Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5-28-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Kyle Olson: Did the CTU Create an Offensive Test Question to Make Conservatives Seem Racist?
2. Lowell Ponte: Is America's Constitution Being Replaced?
3. Dr. Larry Kawa: Obamacare Levies New Tax on Employers
4. Joe Messina: Political Correctness Brings More Shooting Sprees
5. John LeBoutillier: The VA Scandal, Benghazi and 2016
6. Wayne Allyn Root: What President Obama Should Say to Mexico's President about Our Imprisoned Marine

Did the CTU Create an Offensive Test Question to Make Conservatives Seem Racist?

Surely CTU President Karen Lewis and the other far-left activists in the union would never politicize student test questions... would they? We have to wonder, since a test question for seventh-graders identified two phony articles – supposedly written by conservatives who oppose citizenship for illegal immigrants. The articles read more like something published by the KKK than everyday conservatives. [more...] Go here for Common Core Watch

Is America's Constitution Being Replaced?

President Barack Obama is unhappy with the U.S. Constitution and wants to change it. America's Founding Fathers, Mr. Obama has said, had "an enormous blind spot" and produced a "deeply flawed" document as the cornerstone of our republic. One such flaw, he told Democratic Party campaign contributors in Chicago on May 22, is that it apportions two Senate seats to each state, large or small. "That puts us at a disadvantage," said President Obama. Democrats, he said, "tend to congregate a little more densely" in big cities like Chicago and New York, and this, plus the way congressional seats are apportioned by population and state, gives Republicans an advantage. These "are some structural reasons why, despite the fact that Republican ideas are largely rejected by the public, it's still hard for us to break through," said President Obama. Oddly, despite Mr. Obama's claim that the public rejects Republican ideas, the GOP holds a solid majority in the House of Representatives and has a good chance of winning control of the Senate this November. [more...]

Obamacare Levies New Tax on Employers

President Obama seems to change the law based upon the mood of the day. In another typical Friday night news release, the Obama administration announced a new regulation/tax on employers. Employers who found healthcare under Obamacare to be too expensive to provide to their employees are now going to be forced to provide employee healthcare or face a stiff fine. Many employers decided to give a cash contribution to their employees, oftentimes in the amount that their health insurance used to cost before Obamacare. Employees would take that cash and then go on to the exchange and purchase individual insurance. This is the system that Obamacare gave us. However, when the President found out that people were following it, and not getting fined, he decided that something needed to be done. Now employers are subject to a $100 per day ($36,500 per year) fine per employee who purchases health insurance from the individual exchanges. [more...]

Political Correctness Brings More Shooting Sprees

Over the weekend a very disturbed young man killed 6 people (3 stabbed, 3 shot) and injured several others (some with his car) before turning the gun on himself. The posts on Facebook went out immediately: "full background checks for all gun sales," "we need to make it harder for people to get guns," "high capacity magazines need to be banned" and "no one needs a gun." Really, LIBERAL America, get a grip! This is the perfect case to show how foolish all those comments are. This piece is going to be a little harsh, so stop reading if you don't want an in-your-face look at this massacre. [more...]

The VA Scandal, Benghazi and 2016

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we discussed the expanding Veterans Administration Scandal, the Democrats' decision to participate in the Benghazi Select Committee - perhaps to protect Hillary - and the GOP Establishment's move to run Jeb Bush in 2016. Watch our shows here: Sunday Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. [more...]

What President Obama Should Say to Mexico's President about Our Imprisoned Marine

Memorial Day is over, but we are reminded of the sacrifices of our military heroes by a high profile story in the news right now. We have an explosive international incident developing over the false imprisonment of a U.S. Marine hero in Mexico. Remarkably, our president and Secretary of State have not even chosen to bring this issue up with Enrique Pena Nieto, the President of Mexico. I believe the U.S. has great leverage in this situation- if we had a real leader running this country. Unfortunately we have the weak, feckless, neutered, bowing Barack Obama. [more...]

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