Tuesday, May 11, 2021

5-11-21 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Erwin Lutzer: Is Free Speech Important?

2. David Horowitz: My Former Friends Have Joined the Fascists

3. Brigitte Gabriel: Liz Cheney and Establishment Republicans' Days are Numbered

4. Steve Turley: Woke Colleges are Closing Down Permanently Throughout the Nation while Conservative Colleges are Flourishing

5. Karen Kataline: Is "Equal Access" Equal If It's for Me but Not for Thee?

Is Free Speech Important?

By Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Author of We Will Not Be Silenced

Free speech laws in Western nations have supported Christians in spreading the gospel throughout the world. Free speech is a special gift that is underappreciated by all of us. But historically, for most of 2,000 years, the church has had to survive without freedom of speech. Opposition to free speech began early in the history of the church. Shortly after the church was birthed, to preach in the name of Jesus was considered forbidden speech; it was considered to be hate speech that carried the penalty of imprisonment and sometimes even death. Take time to reread Acts 4 in which Peter and John performed a miracle in the name of Jesus. But the authorities were not pleased. For this the two were arrested. When asked to defend themselves, Peter boldly proclaimed that the miracle was performed in the name of "Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified... for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved" (Acts 4:10, 12). No political correctness here. "By your agreement, you let Jesus be crucified, and if you don’t believe in Him, you have no salvation." [more...]

My Former Friends Have Joined the Fascists

By David Horowitz, Author of The Enemy Within

Ignoring Trump’s alleged absence during the pandemic, while joining his "cult," is the accusation leveled at me in a New Republic cover story by Ron Radosh and Sol Stern, who have called their attack, "Our Friend, the Trump Propagandist." In their article, I am accused of writing three mindless books about Trump as I marched into the MAGA cult. Actually, I wrote two books – both of which were NY Times best sellers and neither of which the authors seem to have read. If they had, they would certainly have engaged a specific argument or two in order to make their accusation credible. They are appalled by my failure to embrace the Democrat lie that Trump was AWOL during the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, they are oblivious as to their own hypocrisy in giving the anti-Trump president, Joe Biden, a pass for blowing up the border in his first week in office and allowing an estimated 100,000 Coronavirus carriers to flood the country this year and infect his fellow Americans. Pompous self-righteousness based on non-existent "facts" is unfortunately what one has come to expect from the Left. [more...]

Liz Cheney and Establishment Republicans' Days are Numbered

By Brigitte Gabriel

The 2022 elections are going to be a day of reckoning for democrats in Congress as well as Rino Republicans running for office in primary elections.

This has been a long time coming, dating back to the 2010 Tea Party movement spurred by the election of President Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden. After Obama was elected in 2008, it was not the establishment "conservatives" who knocked on countless doors and made endless phone calls to take back the House of Representatives from Nancy Pelosi with a historic 63-seat change; it was Tea Party patriots like myself who worked tirelessly to organize and ensure Americans everywhere were aware of what was at stake for our nation if we did not do everything we could to thwart the Obama Administration's radical agenda. [more...]

Woke Colleges are Closing Down Permanently Throughout the Nation while Conservative Colleges are Flourishing

By Steve Turley

You've no doubt heard the saying: "Get woke, go broke." It seems like this is fast becoming an undeniable law of the universe, and our college campuses are learning about this law the hard way. The modern-day college campus has been infested with cultural Marxism and has turned into one of the most leftist institutions that anyone could ever encounter. It is thus no coincidence that more and more people are turning their backs on these colleges, and the economic consequences of this default boycott have been catastrophic. Let me give you a few recent examples of just how woke our universities have become... [more...]

Is "Equal Access" Equal If It's for Me but Not for Thee?

By Karen Kataline

Under the guise of "public health," bureaucrats who weren't elected to anything, have succeeded easily at discriminating against whomever they wanted - that is, anyone who defies their growing abuse of our Bill of Rights. You have to be truly shameless to be so brazenly contradictory. They are. They also invite their bandwagon to willfully ignore the difference between personal self-expression and public accommodation - but only when it suits them. Now, the Left are suddenly champions of private business? They even applaud discrimination when they are using them as their proxy to deny the rights of dissenters. [more...]

