Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2-26-14 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Smart Guns - A Dumb Idea
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Obama's 'Voter ID' Scam is Busted
3. Joe Messina: Seinfeld on Parenting?
4. Ryan Mauro: Texas Congressman: Terror Enclave Discovery 'Appalling'
5. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: The Ukrainian Crisis

Smart Guns - A Dumb Idea

Imagine: American soldiers aim their rifles and handguns at enemy fighters running toward them across the battlefield... but when they pull their triggers, none of the weapons fire. Within moments our troops are shot down by the onrushing enemy. Border patrol agents under attack by a Mexican drug gang likewise find their handguns suddenly inoperative, as if turned off at a distance by the criminal gang advancing and firing on them. Could this be the future, if the advocates of "smart guns" get their way? Gun control advocates have long promoted putting electronics into firearms so that only the legal owner may fire them. Such weapons, say supporters, would be useless to a thief who steals them from a homeowner or grabs a policeman's handgun. [more...]

Obama's 'Voter ID' Scam is Busted

Folks, we are being scammed. Democrats are winning elections through what appears to be massive voter fraud. Many citizens may not realize most national elections are won by a sliver of votes in only a few, key battleground states. Change the vote totals by a small bit in a few states and Mitt Romney is the president: Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania. Why did Obama and Democrats win by just a sliver in those few battleground states? In 2012 it was a powerful one-two punch, both of which I believe were out and out voter fraud. Obama used the IRS as his personal mafia thug enforcers to persecute, intimidate and destroy his political opposition - ranging from Tea Parties, to conservative fundraising organizations, to top GOP donors, to high-profile outspoken critics in the media (like myself). [more...]

Seinfeld on Parenting?

Jerry Seinfeld was on the new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and I am sure his audience was not a bunch of old folks. After a few minutes of standup comedy, Seinfeld sat down with Fallon and got into a conversation about parenting. Seinfeld stated that he was not in agreement with this "new style" of parenting and reminded the audience that when many of us were kids, our parents didn’t give a da@@ about a lot of things. Seinfeld went on to say that our parents never made deals with us to eat our food, brush our teeth, and so on. Our parents didn’t have to ask us 147 times to go to bed, "get back into your bed," "what did I tell you?" "did you brush your teeth?" "did you use water?" and so on and so on. [more...]

Texas Congressman: Terror Enclave Discovery 'Appalling'

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Vice Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, says that the discovery of a terrorist enclave in Texas by the Clarion Project is "more than troubling - it's appalling." He criticized the "lackluster" response to the threat from Jamaat ul-Fuqra, also known as Muslims of the Americas. His full statement to the Clarion Project is as follows: "When this administration refuses to go to a Boston mosque to investigate radicalized attendees there such as Anwar al-Awlaki, Abdurahman Alamoudi, or the Tsarnaevs, but instead go to those mosques as part of their ‘outreach program’ to be better friends, then this country is in major trouble..." [more...] Watch Ryan on Fox & Friends

The Ukrainian Crisis

Just days ago, the Ukrainian People rose up and overthrew their government. Former President Yanukovych was formally charged with mass murder, and he is now in hiding. I believe it naive to assume that a Western style yearning for democracy underlies this upheaval. Experience has shown that when an indigenous Third World faction stages a revolution and overthrows a despot, the victors tend to be equally dictatorial and vile. In fact, just yesterday, a Ukrainian expatriate told me that the new rulers are corrupt ultra-religious far Right (and often neo-Nazi) nationalists and that minority groups such as Jews would be well-advised to leave ASAP. The benefit to the West from the new government lies in the fact that Ukraine is now virulently anti-Russia. [more...]

Monday, February 24, 2014

If You Like Your Free Press You Can Keep It

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it is suspending the so-called study of American newsrooms. The federal regulatory agency came to its decision following objections from political figures, journalists and commentators who were primarily aligned with one side of the political spectrum.

While some individuals are viewing the FCC’s supposed change of heart as a reason to celebrate, in this writer’s humble opinion, it is too premature to declare victory, particularly when the seriousness of what was being contemplated by a powerful governmental body is taken into consideration.

The FCC program actually posed one of the most serious challenges to a free press that our nation has had to endure in a long while, yet the threat seems to have been met with a disturbing degree of silence, especially in establishment media circles. [more...]

