Wednesday, December 1, 2021

12-1-21 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Steve Turley: Biden Will Not Run in 2024

2. Wayne Allyn Root: Get Ready for President Hillary Clinton

3. Patrick Wood: Los Angeles Enforces Vaccine Mandates for Indoor Businesses

4. James Hirsen: Hollywood Still Loving 'It's a Wonderful Life'

5. Daniel Greenfield: Kamala Stopped FBI From Monitoring Black Supremacists Like Waukesha Killer

Biden Will Not Run in 2024

By Steve Turley

An increasing number of leftist pundits are beginning to openly panic about Biden’s implosion, and that panic can be seen by the number of articles that have been written of late in leftist standard-bearers like the Washington Post. These articles are openly speculating that Joe Biden will not run for reelection in 2024. In fact, leftist pundits openly questioning whether Biden will run again is now commonplace throughout the mainstream media. 'Oh he's running,' Jen 'Circle Back' Psaki, assures us, but when the very person who is actually paid to lie is the only person confirming your supposedly future candidacy, you have to wonder. Even the ultra-leftists at CNN, who are desperately trying to cover up the latest Chris Cuomo scandal, are openly discussing the possibility of a Harris-Buttigieg ticket for 2024. [more...]

Get Ready for President Hillary Clinton

By Wayne Allyn Root

I'm going to make a shocking prediction. Democrats (i.e., the party of radical, insane and hateful socialists, Marxists and communists) are getting ready to install Hillary Clinton as president of the United States. You might ask, "How will they do it?" The answer is simple. Biden is finished. He served his useful purpose. He provided a white, experienced, grandfatherly, supposedly "moderate" face to serve at the top of the presidential ticket. The mail-in ballot fraud got the Democrats 90% of the way home in rigging and stealing the 2020 election. And Biden's "white moderate grandfather" routine did the rest: He fooled just enough clueless and naive voters in a handful of battleground states to finish the job. Don't laugh. Get ready. It's coming - Clinton in 2024. [more...]

Los Angeles Enforces Vaccine Mandates for Indoor Businesses

By Patrick Wood

The City of Los Angeles has started enforcement of its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for indoor businesses. Los Angeles is another glaring example of lawlessness as it uses vax mandates to crush small businesses and further polarize its citizens. It criminalizes the unvaxxed by forcing them to "show their papers" to participate in the economic system - "no shoes, no shirt, no vaccine, no service." The medical Technocrat world must be stopped and rejected while there is still time to do so. Businesses and consumers alike must stand up and tell their city's tyrants that they will not obey nor comply in any way. [more...]

Hollywood Still Loving 'It's a Wonderful Life'

By James Hirsen

The beloved film, "It's a Wonderful Life" will no doubt air multiple times on TV this year. But there will be a bit of an additional twist to the regular television lineup. A group of Hollywood actors will participate in a special table read of the classic script. The live table read will honor the late Ed Asner, who passed away last summer. Proceeds will benefit The Ed Asner Family Center, which promotes mental health and enrichment programs to children with special needs and their families. An all-star cast will be featured. Tom Bergeron will host the event. SNL alum Jason Sudeikis will take on the role of George Bailey. And Sudeikis's real-life uncle, George Wendt (aka Norm on the classic sitcom "Cheers"), will play Bailey's Uncle Billy. [more...]

Kamala Stopped FBI From Monitoring Black Supremacists Like Waukesha Killer

By Daniel Greenfield

Two years ago, Senator Kamala Harris, along with Senator Cory Booker and six other Democrat Senate members, attacked the Justice Department for monitoring black supremacists. The politicians signed a letter falsely claiming that 'black identity extremists' was "a fabricated term based on a faulty assessment of a small number of isolated incidents." And they argued that monitoring black racists was racist. When Kamala Harris was running for president, the privileged daughter of wealthy foreign students falsely claimed that she faced segregation in Berkeley, California. In Waukesha, Jackson Sparks, an 8-year-old boy, was killed by the black supremacist terrorist whom Kamala Harris had protected. [more...]

Monday, November 29, 2021

Support for More Gun Control Falls, But Partisan Gap Grows

By Dr. John Lott

According to a new Gallup poll, support for stricter gun control has fallen by 15 percentage points in just the last five years. But, despite the drop being driven by independents' changing views, Democrats aren't likely to rethink their support for more gun control. The partisan divide on this issue has never been so large - 91% of Democrats and only 24% of Republicans support stricter laws. While Democrats claim they want "reasonable" or "common sense" laws, you get an idea of how stark the partisan differences are by considering the response to Gallup's question about whether people support a complete ban on civilian ownership of handguns: 40% of Democrats like the idea compared to only 6% of Republicans. [more...]

