Wednesday, May 11, 2016

5-11-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: A Bold Prediction
2. Lowell Ponte: Is Our Economy Causing the Obesity Epidemic?
3. George Lombardi: Trump’s VP Pick
4. Daniel Greenfield: "Allahu Akbar" Shouting Muslim Stabs 4, Germany Blames Mental Illness
5. Michael Stumo: Hillary’s Anti-TPP Response Omits Trade Deficit Mention

A Bold Prediction

I’ve been saying it since Trump announced his candidacy in June last year, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. For close to a year, pundits have been saying Trump can’t win; they said his campaign would fizzle out. At every turn, Trump proved the establishment wrong. He knew he had a silent majority that would show up for primaries, and he was right. State by state, Trump consistently beat the polls. Looking towards the general election, I bet we will see this sort of success repeated. One way or another, in just under six months, America will know its next president, and right now Trump is closer than anyone else. [more...]

Is Our Economy Causing the Obesity Epidemic?

Feeling hungry? In one European country, this now entitles you to steal food from the local supermarket. An Italian court on May 2nd set a dangerous precedent by ruling that a person’s “need” in the form of “hunger” gives him or her the right to steal the property of others. Western civilization was built on property rights, but these and other rights are rapidly being destroyed by court rulings, government regulations, executive orders, political social engineering, Nanny state-ism, and the deliberate debasement of our money. Get ready for this Italian legal ruling to be echoed soon by American courts. [more...]

Trump’s VP Pick
By George Lombardi [Friend of Donald Trump]

Trump announced that Ben Carson would be in charge of the selection committee that would recommend the most qualified person to be Vice President. Trump said repeatedly that he wants an experienced politician who can help him with Congress, and that narrows it down. But it is by studying Trump’s personality and previous choices that we can get a better picture of the section process. As many who have watched the TV show “The Apprentice” know well, Trump usually chooses (and fires) by results and by loyalty to the team. He values dedication, smarts, and loyalty above all. [more...]

"Allahu Akbar" Shouting Muslim Stabs 4, Germany Blames Mental Illness

There are (as we all know) no Muslim terrorists. Instead there are terrorists who happen to be Muslim who "misunderstood" their religion. This misunderstanding often occurs due to mental illness. How do we know they're mentally ill? They keep shouting “Allahu Akbar” while murdering people even though everyone knows that Islam is a religion of peace. So the only explanation for why Muslims keep misunderstanding their own religion for 1,400 years is some sort of mental illness. Call it Islamophilia. [more...]

Hillary’s Anti-TPP Response Omits Trade Deficit Mention
By Michael Stumo, CEO of Coalition for a Prosperous America

Hillary Clinton responded this week to a candidate questionnaire from the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign (OFTC) on international trade and trade deals. She reiterated her opposition to the TPP and to holding a vote in the lame duck session. Many folks, including Hillary's own supporters, do not trust her to stay firm against trade deals. Her past support for NAFTA and the South Korea agreement, both of which were economic debacles, is one reason for the distrust. [more...]

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