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SEIU Exposed in Ft. Lauderdale with Help from "The Devil at Our Doorstep"

This past week, Florida Watchdog reporter Marianela Toledo wrote a superb article exposing the propaganda and tactics utilized by the SEIU in conducting a campaign to organize workers at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. I previously became acquainted with Marianela when I took interest in a prior article she had written: Labor unions have some wild ideas about ‘work’.  I sent Marianela an e-mail praising her fortitude and the quality of her work.  Thereafter, she sent me an e-mail requesting a discussion of my personal experiences. We spoke on the telephone and I explained to her my thoughts on the SEIU's true motives, and the strategies they used in their organizing tactics to accomplish these motives.

I also sent Marienela a copy of my book, The Devil at Our Doorstep, in hopes that it would provide insight into the SEIU's efforts and to provide context as to that which she and the residents of Broward County were witnessing. Marianela performed her own investigation into the SEIU's actions with respect to workers at the Fort Lauderdale Airport based on what she was able to learn about the SEIU. Her investigation exposed the SEIU tactics, and misrepresentation made by its local SEIU business manager. The investigation found that the SEIU had coerced some of the employees into filing claims with the Department of Transportation and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, including claims that employees were made to clean up urine, blood and vomit without proper safety equipment such as gloves or masks and employees were not adequately trained to properly clean potentially hazardous waste. [more...]

Dave Bego is the President/CEO of Executive Management Services, an employee advocate against SEIU and author of The Devil at Our Doorstep.

2-18-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Is Obama Accelerating the Collapse of America?
2. Dr. Elaina George: Obamacare's Health Inequality
3. Joe Messina: Faith Breeds Foolishness
4. John LeBoutillier: The Corruption of Our Political System and How the Game is Rigged against the American People

Is Obama Accelerating the Collapse of America?

Have you paid attention to the Obama news of the past week? It’s amazing... mind-boggling... a week of unimaginable destruction. The cloak is off. Obama is no longer hiding his plans to destroy America. For anyone who isn't blind, deaf or very dumb, it's now all out in the open. The news of this past week proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama is accelerating the destruction of America. Why the sudden rush? Obama and his Marxist cabal see the writing on the wall. Their internal polls show they are headed for a landslide defeat in November. Now that the disastrous effects of Obamacare are clear for the voters to see, they know Democrats are about to be destroyed at the polls. [more...]

Obamacare's Health Inequality

Whether we like it or not, Obamacare is the law of the land. Moreover, no one can argue that it has fundamentally changed the American healthcare system. While we were distracted by the disastrous rollout, the government has inserted itself between the doctor and the patient and taken control of the system – from a doctor's treatment options to a patient's choice from cradle to grave, and everything in between. The debate on whether to repeal, amend or let the process continue to its conclusion has devolved into a heated argument where it is all about winning at any cost. But while pundits and politicians are preoccupied with winning, people are dying and losing their financial underpinning, and there is both a transfer of health and a transfer of wealth. In short, the healthcare system is breaking into a two-tiered system: those who are relegated to Obamacare will be trapped in a system which locks them out of the very best healthcare that our country has to offer while those who can afford to will simply opt out. [more...]

Faith Breeds Foolishness

Every Friday on my radio show I do a segment called "Faith Fridays" where I speak about issues of various faiths, from what they believe to how they operate. It's been a regular thing for almost 3 years now and is a listeners' favorite. I bring in experts and people practicing particular religions. I talk about Buddhists, Spiritualists, Pastafarians, and even Jews and Muslims with little or no blowback. But if I mention that a Christian has been persecuted or make a comment about what atheists have to look forward to after death, Twitter lights up like I've stuck these guys with a red hot poker in the eye! [more...]

The Corruption of Our Political System and How the Game is Rigged against the American People

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we exposed the GOP's duplicity and complicity with the IRS in trying to hurt the Tea Party groups; we also explored the death of the American dream and the unpopularity of the President's use of executive orders, recess appointments and unilateral changes in Obamacare. Watch our shows here: Sunday Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Dot Com. [more...]

Monday, February 17, 2014

Comcast-Time Warner Merger May Violate Law

Some serious legal and public relations obstacles will have to be overcome before the $45.2 billion proposal from media giant Comcast to acquire Time Warner Cable will be able to materialize.

Our frequently misunderstood current antitrust laws are essentially an aggregate of statutes, which, in order to preserve and encourage fair competition for the benefit of consumers, were designed to oversee the organizational structure of U.S. corporations. The statutes that date back to the 19th Century seek to place limitations on the mergers and acquisitions of business entities and to put in place restrictions on various elements that could potentially lessen competition within the business arena.

