism, Not Narcissism

In a recent essay Naomi Riley, author of Faculty Lounges, pointed out the absurdity of the essay questions that many high school seniors have to submit as part of their application to colleges and universities. Indeed, Ms. Riley rightly suggests that the ego-centric focus of the questions on the ubiquitous Common Application, a utility that many schools use, is reflective of a well-established culture in high schools, now enforced in colleges, that encourages a view that individual identity is all important. It is no wonder that a recent poll finds that a majority of college students think they are way above average. [more...]

Is Everything Inside D.C. Just For Show?

Is it all to make us believe the two parties are getting along? What's behind the bugging of Sen. McConnell's HQ? Is everything that goes on inside D.C. just a carefully scripted dance to make each party appear to be conciliatory? Are all the recent examples of the "charm offensive" just designed to make people think the two parties are now getting along? And what of the secret bugging of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign office? Is the media using a double standard in this case? [more...]

The Center for Independent Employees

I am writing to you as the owner of a company who has experienced terrible costs, both financial and emotional, of fighting a targeted union campaign. These campaigns are designed for the express purpose of force unionizing employees. The unions that employ these tactics have no concern for the damage they cause. They target the employer, and utilize smear campaigns, and spread lies and deceit. They often include the filing of unsubstantiated complaints and regulatory actions, and directly interfere with the businesses customer relationships. The goal of these campaigns is to cause chaos and disrupt the businesses operations, and ultimately to bring the business to its knees. [more...]

Thursday, April 11, 2013

4-10-13 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. John LeBoutillier: What is Pres. Obama's Strategy to Deal with a Stagnating Economy and North Korea's Threats?
2. Dave Bego: Right-to-Work in Michigan
3. Kyle Olson: EAGnews Report Shows How Gov. Walker’s Reforms saved Wisconsin Schools Millions on Insurance

What is Pres. Obama's Strategy to Deal with a Stagnating Economy and North Korea's Threats?

With the economy still lagging and the jobs situation stagnating, what is President Obama’s political strategy? Is he leading the nation – or just surviving while the GOP offers no coherent opposition? Do Hillary’s recent public speeches indicate she is indeed running in 2016? [more...]

Right-to-Work in Michigan

A couple of weeks ago, the Union Conservatives, a group of U.A.W. workers led by Terry Bowman, hosted the Workplace Freedom Celebration to commemorate the inaugural day of Right-to-Work ("RTW") in Michigan. It was truly a special kickoff for RTW in a state known for being the union capital of the world. It was particularly special since the grassroots effort to pass RTW in Michigan came, not from politicians or from the business community, but rather from U.A.W. members. These were members who were tired of labor boss intimidation and the misuse of membership dues for political purposes, not supported by its membership. It was a spectacle to behold, and brilliantly orchestrated by Terry and his courageous group of fellow U.A.W. members. [more...]

EAGnews Report Shows How Gov. Walker’s Reforms saved Wisconsin Schools Millions on Insurance

Sometimes customers don’t mind overpaying for a product they like and can afford. But what happens when hard times hit, yet they can’t get out of the bad financial deal? In Wisconsin, they turned to their elected officials for help; and, for once, government came through. That’s the topic of a new EAGnews report titled “First Years of Freedom: Wisconsin Schools Saving Millions on Health Insurance in the Act 10 Era.” For years, hundreds of Wisconsin school districts had purchased employee health insurance from WEA Trust, an insurance company founded and closely associated with the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), the state’s largest teachers union. [more...]

4-11-13 EAGNews.org Updates

CTU’s Karen Lewis attacks individualism, school choice

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry isn’t the only one cheering for collectivism in education. Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis thinks that idea is pretty swell, too. Harris-Perry’s and Lewis’ philosophy of education is one of collectivism, indeed socialism. The rights of the individual do not trump the rights of the group, they believe. So parents should be denied the right to pick the best school for their child, and should be forced to send their kid to their neighborhood government school, because that school is the best option for all of the children of the community – according to the government. [more...]

Message from public school crossword puzzle: Conservatism ‘restricts personal freedoms’

Eighth-graders in Wisconsin’s Union Grove school district were assigned to fill out a “Liberalism vs. Conservatism” crossword puzzle, and they learned some new and very questionable “facts." Students learned conservatism is "the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms..." Conversely, they learned liberalism is “the political belief of equality and personal freedom for everyone, often changing the current system to increase government protection of civil liberties.” [more...]

Superintendent’s shocking comment reminds us that school choice is an uphill battle

Is this really what the education establishment thinks of parents, particularly black parents? As Wisconsin legislators debate expanding the state’s parental choice private school voucher program, Racine Unified Superintendent Dr. Ann Laing’s shocking comments from the last budget cycle remind us school choice is an uphill battle. The fight is not just against unions, but the entire know-it-all education blob. Laing was filmed in December 2011 by the Milwaukee County Black Alliance for Education Options. During her appearance, she was critical of the voucher program that had been expanded to her school district and would begin later that year. But her criticism of the program went to a whole new level when she stereotyped black parents. [more...]

Monday, April 8, 2013

Beyonce & Jay-Z Show Some Commie Love

Beyonce and Jay-Z recently picked an odd locale in which to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Having the finances and time to travel anywhere in the world their hearts desired, where did the superstar couple decide to vacation? In of all places, Cuba.

