Monday, April 30, 2018

5-1-18 Great Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: The Left’s Attempt to Silence Kanye West
2. Sally Pipes: Canada’s Health Care is Abysmal... Why Would We Copy It?
3. Lowell Ponte: Sanders’ Jobs Guarantee
4. John LeBoutillier: What’s Your Pleasure, Mr. Cohen?
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: T-Mobile to Buy Sprint

The Left’s Attempt to Silence Kanye West

Kanye West, one of the most well known celebrities in the entertainment world, recently disrupted the info world order and did so by expressing to his millions of Twitter followers material that is contrary to current liberal doxology. Kanye’s first tweet made social media heads explode. “I like the way Candace Owens thinks,” the rapper-entrepreneur posted. Essentially Kanye endorsed Owens, who is a talented African-American woman who speaks out against victim-hood and, in her words, the “Democratic Party plantation.” The media organs of the left reacted in predictable fashion, attempting to disparage, isolate, and destroy Kanye as well as any other notable individual who would dare traffic in liberal political “heresy.” [more...]

Canada’s Health Care is Abysmal... Why Would We Copy It?
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Americans have come down with single-payer fever. 59% now back a national health plan, according to a March 2018 Kaiser Health Tracking Poll - way up from the 33% reported by the Pew Research Center in 2017. But the American people don’t really understand what supporting a single-payer plan means. For instance, in October 2017, 47% believed they’d be able to keep their current health coverage if a single-payer plan were put into place, according to Kaiser. They’re sorely mistaken. Bills that would launch a government takeover of the country’s health care sector are meandering through Congress and numerous statehouses across the country. Those measures would outlaw private insurance within a matter of years. If any of them pass, Americans will find themselves paying sky-high taxes for access - not for care but to be put on a waiting list. [more...]

Sanders’ Jobs Guarantee

Vermont’s self-described socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders would guarantee a government job paying at least $12-15 an hour plus health benefits to anyone in America who “needs or wants one.” This would do more than cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars annually. It could devastate consumers by prompting millions of minimum wage employees to quit and work instead for the government, which might send the cost of hamburgers and thousands of other items skyrocketing. Minimum wage employers would be forced to automate, further shrinking the private sector and the traditional ladder to work and achievement. Even more will become dependent on government make-work jobs, and they will vote for the political party of ever-expanding government. [more...]

What’s Your Pleasure, Mr. Cohen?

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we explore how Michael Cohen is now in a very difficult situation. The Justice Department, President Trump - and maybe even the Russians - may all be squeezing him at the same time. Does he take the vow of Omerta? Does he go to prison - and take his secrets with him? Does he flip and become a cooperating witness against the President, a man he once claimed to "love?" Does he put himself at risk of the Russians becoming angry with him? What will he do? [more...]

T-Mobile to Buy Sprint

T-Mobile US Inc. has approached Sprint Corp. with a $26 billion deal, which, if approved by the Justice Department, would wind down the U.S. wireless market from four to three national companies. The new combined entity is to be owned by T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom AG (42%), Sprint parent company SoftBank Group (27%) and the remaining 31% to be owned by the public. The combined company would be called T-Mobile, and T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere would run the company. Both company’s CEOs are determined to close the deal. 9.75 Sprint shares will be exchanged for one T-Mobile share. Both Sprint (S) and T-Mobile (TMUS) are down sharply in Monday intraday trading as worries loom about government interference and regulation. The plausibility of the deal is sound whereas the feasibility is skeptical. [more...]

Edward Klein Backs Pro-Trump 'Killing the Deep State'

Edward Klein once worked for one of the most liberal media organizations in America, The New York Times. He was not just a reporter but served as an editor of the powerful New York Times Magazine. His establishment credentials were incredible: Senior editor at Newsweek. Contributing editor at Vanity Fair. He was the darling of the media world... until he told the truth.

