Thursday, February 28, 2013

2-28-13 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: How Jimmy Carter Ruined America... Twice
2. Kyle Olson: The Latest from
3. Dave Bego at the Heritage Foundation
4. Bill Glynn: Sequestration:  Just What the Fiscal Doctor Ordered

How Jimmy Carter Ruined America... Twice

Until Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter held the title, “Worst President in U.S. History.” Now, Carter may have taken the title back. You would have thought he’d be satisfied with almost destroying the U.S. economy and breaking the spirit of our country once. But, NO! Thirty-three years later, Jimmy Carter is now instrumental in helping Obama finish the job he started. As President from 1976 to 1980, Carter came close to destroying America. An ultraliberal, politically correct, do-gooder, just like Obama, Carter announced his Presidency would be dedicated to “compassion” and human rights. And, just like Obama, this leftist “fairness and feel-good philosophy” led to disaster for America. Now, Carter has finally gotten his revenge. Angry at America’s success since Reagan, including those 40 million new jobs created since the early ‘80’s, Carter might be the single man most responsible for Obama’s re-election, allowing him to continue the destruction Carter began all those years ago in 1976. [more...]

The Latest from

Bego at the Heritage Foundation

On Tuesday Dave Bego spoke to the Heritage Foundation about the damage that corporate campaigns do to employers and employees, the harm the NLRB's proposals would cause, and how employers can fight back against brutal union tactics. [Watch the video here...]

Sequestration: Just What the Fiscal Doctor Ordered

It is horrifying that the President of the Democratic Party is hitting the road again with mega media in hand to tell you and me how good Obamacare is and how bad the spending cuts will be.  There will be very acute pain felt in core military-dependent areas for certain Americans that rely on government assistance.  But for the most part, Americans will not really feel the hurt they are being led to believe is coming; however, the liberal media and spin machines will dredge up every single heartfelt tragedy and story to make sure you hear about it every day.  If they want your opinion they are happy to give it to you - and the sad fact is people will actually believe it!  For most of us, it is simply not enough of a bite to throw our country back into chaos; although short-term anxieties will show up in the market for sure.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2-26-13 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Al Fadi: Sequestration and the War on Terror
2. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.: Raping our Privacy? Our Bodies, Drones, Invasive Search and our Fourth Amendment Rights
3. Guido Lombardi: Italy's Historical Elections
4. John LeBoutillier: Will Anyone Pay a Political Price for the Sequester?
5. Wayne Allyn Root to Speak at CPAC
6. Kyle Olson: New Yorkers Upset By Use of Math Questions Based on the Slave Trade

Sequestration and the War on Terror

While Congress and the administration battle over the upcoming federal budget cuts caused by “sequestration,” one must ask a very serious question: Will it affect the war on terror? With the looming automatic cuts worth billions of dollars, many crucial government operations and agencies, without a doubt, will suffer the consequences of this fiscal doomsday which was the product of a 2011 debt ceiling deal between the administration and Congress. Although all federal operations are vital, one that stands at the top is the war on terror operation conducted by many security agencies. More than $500 billion worth of cuts is expected to hit these various agencies. However, such upcoming cuts are going to hinder the operation of those agencies and in turn their fight against terrorists driven by an ideology whose ultimate goal is to overpower and take over our nation. [more...]

Raping our Privacy? Our Bodies, Drones, Invasive Search and our Fourth Amendment Rights

As we witness the controversy over the use of drones and the public discussion about their use overseas - as well as their future overhead, right here in the U.S. - we must think hard about what other threats we may ultimately face here of accepting too much emphasis on threats to public safety. We must realize that we will always live with some level of threat - from terrorism and from other types of crimes - and we must come to an acceptable means of balancing those concerns to that of our Fourth Amendment rights protecting us against undue search and invasion of privacy. [more examples of the raping of our privacy...]

Italy's Historical Elections

The results of Italy's historical elections confirm the desire of a great many Italians who expressed their desire for change. Almost one third of the vote went to new actors of the complex Italian political system. Two great surprises characterize this election: first, the "tsunami" of the comic-turned-political agitator Beppe Grillo who won a substantial 25% in both houses of the legislature; the second is the rebirth of former premier Silvio Berlusconi (PDL), coming back from 12.8% a few months ago to almost 25% (almost 30% if you add the coalition party Lega Nord), almost gaining the upper hand in the powerful Senate. [more...]

