Thursday, June 30, 2016

NAFTA Leaders Meet to Wring Hands over the TPP

President Obama met with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the North American Leaders Summit in Ottawa, Ontario yesterday. Considering that the three countries are trading partners within the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, it was important for President Obama to reassure his counterparts in national leadership that these trade agreements are not in danger of being nullified by Congress, nor by POTUS candidates.

World leaders have legitimate reasons to fear a Congressional “NO” vote on TPP ratification - a vote that’s currently planned for this year’s lame duck session of Congress. All major POTUS candidates have expressed opposition to the trade agreement. The frustration of the citizenry in the U.K. with its political leadership, as reflected in last week’s Brexit vote, has only served to embolden anti-TPP factions.

President Obama made sure to twist the anti-TPP point of view, to make it sound economically foolish, saying, “The prescription of withdrawing from trade deals and focusing solely on your local market, that’s the wrong medicine.” [more...]

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anti-TPP Sentiment Spreads Within U.S. Chamber of Commerce

In June 2016, I attended a Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting in a major metropolitan area, because the meeting featured a panel discussion on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

The three-person panel was made up of a law school professor who has studied international trade for decades; a Democratic representative of my state’s AFL-CIO; and a Democratic former-staffer of a prominent former Congressperson. I was glad to see the AFL-CIO representative, knowing that she’d be anti-TPP; and was otherwise expecting a pro-TPP bias to the panel.

Imagine my surprise when both the law professor and the AFL-CIO representative argued against the TPP, with their opinions encouraging TPP hostility among most of the meeting’s attendees! I actually felt bad for the former Congressional staffer on the panel. I can’t say that there was a single person in the room who vocally concurred with a pro-TPP stance. [more...]

Monday, June 27, 2016

6-28-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Daniel R. Joseph: Brexit, Trump, and the Reality of Free Trade
2. James Hirsen: No Bang at the Box Office for ‘Independence Day’ Sequel
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The Significance of Brexit on the Election and Economy
4. Joe Messina: The Brits are Free - The Sky is Falling!
5. Lowell Ponte: The Brexit Money-Quake
6. Wayne Allyn Root: Hey, UK Establishment Elites, You Got Trumped!
7. John LeBoutillier: Does Brexit Help Trump?

Brexit, Trump, and the Reality of Free Trade

Does the Brexit vote bode well for Donald Trump?  The more I hear from those who say “no,” the more I think the answer is definitely “yes.”   They mention that the Brexit vote was about a concept while Trump has to win as an individual.  That’s true, but I’m not sure Trump’s personality is as big of a turn-off for voters as his critics seem to think.  They say that anti-EU sentiment, in the UK and throughout Europe, has a longer history and runs deeper than America’s anti-establishment movement.  Even if that is true (America’s dissatisfaction with its government has been simmering for decades as well), I’m not sure anti-Trumpers should take much comfort in that. [more...]

No Bang at the Box Office for ‘Independence Day’ Sequel

One might think that the ideal time to release a big-budget summer sci-fi film would be the Fourth of July weekend, particularly when the movie itself bears the holiday’s name. Not so this time around for Roland Emmerich’s “Independence Day: Resurgence.” The much-anticipated flick underwhelmed the North American box office over the past weekend, with a lower-than-expected take of $41.6 million. [more...]

The Significance of Brexit on the Election and Economy

Brexit is historic for the U.K but is also a leading indicator for what I predicted in my latest book Great News for America. The rejection of progressive socialism within the U.K. and the EU follows in parallel with America’s rejection of progressive socialism that I have been predicting for over a year. I believe the current polls are not accurately forecasting the upcoming presidential election and the likely conservative landslide that is on the horizon. There are solid reasons why the polls are off at this time, in my opinion. For the U.S. economy, we might expect closer economic ties and trading with the U.K. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

The Brits are Free - The Sky is Falling!

With Brexit, the Brits decided they want to rule themselves rather than have “rulers” from another country tell them what they can and can’t do in the way of personal liberties and basic freedoms. How is that bad? You see, the European Union (EU) is a financial nightmare... period. Many of these countries are bankrupt. They owe more money to each other than they can ever repay and they use the EU bank as a clearing house for funny money. Greece is still in a world of hurt; right behind them is Spain and France. They all refuse to make changes to their liberal policies and programs and they continue to have to borrow from the EU Bank because they can’t self-sustain. And it just keeps getting worse. [more...]

