Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7-30-13 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Elaina George: Obamacare's Cost of Control
2. Joseph Klein: The Illusion of Peace Negotiations
3. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: The Media's Truth about the "Phony Scandals"
4. Mitchell Zuckoff: Return to Greenland - No Man Left Behind
5. Wayne Allyn Root: My George Zimmerman Moment

Obamacare's Cost of Control

There is a strong push currently being made by advocates of Obamacare to convince Americans it is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. Even celebrities are being trotted out by the White House to tell us how lucky we are to be forced into a system that is both built on promises that were never intended to be kept, and one that is ethically and morally bankrupt that they - members of Congress and other cronies of the elite - will never have to use. The truth about Obamacare that no one will tell you is it is NOT about healthcare; it is about centralized government control. Obamacare is a corrupt scheme that has fooled Americans into entering a system that will limit their healthcare choices, encroach upon their freedom, rob them of their hard earned money, and destroy their privacy. [more... ]

The Illusion of Peace Negotiations

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are in Washington this week to meet face to face under State Department auspices. Although the talks are focusing initially on procedural issues rather than any substantive matters, Secretary of State John Kerry hailed their resumption as a major accomplishment. In announcing the appointment of Martin Indyk, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, as the U.S. Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations during a press briefing Monday morning, Kerry praised "the courageous leadership of Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas" and "their willingness to make difficult decisions." [more...]

The Media's Truth about the "Phony Scandals"

Earlier in the year, the Obama Administration was accused of involvement in two major scandals, which the President has since referred to as "phony scandals": the Benghazi attack that cost four American lives, and the IRS systematically targeting and harassing Conservative groups. Incredibly, the country’s ostensibly impartial law-enforcement apparatus was being used as a cudgel to beat down opponents of the party in power.  Such goings on, typical of a Third World dictatorship, shake the very foundations of the U.S.’s democracy. These two stories are of MAJOR importance to the USA, yet, to date, what actually transpired in both cases remains unknown. What part does the mainstream media play in perpetuating the "phony" message?  [more...]

Return to Greenland - No Man Left Behind

We returned to Greenland on Sunday, July 28, with the goal of recovering the remains of three World War II heroes featured in my new book, "Frozen in Time." Our targets are Lieutenant John Pritchard and Radioman Benjamin Bottoms of the Coast Guard, and Corporal Loren Howarth of the Army Air Forces. The three men disappeared November 29, 1942, when their Grumman Duck amphibious plane disappeared in a storm. We intend to dig, carve and melt through 70 million pounds of glacial ice to bring them home. The mission is the result of a remarkable public-private partnership that includes the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC); the U.S. Coast Guard; and a private expedition company, North South Polar Inc. Many of the remarkable individuals featured in "Frozen in Time" will be back for this year's mission, along with some new faces whom I'll introduce along the way. Follow the Mission on boston.com.

My George Zimmerman Moment

I see the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case very differently. For me it was never about black or white. It was always about life or death - for George Zimmerman. You see, thirty-six years ago I was George Zimmerman. Thirty-six years ago I almost died in a life or death struggle eerily similar to George Zimmerman's confrontation. Let me tell you the story. [more...]

Monday, July 29, 2013

NBC Helps Ready the Political Stage for a Hillary Clinton Presidential Run

Always available to assist the liberal candidate du jour, the entertainment industry and mainstream media are engaged in an apparent early effort to sway public opinion with regard to the expected 2016 presidential run of Hillary Clinton.

This time around, in the preconditioning endeavor, NBC is taking the lead for Hollywood. The Peacock Network is currently involved in the development of a four-hour primetime miniseries about Mrs. Clinton.

The timing of the project may seem a bit early to some, but the details have apparently been thoroughly thought through, as evidenced by Robert Greenblatt’s recent revelation at a presentation to the Television Critics Association, in which the top NBC entertainment executive suggested that the network is seeking to avoid the possibility of rival candidates demanding equal time. To avoid the potential problem, Greenblatt indicated that the parties involved in the production would be shooting for a broadcast date that would occur prior to Mrs. Clinton’s formal declaration of candidacy. [more...]