Will Anyone Pay a Political Price for the Sequester?

Will anyone pay a political price for the Sequester? What is President Obama's top political priority in this budget issue? With $85 billion in Sequester cuts just days away, what is President Obama’s real political objective? Who will be the political loser if these cuts go through? Where is the GOP these days? Do they stand for anything anymore? This, and much more, will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS - Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen and John LeBoutillier - live on Fox News Channel this Sunday afternoon at 5:25 PM ET. [more...]

Wayne Allyn Root to Speak at CPAC

Wayne Allyn Root has officially accepted his invitation to speak at CPAC, with over 10,000 conservatives attending. We believe that Wayne is the only Nevadan in the country invited to speak at CPAC - joining Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and company. [more...]

New Yorkers Upset By Use of Math Questions Based on the Slave Trade

New York City parents are outraged after a student teacher blew the whistle on an inappropriate fourth grade math assignment centered on questions about the slave trade. “In a slave ship, there are 3,799 slaves. One day, the slaves took over the ship. 1,897 slaves are dead. How many slaves are alive?” read one of the questions in the Manhattan elementary school assignment, according to NY1 television. “One slave got whipped five times a day. How many times did he get whipped in a month (31 days)? Another slave got whipped nine times a day. How many times did he get whipped in a month? How many times did the two slaves get whipped together in one month?” read another question. This is obviously an outgrowth of the current fad amongst K-12 teachers to incorporate “social justice" lessons into students’ daily assignments, regardless of the subjects they teach. [more...]

Monday, February 25, 2013

Clouds Gather over Film Industry as Oscars are Handed Out

Clouds Gather over Film Industry as Oscars are Handed Out

Last night, as the 85th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony was taking place right in the heart of Hollywood, an anxiety was growing within the entertainment business. Despite the much-ballyhooed box-office figures, the traditional movie business model is facing a grim prognosis in terms of its ability to generate future revenues.

After sinking in 2011 to the lowest movie audience tally seen since the mid-1990s (1.3 billion), the industry shifted into panic mode. Then last year’s box office numbers managed to provide Hollywood studios with some relief, thanks to a number of blockbuster hits. Audiences grew to 1.36 billion and gross revenues hit $10.8 billion. The simple truth, though, is that in business profit truly matters, and despite the penchant that film studios have for making highly visible “tentpole” pictures, the growth rate of profits has been taking a pounding. [more...]

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2-20-13 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.: Death from the Skies - Targeted International Assassinations via U.S. Drones
2. Dave Bego: Right to Vote Hypocrisy
3. Kyle Olson: Forty-one States Require or Encourage Secret Contract Negotiations

Death from the Skies - Targeted International Assassinations via U.S. Drones

With John Brennan - considered by many to be the mastermind behind U.S. drone policy - nominated to be the next head of the CIA, we are hearing a lot about drones. And unlike those upon who drones reign down terror - it’s not the high pitch of an overhead motor that we are hearing. Instead the discussion is all about kill rates, kill versus capture, terrorizing innocents and an absence of transparency about policy - particularly when Americans and minors are considered eligible targets. Surgically precise and effective - drone strikes are argued by many to be useful in decapitating known terrorist leadership; however, the truth is that noncombatants are also being effected and the human toll of that fact may be causing as much threat to our national security as live terrorist leaders also pose. Much of the damage caused by U.S. drone strikes is clouded in secrecy and the U.S. government rarely acknowledges the full extent of civilian casualties. [more...]

Right to Vote Hypocrisy

While the media has opened its eyes to some of these favors the President is pulling out for Big Labor – the minimum wage proposal is a favorite of Big Labor, because it would give them leverage for future contract negotiations – they fail to understand that the Obama Administration is effectively running a campaign on the American people. The push for an increase to the minimum wage, for example, is an old trick used by Big Labor when trying to force unionize employees. In the realm of labor organizing, Big Labor organizers will spin the misinformation to promise employees a wage increase if they vote for union representation. Ultimately, however, any increase which may be achieved comes with job losses or reductions in hours, as the business has not budgeted for the increase and cannot simply absorb the financial hit. It is a give and take. [more...]

