Thursday, February 26, 2015

2-26-15 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Could Giuliani Be Onto Something?
2. Brian Sussman: Droughts, Water Shortages and the Keystone Pipeline
3. Bill Tatro: The President's Love
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Playing Politics with the Dept. of Homeland Security
5. John LeBoutillier: 'Fox Primary' is Key to Winning GOP Nomination

Could Giuliani Be Onto Something?

Is it a stretch to say someone, especially an American president, doesn’t seem to love America, when he shows loves and support for communist Cuba and the Castro brothers... but shows nothing but disdain for Israel? Is it a stretch to say someone, especially an American president, doesn’t seem to love America when he meets with gusto the head of Jihad-supporting, radical Muslim-supporting Qatar, but refuses to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? What about when he opens a White House terrorist summit with Muslim prayer, includes primarily Muslim participants, and warmly welcomes the head of Russia’s spy agency (formerly known as the KGB), while excluding the head of America’s FBI? [more...]

Droughts, Water Shortages and the Keystone Pipeline

Out here in California we’ve got a serious drought and there’s a critical water shortage.  However, the water shortage is completely manmade. Thanks to the environmentalists and their liberal co-conspirators in our state legislature, water storage in California has not kept up with a steady population increase and the associated water demand.  In fact, in recent years some of the state's more significant dams have been deconstructed, forcing hundreds of nearby farms to close down operations.  Were it not for the eco-freaks, California could have built many more dams and reservoirs and therefore be adequately prepared for times of drought.  But instead we’ve been forced to roll over, accept the water shortage and employ extreme conservation methods, or face significant fines. And let's talk about the now vetoed Keystone Pipeline! [more...]

The President's Love

The latest brouhaha comes from Rudy Giuliani’s comment last week that President Obama didn't love America.  Media attacks, political cold shoulders and even death threats have been the order of the day for the former New York City mayor. Regardless of what's in the President’s heart, known only to him, the real issue is the reaction of mainstream media to a citizen of the United States expressing his opinion. James Madison, the godfather of the Bill of Rights is probably rolling over in his grave as the mayor's exercise of his First Amendment is being trashed. Lincoln was called a baboon. Jackson was called a backwoodsman.  FDR, a socialist. Nixon, a crook, Bush a Nazi - all because under the First Amendment, they could be. [more...]

Playing Politics with the Dept. of Homeland Security

The notion that Congress might actually shut down the Department of Homeland Security as part of a broader fight over President Obama’s immigration policies seemed ridiculous just a few weeks ago, but the current standoff in Congress could force the Department of Homeland Security to shut down this week. With just days remaining until funding for the Homeland Security agency runs out, it’s looking more and more like reality. Late last year, Congress approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill that would support Homeland Security only until this month’s end in order to repeal and work against stopping President Obama’s executive action that aims to legally protect immigrants from being deported. All the money being used to support his decision, though, falls under Homeland Security. Feels like deja vu. [more...]

'Fox Primary' is Key to Winning GOP Nomination

Have you noticed something a bit odd and seemingly inexplicable: How and why does long-since retired and out-of-office former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) appear at or near the top of most national GOP polls - seven years after the last time he ran for office?  And why does former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) not poll particularly well - even with the high name I.D. he has - especially compared to his older brother, President George W. Bush, at a similar time in 1999, one year before the caucuses and primaries? [more...]

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2-25-15 Expert Commentators from FrontPage Mag Available for Interviews

800 "Palestinians" Involved in Asylum Fraud in Norway

Ironically Norway has almost as big of a Jordanian (Palestinian) problem as Israel does. Police Immigration Service (PU) suspect so far that around 800 so-called "stateless Palestinians" with residence in Norway have been granted residence under false pretenses. Police have so far demonstrated that 400 of these are citizens of Jordan. Technically they should also be Jordanian citizens, but that's a separate problem. [more...]

Why Obama Won’t Call the Jihadis Islamic

Barack Obama aroused controversy over his affinity with Islam yet again when a photo surfaced from the U.S.-African Leaders' Summit in August 2014, showing Obama passing by a group of African delegates with his right index finger raised in a gesture strongly reminiscent of the Islamic State's now notorious one-finger salute. For the Islamic State and other Muslims, this gesture signifies allegiance to Islam's absolute monotheism. Whatever Obama may have meant by it, the revelation that he had made the gesture - coming so soon after his renewed refusal at his "Countering Violent Extremism" summit to identify Islamic jihadists as Islamic - raised new questions about Obama's relationship with Islam. [more...]

