Monday, June 30, 2014

6-30-14 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: How Donald Trump Can Save America with a $50 Million Reward
2. John LeBoutillier: Could Political Purity Be the Undoing of Hillary - Again?
3. James Hirsen: Facebook Admits to Using Unsuspecting Participants in Research Study
4. Joe Messina: No Borders, No Rules = Dictatorship

How Donald Trump Can Save America with a $50 Million Reward

I'm calling on Donald Trump to offer a $50 million reward to any IRS employee (or employees) that comes forward with information leading to the impeachment of Obama or the conviction of his top White House aides. The IRS scandal is the smoking gun. My gut instinct says that the orders to target, persecute, intimidate and destroy critics of the president came directly from the Obama White House. Obama knew. He was in the middle of the conspiracy. Obama was there when the game plan was devised. Can he be directly tied to it? Probably not. I’m betting nothing was ever in writing. But his top aides gave the orders to IRS officials. That's precisely why the e-mails were destroyed. No one would have gone to such an extreme unless those e-mails tied the orders directly to the highest levels of the White House. [more...]

Could Political Purity Be the Undoing of Hillary - Again?

The U.S. senator-elect - who had been a law school professor with a Harvard Law pedigree but had never actually run anything - had come out of nowhere and won a surprising victory and entered D.C.'s upper chamber with passionate national support on the far left far eclipsing any other freshman senator. But, asked about the next presidential race, this senator-elect categorically denied any plans to run for president against the prohibitive frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. What made this rookie politician a national figure before actually even taking office? This freshman senator was 100 percent "pure" on a crucial issue central to the soul of the Democratic Party's left - the base of the party that ultimately determines its presidential nominee - and was passionate and animated when discussing this issue. [more...]

Facebook Admits to Using Unsuspecting Participants in Research Study

Over the past weekend, an astonishing bit of information surfaced concerning social media giant Facebook. In early June of 2014, a research study, which was conducted by Facebook researchers along with academics from Cornell University and the University of California at San Francisco, appeared in a prominent academic journal, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The journal article described the results of researchers' attempts at evaluating users' emotional responses on the Facebook Web site through modification of news feeds. The Facebook site was apparently experimenting to find out whether users could be made to undergo certain emotional changes through what the study referred to as "emotional contagion." According to the journal article, two university researchers, who worked in conjunction with a Facebook data scientist, altered the news feeds of 689,003 users. The research, which modified the algorithm used to place posts into user news feeds, was conducted in 2012 over an approximate one-week period. [more...]

No Borders, No Rules = Dictatorship

This was a heavy news week. Tens of thousands of illegals trampled over our borders. Where is the President? Out campaigning.  The head of the IRS knew about the missing or lost e-mails at the last hearing, yet said nothing! Where is the President? Out campaigning! Five very nasty terrorists are released for one U.S. soldier. Where is the president? Out campaigning. What's he campaigning for? He already won. We are stuck with him 2.5 more years, maybe! (The smell of impeachment is in the air.) Many of the Democrats running for office don't want him involved. Some have even asked him to stay away! [more...]

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