When his two runaway New York Times bestsellers hit exposing Barack Obama, he was immediately shunned by the media establishment. They turned on him because he wrote two books on Obama - "The Amateur" and "Blood Feud" - considered among the biggest exposes of the Obama years.

Now, Ed Klein is endorsing a new book about President Donald Trump and the "Deep State" war against him. It's Jerome Corsi's New York Times bestseller Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump.

Here is what truth-teller Edward Klein says: “Killing the Deep State is an explosive must-read that not only exposes the insidious nature and goals of the shadow government, but also provides a roadmap to ensuring that the will of the people - through President Trump - succeeds." [more...]

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

4-25-18 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Jerome Corsi: The Trump Counterattack
2. Jeff Ferry: SunPower Buys SolarWorld Americas to Produce in Oregon
3. Ron Hosko: Ex-FBI Agent Says Comey is 'Damaging the Agency'
4. Daniel Greenfield: Deep State or Democrat State?
5. Robert M. Whaples: Pope Francis and the Caring Society

The Trump Counterattack

The Trump counterattack is starting, just as I predicted in Killing the Deep State. We now have McCabe referred for criminal prosecution and an announcement by the DOJ that Comey is under investigation for criminal leaking. Trump has moved Rudy Giuliani in to the legal team to close down the Mueller Special Prosecutor (out of gas, no Russian collusion). Democrats, desperate and in a panic, filed a federal lawsuit that backfires as the GOP organizes to get discovery. We will finally get the DNC computers for independent inspection. The Seth Rich case will be reopened as the GOP presses for records to prove Russia did not hack DNC computers. This is unfolding just as predicted in Killing the Deep State. If you want to know what is going to happen, you must read the book. In the end, Trump wins; Hillary and Obama will be brought to justice for treason before military tribunals. [more...]

SunPower Buys SolarWorld Americas to Produce in Oregon

After opposing tariffs on imported solar cells and modules for years and claiming the U.S. manufacture of solar cells would never be profitable, San Jose, California-based SunPower Corporation announced last week plans to become a leading U.S. manufacturer of solar cells and modules. Last Wednesday, SunPower said it’s buying SolarWorld Americas (SWA) to gain access to SWA’s production facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. The acquisition and a planned boost in production at the Hillsboro facility represent a victory for the Trump administration and other supporters of the solar tariffs. The U.S. solar manufacturing industry has been under assault for years from low-cost, state-subsidized solar manufacturing in China. [more...]

Ex-FBI Agent Says Comey is 'Damaging the Agency'

Ron Hosko, President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund and former assistant director of the FBI’s criminal division, said he thought Comey had been out of the FBI for long enough that his public comments were less likely to compromise the work of Mueller or Congress. But he said that he believed, and had heard from serving agents, that Comey’s speaking out was only fuel to Trump’s criticism of the agency. Hosko said, “I’m very confident that Robert Mueller knows how to conduct his investigation. But by talking like this, Comey is not helping the FBI’s ability to fight back against the attacks on its reputation that have been coming from Trump.” He said it would exacerbate the rift between Trump and the FBI: “I expect these wounds to remain open for a very long time.” [more...]

Deep State or Democrat State?

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s lawyer, was forced to drop his lawsuit against Fusion GPS over the smears peddled in its Clinton-Steele dossier because of the recent raids by the FBI. Aside from Trump, Cohen was one of the few people with the standing to sue Fusion GPS and discovery might have pulled back even more of the curtain on the process by which Clinton opposition research was used to justify eavesdropping on Trump officials while manufacturing the Russia conspiracy theory. [more...]