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2-24-15 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Bill Glynn: Attacking the American Mall
2. Wayne Allyn Root: It's Time for Martin Luther King's Non-Violent Resistance against Obama and His Liberal Cronies
3. John LeBoutillier: The Next Great Presidential Candidate
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The Death of the Internet - What to Expect Next
5. Joe Messina: Who's Killing Who in the U.S.?

Attacking the American Mall

For years I have spoken about retail malls and establishments where people congregate to conduct commerce as prime targets for terrorism.  At the core of our country is commerce - 70% or more of our economy, in fact. Did we all forget the words of al-Qaeda after 9/11: "It is coming," ...while all we have is a band-aid because we are largely a reactionary society.  Act or be acted upon!  There is no crystal ball, I certainly don't have one, but I am a logical thinker.  If our economy, online and offline, is predicated on people buying stuff, then of course we will get hit where it counts - the American pocketbook.  Our enemies are very sophisticated and well financed.  Our Achilles Heel is our economy; so it is logical to strike fear into shoppers' minds and keep them from floating the economy with their buying power.  What do you think an attack would do to consumer confidence? [more...]

It's Time for Martin Luther King's Non-Violent Resistance against Obama and His Liberal Cronies

It's time to adopt Martin Luther King's doctrine of "Non-Violent Resistance" to defeat Obama. Our nation is upside down. A lie is called the truth. The truth is called intolerant or racist. A Great Depression is a "recovering economy." Record cold and snow is a sign of global warming. Low gas prices are attributed to the man whose stated goals and policies are to drive energy prices ever higher. The way to "save" the middle class is by taxing them more. Illegal aliens have the same rights as any American-born citizen. And, of course, we can't use "Muslim" and "terrorist" in the same sentence, even if every terrorist attack is conducted by Muslims. America's future is going bad... fast. We have to fight back. We have to act now to take back the country from the evil destroying it. [more...]

The Next Great Presidential Candidate

Has yet to appear... and will include in his/her repertoire something Peggy Noonan pointed out in a column last week comparing the death of CBS's Bob Simon and the despicable lies and fabrications of NBC's Brian Williams: "America is hungry for authenticity and honesty and fiercely resents its absence from places where it should be." [more...]

The Death of the Internet - What to Expect Next

The Federal Communications Commission appears set this week to approve President Obama's plan for Net neutrality - a benign sounding name for the strong-handed regulation, taxation and control of the Internet.  The result of Net neutrality will be a convoluted and burdened Internet that I call ObamaNet.  Indeed, unless stopped by the courts or Congress, Net neutrality will signal the death of the Internet as we know it today.  Internet freedom will be lost.  After the death of the Internet, what can we expect from ObamaNet? [more...]

Who's Killing Who in the U.S.?

This week a Tweet floated by asking the question, "What is it with white men in society? Why are so many killing American Muslims, women, blacks and children?" This from a person who has worked in the media and claims that they only speak the truth, but people like me on the right are wacked! Low IQ voters and those with the victim mentality eat up posts like this. But it's all wrong. I didn't go to any rightwing or leftwing sites. I went to those highly partisan sites known as the FBI (for crime stats) and the DOJ (for crime reports).  Let's look at a few stats... [more...] REPORTING LIVE FROM CPAC in Washington, D.C.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Oscars: Predictable, Pretentious and Politically Laden

A slow moving, generally unfunny Oscar telecast resulted in predictable outcomes in almost all of the major award categories.

A significant moment occurred during the Oscar telecast when "Citizenfour," Laura Poitras's account of her work with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, won the Best Documentary Oscar. Poitras's film begins prior to the time that Snowden went public, when he was attempting to avoid being apprehended and possibly prosecuted. The film captures his struggle to come to terms with the fact that his life had irrevocably changed. "I was a participant as much as a documentarian," Poitras told TIME when "Citizenfour" was released. In her acceptance speech, she said, "The most important decisions being made in secret affect all of us." Snowden couldn't make it "for some treason," host Harris said, in what was a patently flat attempt at a joke. [more...]

