Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4-6-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Crista Huff: Pay No Attention to that Trade Deficit Behind the Curtain
2. Joe Messina: Military Voters Matter
3. Daniel Greenfield: Cuba Celebrated Obama Visit by Arresting 498 Dissidents

Pay No Attention to that Trade Deficit Behind the Curtain
By Crista Huff

Did you know that the U.S. trade deficit with China reached a record $365.7 billion in 2015?! In case you’re not an economist, let me put that more clearly: In 2015, the value of products that China sent to the U.S. was worth $365.7 billion dollars more than the value of products that the U.S. sent to China. [more...]

Military Voters Matter
By Joe Messina

In 2008, the Democratic Chairwoman of the Virginia State Board of Election argued that sending absentee ballots overseas to the military one day before the elections was perfectly legal. Really? What was the motivation? Why wouldn’t we give these guys every chance to vote? A federal court stepped in and ruled that Virginia violated federal law but conceded that without the original ballots, there was no way to prove if the voting would have made a difference. So the moral to the Democrat voter story is to protect the votes of the dead, the illegals, and the non-existent, but to hell with the military. We wouldn’t want to go out of our way to accommodate them in any way! Why, you ask? Because the majority of the military tends to vote Republican or conservative. [more...]

Cuba Celebrated Obama Visit by Arresting 498 Dissidents
By Daniel Greenfield

The Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation said that there were at least 1,416 arbitrary political arrests in Cuba during March, of which 498 took place during the March 20-22 visit of U.S. President Barack Obama. The figure of 1,416 arrests, most of them lasting just hours, is one of the highest monthly totals registered in the past five years, exceeded only by the 1,447 arbitrary arrests recorded in November 2015. You can see why Obama loves Cuba. [more...]

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