The Brexit Money-Quake

The world's ruling elite expected the June 23, 2016 United Kingdom Brexit vote to fail. Investors who believed these elitists were shocked when this referendum won by 52-48 percent, launching a countdown to separation between the UK and European Union. This triggered a worldwide seismic shockwave that on Friday, June 24, wiped out more than $2 trillion from global markets. If these investors had heeded the advice and warnings that monetary expert Craig R. Smith and I have set forth in six books, they could have profited handsomely while this giant “Money-Quake” shook the planet and set assets tumbling. A word to the wise: this Brexit vote is the first of many more soon to come. Read our books and quickly pick up the broken pieces of your investment portfolio. You will want to move quickly at least a portion of what remains before the falling dominos and other pains of aftershocks hit. [more...]

Hey, UK Establishment Elites, You Got Trumped!

Does the Washington, D.C. establishment understand what just happened in the UK? Do they understand the implications for our presidential election in November? “Brexit” was a perfect model for our U.S. political divide. On one side was our very own Barack Obama, who campaigned in the UK for “REMAIN.” On the other side was our very own Donald Trump, who was rooting for a “LEAVE” vote. None of the so-called “experts” thought a “LEAVE” vote had a snowball’s chance in hell. The big money was bet at London bookmakers on “REMAIN.” The UK media universally predicted "REMAIN" would be the winner. Just like the Trump army, they voted against political correctness and globalization. They voted for “Britain First.” [more...]

Does Brexit Help Trump?

What does the Brexit vote mean for the U.S. election? Does it help Trump? Why hasn’t he raised – or given - any money to his campaign? Does it even matter? Is this election so different that money doesn’t matter? Is the anti-establishment movement so powerful that he can ride it – despite himself and his mistakes? Can Hillary win over more of the Bernie voters? Will her traditional style campaign still work – or is she running against a too-powerful tide? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Friday, June 24, 2016

6-24-16 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Great Britain Voted Thursday to Exit the European Union - This “Brexit” Could Unleash Global Chaos
2. Joseph Klein: The Democrats’ Mob Rule in The House of Representatives
3. Daniel R. Joseph: Radical Islam - Don’t Overlook the Role of Culture
4. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: How Donald Trump Can Save the USA
5. Daniel Greenfield: Dumbest Baltimore Protest
6. John LeBoutillier: Trump’s Behavior Needs to Change

Great Britain Voted Thursday to Exit the European Union - This “Brexit” Could Unleash Global Chaos

Yesterday, the British people voted in a national referendum to declare their independence from the European Union. The ruling political establishment, right and left, had joined to crush this populist uprising with a campaign of fear and authority. But a majority of voters, sick of the European rot that has been destroying the Great in Great Britain, pushed back – and history changed. Brexit’s victory unleashed a shock wave around the world that for a time halted stock trading in Asia, sent Dow futures plunging by more than 700 points, drove the 10-year Treasury bond yield to modern record lows, and sent gold surging upwards by more than $80. [more...]

The Democrats’ Mob Rule in The House of Representatives

House Democrats made complete fools of themselves with their sit-in temper tantrum this week. Shouting their demands for an immediate vote on gun control legislation – apparently their only “serious” answer to global Islamic jihad – the Democratic disrupters caused pandemonium on the House floor on Wednesday. They sought to paralyze House proceedings with shouts of “No bill, no break!”  Representative Maxine Waters of California proclaimed, “I’m prepared to stand here until hell freezes over.” Civil rights hero Representative John Lewis of Georgia declared, “we have to occupy the floor of the House until there’s action.” [more...]

Radical Islam - Don’t Overlook the Role of Culture

The Bible includes stories of God helping his chosen people slay their enemies.  The Bible also has a message of love and forgiveness.  Hundreds of years ago, when the Pope had an army and kingdoms went to war based on religion, the West looked more like the Old Testament’s “smite thine enemy” message.  Over the years, the West evolved past that kind of thinking.  Church and state were separated and actual religious wars became a thing of the past.  Yet the Bible didn’t change.  It was the interpretation of the Bible that changed, and culture is a big reason why.  If we are to understand the threat from Radical Islam, we need to understand the role that culture plays. [more...]

How Donald Trump Can Save the USA

The Trump campaign is in shambles. Compared to Hillary and the Democrats, Trump has far less organization, far less manpower, and above all, far less money. According to one report, the Dems have a total of $94 million on hand while Trump’s campaign has $1.3 million. With this type of financial advantage, Hillary will be able to spend over $100 million on vicious negative advertising, that will mainly go unanswered – except for on Trump’s free Twitter account. The effects of these grim realities are just now beginning to take their toll on the key all-important swing states. The latest Quinnipiac University Poll shows Clinton leading her presumptive Republican rival 47-39 percent in the Sunshine State. That’s up from a near-draw in similar polling a month ago. The former secretary of state also has closed Trump’s modest lead in Ohio, with the latest poll showing the candidates at a 40-40 percent tie. [more...]