Pope Francis and the Caring Society

Pope Francis and the Caring Society is a nifty and concise primer on economics, free-market principles and Roman Catholic obligations to nurture the poor and planet Earth.  Editor Robert M. Whaples has performed a necessary service by offering this collection of seven essays. Not only are there essays by Acton’s own Samuel Gregg, but also a foreword by none other than one of the guiding spirits of the contemporary Catholic economic enlightenment, the late Michael Novak. With little overlap, each author proceeds from the premise that the free-market concept isn’t an “ism” in the first place. It’s not an ideology that requires blind allegiance. Neither does free-market imply an inherent defense of any given business or industry. Instead, free-market is a set of principles predicated on less is more. Less as in: Less government interference and concomitant less business cronyism with government. More as in: Increased personal freedom, overall prosperity and mutual cooperation. [more...]

Monday, April 23, 2018

4-24-18 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Welcome to the Class War
2. Ronald Kessler: Inside the World of Donald Trump
3. David Horowitz Exposes the Left
4. John LeBoutillier: Is the President Cornered after the Cohen Raid?
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Amazon and Walmart - Who Will Take India?

Welcome to the Class War

In the Great Class War between the “rich” and the government, whose side are you on? This week MarketWatch reported that by 2030, “the richest 1%” are on track to “control nearly 66% of the world’s money.” This is approximately $305 trillion, it reported, based on data from the hard-left British newspaper The Guardian, best-selling French Marxist economist Thomas Piketty, and other sources with comradely views. The activist group Oxfam warns that “just eight billionaires have as much wealth as 3.6 billion people – the poorest half of the world.” [more...]

Inside the World of Donald Trump

When I asked President Trump about his practice of giving out hundred dollar tips to janitors and workmen, he became defensive. “What tips? For who?” he said during an exclusive interview at Mar-a-Lago for my book The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game. “People who help you,” I replied. After more back and forth, Trump finally said, “I just like taking care of people. I love those people. I take care of the people. They take care of me, I take care of them.” Trump, who said this is the only interview he has given or will give for a book as president, likes to project a tough guy image and never reveal this softer side of him. [more...]

David Horowitz Exposes the Left

Ruling Ideas, Volume IX of The Black Book of the American Left, a multi-volume collection of his conservative writings of David Horowitz defines the Left and its agenda. The Black Book of the American Left collects all of Horowitz's writings over the last thirty years - at once a sharp incision to the heart of the Left's agenda; an exploration of routes conservatives might take in response to its permanent assault on America's values and power; and a unique trip log showing the evolving intellectual journey of one of our bravest and most original thinkers. In Ruling Ideas, you will learn about:

  • The fate of the Marxist idea
  • Slavery and the modern reparations movement
  • America’s second Civil War, “People of Color” and Black Lives Matter
  • Identity politics - the antithesis of the American idea
  • The irrational treatment of President Trump by the Democrats
  • David’s relationship with Christopher Hitchens... [more...]

Is the President Cornered after the Cohen Raid?

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we discuss the latest legal perils of President Trump and the dangers they may pose to his presidency. From Michael Avenatti's bold prediction that the President "will not make it through this term," to newly-hired Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani's amazing pledge to get this case wrapped up "within two weeks;" the President's case is consuming his Presidency. He has been described by his own staffers as "apoplectic, terrified and panicked." [more...]

Amazon and Walmart - Who Will Take India?

The two American giants’ fight for Indian territory has started to intensify. Amazon and Walmart have been competing to acquire majority stake in India’s largest e-commerce company, Flipkart. Recent developments suggest Walmart has proposed a $10-12 billion offer for a 51% stake; the deal could close by the end of June. On the other hand, Amazon has marked its presence by attaching a breakup fee of up to $2 billion. A breakup fee is a penalty established in the deal process that requires payment if the purchaser or seller backs out. In this case, Amazon will pay a hefty fee if the deal is incomplete for whatever reason. Nonetheless, the deal structures emphasize the seriousness of both parties. [more...]

The Real Donald Trump

When I asked President Trump about his practice of giving out hundred dollar tips to janitors and workmen, he became defensive. “What tips? For who?” he said during an exclusive interview at Mar-a-Lago for my book The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game. “People who help you,” I replied.