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

How to Defeat the Pelosi-Biden Fascists

By David Horowitz

We are losing the ideological war with the Democrats who are busily creating a one-party state by destroying the Supreme Court, abolishing the Electoral College, eliminating voter I.D.s, flooding the polls with unsolicited mail-in ballots, demonizing opponents as "insurrectionists" and traitors, de-platforming presidents and prominent conservatives, banning books they find "offensive," conducting witch-hunts of conservatives in the military, in the Capitol police, in the Department of Homeland Security, and turning our schools into indoctrination centers for anti-American, racist ideologies.

The racism of the Democrat Party is its Achilles heel. Fight fire with fire. Focusing on Democrat racism will turn the political debate around and put the Democrat slanderers on the defensive. Democrats control every major inner city in America and have for fifty to a hundred years; every killing field – Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Minneapolis. Democrats are 100% responsible for every injustice real or imagined in the inner cities. The oppressor of inner city minorities is not "white supremacy;" it’s the flesh and blood racist, pro-criminal officials of the Democrat Party. It's time for Republicans to join their supporters in fighting back. [more...]

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

5-4-21 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Patrick Wood: Free Speech Has Legal and Ethical Confines, Propaganda Does Not

2. Brigitte Gabriel: The Radical Left's Racism Has Been Exposed, It Must End

3. Karen Kataline: Biden and the Democrats' Lies

4. Judd Dunning: The Big Three of Bigotry - Trumpism, Racism... Vax-ism

5. John M. Ellis: Funding Higher Education Now Means Subsidizing the Political Activists Who Have Hijacked It

6. Robert Curry: Remember an Age When Modern Democrat Schemes Would be Laughed Out of the Room

7. Nikki Goeser: Gun Control and Red Flag Laws

8. Steve Turley: Massive Anti-Woke Backlash as Critical Race Theory is Getting Crushed All Over the Nation

Free Speech Has Legal and Ethical Confines, Propaganda Does Not

By Patrick Wood

I am weary of the constant propaganda that all speech is protected by the First Amendment, no matter how vile, ignorant or deceptive it might be. The founding fathers intended the First Amendment to protect our unalienable rights to freely communicate ideas and to promote civil debate. Freedom of speech is predicated on your actually speaking words. Freedom of the press requires someone to take a pen and write. Freedom of assembly means getting together to exercise free speech. Asking the government for a redress of your grievances, especially these days, requires herculean efforts to even get them to listen, but try we must. All of these are noble aspirations, but they have been twisted, distorted. misunderstood, misused and maligned by just about everyone who would like to destroy the First Amendment in the first place. [more...]

The Radical Left's Racism Has Been Exposed, It Must End

By Brigitte Gabriel

For all of their talk about ending racism, most leftists only want to end racism against liberal minorities. I am a legal immigrant from Lebanon and I regularly get hate-filled, racist messages on social media and via e-mail. I can say with 99% certainty that the people sending these messages likely consider themselves liberals and supported Joe Biden over President Trump. I regularly talk to Trump supporters who don't care about my race or gender or where I am from - they care about my beliefs, my support for strong borders and cracking down on terrorism. However, unlike leftists, I also respect people of all races and ethnicities even if they have different political views. [more...]

Biden and the Democrats' Lies

By Karen Kataline

People everywhere are pretending that a virus that is 99.86% non-lethal is the greatest crisis facing America. Pardon me, but I think full-blown Communism is the biggest threat facing America, and the people who continue to lie to us about Coronavirus are using it as an excuse to get us there as quickly as possible. Here are just a few of the fantasies we are expected to play along with and pretend... [more...]

The Big Three of Bigotry - Trumpism, Racism... Vax-ism

By Judd Dunning

For stoking division and hate, nothing works better than the big three of bigotry: Trumpism, racism, and now... vaccination (vax)-ism. To gain power irrespective of cost, Democrats willingly accelerated a radical devolution of America's prior racial gains. This hyper-politicized bigotry spits in the face of what great Americans fought to rise above. For fear and hate to flourish, there must be the "other," for division is the grand czar of hate politics. This is why anger targeted toward Trump (Capitol Hill) and racism (George Floyd) is migrating and linking to who has or hasn't taken one of the COVID-19 vaccine options. This is just another way to keep America divided and at war. [more...]