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

11-23-21 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: The Great Vaccine Mandate Scam

2. John Lott: The Continual Media Dishonesty in the Rittenhouse Trial

3. Daniel Greenfield: Three Foreign Billionaires Finance the Dem Dark Money Machine

4. Patrick Wood: CFFS Slams FBI for Raid on Home of Activist Colorado Mom Opposed to CRT, Mask Mandates

5. Kenneth Rapoza: Biden's Climate Agenda Produces First Cracks in China Policy

6. James Hirsen: Mark Wahlberg Teams Up with Mel Gibson for Faith-Based Film, "Stu"

The Great Vaccine Mandate Scam

By Wayne Allyn Root

We are living through a big vaccine mandate scam. Joe Biden is using the vaccine mandate (and vaccine passport to come) as a Trojan horse. In other words, it looks like he's trying to protect America and save lives, when in reality he's using this vaccine mandate as a cover story to destroy the U.S. economy, capitalism and the great American middle class, all at once. This is a communist takeover of the U.S. by a small minority at the top who have rigged elections and are now busy hijacking the country, as if they have some powerful mandate. [more...]

The Continual Media Dishonesty in the Rittenhouse Trial

By Dr. John Lott

I closely listened to the Rittenhouse trial and consistently saw the prosecution's witnesses make the clear case that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. I have a hard time understanding how anyone could think that he was guilty of going to Kenosha to purposefully murder people. The polarization over the Rittenhouse trial is pretty easy to explain. There's the relatively benign if misleading reports on Friday by ABC, CBS, and NBC Evening News broadcasts announcing the verdict. All three outlets called the riots "protests" and avoided saying anything about Rittenhouse being attacked before using his gun. NBC went as far as saying that there were "protests and unrest." Others went much farther. [more...]

Three Foreign Billionaires Finance the Dem Dark Money Machine

By Daniel Greenfield

A Swiss human experimenter, a Hungarian Nazi collaborator, and an Iranian tech tycoon walk into Washington, D.C. What do you call them? The absentee owners of the Democrat Party. It’s not a joke. Unfortunately, it’s grimly serious. Politico recently reported that the Sixteen Thirty Fund, the leading dark money machine of the Left, had pumped $410 million into Dem 2020 efforts to defeat Trump and Republicans. The Sixteen Thirty Fund had raised a record $390 million that year and half the money came from just four donors. While the names of the donors are secret, the article did note the names of three major known STF backers: Pierre Omidyar, Hansj√∂rg Wyss, and George Soros. [more...]

CFFS Slams FBI for Raid on Home of Activist Colorado Mom Opposed to CRT, Mask Mandates

By Patrick Wood

"They were at my home to intimidate me, to shut me up, because I was using my First Amendment rights to advocate... and they'll never be held accountable. Instead, they will criminalize this woman who has stood up." Those were the words of Sheronna Bishop, a terrified-but-determined suburban Colorado mother whose home was invaded by federal law enforcement on November 16th in what could be the first case of the promised Department of Justice crackdown on activist parents. Bishop has been a vocal activist for election integrity in her state, as well as a fixture at local school board meetings, often opposing the implementation of mask mandates for children and the inclusion of Critical Race Theory in school curricula. These activities are what likely made her a target of a rogue DOJ. [more...]

Biden's Climate Agenda Produces First Cracks in China Policy

By Kenneth Rapoza, China Expert/Industry Analyst for the Coalition for a Prosperous America

The "deal" by China to reduce coal use – by 2030 – is a non-deal. What did the U.S. give up for Chinese Communist Party boss Xi Jinping's word? On Veteran's Day, Homeland Security gave prison labor user Hoshine Silicon Industry a pass. The Commerce Department dropped a potential case against Chinese multinationals in Southeast Asia accused of dumping solar products into the United States by an undisclosed group of U.S.-based manufacturers. China: 2. U.S.: 0. Why zero? Because replacing our use of fossil fuel with Chinese-made solar is more Build Beijing Better. China is at least 80 percent of the global solar supply chain. And part of it relies on prison labor. [more...]