After more back and forth, Trump finally said, “I just like taking care of people. I love those people. I take care of the people. They take care of me, I take care of them.”

Trump, who said this is the only interview he has given or will give for a book as president, likes to project a tough guy image and never reveal this softer side of him. [more...]

The Democrats’ Sham Lawsuit

After more than a year, scores of interviews, mountains of documents, raids on witnesses, and tens of millions of dollars squandered away, there is still no evidence to support the allegation that President Donald Trump was involved in any type of “Russian collusion.”

In what appears to be a desperate attempt to get the “L” off its forehead, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has filed a lawsuit against the Russian government, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks, putting forth a wild conspiracy theory to try and divert attention away from its embarrassing loss in the 2016 presidential election.

A host of federal laws that were supposedly violated are cited in the suit, including the Wiretap Act, Stored Communications Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and tried-and-true fave of the left, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

The lawsuit is a redux of the 1972 DNC lawsuit during the Watergate investigation against then-President Richard Nixon’s reelection committee, which ended in 1974 when the Dems took a settlement of $750,000 from the Nixon campaign on the same day Nixon vacated the Oval Office. [more...]

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mueller’s Days are Limited

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's decision not to take up a bill that would protect FBI special counsel Robert Mueller indicates his Russia probe is starting to crumble. It is time Mueller's probe goes away for good.

I think it's the beginning of the end for Robert Mueller. As I point out in Killing the Deep State, it's shocking, but the real crime was that there was a coup d'├ętat planned. It was centered in the FBI, and the FBI concocted this Russian collusion story based on the Fusion GPS dossier.

I think Mueller's entire effort to find a crime, to prosecute, or to impeach Donald Trump is failing. Mueller's out of gas, and I think the failure to get this bill forwarded by Mitch McConnell indicates that the GOP realizes Mueller's days are limited.

NOTE: Corsi's latest Killing the Deep State has soared to the top of Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Times bestseller lists. He argues his book offers "smoking gun" evidence high-ranking officials of the FBI and DOJ took steps in 2016 to insure Trump's ouster if he was elected. [more...]

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

4-17-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: Exposing the Left
2. James Hirsen: Hollywood’s Largest Union Responds to the Sexual Harassment Scandal
3. Lowell Ponte: Post-Castro Cuba
4. Tudor Dixon: How Companies are Spying on Kids Through School-Issued Devices
5. Sally Pipes: Bailouts Won’t Fix Obamacare’s Fundamental Flaws

Exposing the Left

Ruling Ideas: The Final Volume of a Magisterial Series

When I began the project of describing this movement in the 1980s, the emergence of the left as a mainstream force in Amer­ica’s political life was fairly recent and inadequately understood. Conservatives in particular often failed to appreciate the anti-American animus of the left and its apocalyptic goals. At the same time, conservatives imprudently accepted the left’s deceptive claims to be “liberal” and “progressive,” ascribing to it idealistic intentions that masked its malignant designs. The contents of these volumes were conceived as a corrective to these false and disarming impressions. This is the ninth and final volume of my writings about progressivism, a movement whose goals are the destruc­tion of America’s social contract at home and the defeat of American power abroad. [more...]

Hollywood’s Largest Union Responds to the Sexual Harassment Scandal

The entertainment industry appears to be engaging in a superficial public relations campaign in response to the systemic sexual harassment crisis, which has severely tarnished the once-golden Hollywood brand. What has followed the initial Weinstein related expose is a host of harassment and sexual misconduct allegations involving actors, producers, directors, and other high-profile individuals. Many of the alleged incidents are said to have taken place in hotel rooms. In a number of instances, women who believed they were attending a business meeting were instead subjected to various levels of improper behavior. The continued use of hotel rooms for meetings has finally led SAG-AFTRA, which is the largest labor union in Hollywood representing actors, performers, broadcast journalists, and other entertainment professionals, to actually do something. [more...]