Dumbest Baltimore Protest

The politically motivated Freddie Gray case has collapsed. A black judge eviscerated the last pieces of it. And he'll be coming back for seconds. And whatever protesters there are, are pushing new boundaries of stupidity. Case in point: A few dozen protesters were gathered outside the courthouse as the verdict was read. One, who protested silently with half of her face painted white, carried a sign that read, "They killin' us alive legally.” As opposed to killing us dead? You could try to make sense of that sentence, but you're going to regret it. [more...]

Trump’s Behavior Needs to Change

It is the candidate's behavior that needs to change - or else Donald Trump faces a catastrophic result in November. All the 20/20 hindsight analysis of the firing of Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, misses the only salient point. The entire problem of the Trump campaign is Trump, himself... period: his refusal to listen to anyone, his egotism, his total lack of humility, his refusal to admit anyone else on the planet knows anything, and his narcissism that makes President Obama seem humble. [more...]

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Apple Gets Tough with China

Trade between the U.S. and China is necessary for the success of both economies; but recently China is becoming a bully to American business. Apple, the world’s most admired company, is the latest victim of China’s hostile legal system.

While every country passes laws to ensure security for domestic companies, China’s patent laws allow firms to patent designs already owned by other businesses outside of China.

The issue is twofold. First, these laws allow Chinese firms to profit off the intellectual property developed by foreign (often western) companies. Second, these Chinese firms can then sue the foreign companies for copyright or patent infringement, forcing multinational firms out of China.

Because of these internationally contentious laws, Apple is now barred from selling its iPhone 6 and 6s in Beijing, a city of over 21 million people. Due to these laws, Apple’s sales are hurting in China, and causing investors back home to worry. Carl Icahn dumped all $5 billion of his shares fearing the Cupertino tech giant will soon fall into decline.

Right now, we need a national leader who will stand up to China and protect American business interests... or else the Chinese government will continue to permit its native companies to profit off stolen designs and ideas. [more...]

Monday, June 20, 2016

6-21-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Crista Huff: TPP Update
2. James Hirsen: Britain’s Brexit Referendum to Bring Back the Nation-state
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Why Censor the Orlando Massacre Gunman’s 911 Calls?
4. Joe Messina: Whose Side is Obama On?
5. Lowell Ponte: If Great Britain Votes to Exit the EU, this “Brexit” Could Unleash Global Chaos
6. Wayne Allyn Root: Why I’m Buying an Assault Rifle...and So Should You
7. John LeBoutillier: Will Bernie's Voters Hold Their Nose and Vote for Hillary... or Stay Home?

TPP Update

The House Ways and Means Trade Committee began a series of hearings last week in which House members were discussing how trade policies affect specific sectors of the economy. By holding hearings on trade policies, without specifically publicizing them as dedicated hearings on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, the committee can accomplish a necessary prerequisite to the TPP ratification vote without actually alerting the general public to this pending, unpopular vote during the 2016 election year. Once the hearings are out of the way, that eases the time crunch associated with Congress’s potential lame duck vote on TPP ratification. [more...]

Britain’s Brexit Referendum to Bring Back the Nation-state

The news media in the United States are just beginning to pay attention to an important election, which is scheduled to take place this week in the United Kingdom. On June 23, 2016, British voters will take to the polling booths to decide whether or not to remain in the European Union (E.U.). The electoral process at hand is known as the Brexit referendum, with opposing sides being categorized as the Remain and Leave campaigns. For a number of significant reasons, the intelligent decision would be for Britons to opt in favor of the Leave campaign. [more...]

Why Censor the Orlando Massacre Gunman’s 911 Calls?

What reasons does the administration have for hiding the references to ISIS and the Islamic State? Officially, they say: a) They were being sensitive to the victims and their families; b) They wanted to maintain the integrity of the investigation; and c) They didn’t want to propagate violent rhetoric or lend it any credence. Do any of these reasons make sense?  Why hide the reality of global terrorism and its impact on America from the American people?  Does the administration think that Americans can’t handle the truth?  Also, how can you fight an enemy that you pretend doesn’t exist? [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Whose Side is Obama On?

There is a lot of talk from the mainstream media - and it’s all over social media - about how Christians and their beliefs are the cause of the Orlando shootings and the increased crimes against the LGBTQ community. President Obama has said nothing to rebut it, so he must condone or agree with it. Does he really hate when people attack those who practice their religion? Or just the Muslim religion? I’ve never seen him take the same attitude towards the nasties aimed at Christians... or aimed at Americans. Never! [more...]