Thursday, July 25, 2013

7-25-13 EAGNews.org Updates

Broke? Chicago school budget would increase spending by nearly 10 percent!

For all of the panicky rhetoric coming out of Chicago, one would think the school district is on the verge of financial collapse. Indeed, the Chicago Tribune recently published an editorial announcing that the financial emergency for CPS has arrived. That may very well be, but one would never know it from the proposed increase in spending of nearly 10 percent. [more...]

Chicago union teachers, students travel to Honduras to discuss U.S. 'revolution'

By the looks of things, Chicago’s education system must be in tip-top shape. Why else would members of the Chicago Teachers Unions be jetting around the world and focusing on global issues rather than the academic issues facing their district? For two weeks at the end of June, about 20 teachers and students traveled to Honduras to meet with their teachers union counterparts from that country, to learn about the "Honduran resistance movement,” and meet with the deposed former president, Mel Zelaya, according to an account posted on Honduras Resists. The published account states members of the CTU met with Zelaya to exchange ideas "about the struggle for a world where human lives have more value than private profit." [more...]

Teacher: 'Rednecks hold their heads a little higher' after Zimmerman verdict

When students return to classrooms this fall, a healthy number of them will discuss the recent George Zimmerman trial and acquittal, which many activist teachers believe was an "injustice." So how will the activists teach about it?  Thehairpin.com, a self-described "women's website," recently asked several teachers for reaction. "Rednecks are holding their heads a little higher and tapping the guns on their holsters eager for a stand your ground moment," said one anonymous teacher from Alabama. [more...]

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7-23-13 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: Jesse Jackson's Proposed Boycott of Florida is Harmful and Demeaning to Blacks
2. John LeBoutillier: How Does Obama Maintain Decent Ratings Despite a Bad Economy and Multiple Scandals?
3. Dave Bego: An Opportunity to Protect Fundamental Freedoms
4. James Hirsen: Harvey Weinstein Deploys Liberal Weaponry in Butler Battle
5. Kyle Olson: Teachers Union May Sue over 'Constitutional Right' to Wear Shorts to Work

Jesse Jackson's Proposed Boycott of Florida is Harmful and Demeaning to Blacks

In response to the recent Zimmerman acquittal, Rev. Jesse Jackson has proposed a boycott of nothing less than the entire State of Florida. As foxnews.com reported on July 21, his feeling was that, “people understand dollars and cents... and they understand if there's a significant drop off in revenues - at conventions, at Disney World and Universal Studios - that will get the attention of the powerful." Fox also reported that, "Members of the Congressional Black Caucus appear undecided so far on whether to support a call for a boycott of Florida over the Trayvon Martin case." The notion that businesses throughout Florida deserve to be punished for what six jurors in Sanford honestly decided is unworthy of intelligent discussion. Nevertheless, Congress's Black Caucus might actually support this foolishness. I feel that this is emblematic of much of what is wrong with the current drive for black civil rights. [more...]

How Does Obama Maintain Decent Ratings Despite a Bad Economy and Multiple Scandals?

POLITICAL INSIDERS analyze why President Obama's ratings are holding steady despite 52% of the American people believing we are in a recession and three scandals continue to swirl around the White House. They also examine the inept GOP opposition to ObamaCare - and how Mitch McConnell is the worst negotiator... ever. The POLITICAL INSIDERS also preview the 2014 Senate races. Can the GOP regain control?  [more...]

An Opportunity to Protect Fundamental Freedoms

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear two cases in the next year which will determine whether persons will be protected in their exercise of the fundamental right to either choose whether to engage in union representation or to abstain from such representation, and to make such decision absent intimidation from either the union or their employer via the secret ballot election - the same process we use to elect our local, state and federal government officials. Interestingly, both cases stem from the President's attempt to provide political payback to his allies in Big Labor through the Rogue NLRB. [more...]