Thursday, February 19, 2015

2-19-15 Expert Commentators from FrontPage Mag Available for Interviews

Christian Slaughter in Libya

The disputed fate of the 21 Coptic Christians abducted in Sirte, Libya is now clear and visible for all to see on video: while holding them down, Islamic State members shove their fingers in the Christians' eye, crane their heads back, and slice away at their throats with knives - all in the name of Allah and Islam, all as the slaughtered call out on the "Lord Jesus Christ." [more...]

Obama’s ISIS Strategy is Even Worse than You Think

"We cannot win this war by killing them," Marie Harf said on MSNBC. Reversing thousands of years of battlefield experience in which wars were won by "killing them," the State Department spokeswoman argued that you can't defeat ISIS by killing its fighters. "We cannot kill our way out of this war," she said. "We need in the medium and longer term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it is lack of opportunity for jobs." [more...]

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2-17-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: What is ObamaNet and Do We Need It?
2. James Hirsen: The Darkest Shade of Grey
3. Joe Messina: Obama's Failed Policies
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Patriot Act, Part Two
5. Bill Tatro: Civil War - Ours AND Theirs
6. John LeBoutillier: This Week on Political Insiders

What is ObamaNet and Do We Need It?

It’s been called "Obamacare for the Internet."  It’s been called a "solution that won’t work to a problem that doesn't exist using legal authority we don’t have" that will create "billions of dollars in new taxes."  It’s been called "ObamaNet."  What is it and do we need it? ObamaNet is what will be left of the Internet after all the proposed new regulations and new taxes (that have been suggested by the government) are implemented. Remember those Obamacare promises we heard: If you like your doctor, you can keep him.  If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it.  Healthcare premiums will drop by $2,500 per year. Now we hear terms like "Net neutrality" - an open, fair, and free Internet.  Neutrality, openness, fairness, free.  They all sound great.  BUT...  [more...]

The Darkest Shade of Grey

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" novels, already "mainstream" in their appeal, had readied conditions across the cultural landscape for a perfect storm of the cinematic kind. The film adaptation of the initial "Grey" book has just broken box-office records. It has also severely chipped away at society’s common conscience and established a deeply disturbing baseline for societal norms. With regard to media entertainment, the digital age truly changed circumstances across the societal board. Not only has the technology that provides access to media entertainment transformed our cultural viewing habits, it seems to have simultaneously altered our ethical essence. [more...]

Obama's Failed Policies

Once again, this week many of Mr. Obama’s failed "policies" started to close in around him: military, economic, healthcare, and immigration to name a few. Mr. Obama has, again, submitted a plan to defeat ISIS... ISIL terrorists. He wants a three-year war powers authorization to finally defeat "the enemy." But it still doesn't include boots on the ground. Really? Even after many of his military advisers and many of the allies that we have left in the Middle East say it won’t work without boots on the ground. This plan comes from a man who continually ignores the experts, a man who probably hasn't ever played a game of "Battleship," let alone care about our military as a whole. [more...]

Patriot Act, Part Two

It’s no secret that President Obama and Congress do not see eye to eye. And because he knows he’ll never get them to pass his bills, Obama is once again using them as an excuse and his position’s power to take executive action. Obama argues that he is doing this for the people’s protection. Perhaps he is, but his strategy to target hackers is ultimately making his own citizens' sensitive and private information more available and therefore us more vulnerable to exploitation by other entities - especially our own government. Let’s call it the Patriot Act, Part Two, because in reality what Obama’s latest executive order will do is expand and extenuate the number of establishments that can access mass amounts of private and sensitive data. This data will be compiled and contained in our motivated government’s vast spying contraptions that have become infamous for focusing on U.S. citizens equally as invasive as it does so on foreign threats. This authoritarian-like action will, in turn, further deteriorate our country’s core belief in personal privacy. [more...]

Civil War - Ours AND Theirs

Most recently it seems that Libya, Egypt, Syria and the Ukraine have been playgrounds for our State Department. We pick a side in the civil war and then support it, both overtly through the mainstream media (usually Sunday morning talk shows) and covertly with CIA tactical support and military industrial hardware. Our justification is usually that the bad guys, those we aren't supporting, would do more harm than good to the poor people by staying in power; therefore, in most recent times, a regime change was necessary. Problems arise when the weapons of one group that we are supporting somehow find their way into the hands of a group that we are trying to eliminate. It makes for a very confusing situation when we are involved in many civil wars at the same time. No wonder our State Department has doubled its strategy section in the past few years. [more...]