Comcast recently made a move to quell antitrust concerns. The company announced that, if the merger should go through, it will drop approximately 3 million subscribers before taking aboard 8 million or so subscribers when the consolidation is complete. [more...]

Friday, February 14, 2014 Updates

A new book offers a full-throated plan for a socialist United States, and wouldn't you know domestic terrorist-turned-educator Bill Ayers is right in the middle of it. Read More »

Kyle Flood, a 19-year old college student elected to the Kenosha school board with union backing, was cited last week for possessing “drug paraphernalia,” according to the Kenosha News. Read More »

There’s a tangible value in higher education for embracing leftist theory. Just ask high school and university students attending the upcoming national White Privilege Conference. Read More »

The days of schools teaching the basics and letting parents handle the rest are long gone. Government schools now want to influence the “whole student,” regardless of how they’re failing at the core mission. Read More »

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NLRB Flexes Muscles

After a period of relative quiet, a recent flurry of rule-making initiatives by the National Labor Relations Board evidences the Obama Administration’s intent on satisfying its big labor buddies leading up to the crucial 2014 mid-term elections. The following briefs illustrate the President’s desperation to satisfy big labor demands so that he and the Democratic party can count on their financial and ground game support this November (see Labor Unions: Stagnant Membership Shows Need for Labor Law Modernization). [more...]

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2-11-14 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Rabbi Ganz: Should All Voters Be Allowed to Vote?
2. Sandy Botkin: Writing off Entertainment Expenses
3. Joe Messina: Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me 437,253 Times... Well...
4. John LeBoutillier: Where Have All the Jobs Gone? Is Obamacare Really Creating a Disincentive to Work?
5. Wayne Allyn Root: The Tea Party is the GOP's '12th Man'

Should All Voters Be Allowed to Vote?

Ask this question to almost anyone, and the resounding answer will be something like: "Yes! It is the American Way. ‘One person, one vote’ is the cornerstone of any democracy." Just how deep this sentiment runs can be seen in the recent protests against policies requiring all voters to first produce a photo ID. The protesters seem to feel that any restrictions on the unimpeded access to voting attacks our very democracy. As the ACLU put it, "Voter ID laws have the potential to deny the right to vote to thousands of registered voters who do not have and in many instances, cannot obtain the limited identification states accept for voting. Many of these Americans cannot afford to pay for the required documents needed to secure a government-issued photo ID. As such, these laws impede access to the polls and are at odds with the fundamental right to vote." [more...]

Writing off Entertainment Expenses

Now that some of you have shelled out at least $2,000 or more for those Super Bowl seats (which means you have more money than sense), it would be a lot better in the future if you could at least write off that expense. Tax law in both the U.S. and Canada allows a deduction for associated entertainment. What is "associated entertainment" you ask? Good question. Associated entertainment means fun! You can write off fun such as Super Bowl tickets if you discuss business with a prospect who you go to the fun with, within 24 hours of the fun! However, it can't be at the fun event. It has to be during some quiet time. Thus, if you talk business with a friend or distributor in the morning and then go to the game or to a play or play golf, the fun can be deducted at 50% in both the U.S. and Canada, although Canadians can't deduct green fees. The key is that you have the burden of proof that you discussed business within the same 24-hour day as the fun. [more...]

Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me 437,253 Times... Well...

The president has "fudged," "fibbed," or "misspoke," I mean, "lied" so many times that we have lost count. Really! We live in such a politically correct world that we can't even call a lie a lie anymore because we don't want to presume what someone was thinking when they said what they said. We have decided there are no lies, just what we want words to mean when we say them. But if they don't mean what you think they mean, that doesn't mean it's a lie. It just means that you didn't understand or they misspoke. Confused? Good! It means you won't fall for their lies. [more...]

Where Have All the Jobs Gone? Is Obamacare Really Creating a Disincentive to Work?

Where have all the jobs gone? Why has our economy and job creation ground to a halt? Is Obamacare - and the “disincentive to work” - part of the problem? Do the Republicans have a solution or are they going to sit silent and hope to re-take control of the Senate this November by offering nothing positive? Will this year’s elections be anti-Democrat or anti-incumbent? This and much more will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening at 7:25pm ET. [more...]