Forty-one States Require or Encourage Secret Contract Negotiations

Common sense suggests government should strive to be open and transparent so taxpayers can hold public officials accountable for their decisions. A recent study by the Goldwater Institute, however, shows common sense is sorely lacking in many states and municipalities around the nation. The Institute released a report last month titled “Airing Out Smoke-filled Rooms: Bringing Transparency to Public Union Collective Bargaining” that explores how employee unions and government officials conduct the public’s business. What researchers found is troubling, but not terribly surprising. [more...]

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oscar Chances for Lincoln Hurt by Allegations of Historical Inaccuracy

Voting is now underway and will continue through today to determine which films and film related artists are ultimately going to receive one or more of the coveted golden statues that are given out annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Oscar campaigns have become brutal affairs, replete with skilled strategists, opposition research, and multimedia leaks. However, this year politically tinged cinematic content and even some real-life political officeholders may have an effect on the outcome of the Academy Award ceremonies.

Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” earlier on looked as if it might become a major Oscar-nabbing vehicle with its grandiose themes and character channeling lead actor. The Oscar campaign of the film utilized the support of political figures including former President Bill Clinton, who conveyed a huge thumbs-up to the movie at the Golden Globe Awards show as he participated in the entertainment event by providing the intro for the “Lincoln” excerpt. It was reportedly Spielberg who personally requested that Clinton make an appearance at the Globes ceremony. [more...]

Friday, February 15, 2013

2-15-13 Obama Urges Universal Preschool

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Exclusive: AFT Web site features lesson plans promoting socialism and the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday

At first glance, “Share My Lesson,” a Web site created by the American Federation of Teachers, seems like a great idea. But, launched last July, has also become a clearinghouse for lessons rooted in radical socialist political philosophy. One purpose of the Web site is obviously to convince more teachers that it’s their responsibility to indoctrinate young students into the pro-union, anti-capitalist, anti-American political movement. [more...]

Texas 6th graders design flags for a new socialist nation

You know America is changing when leftists have even infiltrated Texas schools. A lesson plan for 6th graders in government schools reads as follows: Notice socialist/communist nations use symbolism on their flags representing various aspects of their economic system. Imagine a new socialist nation is creating a flag and you have been put in charge of creating a flag. Use symbolism to represent aspects of socialism/communism on your flag. What kind of symbolism/colors would you use? [more...]

Teachers encouraged to hold ‘bubble wrap popping fest’ to deal with accountability pressures

Across America we’re seeing many school employees can’t handle the pressure of accountability, so they’re cheating on standardized tests for students... or they’re outright refusing to administer the tests altogether. We’re also seeing collective freak out sessions over any sort of weapon, including guns made out of paper or Legos. The psyche of the American education system is in near-meltdown mode. [more...]

Together again: Obama, teacher unions to push universal preschool

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, President Barack Obama and the nation’s teacher unions patched up their differences and renewed their political love affair. Obama is pushing one of the unions’ favorite proposals: universal preschool.  In the State of the Union address, he said, “Tonight, I propose working with states to make high-quality preschool available to every child in America. Every dollar we 'invest' in high-quality early education can save more than seven dollars later on.” [more...]

EAGnews is a national, non-partisan organization devoted to school spending reform and ensuring that accountability and parental choice exist in public education. Go here for more:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2-13-13 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: State of Denial
2. James Hirsen: Celebrities Demand Action from Obama on Global Warming
3. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.: Christopher Dorner & the Murder/Martyrdom Mentality of Terrorists
4. Joseph Klein: U.N. Dithers in Response to North Korean Provocation

State of Denial

Obama’s speech last night wasn’t a State of the Union; it was a "State of Denial" - denial mixed with delusion. It was a state of addiction to spending. It was a modern day fairytale - in the middle of a Great Depression. It was a "Let's sing 'Kum-bay-yah' and hold hands, while we solve the world’s problems with money we don’t have” speech. It was insanity squared. Here’s how Obama solves problems: in the middle of a Great Depression, he wants to raise the minimum wage by almost $2 per hour. Delusional. Like a Saturday Night Live skit. [more...]