If Great Britain Votes to Exit the EU, this “Brexit” Could Unleash Global Chaos

On Thursday, the British people will vote in a national referendum on whether to declare their independence from the European Union. If they vote “yes,” our Fourth of July fireworks 11 days later will take on new meaning. After all, this is our celebration of declaring and winning Independence from the British Empire. It has taken 240 years, but Great Britain may at last be asserting its freedom from an even larger oppressive empire. In the U.S., this same global impulse can be seen in the popularity of anti-establishment politicians such as Donald Trump. [more...]

Why I’m Buying an Assault Rifle...and So Should You

I already own handguns. Now, this Jewish Ivy Leaguer is going to buy my first assault rifle. My relatives willingly marched to the gas chambers in Germany; I’m not allowing a pathetic Neville Chamberlain-like Muslim sympathizer in the White House to ever put me in that position. I will arm myself, train and be ready, willing and able to defend myself, my family and my country. There is no bigger or more powerful threat to radical Islam than every American armed, trained and ready to defend ourselves. That’s the only answer to radical Islam. [more...]

Will Bernie's Voters Hold Their Nose and Vote for Hillary... or Stay Home?

What will Bernie’s voters now do: vote for Hillary or Trump... or stay home? Are the Democrats uniting behind Hillary now?  What is going on with The Donald? Why is he self-destructing? Can he turn around his sinking polls? Can there still be an Independent candidate in this race? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6-15-16 Exciting New Guests for Your Show

1. Daniel R. Joseph: Islam and “Radical Islam” are Not the Same
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Let’s Talk About Orlando’s Victims
3. Daniel Greenfield: Islamic Terrorism is not Domestic Terrorism
4. Dave Bego: Another Travesty in Obama’s Quest for Control
5. Rabbi Ganz: Trump and the Mexican Judge
6. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump’s Republican Critics Forget Obama’s Missteps

Islam and “Radical Islam” are Not the Same

Muslims know that Radical Islam is a problem.  After all, around the world, more Muslims die because of Radical Islam than anyone else.  Radical Islam includes large, well-armed, fairly sophisticated groups like ISIL that openly encourage attacks on America and other perceived enemies.  So it isn’t exactly a secret that, within the Islamic world, there are radical voices that encourage violence.  Acknowledging that fact is a far cry from saying “All Muslims are violent and are out to destroy us.”  In fact, the point of using a phrase like “Radical Islam” is to separate that kind of Islam from all other Muslims. 

Of course, it is important to choose the right words.  But I think in most cases we are doing that.  However, some seem to think that any terminology that might suggest there is a problem related to Islam is somehow bigoted and wrong.  That simply isn’t true.  As I’ve said, recognizing that China has a problem with corruption is not the same as saying all Chinese are corrupt.  Recognizing that America has a drug problem is not the same as saying that all Americans are drug addicts.  Recognizing that there is a movement that encourages terrorism among Muslims is not the same as saying all Muslims are terrorists. 

Of course, terminology doesn’t solve a problem.  The right actions and policies do.  But if you refuse to describe a problem accurately, then the risk is greater that you might also be unwilling to take the right actions and policies.  That’s the risk we face now. [more...]

Let’s Talk About Orlando’s Victims

The Orlando massacre cuts across nearly every major issue facing the country and our world today. America has been in direct conflict with what is now various terrorist organizations for at least 15 years. We’ve witnessed brutal terrorist attacks in Boston three years ago, Paris last November, and Brussels this March. Orlando is yet another tragic event on this growing list.  Moreover, this attack targeted the American gay community. Regardless of your personal beliefs, this has been a demographic discriminated against for decades, and one that has peacefully worked towards equality. [more...]

Islamic Terrorism is not Domestic Terrorism

Obama described the massacre carried out by Muslim mass murderer Omar Mateen as “an example of the kind of homegrown extremism that all of us have been concerned about.” But there’s nothing “homegrown” about Omar Mateen. He was fighting for a foreign ideology and just happened to be born in this country. Being born in America does not make him a domestic terrorist. One of our biggest errors in the fight against Islamic terrorism has been to treat it as a domestic terrorism problem. Islamic terrorism is not domestic terrorism - not even when its perpetrators, like Omar Mateen or Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood killer, are born in the United States. What distinguishes domestic terrorism from international terrorism is not the perpetrator’s place of birth. [more...]

Another Travesty in Obama’s Quest for Control

The Orlando massacre is yet another travesty inflicted upon America as a result of Obama’s policies, that should be a wakeup call about his conspiracy to bring down America. Recent events by both the President and Big Labor exhibit striking parallels in the quest for control. They have the mindset of a dictator - they crave power. They have no respect for the law or our Constitution and will do whatever they feel necessary whether legally or morally acceptable to achieve their mutual goal of total control. In March 2012 my blog explained how President Obama and his labor buddies were engaging in tactics to fundamentally change America. Let me remind you, Obama and his leftist supporters - including Big Labor - have many things in common that should frighten all Americans... [more...]