Funding Higher Education Now Means Subsidizing the Political Activists Who Have Hijacked It

By John M. Ellis

An advanced society functions by creating a series of institutions, telling them what it wants them to do, and funding them to do it. Institutions like the police, fire departments, courts and schools do the jobs society creates them to do. But one American institution - higher education - has decided to repurpose itself. It has set aside the job given to it by society and substituted a different one. Higher education had a cluster of related purposes in society. Everyone benefited from the new knowledge it developed and the well-informed, thoughtful citizenry it produced. Individual students benefited from the preparation they received for careers in a developed economy. Yet these days, academia has decided that its primary purpose is the promotion of a radical political ideology, to which it gives the sunny label "social justice." Check out Prof. Ellis's book: The Breakdown of Higher Education: How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done. [more...]

Remember an Age When Modern Democrat Schemes Would be Laughed Out of the Room

By Robert Curry, author of Reclaiming Common Sense

The Framers' purpose was a regime of liberty that would endure.  Their challenge was to find a way to prevent the central government from doing what central governments do: take on more and more power, crush liberty, and rule for the benefit of the rulers.  Their brilliant solution was federalism. The wisdom of the Framers is nowhere more evident than in the feature, H.R.1, of their constitutional design.  It was the central pillar of the Framers' vision for how we would rule ourselves by means of a government by, for, and of the people. [more...]

Gun Control and Red Flag Laws

Nikki Goeser is Executive Director of the Crime Prevention Research Center and a victim/survivor of a violent crime. Nikki testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution about her concerns with red flag laws and how gun control laws can have unintended consequences that can impact good people. Nikki explains how victims of violent crime could end up flagged and unable to protect themselves, compounding their fears and what is already a very difficult situation for them. A copy of the text of her testimony is available here.

Goeser wrote about her experience in her book, Stalked and Defenseless. She wants to save others from the suffering she endured after gun control laws left her defenseless. Nikki Goeser is the Executive Director of the Crime Prevention Research Center. [more...]

Massive Anti-Woke Backlash as Critical Race Theory is Getting Crushed All Over the Nation

By Steve Turley

Not only did the special election for Texas's 6th District result in a total humiliation of the Democrat candidate, but a Texas school board election scored an overwhelming victory in the effort to stop critical race theory from being forced into Texas classrooms. The headline from the Daily Mail in the UK said it best: "'Anti-woke' candidates opposed to critical race theory being taught in Dallas school win control of affluent district board with nearly 70 percent of the vote." Yes, you read that right: an astonishing 70 percent of voters rose up and gave the woke left and SJWs like Demi Lovato a loud and clear message: 'Get the heck out of our public schools!' [more...]

Monday, May 3, 2021

COVID Lockdown-Induced Despair Results in a Loss of Belief in God

By Stephen C. Meyer

Psychologist Adam Grant, writing recently in The New York Times, describes how many Americans are "languishing" without a sense of meaning or purpose as the result of prolonged Covid-induced social isolation. But Covid lockdowns may not be the only reason that people now feel their lives lack meaning and purpose.

For decades, leading scientists, professors, and New Atheist writers, have insisted that we live in a purposeless universe that "did not have us in mind." As Richard Dawkins contends, "the universe we observe has exactly the properties we should expect if at bottom there is no purpose, no design... nothing but blind pitiless indifference." Similarly, physicist Steven Weinberg concludes, "the more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it seems pointless." The U.S. teen suicide epidemic, among other social pathologies, suggests that young people have especially imbibed this science-based atheism and its depressing implications.

In my new book, Return of the GOD Hypothesis: Three Discoveries that Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe, I challenge this view. The Covid lockdowns have indeed surfaced an underlying despair in our culture, but that despair derives ultimately from a loss of belief in God and a consequent loss of human significance. Yet, the 'death of God' at the hands of modern science turns out to have been 'greatly exaggerated.' Scientific evidence, far from establishing a universe driven only by blind materialistic forces, now points to a transcendent intelligence, a purposeful creator who did - and does - have us in mind.

Return of the GOD Hypothesis has already made USA Today and Publisher's Weekly national bestseller lists and received endorsements from many leading scientists, including a Nobel Laureate in physics from Cambridge University.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Black Supremacy - The Hate that Dare Not Speak its Name

By David Horowitz

When a white police officer in Ohio shot and killed Ma'Khia Bryant, stopping her from plunging a butcher knife into the chest of an unarmed black teenager, the racial melodrama that is destroying the very fabric of American society reached what the "woke" refer to as an "inflection point." At that moment, the narrative of the national lynch mob – verdict first, due process be damned – collided with an impossible reality: a white cop saving the life of a black child. Unable to resolve this dilemma, the woke mob simply refused to see it.