Celebrities Demand Action from Obama on Global Warming

Numerous big name Hollywood celebrities have placed their names on a letter that was sent to President Barack Obama by the Sierra Club, the contents of which were published in a full-page ad in a Washington, D.C. newspaper. Included among the letter's star signatories were [the usual suspects]. Embodied in the letter is a message to the president, which encourages him to seek an extreme approach to energy policy that includes a "phase out" of fossil fuels in America. [more...]

Christopher Dorner & the Murder/Martyrdom Mentality of Terrorists

Christopher Dorner's actions remind me of the psychological framework of terrorists who adapt a murder/martyrdom mindset to address either a real or perceived grievance. He may not have been a true terrorist - more of a lone wolf - as he was not working with any terror group and he had not signed on to any terrorist ideology. However, he had in common with terrorists that he was a non-state actor and attacking civilians (including law enforcement officers and their family members) to create terror in the community - in this case using extreme violence, attacks on civilians and a public manifesto and using the predictable media spotlight - to try to shape public opinion and to force the LAPD to address his claimed grievances regarding what he saw as racism. And his stance of willing to murder others knowing it will likely end in his suicide, probably in “death by cop” are all hallmarks of terrorists that follow a murder/martyrdom mentality in behalf of their cause. [more...]

U.N. Dithers in Response to North Korean Provocation

Once again North Korea has thumbed its nose at the international community, including its ally China, by confirming on Tuesday (February 12th) that it had conducted its third and most powerful nuclear test. "A third nuclear test has been successfully staged," the North's state-run Korean Central News agency said. "The nuclear test was conducted as part of measures to protect our national security and sovereignty against the reckless hostility of the United States that violated our republic’s right for a peaceful satellite launch." [more...]

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Resignation: More Than Meets the Eye

We must first understand the gravity and importance of this act. While we all knew of Pope Benedict’s declining health, no one ever thought that he would voluntarily resign. This hasn’t happened in over 600 years.
The Pope must have had grave and important reasons. His official reasons were poor “spiritual” and “mental” health. However, his statement conveyed more of a sense of incapacitation than a simple health issue.
In my opinion, Pope Benedict XVI, who was elected by his fellow cardinals in 2005, became aware that he was no longer able to make good, theologically proper, and God-centered decisions. This goes to the heart of his mission, being a guide for the Church, and him being a theologian. It means that he does not feel capable to discern God’s message from all of the noise out there in the world. .
The fact that his retirement coincides with the last day of the political elections in Italy is no coincidence. It clearly means that he feels responsible to stay and pray for the good, right, results of this important political choice. [more...]

2-11-13 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: The Emerging Egyptian-Iranian Strategic Alliance
2. Al Fadi: The Iran & Muslim Brotherhood's Brief - A Future Middle Eastern Alliance
3. John LeBoutillier: Has Partisanship Replaced Patriotism in our Foreign Policy?
4. Guido Lombardi: Pope Benedict XVI to Resign
5. Carl Schramm: What if the Economy Never Recovers?

The Emerging Egyptian-Iranian Strategic Alliance

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to Egypt makes him the first Iranian head of state to visit Egypt since Tehran broke off diplomatic relations with Cairo in 1980. Ahmadinejad is in Cairo for a summit meeting of the inter-governmental Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), but he hopes his meetings with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will help the Iranian regime to forge a strategic alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood-led government in Egypt. [more...]

The Iran & Muslim Brotherhood's Brief - A Future Middle Eastern Alliance

On Feb. 7th, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Ahmadinejad, announced during a press conference in Cairo during his recent visit to attend an Islamic summit, that Iran is looking forward to reigniting and strengthening its past ties with now “The Islamic Republic of Egypt." This announcement supports our previous prediction of such a move between the Islamic regime in Iran and the newly formed Islamic regime in Egypt under the command of the Muslim Brotherhoods. It also serves to support our concerns that a closer tie between both regimes can only mean one thing: a future religious trouble for the embattled region, and specifically to our closest ally - Saudi Arabia. [more...]

Has Partisanship Replaced Patriotism in our Foreign Policy?

Is our foreign and defense policy a mess because of bitter partisanship? Are the looming Sequester cuts already weakening our military and our economy? What will the President say in the State of the Union speech? What will Marco Rubio counter with in his rebuttal speech that night? Fmr. Congressman John LeBoutillier has detailed analysis... [more...]