Trump and the Mexican Judge

One argument made on behalf of Judge Curiel presiding over the Trump U trial is that he was born in the U.S. - he is an American, not a Mexican, so he won’t be insulted by Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican rants. It is a fallacious argument; being born here does not remove the possibility of personally identifying with one’s heritage. To illustrate: many black people consider themselves African-Americans even though their families have been in the U.S. for centuries. Certainly, when pundits and newscasters discuss the Hispanic vote they are also referring to American-born Latinos, not just those born abroad. Presumably, he sees himself as both a proud American success story and a proud Hispanic as well; the two are not mutually exclusive. Trump didn’t attack Mexicans in general; he pointedly criticized Judge Curiel on a personal level and threatened to file a civil suit against the judge if he gets elected. The notion that a judge is automatically above personal bias and prejudice as a consequence of his investiture is just not how we human beings are wired. [more...]

Trump’s Republican Critics Forget Obama’s Missteps

The Republican leadership is so dumb - weak, feckless, cowards. They have proven themselves rats by deserting Donald Trump over a sentence. I never heard this much screaming when Hillary Clinton was busy covering up Benghazi, or lying to the face of the parents of dead heroes at Dover Air Force Base when the Benghazi bodies returned home, or when the Clinton Foundation took billions in bribes from foreign governments, or when President Obama committed fraud to sell Obamacare, or when Mr. Obama killed millions of middle-class jobs, or when Mr. Obama used the IRS to viciously and maliciously target, intimidate and persecute conservative groups and individual high-profile critics (like me) in the worst witch hunt in U.S. political history. [more...]

Monday, June 13, 2016

6-14-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: WTO Ruling Against Country of Origin Labeling Causes Spike in Beef Imports
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Taking on Hillary and the GOP, Trump Aims for the Oval Office 
3. James Hirsen: The Democrat Wall of Hypocrisy
4. Joe Messina: Political Correctness Kills 49 More
5. Wayne Root: Another Obama Embarrassment
6. Lowell Ponte: Was Hamilton America’s First Donald Trump?
7. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: What is the Impact of the Orlando Massacre on the Presidential Election?

WTO Ruling Against Country of Origin Labeling Causes Spike in Beef Imports
By Michael Stumo, CEO of Coalition for a Prosperous America

A spike in beef imports has occurred, but consumers are unaware because a global tribunal said last December that we can't be told where our food comes from. You may be surprised to hear that U.S. farmers and ranchers are harmed by trade agreements. I can understand if you believe the opposite. The media, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and large agriculture associations (funded by the transnational food import lobby) say that farmers and ranchers want trade deals to export to the 95% of consumers that live outside the U.S. Those soothing words are said to lure you into believing falsehoods. [more...]

Taking on Hillary and the GOP, Trump Aims for the Oval Office 

Many established Republicans still fail to realize they need to get on board the “Trump train” if they want a Republican in office. Right now, an extremely weak “Stop Trump” campaign is trying rather vaguely, to bring around an alternative. However, the American people have spoken and selected Trump as the candidate they wish to put in the Oval Office. After all, America is a democracy, so the fact that a few disgruntled career politicians want to change the rules seams un-American. For about a year now, a vocal minority have cried, “not Trump,” yet in response, a silent majority responded with votes. Currently, the polls are neck and neck. Hillary is just a few points above Trump, but continued investigation into Hillary will likely tarnish her campaign. Slowly, I believe the GOP will see the light and endorse Trump to the fullest extent. [more...]

The Democrat Wall of Hypocrisy

At a commencement address in May, in a scarcely concealed swipe at Trump, Obama urged Rutgers University graduates to reject anyone who wants to build walls on the U.S. border. Evoking Trump’s border wall, Obama said, “The point is, to help ourselves, we’ve got to help others - not pull up the drawbridge and try to keep the world out.” At a separate commencement address in June, First Lady Michelle Obama took aim at Trump’s proposal as well. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been out repeating a mantra of sorts that the U.S. should not be building walls, but bridges. However, those of the liberal persuasion who have for a long time been demonstrating an absurd ease with various positions that are steeped in hypocrisy now appear to be taking things even further. The Democratic National Convention is set to take place in Philadelphia on July 25, 2016, and plans are in the making to secure the gathering with, of all things, a wall. [more...]

