Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2-18-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Is Obama Accelerating the Collapse of America?
2. Dr. Elaina George: Obamacare's Health Inequality
3. Joe Messina: Faith Breeds Foolishness
4. John LeBoutillier: The Corruption of Our Political System and How the Game is Rigged against the American People

Is Obama Accelerating the Collapse of America?

Have you paid attention to the Obama news of the past week? It’s amazing... mind-boggling... a week of unimaginable destruction. The cloak is off. Obama is no longer hiding his plans to destroy America. For anyone who isn't blind, deaf or very dumb, it's now all out in the open. The news of this past week proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama is accelerating the destruction of America. Why the sudden rush? Obama and his Marxist cabal see the writing on the wall. Their internal polls show they are headed for a landslide defeat in November. Now that the disastrous effects of Obamacare are clear for the voters to see, they know Democrats are about to be destroyed at the polls. [more...]

Obamacare's Health Inequality

Whether we like it or not, Obamacare is the law of the land. Moreover, no one can argue that it has fundamentally changed the American healthcare system. While we were distracted by the disastrous rollout, the government has inserted itself between the doctor and the patient and taken control of the system – from a doctor's treatment options to a patient's choice from cradle to grave, and everything in between. The debate on whether to repeal, amend or let the process continue to its conclusion has devolved into a heated argument where it is all about winning at any cost. But while pundits and politicians are preoccupied with winning, people are dying and losing their financial underpinning, and there is both a transfer of health and a transfer of wealth. In short, the healthcare system is breaking into a two-tiered system: those who are relegated to Obamacare will be trapped in a system which locks them out of the very best healthcare that our country has to offer while those who can afford to will simply opt out. [more...]

Faith Breeds Foolishness

Every Friday on my radio show I do a segment called "Faith Fridays" where I speak about issues of various faiths, from what they believe to how they operate. It's been a regular thing for almost 3 years now and is a listeners' favorite. I bring in experts and people practicing particular religions. I talk about Buddhists, Spiritualists, Pastafarians, and even Jews and Muslims with little or no blowback. But if I mention that a Christian has been persecuted or make a comment about what atheists have to look forward to after death, Twitter lights up like I've stuck these guys with a red hot poker in the eye! [more...]

The Corruption of Our Political System and How the Game is Rigged against the American People

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we exposed the GOP's duplicity and complicity with the IRS in trying to hurt the Tea Party groups; we also explored the death of the American dream and the unpopularity of the President's use of executive orders, recess appointments and unilateral changes in Obamacare. Watch our shows here: Sunday Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Dot Com. [more...]

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