This Week on Political Insiders

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we discussed the worldwide chaos that seems to be spreading - and the total lack of American leadership to combat it; the dysfunction of the GOP leadership up on the Hill; and the so far unimpressive 2016 campaign. Watch our shows here: Sunday Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. [more...]

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2-12-15 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Even if Obama Never Said 'I Will Stand with Muslims,' It’s Exactly What He Meant
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Benson's Battle for His Billions
3. Bill Tatro: Greece is Totally Bankrupt
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The End of the Mainstream Media Pt. 2
5. John LeBoutillier: Why Jeb Bush Is Polling Badly, But GOP Donors are Crazy about Him

Even if Obama Never Said 'I Will Stand with Muslims,' It’s Exactly What He Meant

Many conservatives believe that Obama wrote "I will stand with the Muslims," in his autobiography. While those were not his exact words, his actions indicate it is exactly what he meant. Many defenders of Obama say that is too simplistic of an interpretation and the words have been taken out of context. The reference came in a paragraph where Obama discussed prejudice against different races and religions. He made it clear that it’s unfair for people to jump to conclusions and tar all members of one race or religion with the deeds of one small group of people. Defenders of Obama believe he promised only to defend Muslims against that kind of prejudice. They interpret his words to mean he promised to defend Muslims against the kind of unfair internment Japanese-Americans faced during World War II. I agree Obama’s remarks are open to interpretation. The problem is his actions today are so toxic, as to convince many of us that he meant the words, "I will stand with the Muslims." Judge for yourself. Actions speak louder than words. [more...]

Benson's Battle for His Billions

On Tuesday, a New Orleans judge ruled that Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson must undergo a physical and mental exam by three physicians as family members still continue to fight over his mental competency (also known as fighting over his money). The billionaire wrote a note back in January that announced he was severing financial ties with his daughter and children and therefore planned to pass on future ownership of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans professional sports teams to his third wife instead. Of course, money gluttony led the forever money hungry family members to try and convince the judge that their dear old patriarch is mentally incompetent to do such things and is causing damage to the family trust. [more...]

Greece is Totally Bankrupt

Most recently, the Chief Economist for CitiGroup stated that if Greece were to exit the European Union there would be "a financial collapse and a deeper recession than the country is already experiencing - probably a depression." The European Parliament President warned ominously that Greece risks National bankruptcy. The irony of all of this is that Greece is already in a depression and is totally bankrupt. Those who wish to continue the status quo, including much of the progressive mainstream media, would have you believe otherwise. [more...]

The End of the Mainstream Media Pt. 2

Brian Williams, NBC’s anchor for the “Nightly News” program, has been suspended for six months without pay for apparently telling a war story that was not true.  Other criticisms have emerged about potentially false stories.  That’s a possible financial blow to a program that has gone from 20 million viewers, years ago, to about 9 million viewers recently. Jon Stewart, Comedy Central’s host of “The Daily Show” plans to leave his “fake news show” after about 16 years.  The loss of Jon Stewart will negatively impact Comedy Central. In the Drudge Report, we read this week about the “END OF THE REAL NEWS” and the “END OF THE FAKE NEWS.”  Although skeptical viewers might ask the question, does the mainstream media report on “real news” or simply "progressive socialist narratives?" [more...]

Why Jeb Bush Is Polling Badly, But GOP Donors are Crazy about Him

The 2016 race for the Republican presidential nomination is off and running; but already the race has seen some bad decisions which will negatively impact the outcome 18 months from now. The withdrawal of 2012 nominee Mitt Romney has unleashed a stampede of GOP donors and bundlers, most of them to former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.). This is despite the fact that Bush is a surprisingly desultory candidate. His performance in Detroit last week - in what was billed as his first national campaign appearance - was weak and lackluster. He does not connect well - at least so far - with GOP primary voters.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Temperature Data Being Faked to Show Global Warming

Climate change has been a volatile issue for years, even amongst leading scientists and researchers from other disciplines. In his new book, Dark Winter: How the Sun is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell, scientist John L. Casey, a former White House national space policy advisor, NASA headquarters consultant and space shuttle engineer, tells the truth about ominous changes taking place in the climate and the sun.

Recently, a British journalist questioned the method used to by scientists to calculate the earth's climate change, calling it "one of the greatest scientific scandals of all time." Christopher Booker writes for Britain's The Telegraph that climate data from stations in South America have been adjusted since the 1950s to give the impression that the earth's temperature is rising more than the original data showed. [more...]