Mark Wahlberg Teams Up with Mel Gibson for Faith-Based Film, "Stu"

By James Hirsen

Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson are starring in an upcoming faith-based movie titled "Stu," a biopic on the life of a man who was a boxer, actor, museum manager, and ultimately an ordained Catholic priest. The main character in the film, Father Stuart Long, was affectionately known as "Father Stu," hence the movie title. Wahlberg began working on the project two years following the passing of Father Stu in 2014. Wahlberg plays the lead role, and Gibson plays the part of Father Stu's dad, Bill Long. [more...]

Monday, November 15, 2021

11-16-21 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: My Interview with President Trump - The Good and Bad News

2. John Lott: Is Ensuring Election Integrity Anti-Democratic?

3. Ken Rapoza: Sequoia Capital, Others Investing in China Semiconductors... Who's Investing in Ours?

4. Judd Dunning: Apologist Biden vs. We the People

5. Sally Pipes: Obamacare's Marketplace Embarrassment Stretches on For Another Year

6. James Hirsen: A Bright Light in the Hip Hop Music World

My Interview with President Trump - The Good and Bad News

By Wayne Allyn Root

There is both good news and bad news from my interview with former President Donald Trump last week. The first time around, I asked him if he would consider becoming Speaker of the House, if and when the GOP reclaims the House in 2022. From there, I reasoned, he could open multiple criminal investigations of the corrupt and failed Biden presidency and lead the impeachment of President Joe Biden. This time around I asked Trump point-blank if he's going to be running for president again in 2024. Although he can't give a "YES" because he'd run afoul of campaign finance regulations, he made it pretty darn clear that he will be running for president in 2024. His answer was as close to a "YES" as you can get without saying "YES." I'm now fully convinced he's running. [more...]

Is Ensuring Election Integrity Anti-Democratic?

By Dr. John Lott

From Hillsdale College: Sixteen years ago, in 2005, the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform issued a report that proposed a uniform system of requiring a photo ID in order to vote in U.S. elections. The report also pointed out that widespread absentee voting makes vote fraud more likely. Voter files contain ineligible, duplicate, fictional, and deceased voters, a fact easily exploited using absentee ballots to commit fraud. Citizens who vote absentee are more susceptible to pressure and intimidation. And vote-buying schemes are far easier when citizens vote by mail. Who was behind the Carter-Baker Commission? [more...]

Sequoia Capital, Others Investing in China Semiconductors... Who's Investing in Ours?

By Kenneth Rapoza, China Expert/Industry Analyst for the Coalition for a Prosperous America

Everyone has heard about the semiconductor shortage. It's largely due to the fact that China has hoarded a lot of chips, especially low-end ones used in cars, and because we are dependent on Taiwan semiconductor and Samsung to make them. Meanwhile, as China builds out its own nascent semiconductor industry, Silicon Valley is helping them to do so. Good going, guys... [more...]

Apologist Biden vs. We the People

By Judd Dunning

Biden is either an ideological juggernaut or incompetent. The Obama governing strategy was "Let's see what we can get away with." His cavalier lack of concern for what people who live in "his country" want is becoming undeniable. We see this supported by his appearances and occasional public commentary delivered in a tired spirit of irritation and disdain. Biden rules rather than inspires. This is a problem seeing as he works for "We the People." The voters are responding to him accordingly. [more...]

Obamacare's Marketplace Embarrassment Stretches on For Another Year

By Sally Pipes

Obamacare's insurance exchanges have begun selling plans for 2022. If history is any guide, open enrollment - which runs in most states from November 1 through January 15 - will be a resounding disappointment, at least compared to what Americans were promised when Obamacare became law. Since the exchanges opened for business eight years ago, they have underperformed by almost every measure. Not only have fewer Americans signed up for coverage than even the law's champions projected, but the exchanges have also cost taxpayers far more than expected. [more...]

A Bright Light in the Hip Hop Music World

By James Hirsen

Lecrae Devaughn Moore, publicly known as Lecrae, is a pioneer and leading figure in the growing genre of gospel-hip hop. He is also well known for having secured a great degree of fame in the fields of singing, songwriting, record producing, acting, and filmmaking. His third solo album, titled "Rebel," was released in 2008 and quickly became the first Christian hip hop album to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Gospel chart. Most refreshingly, he openly states that he views his music as an art that reflects his Christian faith. [more...]