The Tea Party is the GOP's '12th Man'

Who is the GOP's 12th man? Well, it sure isn't the green jacket wearing country club Republicans. Or the "moderate" wishy-washy, stand-for-nothing Northeast Republicans. Or the cowardly Republicans who want to apologize to Obama every time he walks in the room. To paraphrase the famous line from the days of Bill Clinton: "It's the Tea Party, stupid." The GOP's energy, enthusiasm and courage is found in the true blue, patriotic, conservative base called the Tea Party. The GOP's "12th man" has faith in victory, a belief in the right principles, a love for party and country, a passion for the fight to save America, an intensity, and energy found nowhere else. They are the razor thin edge of the Republican Party. [more...]

Should All Voters Be Allowed to Vote?

Ask this question to almost anyone, and the resounding answer will be something like: “Yes! It is the American Way. ‘One person, one vote’ is the cornerstone of any democracy.”

Just how deep this sentiment runs can be seen in the recent protests against policies requiring all voters to first produce a photo ID. The protesters seem to feel that any restrictions on the unimpeded access to voting attacks our very democracy. As the ACLU put it, “Voter ID laws have the potential to deny the right to vote to thousands of registered voters who do not have and in many instances, cannot obtain the limited identification states accept for voting. Many of these Americans cannot afford to pay for the required documents needed to secure a government-issued photo ID. As such, these laws impede access to the polls and are at odds with the fundamental right to vote.

[ I think that voter ID laws, are absolutely necessary. Without them, a single person could theoretically cast many votes during one Election Day by going to different polling stations; the fraud potential is enormous. If there are people too poor to procure an ID, the small amount of money needed for this purpose should be provided, either by government or private charities.]

Though politically incorrect to the extreme, I question whether all American citizens, even those with proper IDs, should be automatically permitted to vote in major elections, such as for both houses of Congress, the presidency, or even governorships. I do not have a firm opinion on the subject, for I recognize the potential for danger whenever government deprives people of their rights. I also harbor a feeling of profound respect and gratitude toward the American practice of all people always being allowed to vote. I nonetheless feel that there are valid democratic reasons for why all people should not necessarily be allowed to vote. At the very least, this issue should be publicly aired and debated.

For starters, let’s talk about the recent Super Bowl. Along with millions of other Americans, I watched (at least part of) that lopsided contest. Throughout the game, the referees made numerous decisions. I ask: would the NFL ever hire refs who knew little or nothing about football? Of course not!

This standard of required competence does not only apply to officials in blockbuster sports events like the 2014 Super Bowl that was watched by 111.5 million people in America alone. Even a local Little League baseball game would never utilize umpires who do not understand baseball. The parents would be furious if such people were allowed to officiate.

In a similar vein, imagine a team of hospital oncologists agonizing over how to best treat a heretofore unseen type of cancer. Would they put the matter to a vote of the hospital’s secretaries? Of course not! And this is not discriminatory. It is merely that decisions on such momentous life or death matters should only be made by those who understand the scientific and medical issues being discussed. All people would thus disregard the opinion of the secretaries on what was the best approach to treating the patient.

Casting a vote in a major election is a grave responsibility. Choices must be made between different positions on life or death matters of national security, for example, whether or not to bomb Iran, which currently poses a potential nuclear threat. Also at issue are the differing approaches to dealing with the huge and ever-increasing national debt that could destroy the U.S. economy and render its currency worthless. Voters must also respond to the current tendency of government to abuse personal freedoms, as witnessed in the recent IRS scandal.

Yet, many of the Americans casting votes on these weighty matters are appallingly ignorant of the issues they are deciding upon.

An October, 2013 Cato Institute article titled Democracy and Political Ignorance reported regarding Obamacare that: “Some 80 percent (of the U.S. public) say they have heard ‘nothing at all’ or ‘only a little’ about the controversial insurance exchanges that are a major part of the law.” The article also mentioned that: “Most of the public has very little idea of how federal spending is actually distributed. They greatly underestimate the percentage that goes to entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security, and vastly overestimate that spent on foreign aid. Public ignorance is not limited to information about specific policies. It also extends to the basic structure of government and how it operates. A 2006 survey found that only 42 percent can even name the three branches of the federal government: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial.

A British newspaper’s 2011 article reported that 70% of all Americans do not know what the Constitution is and 29% cannot name the Vice president.

To paraphrase this article’s title, “Should voters who know little or nothing about the issues they are voting on be allowed to vote?” Perhaps the U.S. should require all voters, irrespective of race, education, or income level, to first pass a basic exam on the issues of the day and the makeup of the U.S. Government. This policy would not be an exercise in depriving anybody of their right to vote. Rather, it would be a case of making the entirely reasonable demand that voters know the rudiments of what they are voting upon.