It was left to Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors to formulate their denial bluntly:

"The verdict of George Floyd’s murder was a victory in accountability but not a victory towards abolition [of the police]. While we watched Derek Chauvin be convicted for murder, a Black child named Ma’Khia Bryant was murdered by police, proving there is no justice."

Patrisse Cullors is a racist whose sociopathic premise is: all cops are guilty and all black criminals are innocent. This is also the premise and rationale of all the riots and protests of the year just passed: White cops are racists, and blacks their innocent targets, even if they happen to be armed criminals resisting arrest.

Through these ideological blinders, the Ohio event - a white cop rescuing an unarmed black teen about to be murdered by a knife-wielding black teen – was simply impossible. The fact that the knife-wielding black teen was shouting "I'm going to stab the f--k out of you, bitch" as she thrust a butcher knife towards her intended victim's chest was just inconceivable. If white cops protected black victims from black criminals, the goal of abolishing the police could not be justified. [more...]

David Horowitz’s newly published book is The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America. Mark Levin has described The Enemy Within as “a book for all patriots who understand that our country is in a fight for its life.”

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

4-27-21 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Stephen C. Meyer: Woke Cult a Reaction to Darwinism?

2. Brigitte Gabriel: Iran's Foreign Minister Says John Kerry Informed Him about Israeli Covert Operations in Syria

3. Bruce Thornton: Biden's Catastrophic Global Warming Policies

4. Daniel Greenfield: Biden Puts 'Finance Legend' Allied w/Chicom Company in Charge of Energy Loans

5. Karen Kataline: The Real Reason the Left Needed People to Hate Trump

Woke Cult a Reaction to Darwinism?

In Stephen C. Meyer's brilliant new book, The Return of the God Hypothesis, he explains, accessibly, the efforts of physicists like Stephen Hawking to evade the obvious implications of the Big Bang, and explain away the fine-tuning of the universe for life via ... an imaginary "Multiverse" for which we can never (in principle) find any evidence. You'll just have to take atheism on faith. [more...]

Iran's Foreign Minister Says John Kerry Informed Him about Israeli Covert Operations in Syria

By Brigitte Gabriel

Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed recently in a leaked audio that John Kerry informed him of more than 200 Israeli operations in Syria. This is not the first time Secretary John Kerry has been accused of colluding with Iranian leaders against the United States' best ally in the Middle East, Israel. Kerry was previously accused of colluding with Iranian leaders to undermine the Trump Administration in an effort to keep the Obama era Iran deal alive. John Kerry is now part of the National Security Council as the special presidential envoy for climate. [more...]

Biden's Catastrophic Global Warming Policies

By Bruce Thornton

At the "virtual world summit," Biden announced that he's committing this country to cut CO2 emissions to half of 2005 levels by 2030. Just trying to reach this ambitious goal will require severely damaging the economy in order to achieve something that won’t stop the alleged catastrophic effects of a rise in temperature that may or may not happen. If you thought last year’s debacle wrought by self-proclaimed "experts" was bad, just wait until these proposed policies tear through the economy. Once more, the party that "follows the science" will wreak havoc by mistaking a dubious hypothesis for a scientific fact. [more...]

Biden Puts 'Finance Legend' Allied w/Chicom Company in Charge of Energy Loans

By Daniel Greenfield

Department of Energy Chief of Staff Tarak Shah, whose DOE bio boasts that he is "the first person of color, first Indian-American, and first openly LGBTQ person" to run the department into the ground, was touting Jigar Shah, no relation, as one of the "dynamic leaders" who will "build our energy economy back better" and create "millions of good-paying union jobs" and help the "the hardest-hit communities." Politico gushed that Jigar Shah was a "green finance legend" who didn't need an "obscure government job running a loan program." Shah was nobly taking on the thankless job because "climate change had created an all-hands-on-deck emergency." [more...]

The Real Reason the Left Needed People to Hate Trump

By Karen Kataline

When Donald Trump first said, "America will never be a Socialist country," the Left and their minions fumed. They knew he was committed to that from the start; but he had finally said it to the public without apology. Trump's stunning resilience and resolve against their spying, booby traps, false accusations, frame-ups and constant public humiliation only served to further inflame them until it showed a lot more people just how crazy they always were. All of this may seem like old news, but the most important point is often still missed - even by a long list of conservatives who ought to know better. [more...]