Climate Change 'Greatest Scientific Fraud in History' - The climate change theory that man-made global warming is caused by an increase of greenhouse gases "is the greatest scientific fraud in history," says John Casey, president of the Space and Science Research Corporation.

"If you go back and look at how all this got started and look at the 30 years and the $30 billion [spent] in an attempt to make what's always been a weak scientific theory into something valid, we now know after all that effort, money and time, that the greenhouse gas theory as shown in the UN's own climate models has been a miserable failure in predicting climate change," Casey told "America's Forum" on NewsmaxTV. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2-10-15 Great Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Plagiarism Claim over Sam Smith's Grammy Winning Song is Settled
2. Bill Tatro: You Gotta Love the BLS and the BEA
3. Dave Bego: Reprise - Beware the Ambush
4. John LeBoutillier: This Week on Political Insiders
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Grammys - An Expensive Show for Show
6. Joe Messina: Do You Know What You Stand For?

Plagiarism Claim over Sam Smith's Grammy Winning Song is Settled

At the recent Grammy Awards ceremony, British soul singer Sam Smith snagged some major attention by taking home four Grammys, which included awards for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album. His biggest hit, "Stay With Me," was in contention for both Song of the Year and Record of the Year and took both trophies. However, the tune was also the subject of a news story that involved a fellow musical artist, who this year was up for a Grammy as well, the famed producer-singer-songwriter Tom Petty. Many inside and outside of the industry had noticed Smith's song bore an eerie resemblance to Petty's signature 1989 hit, "I Won't Back Down." Lawyers ultimately weighed in on what in fact turned out to be a music copyright infringement claim, or as the press were labeling it, "song plagiarism." [more...]

You Gotta Love the BLS and the BEA

In the '70s inflation was so high that incomes were being eroded on a daily basis.  In addition to wage and price controls, initiated in 1971 and later removed due to no positive effect and dramatic increases in interest rates, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) decided to redirect people's attentions.  No longer would inflation measurement contain the dreaded food and energy, both of which were running rampant.  Everything else would be included and it all would be designated core inflation.  If we weren't told the truth at least we would feel better as we sunk into the inflationary abyss. In 2013, the National Bureau of Economic Research (BEA), concerned that so-called recovery was not on track, decided to revise the figures to "include new measures and data to better capture the U.S. economy."  The BEA Director said that the revisions were to keep the GDP "up to date and relevant."  Miraculously, thanks to recalculating R&D, entertainment and promises made for pensions, our GDP rates increased by some 10%. [more...]

Reprise - Beware the Ambush

The following is a previously published blog in which I encouraged the Republican Party to take action against the Rogue NLRB and its "Ambush Election" rule making, stating: "It is Time for Republicans to Go on the Offensive, expose this President’s Divide and Conquer agenda and The Taking of American Freedoms." I am happy to report that they listened to this advice. [more...]

This Week on Political Insiders

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we discussed the change in the war against ISIS and the new leadership role of Jordan's King Abdullah, the 2016 GOP presidential race, and the overall decay of America's political class. Watch our shows here: Sunday Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. [more...]

The Grammys - An Expensive Show for Show

Music is a very big business, but does an artist who has a Grammy really make them worthy of going down in history? Unlike many other music awards, the Grammys recognizes artistic and technical achievements rather than sales success; but looking back at history, there have been times that amazing artists slipped through the cracks. Take for instance the fact that both Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley never won a Grammy. There are times in history that suggest the Grammys is mostly for show. Nevertheless, the show is more popular in the U.S. than the news! [more...]

Do You Know What You Stand For?

Getting ready for one of my faith radio segments, I read that a private Catholic school was suspending, and trying to fire, a professor for a blog post he had written. He called attention to a class where the substitute teacher told a student they couldn’t discuss gay marriage because it fostered homophobic feelings. Seriously? First, it is a private college, so I guess they can dictate what is acceptable to speak about and what isn’t. But, don’t people go to college to foster open, honest, intellectual discussion? Or is it now a place to foster politically correct conversation only? [more...

Monday, February 9, 2015

2-9-15 FrontPage Mag Writers Available for Interviews

Hundreds More Muslim Rape Gang Cases Discovered in the UK
The Muslim rape gang scandal in Britain just keeps getting worse. Last August, the BBC reported that "at least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, a report has found. Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated, it said." Five months later, not only has little been done to combat this scourge, but it has grown exponentially worse: hundreds of new cases have been discovered, and one of the victims says that those who abused her are "untouchable." more...