Political Correctness Kills 49 More

The Orlando killer, had been investigated or interviewed 3 times by the FBI. After many of his coworkers “saw something and said something,” they interviewed him and let him go because there wasn’t enough to hold him. Then his wife divorced him because he started to show “extreme Islamic tendencies” and even started getting violent with her. She said, “he was not a stable person... he beat me.” She reported him. He was again interviewed by the FBI. Then again in 2014. The agent in charge said all interviews were “non-conclusive.” I wonder what that means? Given the reluctance of the current administration to call these things what they are or single out any Middle Easterner or Muslim as a possible terrorist, I wonder if things were overlooked, on purpose? [more...]

Another Obama Embarrassment

I hope Americans are waking up after the pathetic Presidential address to the nation about the Orlando Islamic terror attack. Only minutes after Obama was done with his pathetic address to the nation, it was reported that ISIS actually took credit for the attack. That was also undoubtedly known to him when he walked to that podium. Yet with all of those facts at hand... Obama still did not mention the words “Muslim” or “Radical Islam” in the entire address to the nation. No mention was ever made of the religion or background of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. He knew exactly at that moment in time what this attack was. This was 100% ISIS verified before Obama walked to that podium. So he had to admit it was a “terror attack.” Even Obama knew he couldn’t avoid that. [more...]

Was Hamilton America’s First Donald Trump?

On Sunday, the Broadway stage play “Hamilton” won 11 Tony Awards. How odd that liberals who despise Donald Trump’s alleged authoritarianism are paying $1,000 per seat to see a hip hop and rap glorification of this least-liberal, and in some ways most Trump-like, of America’s founding fathers. Perhaps liberals love the musical “Hamilton” because it depicts this founding father opposed to slave owners such as Jefferson. Truth be told, however, Hamilton did little to end slavery – and may have helped his relatives buy and sell a few slaves. More likely, liberals applaud Hamilton as an advocate of a powerful central government who worked to become part of the ruling elite. They do not even know that Hamilton was eager to restrict immigration and impose trade restrictions. Exactly the same could be said of Donald Trump, who at some not-too-distant future time will doubtless be the central figure of a successful Broadway musical like “Hamilton.” [more...]

What is the Impact of the Orlando Massacre on the Presidential Election?

With the Orlando massacre, the presidential election has just hit an electoral pivot point, if not a tipping point, that might ultimately determine the election outcome. Voters have been impacted dramatically. Voter intensity and voter momentum will likely change effective immediately. With the highly charged Orlando news, terrorism and illegal immigration have moved front and center to the hearts and minds of most voters. This is an issue that plays to Trump’s strengths. Even among the LGBT community (normally considered to be more favorable to Democratic candidates), Trump might jump ahead of Clinton. In his Monday speech, Trump clearly signaled the LGBT community that he intends to protect all Americans and they should favor his tough position on protecting them. Clinton’s anti-gun rhetoric loses when Americans are worried about their safety and when terrorism is their dominant issue of the presidential campaign. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Thursday, June 9, 2016

6-9-16 Expert Guests for Your Showw

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Justice isn’t Blind, it’s Crooked - Opposing View
2. Daniel R. Joseph: Why China is Afraid of Christianity
3. Daniel Greenfield: Trump and Democratic Political Incorrectness
4. Michael Stumo: Will the TPP Require a Tax Hike on Americans?
5. Lowell Ponte: PC Gone Mad in Plano
6. Crista Huff: The Big Bank that is One of the Market’s Most Undervalued Stocks

Justice isn’t Blind, it’s Crooked - Opposing View

Donald Trump tells the truth without flinching or apologizing. This Trump University lawsuit is a perfect example. Donald’s comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel were not about race; they were about his bias, proven by the groups with which he’s associated. Take the judge’s membership in San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, where he served on a search committee that chose an illegal immigrant to receive a scholarship. Worse, a law firm bringing the suit paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clintons, and, remarkably, was listed as a sponsor of the scholarship event. It’s just one big incestuous happy family supporting big government, amnesty and Hillary Clinton - everything Donald stands against. The conflicts of interest are wider than the Grand Canyon. [more...]

Why China is Afraid of Christianity

Whereas prosperity in the West has led to a decrease in membership in Christian churches, in China increasing prosperity is actually bringing more people to the church.  From an extremely low base in 1980 (when all religion was still completely outlawed), estimates are that China now has 65-100 million Christians.  While that’s still a small minority out of China’s 1.35 billion people, it isn’t small as compared to the 88 million members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  More Christians than communists?  That goes a long way to explaining why China is currently clamping down on Christian churches. [more...]