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

11-9-21 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Judd Dunning: Biden Mandate Mania - No... Resist and Don't Comply

2. Wayne Allyn Root: Vaccine Mandate is Cloward-Piven Plan to Destroy USA and End Capitalism

3. Kenneth Rapoza: Trade Deficit Breaks All-Time Monthly Record

4. Steve Turley: It's Over! Biden & Harris are Imploding

5. James Hirsen: Chronicles of Conversion

6. Daniel Greenfield: If You Liked the Steele Dossier, You’ll Love the Center for Countering Digital Hate

Biden Mandate Mania - No... Resist and Don't Comply

By Judd Dunning

The Biden administration is now treating our people once again, as subjects, not citizens. And nothing stings of more actually regressive hubris than the imposition upon American's classless autonomous freedom than our self-anointed ruler, Joe Biden's sweeping and generalized COVID mandates. On days when Biden remembers his latest executive edict or policy pronouncement, he knows he was against mandates before being for them. Vaccine mandates on American businesses are Democrat Party political power porn. It's all a game, and liberals love it. Liberal vaccine and mask mandates are about power, not science. [more...]

Vaccine Mandate is Cloward-Piven Plan to Destroy USA and End Capitalism

By Wayne Allyn Root

Back in the '80s, I was a Columbia University student learning about a plan to destroy America and end capitalism. It was called Cloward-Piven - named after a Columbia University husband-and-wife professor team. Their insane goal was to turn America into a socialist, communist hellhole. They planned to do it by overwhelming and collapsing the U.S. economy with massive debt, created by getting as many Americans as possible to depend on welfare, food stamps and unemployment benefits. In the ensuing economic catastrophe and collapse of our country, every business owner would get on their knees to beg the government to save them. At that moment of crisis and chaos, we would become a socialist/communist country. Don't look now, but it's happening. [more...]

Trade Deficit Breaks All-Time Monthly Record

By Kenneth Rapoza, China Expert/Industry Analyst for the Coalition for a Prosperous America

The September goods and services trade deficit rose substantially last month – by a whopping $8.1 billion – to come in at $80.9 billion as more ships waiting at sea off the coast of California will make this year our first-ever $1 trillion deficit in manufactured goods trade with the world. The goods deficit for September was the highest all year at $98.15 billion, the Bureau of Economic Analysis says. That’s up from a goods deficit of $89.23 billion for August, which was actually revised upwards from $88.16 billion. The $98.15 billion deficit for September is the highest monthly deficit ever recorded in U.S. history. [more...]

It's Over! Biden & Harris are Imploding

By Steve Turley

Biden and Harris are imploding. There's just no other way of putting it. Poll numbers are in absolute and utter freefall, and there's nothing that their cheerleaders in the lamestream media can do to stop it. The latest Suffolk University/USA Today poll has Biden's approval rating right now at 38 percent. That abysmal rating means that 59 percent disapprove of the 'Brandon' regime. Just to put this in context, this was the fourth poll in a row that has Biden in the 30s. The latest Trafalgar poll, which was the only polling outlet to call New Jersey correctly, has Biden sinking as well to 39 percent approval. The latest Quinnipiac poll has Biden barely clinging to life at just 37 percent approval. And the latest Zogby poll has Brandon's approval rating cratering to an utterly humiliating 36.4 percent. So, we've got now four independent, back-to-back polls coming out, all showing Biden in the 30s. The same USA Today poll has Kamala Harris's approval falling to an utterly dismal 28 percent. [more...]

Chronicles of Conversion

By James Hirsen

C.S. Lewis is best known for his literary works of fiction, "The Chronicles of Narnia," which have been adapted for radio, television, stage, and cinema. However, he is also greatly revered in the academic world, having taught at Oxford and Cambridge. For Christians and other faith-filled people, though, he is highly regarded as being one of the most influential Christian thinkers and writers on record, particularly for his non-fiction masterpieces "Mere Christianity" and "The Problem of Pain." His personal story of how he went from atheist to skeptic to believer is so compelling that a new film, "The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis," has made its debut. [more...]

If You Liked the Steele Dossier, You’ll Love the Center for Countering Digital Hate

By Daniel Greenfield

After campaigns to censor "election misinformation," and "medical misinformation," the latest wave of the censorship campaign calls for banning "climate misinformation" from the Internet. A report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate warns of the free speech threat from, "climate disinformation, including articles that undermine the existence or impacts of climate change or misrepresent data in ways that might erode trust in climate science experts." And nothing builds trust like eliminating dissent. [more...]