Harvey Weinstein Deploys Liberal Weaponry in Butler Battle

Harvey Weinstein has been engaged in a legal and public relations battle with Warner Bros. and the Motion Picture Association of America over the title of his soon to be released film, which has been marketed as "The Butler." Weinstein, who incidentally served as an Obama campaign bundler, has turned to former Al Gore lawyer David Boies and industry mainstay Bert Fields this time around to represent the Weinstein Co. in "The Butler" case. Boies penned a letter to Warner Bros., which ratcheted up the rhetoric by using race as part of his case. [more...]

Teachers Union May Sue over 'Constitutional Right' to Wear Shorts to Work

Big Labor has a new favorite group of victims of social injustice – the teaching staff of Lewis County, West Virginia. Citizens have been complaining to school board members about the "way teachers dress," according to school board president Paul Derico. As a result, the school board unanimously passed a dress code for teachers, banning blue jeans, faded jeans and shorts. Of course the teachers union is not taking this grave injustice lying down. Union officials have threatened to sue the board. [more...]

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7-16-13 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Joel Gilbert: Obama Stole Election by Letting Homeless, Disabled People Vot
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Slandered in the Media
3. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: Egypt: Should the U.S. Help One Undemocratic Arab Faction Unseat Another?
4. Rob Olive: A Shameful Display of Gun & Racial Politics in the Aftermath of Zimmerman

Joel Gilbert: Obama Stole Election by Letting Homeless, Disabled People Vote

Joel Gilbert's theory is that Barack and Michelle both cast early votes as a "signal to their followers" to commit voter fraud. "I think a large percentage of those on absentee voted again on Election Day," said Gilbert. By his estimate, these double-voting Obama supporters made up as much as 25 percent of the electorate. "Romney actually won the election on Election Day," he added. "But because they had stacked the vote through absentee ballots, through dead people, homeless, disabled people, people voting two, three times, I believe that's how they knew they would win the election." [more...]

Slandered in the Media

This past week MSNBC's Rachel Maddow tried to defame and slander me in a bizarre, rambling 15 minute diatribe. She even gave me a name, "birther." It sounds similar to "murderer," except it means I dared ask questions about Obama. Funny enough that none of the questions I have asked about the President ever involved his birth or birth certificate. Never. Not once. But hysterical defenders of Obama never let a fact get in the way of a good slander. Rather than attacking a patriotic American, shouldn't journalists be asking questions of the President? Do the answers to the questions I asked scare her that much? Am I getting that close to the truth? Do I pose that much of a threat? [more...]

Egypt: Should the U.S. Help One Undemocratic Arab Faction Unseat Another?

What, if anything, should the U.S. do as such events are unfolding, both in Egypt and in other where dictatorships rule? The Ancient Jewish Writings teach, "People should not tear down a synagogue until another synagogue is built." The text is discussing a community in the process of replacing its old temple with a newer and better one. It is saying that being optimistic and almost certain the new structure will be completed is insufficient. Unforeseen difficulties can arise over the course of almost any project, and the new temple might not be ready when planned; in fact, it might never be completed at all. Accordingly, before dismantling the old temple, the community should first be certain that the replacement is already built and usable. [more...]

A Shameful Display of Gun & Racial Politics in the Aftermath of Zimmerman

Despite presidential interference, threats of violence, and unprecedented pressure by the Justice Department, the jury found Zimmerman not guilty. That's because, when the available evidence was presented, this was a case of self-defense. Obama and others can wish it weren't so, but that doesn't change the facts. For the President to then use this as an occasion to ask what more we can do to "stem the tide of gun violence" is preposterous. It shows how little regard he has for both our system of justice and the Second Amendment to our Constitution. This wasn't a case of "gun violence," except under the warped definition used by people like Mayor Bloomberg who considers the Boston Marathon bombing suspects victims of "gun violence," as well. Rather, this was self-defense. [more...]