Trump and Democratic Political Incorrectness

Remember the time a presidential candidate suggested that Gandhi used to run “a gas station down in St. Louis.” No, it wasn’t Trump; that was Hillary Clinton. Had Trump said it, we would still be hearing about it. But since Hillary Clinton was responsible for it, it went down the memory hole... along with her more recent “Colored People Time” gag. It was indisputably offensive when Trump told the Asian Chamber of Commerce, “I don't think you're smarter than anybody else, but you've convinced a lot of us you are.” Then he followed that up by joking, “One problem that I've had today is keeping my Wongs straight.” You would have to be ridiculously politically incorrect or an outright buffoon to say something like that to the Asian Chamber of Commerce. And this is exactly why Trump is... but wait, those lines actually came from Democratic Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid. Reid recently popped up to call Trump’s comments racist. And he ought to know. Harry Reid believed that Obama was electable because he was “light-skinned” with “no Negro dialect.” [more...]

Will the TPP Require a Tax Hike on Americans?
By Michael Stumo, CEO of Coalition for a Prosperous America

The latest rigged trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), will cut import taxes (tariffs) on imported goods. The recent U.S. International Trade Commission report on the TPP says that this will be $5.8 billion in lost tax revenue. Will this require a tax hike on U.S. taxpayers, or cuts in government... or both? Tariffs are taxes on imports. Michael Froman, the U.S. Trade Ambassador, has bragged that the TPP will cut 18,000 tariffs. On one hand, who cares? Most of those tariffs are on products we don't sell or don't sell much of. And we know that tariff cuts in the last 40 years have not helped us become a successful trading nation, because we have bigger trade deficits and lost jobs. But, on the other hand, maybe we do care.  Import tariffs are paid by foreign sellers or importers, not ordinary taxpayers.  Losing that tax revenue means we have to make up for it or must cut government services. [more...]

PC Gone Mad in Plano

Graduating students at Plano High School in Texas whose high grades and community service earned them membership in the National Honor Society will be prohibited from wearing any symbol of their achievement at this ceremony. Yes, political correctness is apparently behind this. Such insignia might make students who fell short of this honor feel left out. Plano’s action disproportionately denies due honor and recognition to Asian-Americans and Jews. Plano’s discrimination against academic achievers is therefore not noble. It is racist and anti-Semitic. Plano’s arrogant action probably violates U.S. civil rights statutes. It ought to be sued. [more...]

The Big Bank that is One of the Market’s Most Undervalued Stocks

U.S. stock markets are now factoring in more than a 50% chance that the Federal Reserve will increase the Fed funds rate in June or July. Rate hikes are positive for most financial stocks because the companies then earn increased fees on customers’ deposits. In addition, withering expectations of a global recession are fueling growth prospects for financial institutions, bringing increased investor attention to the sector. Consequently, bank stocks are turning bullish, with stock price charts surprisingly in sync with each other. [more...]

Monday, June 6, 2016

6-7-16 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Will Bernie Sanders Start a Third Party?
2. Lowell Ponte: ‘The Comey Primary’
3. James Hirsen: Hollywood’s Democrats Divided
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Iran Oil
5. Joe Messina: Sanders Socialism 101
6. Wayne Allyn Root: Obama Owes the American People an Apology
7. John LeBoutillier: Is It Possible That Hillary Could Lose the Nomination?

Will Bernie Sanders Start a Third Party?

Is that really possible?  Is the upcoming People’s Summit in Chicago a forerunner of a new third party? Increasingly, it looks certain that Bernie Sanders’ current strategy is to go to the Democratic National Convention on July 25th in Philadelphia without the 2,383 delegates needed to capture the presidential nomination. Sanders hopes to get many of the estimated 548 super delegates pledged to Clinton to switch and vote for him.  If he doesn’t get the nomination, he might just start a third party called the Socialist Party or the Democratic Socialist Party and then run against the Democratic and Republican nominees. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

‘The Comey Primary’

What remains, beyond the June 14 primary in Washington, D.C., will be what pundits call the “Comey Primary.” Will FBI Director James Comey refer Secretary Clinton to the Obama Justice Department for likely criminal indictment and trial? The punditry believes that if Obama’s Administration turns down such an FBI referral, then Comey will resign his position in protest and details of the damning case against Clinton will be leaked to the media. Hillary Clinton’s position would be untenable, the argument goes, because the Obama Administration prosecuted General David Petraeus and saw him sentenced to the equivalent of two years in prison for doing far less than Clinton. If sentenced to serve only one day per felony for the crime of endangering America’s national security, Hillary Clinton would have to serve five and three-quarter years in federal prison. [more...]

Hollywood’s Democrats Divided

The divergent views of well-known Hollywood Democrats illustrate the very real and expanding rift that now exists within the predominantly liberal Hollywood community and the current base of the Democratic Party.  Supporters of Clinton and Sanders find themselves deeply divided on the issues and on the perception of their party and its establishment leaders. Just like their non-celebrity counterparts, they have a demonstrably different idea of what liberal voters are supposed to do in the coming general election. [more...]