CALL 516-735-5468 or e-mail Sandy to schedule interviews with Guido George Lombardi, Executive Director of the North Atlantic League, which promotes positive foreign relations between Italy, Israel, and the United States. As a political expert, he has served as the official representative of Italy’s Northern League to the United States. Lombardi still travels to Italy to consult on Italian politics and economics for Berlusconi and his party. Guido's first book, “Liberta’ e Progresso Economico” (Freedom and Economic Progress) was critically acclaimed by Italian academics and political leaders, and was received by His Holiness Pope John Paul II. His follow-up work “The Value Matrix,” earned him high praise from American business leaders such as Donald Trump and Daniel Abraham.

What if the Economy Never Recovers?

There’s a growing portion of Americans who consider this a real possibility. It is common to hear people discuss 2% annual growth and 8% unemployment as the “new normal.” Respected economists like Robert Gordon even contend that our country’s franchise on innovation is being lost. Perhaps most alarming is that Americans between the ages of 18 and 27 have never known what it’s like to participate in a robust, growing, economy. The sentiment felt today is not unprecedented in history. During the Great Depression there was likewise a feeling that recovery might never come. It is assumed that we now really understand the events of 1929 and how the near decade long Depression finally came to an end. Clearly we do not; if we did, we would have pulled ourselves out of the current predicament by now. [more...]

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2-6-13 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.: When a Posttraumatic Flashback Turns into a Real Life Nightmare
2. Joseph Klein: Why Israel Was Justified in Attacking Syria
3. Dave Bego: The Devil is in the Details - Buyer’s Remorse over Obamacare, Except for SEIU?
4. Doug Johnson: GOP More Dangerous Than Democrats
5. John Leboutillier: What Does the Hagel Nomination Tell us About Obama's Second Term?
6. Kyle Olson: Three-Year-Olds Chant 'Union Power' After Reading New Children's Book

When a Posttraumatic Flashback Turns into a Real Life Nightmare

Chris Kyle by all accounts was an amazing hero - a Navy Seal who passed his BUD/S training and went on to serve in Iraq distinguishing himself as one of our military’s most lethal snipers, a role in which he often protected his team mates. According to news accounts, when Chris decided to return home from the demanding tempo of his job he struggled briefly with all he’d been through but perhaps true to his Seal can-do spirit he overcame his re-entry stress and followed through on his strong desire to bond again with his wife and build his family strong. And like many Navy Seals, he continued giving back to society long after his commission was over. After getting his own affairs in order, he began volunteering his time to work with other veterans who were struggling, but not finding the same resilience he had. Eddie Ray Routh, Kyle's killer and a Marine veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, also served his country as a Marine but by preliminary press accounts evidently came home as a wounded warrior - not finding the peace in his soul that he needed to rebuild his life. [more...]

Anne Speckhard is an expert on PTSD and the author of Talking to Terrorists

Why Israel Was Justified in Attacking Syria

Last August, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel with the use of precision rockets in Hezbollah's possession which, Nasrallah warned, could turn the lives of "hundreds of thousands of Zionists to real hell, and we can talk about tens of thousands of dead." Yet the international community has not lifted a finger to enforce the terms of the Security Council resolutions requiring the disarming of Hezbollah, not to mention the embargo on further arms shipments to Hezbollah. With Syria in a virtual death spiral and more sophisticated arms on their way to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israel saw little choice but to enforce the Security Council resolutions itself for the sake of protecting its own civilian population. [more...]

The Devil is in the Details - Buyer’s Remorse over Obamacare, Except for SEIU?

It appears many of the Big Labor bosses are beginning to have buyer’s remorse. Based on reactions to the cost of regulations being exposed as Obamacare becomes a reality, many of the unions are demanding government subsidies to remain competitive at a time when membership is at a historical low. Only 11.3% of the total workforce and 6.3% of the private sector workforce are unionized! Apparently most Big Labor bosses forgot the basic fundamental premise - "Caveat Empetor" - meaning let the buyer beware – when supporting the President’s re-election campaign and backing his signature law, Obamacare. Evidently those astute business people bought in to Nancy Pelosi’s famous quote "We must pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it." Well, that is true for most Big Labor bosses, except for those at the SEIU. [more...]