Post-Castro Cuba

Cuba was once the third most prosperous nation in the Western hemisphere, before Fidel Castro replaced capitalism with a communist dictatorship that turned it into one of the poorest, with an average monthly salary of $31. Fidel died in 2016 at age 90. The Castro dynasty ends this week when Fidel’s younger brother, former head of the secret police Raul Castro, retires after 10 years as Cuban President. (He will remain head of the Communist Party.) His hand-picked successor is said to be Miguel Diaz-Canel, who turns 58 this week, a committed Communist whose past is almost unknown to the press. This is the way most revolutionary dictatorships slide into the dustbin of history. The charismatic founder holds his new government together by invoking what they shared during the revolution. [more...]

How Companies are Spying on Kids Through School-Issued Devices
By Tudor Dixon, CEO of Lumen Student News providing unbiased news to America’s middle and high school students

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s recent appearance before Congress is raising the public’s awareness about how the world’s largest technology companies handle users’ sensitive personal data, but the brewing controversy runs far deeper than most parents and students realize. Lawmakers grilled Zuckerberg in April about how third-party app developers managed to extract personal information on tens of millions of Americans. What they didn’t discuss: How Facebook and other tech giants including Google, Apple, Microsoft and others collude with the U.S. Department of Education and local schools to build a massive database of information on students that’s exempt from federal privacy protections. [more...]

Bailouts Won’t Fix Obamacare’s Fundamental Flaws
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Senate Republicans are complaining about Obamacare again. But this time, they’re upset that the federal government isn’t spending enough money to prop up the health law’s insurance exchanges. Over a dozen GOP senators, nearly all of whom repeatedly campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare, tried to include a $60 billion bailout for exchange insurers in the recent omnibus spending bill.  The bailout was ultimately stripped from the bill because Democrats and Republicans couldn’t agree on language to prevent the funds from subsidizing abortions. But the GOP’s efforts to shore up Obamacare are disgraceful. Premiums on the exchanges are soaring because of the health law’s onerous mandates and regulations. Throwing more taxpayer dollars at the exchanges won’t fix this fundamental problem. [more...]

Monday, April 16, 2018

'Gentleman' Cohen Would've Cooperated for Mueller

Longtime Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen would have gladly cooperated with Russia special counsel Robert Mueller - and that would have staved off an FBI raid of his home and office.

The deep state is fighting back and it's not about to give up. I know Michael Cohen. I've known Michael Cohen for years. He's a gentleman. He's very dedicated to Donald Trump. He would have gladly cooperated with the special counsel if he had just asked or done it in a polite way. This is thundering. This is the DOJ and the FBI. It's shocking that they staged a coup d'├ętat.

NOTE: The New York Times grudgingly acknowledged last week what the book world has known for weeks: conservative author Jerome Corsi's widely-acclaimed Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump is a bona fide bestseller. [more...]

Thursday, April 12, 2018

4-12-18 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: China Treats U.S. Like a Colony... Luckily Trump is Fighting Back
2. Karen Tiber Leland: How to Decide Whether to Self-Publish Your Book or Not
3. Daniel Greenfield: From Steele to Mueller, the Cost of Overturning the 2016 Election
4. Bruce Thornton: Free Speech and Censorship
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Mark Zuckerberg Exposed

China Treats U.S. Like a Colony... Luckily Trump is Fighting Back
By Michael Stumo, CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America

The president understated his case. Yes, we have a big global trade deficit, it has cost millions of jobs, and China’s share is by far the largest with any country. Yes, China’s brazen technology theft is jaw-dropping. But the bigger story may be that we are already a natural resource colony for China as well as a quaint tourist destination. A short economic history of imperialism is in order. [more...]