Iran Oil

In January, the United States and European Union lifted decade old sanctions off Iran in a bold move to stabilize the region. Iran is one of the most oil rich nations in the world; and with its opening to the world, everyone expected a gradual increase of Iranian oil into the marketplace. For the first four months of its freedom, Iran struggled to find shippers to export its oil. Now, European and Asian supertankers are exporting oil far faster than analysts expected. [more...]

Sanders Socialism 101

Bernie Sanders says we should embrace socialism because it treats everyone fairly and provides for all. That must have been one heck of an acid trip, Bern! The upper 1% get all the toilet paper, food, water, and electricity they want, while “The People” get what the government says they can have... and right now, that isn’t much. [more...]

Obama Owes the American People an Apology

Obama and his socialist cabal should apologize to every middle class American for the harm they've done to the U.S. economy, upward mobility, middle class jobs (there are none), and the American Dream (it’s dead). They've created an unimaginable DISASTER. They’ve destroyed the greatest nation, the greatest economy, the greatest economic system (capitalism), and greatest middle class in world history. We are living in an Obama Great Depression. [more...]

Is It Possible That Hillary Could Lose the Nomination?

How much trouble is Hillary in now? What if she loses California on Tuesday? Can she really be a viable nominee? Will Bernie then stay in and cause her trouble all the way to the convention in Philadelphia? And why is The Donald now lashing out at everyone? Is this a smart strategy? Or is he out of control? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

Thursday, June 2, 2016

6-2-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Rabbi Ganz: Classical Jewish Thinking on Modern Politics - The Likeability Factor
2. Michael Stumo: Thanks "Free Trade" Geniuses - USA has the Trade Profile of a Colony
3. Joe Messina: You Want to Let THESE People Choose America’s Next President?
4. David Horowitz Says #NeverTrump ‘Serving the Enemy’
5. John LeBoutillier: Is There Still Time for a Viable Third-Party Candidate?

Classical Jewish Thinking on Modern Politics - The Likeability Factor

One might think that likeability is merely just another of the many different human virtues; and whether or not a candidate is a likeable human being has nothing to do with how successful a president the candidate will be. The ancient Jewish text teaches that a person who is intensely unlikeable is somehow profoundly at odds with God. What exactly it means to be profoundly at odds with God is difficult to say with certainty. But I nonetheless think such a person is not someone we want making decisions that will affect three hundred and thirty million Americans – and the rest of the world. [more...]

Thanks "Free Trade" Geniuses - USA has the Trade Profile of a Colony
By Michael Stumo, CEO of Coalition for a Prosperous America

Back in the colonial days, we participated in what was called “triangular trade.”  Our 13 colonies exported raw materials and natural resources to Europe who exported value added manufactured goods.  Africa exported slaves to the colonies. Then America became a manufacturing powerhouse using our own raw materials (minus the slaves) to make high value products. We became a superpower because of our wealth (military capability came later, from our wealth). We became the biggest economy in the world between 1870 and 1900, long before we were regarded to be a global superpower after WWII. Case in point: The U.S. Trade Representative is trying to negotiate another rigged trade deal with Europe called the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). There is not much trade involved, but a lot of investment and top-down deregulation or reregulation (depending upon how you look at it). [more...]

You Want to Let THESE People Choose America’s Next President?
By Joe Messina

If you’re one of those who thinks it’s better to stand on “principle” than vote for Donald Trump, you might want to take a look at the anti-Trump crowd. This is the group you’re abdicating your vote for. And THEY’LL be deciding America’s next president FOR YOU! [more...]

David Horowitz Says #NeverTrump ‘Serving the Enemy’

Author David Horowitz blasts the #NeverTrump movement in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, saying that the holdouts are clueless about politics and that they are “serving the enemy.” Horowitz also talks about the Democrats’ complete control of city centers, modern American political realism, and why you should vote for Donald Trump. [See video and transcript...]

Is There Still Time for a Viable Third-Party Candidate?

Bill Kristol, founder and editor of The Weekly Standard, has been conducting a search for a third candidate - not to win the election or even to throw the race into the House of Representatives (this is on TV now, all the time) but to siphon five percent of the vote away from Trump, thus guaranteeing that he cannot win. The shame of this plan is that it does not address the voters' concern: electing someone other than Clinton or Trump. Instead, it is done out of spite or hatred or anger toward Trump, who won the GOP nomination fair and square. (It’s not his fault that the other 16 candidates were flat tires and duds.) The leak that Kristol's vaunted independent candidate is a writer named David French (whom Romney has praised on social media) is, frankly, a sad joke. [more...]