Certainly no effort should be spared to educate the uninformed so they can pass a voting competency test. Free course materials should be available online, in libraries, and so forth. But until people pass that test, they would be disqualified from voting.

There is a final argument I would like to make on this topic. The awkwardness of this article’s core idea is that it would deprive many honorable Americans of their right to vote, at least until they brush up on the issues. Many might thus view this approach as inconsiderate if not elitist. (As already mentioned, I don’t see it that way at all.)

I feel, however, that the law must also be considerate toward all parties – including those who do understand the issues they are voting on. At the core of the democratic process is a voter casting a ballot for the candidate he or she feels will rule wisely. The hope is that the majority will somehow opt for what is best. Returning to the example of Iran, if knowledgeable voters opt for a certain Iran policy, it is because they judge that such will best protect their lives.

It is thus terribly unfair to others for such a decision to be made in part by people who do not know whether Iran is a city, a country, a continent, or a private warlord. The disregard for the public’s safety inherent in accepting such ignorant votes is akin to having the secretaries determining the courses of treatment for a hospital’s cancer patients.

Whether a Little League pitch was a ball or a strike can only be determined by someone who understands baseball very well. Shouldn’t the same standard apply to those who decide on the weighty and complex issues that are always being confronted during a major election?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympics: NBC Reveals a Communist Crush

As Valentine's Day approaches, it looks as though Cupid has been at work piercing the heart of one of the major U.S. television broadcast networks. The media outlet that suffered a love blow is NBC, and from all appearances the network seems to have been struck hard. The problem is that the golden arrow Cupid flung must have originated in a country that had communist affinities.

Being head over heels for communism and its tempting tyrants is nothing new. The public has been witness to numerous love affairs that the left in America has had over the years with dashing dictators and their alluring governments. Entertainment figures in particular have gone gaga over the despot du jour, including Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, just to name a couple. However, NBC has taken the bad case of loving Reds to a whole new level in its media coverage of the opening ceremonies of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. [more...]

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2-4-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Ryan Mauro: Obama Blames U.S. for 'Extremism'
2. Dr. Elaina George: A Doctor's Response to Obamacare
3. Joseph Klein: Pay Day for the Mullahs
4. Joe Messina: Left-Leaning Loon Gun Logic Strikes Again
5. John LeBoutillier: The Latest from the Political Insiders

Obama Blames U.S. for 'Extremism'

President Obama's State of the Union gave us a look at the premises driving his foreign policy. It showed that he believes Islamic terrorists to be driven by frustration over perceived injustices at the hands of the West, rather than an ideology. It is because of this frame of mind that he can defend the faulty nuclear deal with Iran and depict the regime as a less threatening version of the Soviet Union. [more...] Watch Ryan on The Blaze TV

A Doctor's Response to Obamacare

The power to choose your doctor, and for you in partnership with your doctor to decide your course of treatment is the foundation of excellent medical care. With The Affordable Care Act, the government has inserted itself to become the final arbiter of your care. It will ultimately decide who become the health winners and losers. Proponents of Obamacare want people to believe that the system is so broken that it can only be fixed through fundamental change. The disastrous roll-out has certainly fed the push for single payer, but an argument can be made that the government bailout written into the bill has actually already ushered in single payer - since whoever controls the money controls the access and makes the rules. [more... ]

Pay Day for the Mullahs

Iran is receiving $550 million of its frozen oil revenues under the interim nuclear deal the Obama administration has pushed forward with Iran. The United States "helped facilitate the transfer" of the funds to Iran through unnamed foreign banks according to Reuters, citing a U.S. Treasury spokeswoman.  Iran's official IRNA news agency has reported that the $550 million already has been transferred to Iran's Central Bank account in Switzerland. This transfer is just the first installment of the $4.2 billion of blocked Iranian oil revenues held abroad that the U.S. has committed to help unfreeze. [more...]

Left-Leaning Loon Gun Logic Strikes Again

I want to tell you about the phony report, "Young Guns: A Diane Sawyer Special," that ABC News was doing on their Sunday show. Why on earth would I question ABC News and Diane Sawyer? The "Young Guns" special makes many so-called "factual" statements. Let's check them out: [Read the facts and statistics here...]

The Latest from the Political Insiders

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we discuss the President's Super Bowl interview, Benghazi, immigration, Keystone and the attempted House GOP makeover. Watch our shows here: Sunday Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Dot Com. [more...]