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

John Lott: The Supreme Court Has an Opportunity to Defend the Second Amendment

By Dr. John Lott

The work that I started over 23 years ago with my book "More Guns, Less Crime," which dealt with Right-to-Carry concealed handgun laws, is coming to a head today. When it decides on NYSRPA v. Bruen - scheduled for oral arguments today - the Supreme Court will have a chance to stop governments from restricting the right to "bear arms." The part of the Constitution guaranteeing that right has long been ignored by many state and local governments, despite previous Supreme Court rulings that there is an "individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation" in the home. The situation is worst in New York, California and six other "may-issue" states, where officials can turn down requests for a carry permit for any reason, or for no reason at all. [more...]

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

11-2-21 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Patrick Wood: Meta - The Final Disconnect from Reality

2. Wayne Allyn Root: The Complete Failure and Disaster of the COVID-19 Vaccine

3. Ken Rapoza: NYC Ad Campaign Targets BlackRock's China Love Affair

4. Steve Turley: Dems Horrified as 'Trump Coup' Becomes Runaway Train

5. David Horowitz: Political Left Has Adopted Fascist Mentality

6. James Hirsen: Tim Allen No Longer Buzz Lightyear

Meta - The Final Disconnect from Reality

By Patrick Wood

Mark Zuckerberg hasn't lost his mind, but he wants you to lose yours... to the metaverse. He is investing billions of dollars to make sure that his rebranded company, Meta, will be the industry leader in the same way that IBM dominated the computer industry for many decades. Other major Big Tech companies are jumping in. Gaming software development companies, chip manufacturers and hardware developers. Together, it will create an entirely new industry that will run alongside Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Reality. For those who embrace it, the metaverse will completely rewire the human brain. It will get into your brain. It will dominate your brain. It will provide an endless source of dopamine hits as you are visually, mentally and emotionally stimulated. [more...]

The Complete Failure and Disaster of the COVID-19 Vaccine

By Wayne Allyn Root

Every word I say is based on science and facts. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is the only present scientific way of measuring deaths and injuries from any vaccine - including the COVID-19 vaccine. It's not my system. It's not based on politics. It has nothing to do with conservative or liberal opinions. It is a science-based medical reporting system provided by the government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is the only way of keeping track of deaths, crippling injuries and adverse reactions from any vaccine. It has been used for many decades. No one in the medical community or media has EVER in history ignored or disparaged VAERS before - until now. Here are the VAERS numbers... [more...]

NYC Ad Campaign Targets BlackRock's China Love Affair

By Kenneth Rapoza, China Expert/Industry Analyst for the Coalition for a Prosperous America

A group called the Consumers First Initiative is calling out America's biggest bank for its hypocrisy in regards to China. Its CEO Larry Fink loves to tout climate and social justice causes at home, while being heavily invested in and praising the most polluting nation on the planet... oh, and one that holds hundreds of thousands of Uyghur Muslims in captivity in Xinjiang. [more...]

Dems Horrified as 'Trump Coup' Becomes Runaway Train

By Steve Turley

Leftists today love to make the baseless claim that Trump and the GOP are launching a 'slow-motion coup.' Supposedly this coup is happening at two levels. First, it involves Trump taking over the Republican Party, which he's done by amassing an astonishing war chest. His Save America PAC has outraised the Republican National Committee almost two to one. Trump now controls the purse strings of the GOP. Second, leftists believe Trump is directing Republican legislatures across the nation to pass these so-called voter suppression laws, which will be solidified when the GOP takes over Congress in the 2022 midterms. With all of this voter suppression instituted throughout the nation, Trump will supposedly make a triumphal return in 2024. [more...]

Political Left Has Adopted Fascist Mentality

Freedom Center founder David Horowitz recently appeared on the The Van Maren Show to discuss his new book, I Can't Breathe, and how a racial hoax is killing America. He also shares his own intellectual journey from Left to Right - how the political Left has adopted a fascist mentality, and much more. Listen to Horowitz on Van Moren: GO HERE. Get David's new book: I Can't Breathe: How a Racial Hoax Is Killing America. [more...]

Tim Allen No Longer Buzz Lightyear

By James Hirsen

In all of the previous "Toy Story" films, Tim Allen is the voice of Buzz Lightyear, most recently starring in 2019's "Toy Story 4." He is without a doubt the voice most associated with the endearing character and as such has been an integral part of the "Toy Story" brand for almost three decades. So, from a business perspective, it makes no sense for entertainment executives to avoid using the actor who helped place the "Toy Story" franchise in a position where a spinoff could actually be a feasible option. Disney's move to replace Tim's voice with that of "Captain America" actor Chris Evans has prompted tons of discussion on social media, questioning whether Tim's removal was politically motivated. [more...]