Obama: Christianity No Different From the Islamic State

As the world reacts with shock and horror at the increasingly savage deeds of the Islamic State (IS)-in this case, the recent immolation of a captive-U.S. President Obama's response has been one of nonjudgmental relativism. more...
Brian Williams for President

Two years ago NBC and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell tried to invent a Romney gaffe by playing an edited tape of Romney. Mitchell wasn't just another angry MSNBCite, but NBC's Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent and a colleague of Brian Williams who often appeared on his newscast. more...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2-3-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The Real Story Behind Income Inequality
2. Bill Tatro: Four More Years of Obama?
3. John LeBoutillier: Why Elizabeth Warren Will Run Against Hillary in 2016
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Transition into Transgender with Bruce Jenner
5. Joe Messina: The Real JV Team Emerges

The Real Story Behind Income Inequality

In recent weeks, progressive socialists, socialists, and Marxists have been decrying income inequality as a critically important issue to the world.  According to these socialists, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.  In fact, it had been reported at the World Economic Forum held in Davos Switzerland in late January that "growing income inequality" was one of the top four issues discussed at the forum.  Of course, as expected, socialists blame capitalism and economic freedom and free enterprise as the causes of this so-called terrible problem.  But what is the real story about income inequality?  Is it real?  Is it bad?  What's the real cause?  More on income inequality and its close cousin, wealth inequality...

Four More Years of Obama?

If you read my book, 44th: The Presidential Conspiracy, you will learn how Obama can - legally - ravage the country for another four years.  After eight years of George Bush, America was ready for "hope and change."  Unemployment was escalating, home prices collapsing, and the U.S. military occupied all corners of the world.  Yes, it was time for a change. Six years later, the American public is once again setting its sights on the Presidential election of 2016. Will things be different they ask?  Will the long malaise finally be over?  Will a true recovery be at hand?  Is there a politician that can actually change the downward spiraling of America and accomplish what he or she promises? The answer, unfortunately, is NO. [more...]

Why Elizabeth Warren Will Run Against Hillary in 2016

Senator Elizabeth Warren is the only national politician today from either party who conveys a sense of outrage over our current, deteriorating national situation. Her passion is her signature calling card in a time when all the other candidates for President seem to have passion only for themselves and their candidacies. [more...]

Transition into Transgender with Bruce Jenner

Since 2013, Bruce has been gradually changing his looks and adorning stereotypical feminine aspects such as painted nails, wearing makeup and sporting long hair. Now the gossip is officially fact: the 65-year-old reality star has announced that he plans to transition into a female, and the E! Network is to film the entire process through his journey in becoming a woman, which will eventually air on the network later this year. Jenner’s decision to make these changes slowly was decided in part so that his family would have time to adapt to the change. I think he is doing the world a service by agreeing to tell his story so that hopefully he can help other people who are struggling with similar issues and who are not yet brave enough to live out their truth. [more...]

The Real JV Team Emerges

Mr. Obama called ISIS a "JV Team" but now he says he didn't quite say that. Just like he now says he didn't quite say "you can keep your doctor" and he didn't quite say "your health care premiums would be less than you cell phone bill." That "JV Team" that Mr. Obama tagged, a/k/a ISIS, is now in control of a very large part of the Middle East. They are responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of innocent people. They are part of the reason oil prices are falling as they steal oil, load it up in stolen tankers, and sell it on the open market. They are instilling fear in and around Europe and parts of the U.S. These junior league boys are acting like, and accomplishing, senior league goals. Why? Because they are committed at all costs, even to the point of death. The real JV Team is the Obama Administration. [more...] Check out Joe on his new national show.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Michael Moore Still Fears Clint Eastwood

In an apparent effort to garner publicity, Michael Moore continues to make provocative statements about "American Sniper," the film that has captured moviegoers' attention and consequently taken the box office by storm.

The concoctor of controversy now appears to be trying to elicit sympathy from the public for something that "American Sniper" director Clint Eastwood said in a speech made ten years ago. Moore recently posted a lengthy rant on his Facebook page in which he further disparaged Eastwood’s latest film. He continued with a veiled attack on another of the acclaimed director's movies, "Gran Torino," and tried to further damage Eastwood's reputation by lifting out of context a decade-old remark made by Eastwood and strewing it among the weeds of loaded language. [more...]