Rob Olive is the author of Essential Liberty, a novel that presents a disturbing scenario in which firearm confiscation has become a reality in present-day America. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Court is Likely to Resume for Zimmerman

Although George Zimmerman is now a free man following his recent acquittal, it is highly likely that in the near future he will once again find himself in a courtroom. Zimmerman may be facing a lawsuit that could lead to a civil trial or a federal prosecution that could result in a civil rights trial. There is even a distinct possibility that he may have to face both.

Trayvon Martin’s parents are most likely looking at a number of legal alternatives that are available to them, which includes the consideration of whether or not to file a wrongful death suit against Zimmerman in civil court.

Benjamin Crump, an attorney for the Martin family, actually told ABC’s "This Week" that the Martins "are certainly going to look at that [a civil lawsuit] as an option."

Trayvon’s mother and father have already sought redress in the civil courts. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the parents settled a wrongful death claim against the homeowners association of the subdivision where their son lost his life. [more...]

Thursday, July 11, 2013

7-11-13 EAGNews.org Updates

Citing 'hungry, frustrated' kids, another school district drops First Lady’s lunch menu

If the goal of the federal school lunch overhaul is to improve outcomes for children, somebody should tell its chief cheerleader - First Lady Michelle Obama - that it's actually backfiring. Officials in New York’s Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school district have become the latest to opt out of the National School Lunch Program, citing "hungry, frustrated children plus lost income."

"[Food service manager Nicky] Boehm and her staff worked hard to implement the new regulations, but there were just too many problems and too many foods that students did not like and would not purchase. Students complained of being hungry with these lunches and the district lost money. I’m confident we can do better on our own next year," assistant superintendent Chris Abdoo said. The lunch program lost about $100,000 for the school year, which is roughly the cost of one teaching position. [more...]

NEA convention delegates filmed dancing to a misogynistic rap song

At a kickoff event for yet another public relations campaign at its national convention last week, the National Education Association played "Wobble" by V.I.C., a lewd, sexually-oriented recording that includes the highly offensive racial word "nigga" and the rapper discussing the "tool in his pants." Called "Raise Your Hand," the event was billed as one that would assist with "empowering educators to lead." Watch the video to see all the geriatric education "leaders" dancing to a song that says, "when it’s over you ain't gon need ya vibrator." [more...]

Cost of complying with Michelle Obama's school lunch overhaul? $3.2 BILLION!

As schools continue to grapple with the school lunch menu overhaul pushed by First Lady Michelle Obama, some are realizing their headache isn't just from a lack of food. The program involves way too much green - and we’re not talking lettuce and brussel sprouts. We mean the estimated $3.2 billion schools will have to find to implement the new federal regulations. Many schools are also losing money due the unpopular Obama menu. [more...]

Ice-T Carries on the Charlton Heston Tradition

Ice-T initially secured fame by being one of the early practitioners of a form of rap music known as gangsta’ rap. After co-founding the band Body Count, the urban music artist became even more famous for a public controversy that eventually ensued over his “Cop Killer” track, which glamorized the murder of police officers.

The storm surrounding “Cop Killer” reached its zenith in July of 1992, at an annual shareholders’ meeting for Time-Warner, the parent company of Ice-T’s record label. It would be here that Hollywood giant Charlton Heston would take to a stage of a different sort.

Heston had been given the opportunity to address the Time-Warner group because he himself owned shares in the media company. During his presentation, the legendary actor recited in dramatic fashion the lyrics from the “Cop Killer” tune, leaving the owners of the company in a stupefied state. The publicity that would follow would ultimately cause Time Warner Music to cancel the release of Ice-T’s then-upcoming album.

Ice-T, the very same rap artist that Heston had so vociferously opposed, would undergo a professional conversion of his own that would transform him into the current TV and film A-list star that he is today. He, like his former adversary, has become a persuasive voice for the Second Amendment in helping to move forward Heston’s legacy issue. [more...]