GOP More Dangerous Than Democrats

The establishment GOP is trying to destroy true conservatives and Karl Rove is leading the way. They will drive the final nail into the GOP's coffin if they're allowed to get away with it. Do we never learn our lessons? It seems not. The establishment GOP architect of failure, Karl Rove, has decided to attack the true conservatives of the Tea Party. He can't accept that his horrendous failures in the last election should send him a message that his ideas aren't what Americans want. Instead, he has decided that he will pretend to be a conservative and force feed his ideas down our throats while trying to destroy true conservatives in the process. He thinks that will create a winning future for the GOP. His kind of Republicans are more dangerous than the Democrats because all they do is divide America and produce losing elections for the Right. [more...]

What Does the Hagel Nomination Tell us About Obama's Second Term?

What does the Chuck Hagel confirmation spectacle tell us about the President’s agenda vis-a-vis Iran? And what does it tell us about the Senate and the way they conducted Thursday’s confirmation hearing? Is our economy slowing down? If so, what will it do to President Obama’s second-term agenda? Will the bipartisan agreement on immigration pass the House? [more...]

Three-Year-Olds Chant 'Union Power' After Reading New Children's Book

Is your three-year-old preschooler chanting ‘union power’ these days? He/she might, if author Innosanto Nagara has his way. Nagara wrote “A is for Activist,” a book supposedly geared for the children of the “99 percent.” In other words, a new vehicle has been developed for leftists to begin indoctrinating children. “It’s pretty awesome to hear a three-year-old saying ‘union power,’” Nagara said in a YES! magazine interview. But union power and student activism aren’t the only goals. [more...]

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Petition: America Demands Answers on Benghazi

Last Friday, a terrorist blew himself up at the U.S. Embassy in Turkey. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last time this occurs. This is what happens when American leadership signals weakness, indecision and wavering in response to the threat of radical Islam.

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Our enemies didn’t miss President Obama’s mixed-message response to the Benghazi consulate attack. They are very well aware that an arrest has yet to be made. And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's outrageous response during her congressional testimony: "What difference, at this point, does it make?" didn't get past them either.

While the American people still don’t have answers to many of the questions swirling around Benghazi, our enemies have drawn their own conclusions: they see weakness, confusion and indecision, and they have become emboldened as a result. Answers to the critical questions about the attack on America that weren’t forthcoming at the House and Senate hearings are long overdue.

This is why ACT! for America is mobilizing citizens to sign an open letter to the House leadership demanding the creation of a House Select Committee to thoroughly investigate what happened in Benghazi.

We and the victims' families demand answers to questions, such as:

  • Exactly who was responsible for the attack?
  • Why is it that not even one of the terror suspects has been taken into custody?
  • Why did members of the Administration falsely claim on numerous occasions that a low-budget movie was the catalyst for the attack - an explanation known to be untrue?
  • Why was there no immediate military response during the attack to either rescue the victims or recover the bodies?
  • Is it true - as the New York Times reported - that militants involved in the recent attack of an Algerian gas complex were also involved in the Benghazi incident?

Rep. Frank Wolf has introduced H. Res. 36, which calls for the creation of this Select Committee. The House leadership needs to hear from the grassroots that there is a demand for the creation of this committee to thoroughly investigate what happened in Benghazi.

How many more of our embassies are now in the crosshairs of Islamic jihadists as a result of this Administration's lack of leadership and a call for justice?

To Discuss this and more, CALL 516-735-5468 or e-mail Sandy to schedule interviews with Brigitte Gabriel.

Monday, February 4, 2013

DGA Sets Up Hollywood Power Struggle for Best Picture Oscar

A snub by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences along with a series of wins from the Producers Guild of America (PGA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and most recently the Directors Guild of America (DGA) have set up a major Hollywood power struggle in the lead-up to the Oscars.

On one side of the power struggle is an institution, the longtime heralded filmmaker Steven Spielberg; and on the other, an upstart - the comeback kid, Ben Affleck. Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and Affleck’s “Argo” will go head to head in the best picture category of the upcoming Academy Awards.

Films released during awards season are often prestige-seeking vehicles, and these two movies are no exceptions. Many Oscar watchers had picked “Lincoln” to sweep three of the major categories that are in contention: best film, best director, and best screenplay adaptation. However, Spielberg and his camp have seen their Oscar fortunes slip considerably, while Affleck’s film has captured almost all of the award granting momentum. [more...]