How to Decide Whether to Self-Publish Your Book or Not

At least once a week, some highly motivated CEO, C-suite executive, coach, or entrepreneur calls me up and asks, "Should I self-publish my business book?" Unfortunately, there's no one right answer to that question. To begin with, it's critical to understand the current landscape of publishing options. In today's publishing world, there are three main options to get your book from brain to bookshelf: Traditional, Self-publishing, and Hybrid publishing. [more...]

From Steele to Mueller, the Cost of Overturning the 2016 Election

The raids of Michael Cohen’s hotel room, home and office are just this week’s Watergate. Political operatives have now seized privileged communications between the President of the United States and his lawyer. Despite fairytales about a clean process, these communications will be harvested by the counterparts of Peter Strzok, who unlike him are still on the case at the FBI; some of it will appear in the Washington Post and the New York Times, and some will be passed along to other political allies. That’s what happened at every juncture of Watergate 2.0. And it only follows that it will happen again. [more...]

Free Speech and Censorship

In these contentious times, various forms of censorship or discouragement of free speech are continually being fiercely debated. National Review Online writer Kevin Williamson, hired by the Atlantic for his scorched-earth attacks on Donald Trump, was fired after one column because of his scorched-earth attacks on women who’ve had abortions. Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham’s show has been boycotted by nearly 20 corporate advertisers because of her tweet mildly tweaking David Hogg about his failure to get into some universities. Hogg, of course, is the 17-year-old survivor of the recent mass shooting at a Florida high school who has become a petulant catspaw for the anti-gun lobby. Meanwhile, revelations of private data being sold or left vulnerable by Facebook, and the continuing censorship of political views by that platform along with YouTube and Google, have heated up calls for subjecting social media to government regulations. [more...]

Mark Zuckerberg Exposed

While Mark Zuckerberg takes full responsibility for the mistakes he made, stating, “It was my mistake and I’m sorry. I started Facebook, I run it, and I’m responsible for what happens here. It’s clear now that we didn’t do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm. That goes for fake news, foreign interference in elections, and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy,” there is absolutely no excuse as the executive of this company for letting this type of breach to happen. When it comes to doing business with anybody, you can NEVER take somebody at their word; take action and cover all of your bases to prevent harm from being done in the first place. [more...]

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

NY Times Admits Pro-Trump 'Killing the Deep State' Bestseller

The New York Times grudgingly acknowledged Thursday what the book world has known for weeks: conservative author Jerome Corsi's widely-acclaimed Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump is a bona fide bestseller.

Under mounting pressure, the paper agreed to list the book at No. 15 on its combined print and e-book bestseller list. Meanwhile Killing the Deep State has climbed to the No. 1 spot on several Amazon categories and is already a top 10 bestseller with Barnes & Noble.

Despite this, the Times is still refusing to include it on its more prestigious hardcover nonfiction list despite the fact that it has sold many more copies than books that have been included, according to Nielsen BookScan, the industry's nationally-recognized sales tracking service.

Corsi's book describes "deep state" efforts at agencies like the FBI, Department of Justice, and NSA aimed at destroying Trump's presidency. Killing the Deep State is published by Humanix. When Newsmax reached out to The New York Times to ask why it is snubbing the book, our query was met with a terse "no comment." In an interview with NewsmaxTV, Corsi said that he's not entirely surprised at his book's exclusion from the Times list.

"They don't want any book that will support President Trump, who they detest, to be on The New York Times bestseller list. Even if the book legitimately outsells most of the other books. It's completely disgraceful and dishonest.” [more...]

Pope Francis Questions the Existence of Hell

An atheist journalist has reported that Pope Francis questions the very existence of hell.  If Francis actually holds this heretical position, he must resign from the papacy.  Francis needs to clearly and emphatically reiterate Church dogma, just as he has spoken clearly and emphatically on so many eternal issues and issues of our times.  