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

4-21-21 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. John Lott: The Hysterical Reaction to the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Endangers Lives

2. Brigitte Gabriel: Maxine Waters' Attack on Our Courts Could Lead to an Appeal - Expel Her Now

3. Karen Kataline: There's a Growing Berlin Wall in America

4. Daniel Greenfield: The D.C. BLM Insurrectionists Get a Pass

5. David Horowitz: Lynch Mob as Judge and Executioner

The Hysterical Reaction to the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Endangers Lives

By Dr. John Lott

Pausing the Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus vaccine will result in more deaths. The recommendation to halt the vaccine's use occurred because six people have suffered blood clots out of the 6.8 million doses, and one person has died. The CDC advisory panel is under attack for "prematurely" authorizing the vaccine's use. Unfortunately, emotions, not logic, are ruling the day. Even if the vaccine is causing blood clots, the rate of death is just a tiny fraction of the rate that people are dying from the Coronavirus. The vaccine will save more lives than could possibly be lost from the vaccine causing blood clots. [more...]

Maxine Waters' Attack on Our Courts Could Lead to an Appeal - Expel Her Now

By Brigitte Gabriel

Congresswoman Maxine Waters made dangerous comments this weekend, urging protesters to fight. "We've got to get more confrontational,” Waters said. “We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business.” It was another violent and unhinged statement from Waters, who, of course, previously urged leftists to scream and chase Trump officials out of restaurants. Our system of justice relies on politicians staying out of the judicial process. It's one thing for politicians to call out injustice and use their positions to change laws, but especially when a trial is wrapping up, it's inappropriate for Waters to travel to Minnesota to make comments that potentially incite people to violence. Though not clearly linked to Waters (yet), a deranged leftist shot at National Guardsmen troops and cops in Minneapolis only several hours after Waters made her comments. Had Trump made those comments, the left-wingers at MSNBC and CNN would have been calling for his head. [more...]

There's a Growing Berlin Wall in America

By Karen Kataline

Throughout our history, few Americans could imagine living in a place where they weren't allowed to move or speak freely. These days, it's much easier to imagine; but sadly, too few still understand the significance of it. The Berlin Wall is perhaps the best example of the division between communism and capitalism in the modern era - until now. By the time the wall came down in 1989, the differences were stark and undeniable. By every objective measure, individual liberty, free markets and capitalism produced prosperity, innovation, happiness and peace in abundance, while communism produced misery, militarism, decay, destruction and poverty. Today, we are watching a growing and strikingly similar real-life test in states across America. Wherever Democrats are in control, there are lockdowns, mask mandates, vandalism and riots that go unpoliced, and law-abiding citizens who are under attack instead. There is an explosion of violent crimes, tent cities, welfare dependence, hopelessness, endless state control and chaos. Will Democrats soon build walls around New York and California as they have in D.C.? [more...]

The D.C. BLM Insurrectionists Get a Pass

By Daniel Greenfield

The face of the Black Lives Matter insurrectionist who was arrested in Washington, D.C. with an axe, a laser, and a "destructive device" will not be plastered by the FBI over any local billboards. The BLM insurrections who rioted in Washington, D.C. over the death of Daunte Wright, who had choked a woman to steal her rent money, threw fireworks and heavy objects at police. They shone lasers in the eyes of police officers and vandalized the Columbus monument with the obscene and hateful graffiti of a racist black supremacist movement. And they'll get a pass. [more...]

Lynch Mob as Judge and Executioner

By David Horowitz

No one in his right mind could have been surprised by the verdict in the Minneapolis trial of Officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd. For eleven straight months, cities have been burned, people have been murdered and billions of dollars of property damage have been caused by a national lynch mob determined to be its own judge, jury and executioner. Headed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and supported by every so-called "civil rights" organization, the Democrat Party and its malignant leadership - Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer - this lynch mob has been on the attack against law enforcement for more than a decade. Their threat, "No 'Justice,' No Peace," is a threat that more cities will be attacked, more people will die – perhaps even Chauvin case jurors - if the verdicts they want aren't delivered. This is a criminal movement with a criminal mission: to substitute its own vigilante justice for America's justice. [more...]