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7-9-13 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: How to Solve the IRS Scandal in Two Weeks  
2. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: An Immigration Policy that is Way More Effective, Simpler, and Less Expensive
3. Ryan Mauro: FBI's Most-Wanted Ads Blocked by Muslim Brotherhood Group
4. John LeBoutillier: Is President Obama Weakening American Influence and Prestige?
5. Dave Bego: The Senate Immigration Law Hurts All Americans
6. Joseph Klein: Senator McCain's Arab Spring Syndrome

How to Solve the IRS Scandal in Two Weeks  

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, the IRS scandal is still very much on the minds of Americans and still considered to be the worst scandal of the Obama administration. I am one of the IRS scandal's victims. Based on the details of my case, I believe I was targeted for persecution on direct orders of the Obama White House. I don’t think that’s much of a stretch considering the IRS Chief visited the White House 157 times in Obama's first term, and Obama himself met with the head of the IRS employees union the day before the targeting started. But, there’s no reason to debate and argue anymore. This can be easily settled. The solution is simple: All we have to do is pull the file of every taxpayer audited by the IRS in the first 4 years of Barack Obama's Presidency. Then simply match the audits with publicly available political registration information. Wanna bet that Republicans were audited at a far higher rate than those registered Democrat? [more...]

An Immigration Policy that is Way More Effective, Simpler, and Less Expensive

The House of Representatives is now considering the Senate's recently passed "Gang of 8" 1,200-page immigration bill. It offers amnesty to the U.S.'s 11.5 million illegal immigrants and clears their path to citizenship and entitlement eligibility. My recently released volume, Uncommon Sense, proposes solutions to modern political conundrums based on ancient Jewish wisdom, and it contains a chapter on immigration. It makes the point that immigrants can be very good for the U.S. economy. These people tend to be hard-working and entrepreneurial and they take many jobs that Americans are unwilling to do. It also advocates bending over backwards to attract highly educated immigrants such as foreigners studying in American universities who are here on temporary student visas. Here is a synopsis of the book’s main positions on illegal immigrants.

FBI's Most-Wanted Ads Blocked by Muslim Brotherhood Group

The U.S. government has long offered rewards for its most wanted terrorists as a way of incentivizing people to be on the lookout. Its success obviously relies upon widespread knowledge of the award and what the terrorists look like. For the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, the fact that Americans would become aware that a majority of the most-wanted terrorists are Islamic extremists compelled it to take action. As usual, CAIR cried "Islamophobia," deployed its interfaith partners and was successful in having the most-wanted terrorist ads taken down. [more...]

Is President Obama Weakening American Influence and Prestige?

Is Egypt yet another sign of the decline of American power during the Obama Presidency? Is President Obama’s lack of leadership weakening American influence and prestige? And what are the political effects of the sudden one-year delay in the ObamaCare employer mandate? What should the GOP response to this be? [more...]

The Senate Immigration Law Hurts All Americans

Recently, I had the opportunity to view Dennis Michael Lynch’s documentaries They Come to America.  In part, the documentaries explore the pending immigration legislation proposed by the "Gang of Eight," and finds that the legislation fails to fix the most basic problem - securing the border between the U.S. and Mexico. Despite claims by the current administration that the border is secure, the documentary shows the continuing consequences to national security, the American economy, our out of control debt, and desperately needed jobs for the American people. [more...]

Senator McCain's Arab Spring Syndrome

Senator John McCain is suffering from the Arab Spring Syndrome. He remains convinced that democracy will flower in places like Syria and Egypt if given a chance.  He evidently believes that Islamists can be persuaded to fully participate in the electoral process and accept the will of the people. In the words of Bruce S. Thornton, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, "McCain has a naive faith in the magic powers of 'democracy' to change a culture steeped in 14 centuries of religious intolerance, supremacism, and violence." [more...]

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

7-3-13 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Rob Olive: How "Independent" Are We?
2. Joseph Klein: Showdown in Egypt
3. Ryan Mauro: Iranian Front Group Funded 30 Universities in U.S. & Canada
4. John LeBoutillier: Why is Obama Still Sinking? Will the Immigration Bill Pass in the House? What Can we Learn from the Mass. Special Senate Race?