One of his clearest teachings is in Laudato Si': On Care for Our Common Home, where he proclaims three messages central to the Christian faith: First, that our planet has been given to us because (as the Catechism puts it) "God, infinitely perfect and blessed in himself, in a plan of sheer goodness freely created man to make him share in his own blessed life" -- accordingly we cannot plunder the earth but must be stewards of it.  The second message of Laudato Si' is that we must order our world to help the poor.  The third message is that the rich are at risk because Mammon relentlessly draws them away from God.  

How can we arrange our affairs to protect the planet, care for the poor, and avoid the material temptations of the world?  These are prudential questions.  Economists can help answer the first two of these questions as they have learned much about how to protect the environment from plunder and how to raise the poor from destitution.  They have learned that creating and enforcing property rights is crucial for saving the environment and that economic freedoms are essential for elevating the poor.  Solving the third problem is probably the hardest and it's here that economists can learn from the lessons the Church teaches about the four last things: death, judgment, heaven and hell. 

About Robert: Editor of the Independent Institute’s new book, Pope Francis and the Caring Society, ROBERT M. WHAPLES is a research fellow at the Independent Institute, co-editor and managing editor for The Independent Review, professor of economics at Wake Forest University, and book review editor and former director for EH.Net.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

4-10-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Tech Oligarchs Censor the Right
2. Jerome Corsi: Trump Will Prosecute Obama, Hillary
3. Lowell Ponte: A Cashless America Could Soon be Gunless
4. Sally Pipes: Expanding Affordable Health Care in the States, the Legal Way
5. John LeBoutillier: 2018 Midterm Defeat Will be Even Worse than Republicans Let On
6. Daniel Greenfield: The Michael Cohen Raid

Tech Oligarchs Censor the Right

Control over free expression, which is held by a few tech oligarchs, is unprecedented at any time in human history: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The three have now shown themselves to be untrustworthy with data. They have proven to be biased, and of late have made it clear that they are willing to utilize the same kind of censorship that authoritarian regimes impose. The ability of conservatives to reach people through the use of social media is being slowly and steadily diminished by the implemented policies of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This is occurring under the guise of eliminating false information. Videos, posts, and other expressions are routinely being taken down, accounts are surreptitiously being limited in scope, and in some cases users are even being exiled from the Internet. [more...]

Trump Will Prosecute Obama, Hillary

The conspiracy to bring down President Donald Trump runs so deep that former President Obama and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will both face justice. Trump will launch a counterattack against the deep state, and I think the ultimate results are going to be Donald Trump will win. My book shows exactly how Donald Trump will win... he is going after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Before we're done, I think he's going to charge both with treason, and I think both will be brought before military tribunals. [more...]

A Cashless America Could Soon be Gunless

Cashlessness in surprising ways gives vast power to government. Days ago, for example, liberal Democrat New York State Comptroller Thomas J. DiNapoli, who controls where the state invests its $209.1 billion pension fund, sent out a letter. It went to institutions behind our credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, American Express, Discover Financial Services, and others. DiNapoli suggested that these companies look into implementing ways to block credit card purchases of firearms, ammunition, and gun accessories. The implied threat was clear: stop extending credit to gun and ammo buyers, or risk having New York State investment money taken away from your bank or credit company because the left wants to ban guns. [more...]

Expanding Affordable Health Care in the States, the Legal Way
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

In March, the Trump administration saved Obamacare in Idaho. It was a hard decision for administration officials who harbor no love for the health law. But it was the right call. Idaho officials wanted to help residents who have been harmed by Obamacare’s premium-inflating regulations, so they planned to allow insurers to sell health plans that don’t comply with those rules and mandates. Idaho officials shouldn’t let this setback dissuade them from pursuing affordable coverage. Consumers are suffering - double-digit premium increases on the Obamacare exchanges have become the norm. In 2018, premiums for all plans on the state’s marketplace increased 27 percent, on average. For popular silver plans, premiums rose an average of 40 percent. [more...]

