Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2-24-15 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Bill Glynn: Attacking the American Mall
2. Wayne Allyn Root: It's Time for Martin Luther King's Non-Violent Resistance against Obama and His Liberal Cronies
3. John LeBoutillier: The Next Great Presidential Candidate
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The Death of the Internet - What to Expect Next
5. Joe Messina: Who's Killing Who in the U.S.?

Attacking the American Mall

For years I have spoken about retail malls and establishments where people congregate to conduct commerce as prime targets for terrorism.  At the core of our country is commerce - 70% or more of our economy, in fact. Did we all forget the words of al-Qaeda after 9/11: "It is coming," ...while all we have is a band-aid because we are largely a reactionary society.  Act or be acted upon!  There is no crystal ball, I certainly don't have one, but I am a logical thinker.  If our economy, online and offline, is predicated on people buying stuff, then of course we will get hit where it counts - the American pocketbook.  Our enemies are very sophisticated and well financed.  Our Achilles Heel is our economy; so it is logical to strike fear into shoppers' minds and keep them from floating the economy with their buying power.  What do you think an attack would do to consumer confidence? [more...]

It's Time for Martin Luther King's Non-Violent Resistance against Obama and His Liberal Cronies

It's time to adopt Martin Luther King's doctrine of "Non-Violent Resistance" to defeat Obama. Our nation is upside down. A lie is called the truth. The truth is called intolerant or racist. A Great Depression is a "recovering economy." Record cold and snow is a sign of global warming. Low gas prices are attributed to the man whose stated goals and policies are to drive energy prices ever higher. The way to "save" the middle class is by taxing them more. Illegal aliens have the same rights as any American-born citizen. And, of course, we can't use "Muslim" and "terrorist" in the same sentence, even if every terrorist attack is conducted by Muslims. America's future is going bad... fast. We have to fight back. We have to act now to take back the country from the evil destroying it. [more...]

The Next Great Presidential Candidate

Has yet to appear... and will include in his/her repertoire something Peggy Noonan pointed out in a column last week comparing the death of CBS's Bob Simon and the despicable lies and fabrications of NBC's Brian Williams: "America is hungry for authenticity and honesty and fiercely resents its absence from places where it should be." [more...]

The Death of the Internet - What to Expect Next

The Federal Communications Commission appears set this week to approve President Obama's plan for Net neutrality - a benign sounding name for the strong-handed regulation, taxation and control of the Internet.  The result of Net neutrality will be a convoluted and burdened Internet that I call ObamaNet.  Indeed, unless stopped by the courts or Congress, Net neutrality will signal the death of the Internet as we know it today.  Internet freedom will be lost.  After the death of the Internet, what can we expect from ObamaNet? [more...]

Who's Killing Who in the U.S.?

This week a Tweet floated by asking the question, "What is it with white men in society? Why are so many killing American Muslims, women, blacks and children?" This from a person who has worked in the media and claims that they only speak the truth, but people like me on the right are wacked! Low IQ voters and those with the victim mentality eat up posts like this. But it's all wrong. I didn't go to any rightwing or leftwing sites. I went to those highly partisan sites known as the FBI (for crime stats) and the DOJ (for crime reports).  Let's look at a few stats... [more...] REPORTING LIVE FROM CPAC in Washington, D.C.

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