Expert Guests Available for Interviews

1. Dr. Larry Kawa: Our Executive Order-Happy President
2. Sandy Botkin: How to Reduce Your Taxes
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Lessons for GOP from Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl Win
4. Dave Bego: SEIU's Hair on Fire?
5. Lowell Ponte: Our Bank Accounts Are Not Safe

Our Executive Order-Happy President

President Obama has made it clear that if Congress won't make the laws, then he will step up and make the laws all by himself. The President has seized the power abdicated by a weak do-nothing Congress. With old-guard stalwarts like Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), the Congress has become business as usual where they don't want to work too hard in a mid-term election year, or a Presidential election year, or the years in between elections for that matter. President Obama seems to be able to do anything. This President has not made his intentions hidden. He has stated numerous times that he will act on his own. If you don't agree with him, he doesn't care. He will do whatever he wants anyway. [more...]

How to Reduce Your Taxes

I get queries from reporters all the time asking me for one tip that would reduce our taxes. Without hesitation, my answer is to start up a full- or part-time small or home-based business and work it like a business.  Why? We have two tax systems in both the U.S. and Canada. I'll give you a hint: It isn't one for the rich and one for the poor. It is, however, one to make you rich and one to make you poor. The one to make you poor is for employees. Why?  First, they don't get that many deductions. Second, they are taxed on dollar one. If they have employee business expenses, these expenses must exceed a threshold before any deduction can be taken. Finally, if you take too many employee deductions, they could cause alternative minimum taxes that result in the complete elimination of employee and itemized deductions. [more...]

Lessons for GOP from Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl Win

There are some fantastic lessons for the GOP to learn from the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks... because politics, just like football, is about the art of war and the leaders of the GOP look very much like the hapless, intimidated Denver Broncos. Let's start with the obvious: Denver looked unbeatable coming into the Super Bowl. Led by perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time, Peyton Manning, the betting in Las Vegas (and across the country with bookmakers) was over 70% on Denver. No one thought Seattle's defense could stop the great Peyton Manning. That situation mirrors Barack Obama and the GOP. Obama, too, looks unbeatable, invincible, formidable; the GOP appears scared to death to challenge him. They appear intimidated. They are playing by old-fashioned rules "We must respect the president of the United States." But that’s not how you win football games or political campaigns. If Seattle played that way on Sunday, Peyton Manning would be the champion of the NFL. [more...]

SEIU's Hair on Fire?

Despite continuing actions by the SEIU to press forced unionization through their "hair on fire" approach, statistics recently released show continuing stagnant membership for labor unions. For employees across the country, this means the SEIU will continue the pressure through their "persuasion of power."  Over the past three decades, the SEIU and its big labor brethren have continued to see membership rolls drop, and this has continued to be true in recent years as the economy continues to sour and employees become more informed and resistant to what unions have to offer. The fact that they had a year that showed no decline is hardly a breath of fresh air when big labor is continuing to deal with declining revenues, and the fact they desperately need to curry political favors to advance forced unionism, thereby increasing membership rolls and corresponding dues. Make no mistake about it that membership growth and member dues are big labor's priority, as it is all about the big labor lifestyle and political power membership dues fund! [more...]

Our Bank Accounts Are Not Safe

Think your deposits are safe? Don't bank on it. Your deposits belong to the bank. All you 'own' is a deposit receipt, an IOU. And the banks have no responsibility to share this information with their customers. This has just become the scariest moment I've ever seen to keep money in an American bank account. Our politicians are desperate for more money and are considering several ways to grab the more than $20 trillion now in private bank accounts. A 'perfect storm' is putting our bank accounts in danger. Here are five of the many forces creating this high-risk storm for savers.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Waxman Retirement Leads to Left Coast Power Clash

Henry Waxman, one of the most powerful and thoroughly liberal members of Congress, is calling it quits after 40 years. Waxman represents an area that is famous for both its left-leaning politics and immense affluence. The 33rd Congressional District of California includes much of Los Angeles' west side, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, and the beach communities of Venice, Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica.

As is typical in this age of gerrymandering, the 33rd district is a newly drawn one, based on data from recent censuses. President Barack Obama won the district back in 2012, with his garnering of almost 61 percent of the vote. A glut of candidates already seems to be geared up to try and out-liberal one another. Because of the voting trends in the district, the ultimate winner of the congressional race will secure what is considered to be a safe seat. Additionally, a victory will most likely provide the individual with a legislator position that could last a lifetime. [more...]