2018 Midterm Defeat Will be Even Worse than Republicans Let On

There are seven months before the November midterm elections; and the media and political observers are frothing over the coming “blue wave.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last week in a Q&A in Kentucky forecast “a Category 3, 4 or 5” coming at the GOP in November. So, let us look at this question: Will the Democrats win back control of one or both houses of Congress? And is the “blue wave” so big that it might hurt GOP control of state houses and governorships? Seven months is still too far way to predict anything, but there are preliminary indications that should deeply worry Republicans. [more...]

The Michael Cohen Raid

We have multiple stories out claiming that the Michael Cohen raid was about Stormy Daniels. Here's what WaPo is currently claiming: "Trump attorney Cohen is being investigated for possible bank fraud, campaign finance violations, according to a person familiar with the case." Like a lot of anonymously sourced material in Team Coup media, this could turn out to be garbage. But it seems fairly credible and in keeping with Mueller's tactics. Find a string, pull on it; if you can't pull on it personally, pass it along to someone who can. This is the sort of thing that federal prosecutors do... and it's why they have such high conviction rates even when they don't have actual evidence. [more...]

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

4-4-18 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: China Retaliatory Tariffs: The Age of Appeasement Must End
2. Karen Tiber Leland: Your CEO Brand
3. Daniel Greenfield: Why President Trump is Right to Call Out the Troops
4. Lowell Ponte: Government is Hazardous to Your Health
5. Bruce Thornton: Why We Need John Bolton as NSA

China Retaliatory Tariffs: The Age of Appeasement Must End
By Michael Stumo, CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America

We strongly support the Trump administration’s shift from naive “free trade” to the realpolitik “strategic trade” practiced by most industrial nations. Strategic trade will lead to industrial recovery, better jobs and prosperity in the U.S. Challenges will arise as we transition from trade appeasement to protecting national economic interests. Other countries will engage in counter-moves that the U.S. must then address effectively. America must use both its leverage and creative domestic policy effectively to protect our workers, farmers and ranchers as these moves and counter-moves continue into the future. The U.S. cannot tolerate China’s weaponized trade and investment practices. We cannot back down after the first retaliatory announcement. [more...]

Your CEO Brand

According to one study from Burson-Marsteller, 48 percent of a company's reputation can be attributed to the standing of its CEO. For better or worse, having an active CEO brand is no longer an option. And while there is a growing understanding of the importance of creating a CEO brand, many leaders still aren't maximizing their personal brands to benefit their businesses. [more...]

Why President Trump is Right to Call Out the Troops

The United States has 14,000 troops in Afghanistan, 39,000 in Japan, 34,805 in Germany, 23,000 in South Korea, and around 5,200 in Iraq. Our military protects the borders of countless nations... except our own. In 1919, we had 18,500 soldiers on the border. “Twice a day every foot of the border line is patrolled by cavalrymen and infantrymen,” the New York Times noted. A hundred years later, President Trump’s proposal to use the military to secure the border is controversial even though Marines fighting drug cartels have come under fire from drug smugglers. [more...]

Government is Hazardous to Your Health

Everything associated with government should wear a warning label reminding us that "GOVERNMENT IS HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH. The health risk from government is vastly greater than that from a trace chemical that might affect you if you drank 10,000 cups of coffee at once, which is how they test these risks on laboratory animals. Such labels could give Americans a far better understanding of the hazard caused by an oversized government always eager to increase your tax or regulatory burden and endanger your health, so Uncle Sam can grow even fatter. [more...]

Why We Need John Bolton as NSA

Last week ex-CIA chief Michael Hayden signed a letter with a “bipartisan group of 115 national security leaders” that counsels the Trump administration and new National Security Advisor John Bolton not to jettison the nuclear deal with Iran. Hayden’s justification for this advice illustrates all the stale ideas and unexamined assumptions about foreign affairs that have brought us to this crisis in the first place - and why we need the return to realism we are likely to see with Bolton at the helm. [more...]