The two declined to answer journalists’ questions about their jaunt to the Communist country. Perhaps they avoided speaking with reporters because, for the last 51 years, it has actually been illegal for U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba as vacationers. The fact of the matter is if Beyonce and Jay-Z went to Cuba as tourists, they were in violation of the law, unless they had first obtained a travel license from the U.S. government. [more...]

Friday, April 5, 2013

4-5-13 EAGNews.org Updates

EAGnews’ “RE-CREATING AMERICA” featured on the Glenn Beck Program

EAGnews Founder Kyle Olson appeared on Wednesday’s episode of the Glenn Beck Program on The Blaze. Guest-hosted by St. Louis talk radio star Dana Loesch, Olson and producer Andrew Marcus were invited to discuss their recent joint project, “RE-CREATING AMERICA: Cultural Sensitivity in Wisconsin Schools.” [more...]

Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining reform blunting the sting of Obamacare premium increases

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker passed his controversial collective bargaining reforms known as Act 10, little did he know he would be easing the pain of pending increases in health insurance premiums caused by Obamacare. But that’s exactly what’s happening. [more...]

Chicago union VP orders thug to remove another journalist from public street

Apparently EAGnews's Jeremy Segal wasn’t the only one asking undesirable questions during the carefully choreographed Chicago Teachers Union protest last week. A citizen journalist reporter from MaggioNews.com was ordered to leave the edge of the street where unionists had sat down, waiting to be arrested. The order came from CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey. The same type of thing happened to Segal during last Wednesday’s protest. He was assaulted by three union supporters while trying to interview the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and two of the thugs were subsequently arrested. [more...]

EAGnews is a national, non-partisan organization devoted to school spending reform and ensuring that accountability and parental choice exist in public education. Go here for more: eagnews.org


Two pieces of legislation under consideration in Florida could either alter or protect the way the secondary ticketing market functions... one will ELIMINATE the rights of fans in the property (tickets) we buy; the other will PROTECT our right to our property. This SHOULD be an easy choice for conservatives, right?

Florida House Bill 1353 and Senate Bill 1652, which are being proposed and promoted in similar versions across the country by Ticketmaster, control what consumers do with tickets they purchase and own by letting venues (and corporations like Ticketmaster) dictate whether and how tickets can be resold – or even given away! 

A recent Zogby poll shows Floridians heavily opposed to any legislation that restricts our property rights in the tickets WE purchase with OUR money. How heavily opposed? How about 76%! Yet some Republicans in the legislature (being urged forward by Ticketmaster’s lobbyists) persist in wanting to legislate winners (Ticketmaster) and losers (fans). The Ticketmaster scheme gives them a huge GOVERNMENT MANDATED advantage over competitors in the ticket resale market. This is government favoring one business over another, picking winners and losers. [more...]

It is time to put FANS FIRST, starting in Florida! Go to www.fanfreedom.org to find out more about this issue that is popping up from Tennessee to Texas to Florida and beyond.

Steve Gill is a conservative political commentator and nationally syndicated radio talk host. His website is www.gillreport.com

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4-2-13 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Jim Carrey's Career Sullying Stunt
2. Carl Schramm: Can Austin, TX Become the Dubai of The United States?
3. Joseph Klein: Anti-Gun U.N. Arms Treaty Ready for Vote
4. Kyle Olson: Chicago Teachers Union thugs Arrested for Assaulting Reporter

Jim Carrey's Career Sullying Stunt

Jim Carrey received a great deal of news coverage last week, following a posting of what was supposed to be a comedic video on the Funny or Die Web site. The video is titled "Cold Dead Hand" and features content that ridicules those who hold the Constitution in the highest regard and is dismissive of the Second Amendment. All of this is conveyed while simultaneously attempting to tarnish the reputation of the late great Hollywood film legend Charlton Heston. Like many of his far-left associates in Hollywood, Carrey is wildly out of touch with the concerns of the majority of the citizens of this country who do not have afforded to them the luxury of private security protection and must therefore provide such for themselves and their loved ones. Carrey made another Twitter faux pas, one that revealed that he himself has an armed security guard. [more...]

Can Austin, TX Become the Dubai of The United States?

A new book by Daniel Brook describes the “History of Future Cities.” Mumbai, Dubai, Shanghai and St. Petersburg, he argues, will model city life in years to come because they will be more able to attract smart people from all over the world who, congregating together, will make wonderfully creative places to live and work. The book will likely be greeted as further evidence that America’s salad days are behind her. [more...]

Anti-Gun U.N. Arms Treaty Ready for Vote

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which hit a temporary snag last week, is intended to regulate international trade in seven listed categories of conventional weapons, which include small arms and light weapons - for example, handguns and rifles. The international trade in these arms, which would be subject to global regulation under the treaty, includes all manner of “transfers,” which are defined loosely as comprising “export, import, transit, trans-shipment and brokering.” The objective is to prevent arms transfers that would enable the commission of genocide, crimes against humanity, serious breaches of the Geneva Conventions, “attacks directed against civilian objects or civilians,” and other war crimes, as well as the export of arms where there is an “overriding risk” that they could be used to commit or facilitate serious violations of “international humanitarian law” or "international human rights law." [more...]

Chicago Teachers Union thugs Arrested for Assaulting Reporter

The Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Police Department were obviously working in tandem last Wednesday, and EAGnews reporter Jeremy Segal was an unwanted party crasher. Why else would the police arrest two union supporters for allegedly assaulting Segal during a union protest, then turn around and let them go without pursuing charges? Segal was in Chicago Wednesday to film and interview protesters participating in a downtown rally against the planned closing of 54 public schools. [more...]