How "Independent" Are We?

This Independence Day, it occurs to me that we Americans may not be that "independent" after all. By that I mean independence from our own government. A recent Rasmussen poll indicated that 70% of Americans believe we have more freedom than people in other countries. It's a shame that the number is anything less than 100%. We should be the freest country on Earth and one could assert that we still are, despite what many of us view as a steady erosion of liberty. Though the Rasmussen poll doesn't go into specifics as to the reasons for such doubt, I believe it comes down to two words: dependency and control. [more...]

Rob Olive is the author of Essential Liberty, a novel that presents a disturbing scenario in which firearm confiscation has become a reality in present-day America.

Showdown in Egypt

Millions of Egyptians participated in protests all over the country on the first anniversary of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's inauguration this past weekend, including in areas where his Muslim Brotherhood has traditionally had strong support. Morsi's increasingly authoritarian style of government, worsening economic conditions since he assumed office and Islamist power grabs, and rising fears of an Iran-type Egyptian theocracy have fueled the historic protests. In fact, more demonstrators have poured into the streets demanding Morsi's resignation than came out during the final days of the uprising that led to former President Hosni Mubarak's overthrow in 2011. [more...]

Iranian Front Group Funded 30 Universities in U.S. & Canada

The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood isn't the only Islamist group funding American universities. The Iranian regime has done the same thing on a massive scale through its New York-based front, the Alavi Foundation. The Foundation's Web site openly lists 30 "academic institutions" in the U.S. and Canada it has awarded grants to. The Alavi Foundation is accused of funneling money to an Iranian bank linked to the nuclear program. The president of the Foundation, Farshid Jahedi, pled guilty to destroying evidence before it could be submitted to the grand jury. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office investigations chief, Adam Kaufmann, said "We found evidence that the government of Iran really controlled everything about the foundation." [more...]

Why is Obama Still Sinking? Will the Immigration Bill Pass in the House? What Can we Learn from the Mass. Special Senate Race?

This week the Political Insiders explored why the President's approval rating continues to decline. They also addressed the politics of the Immigration Bill: will it even come up for a vote in the House? And what can we take from last week's Special Senate election in Massachusetts? Here are our shows: Sunday: Part 1 - Part 2 - Monday [more...]

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Obama Jobs Plan: Hire Criminals?

If there was any doubt that Obama is hostile to business and out to damage capitalism, this story should settle it. On April 15th during an interview on Fox News, I reported that President Obama had put 6,118 new regulations in place in just the first 90 days of 2013. Well guess what? It’s gotten worse.

Since then, Obama has cracked the whip at his government-run lawyer sweatshops. The productivity of his job killing lawyers and bureaucrats is up from 68 to 72 new regulations per day. That’s very bad news for the productivity of the rest of us. Because history proves that government + lawyers + more regulations = death of the economy.

Why are there no jobs? Why does the economy only move sideways? Why are American workers' wages stuck in quicksand? Why did one of America’s largest law firms just yesterday announce massive layoffs and salary reductions? The answer is Obama. His rules and regulations are killing the spirit of American business. But this was all child’s play compared to Obama’s newest directive. [more...]

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Underlying Agenda of "White House Down"

A humbling $26 million take has landed the recently released Sony film, "White House Down," in fourth place for the weekend's box office. The movie's underachieving status is perhaps an indication that the public is not currently in sync with those in Hollywood who subscribe to a liberal agenda and who tangentially pledge allegiance to the current administration.

With a $150 million budget and A-list cast, rather than being the enjoyable Fourth of July blockbuster that the studio had intended, "White House Down" turns out to be an infantile far-left fantasy dressed up as a string of "Die Hard"-style action sequences. Sony Pictures and director Roland Emmerich have put together a film with a story line that could easily have been penned by any number of the left-leaning hosts that occupy the MSNBC cable television studios. [more...]