Thursday, September 8, 2016

9-8-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: Reversing Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy Course
2. Daniel Greenfield: Hillary Keeps Insisting No Americans Died in Benghazi
3. Michael Stumo: Treasury Secretary’s Solution on Selling TPP
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Growth Stalls with Election Looming
5. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump Will Receive 10-15% of the Black Vote

Reversing Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy Course

Donald Trump delivered a major speech in Philadelphia on September 7th in which he detailed his proposals for a vastly strengthened military. He wants to reverse the downward trend of the Obama years. Echoing former President Ronald Reagan, Trump said that “Peace through Strength” are the “three crucial words that should be at the center of our foreign policy.” Donald Trump is not exaggerating the utter failure of the Obama-Clinton-Kerry foreign policy, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. When President Obama began his first term in 2009, Iraq, Syria and Libya were relatively stable. Now they are failed states. The legacy left behind by the Obama administration, as Trump put it with particular focus on Hillary Clinton, “has produced only turmoil and suffering.” [more...]

Hillary Keeps Insisting No Americans Died in Benghazi

Hillary Clinton has been telling this lie for a while and it's staggering in its shamelessness. Glossing over the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi that claimed the lives of four U.S. diplomats, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night claimed that “we did not lose a single American” due to military intervention in Libya. Speaking at a veterans’ forum hosted by NBC News, the former Secretary of State said she stands by the 2011 decision to take action in Libya and that America suffered no casualties. [more...]

Treasury Secretary’s Solution on Selling TPP

When questioned about the massive voter rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was basically dismissive: "Look, what I believe is that there's a lot of anxiety and anger amongst working people around the world." So there is anxiety and anger, but do American citizens have a point? Apparently not. "I think that the benefits of market access for American workers are clear." Well, um, should Lew and the administration make any changes? Yes, cheer louder. "I think what we need to be more clear at is how the benefits of trade agreements get to workers, how workers are equipped with the training they need to have the jobs in the new economy, how companies share the benefits of growth with workers. We have to make a stronger case, a better case, but the substance, the facts are clear." Jack Lew's worldview simply is different than yours or mine. [more...]

Growth Stalls with Election Looming

This election is not just a concern for American citizens; it is extremely significant for businesses worldwide. In an August survey conducted by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), nearly two-thirds of respondents believe that uncertainty about the election is holding back U.S. economic growth. Another recent poll found that 11 percent of the NABE’s members have postponed hiring or investment decisions until after November. Certainly every presidential election brings about uncertainty in the direction of our country and our economy, and none seems more paramount than this year’s race. The NABE’s members have expressed their opinions: more than half rated the election a negative for the economy and the rest were unsure or neutral. More importantly, no one views this election as having a positive impact on the economy. [more...]

Trump Will Receive 10-15% of the Black Vote

Trump will receive 10-15% of the black vote - historically high for a Republican in modern history. Meanwhile, overall black voter turnout will be down by several million. So, even though winning 85% of the black vote by itself would be a big disappointment for Hillary, it's the overall total number of black turnout that will cripple her campaign. Turnout will be far below Obama's numbers. Hillary is the most unlikable candidate in U.S. presidential history; and I can tell you for a fact, she is universally disliked in the black community. To quote Senator Lloyd Benson, 'I know Obama and Hillary is no Obama.' She isn't black... she isn't hip... she isn't charismatic... she isn't entertaining... she is a boring, awkward uninspiring speaker. And the economy for black Americans, to be blunt, sucks. Hillary offers them nothing. She is just a boring old white woman way past her prime, defending policies that didn't work under a black president they loved. Hillary is a broken gun, with no bullets. [more...]

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