Thursday, December 8, 2016

12-9-16 Great Guests for Your Show

Rahm Emanuel Bully for Sanctuary Cities

President-Elect Trump met with Chicago’s most unpopular man, Mayor Rahm Emanuel - the same guy who recently declared “Chicago will always be a sanctuary city” in defiance of Trump’s pledge to deport millions of illegal immigrants with criminal records. He was also the same Rahm Emanuel who has already set up a legal defense fund for illegal immigrants and refugees using millions of dollars that were, once upon a time, set aside for Chicago property tax relief. That was the little bone Rahmbo chucked at those silly Chicago taxpayers after he nailed them with a $600 million property tax increase while increasing his own mayoral budget in 2015. For years, he has mismanaged Chicago’s finances even after his “Never Trump” Republican pal, Gov. Bruce Rauner, endorsed his stellar “financial acumen” in his Rahm’s sorry bid for re-election. [more...]

What’s Really Behind the Recounts and Petitions

If the Jill Stein recount were a car, it would be on fire in a ditch while being swarmed by angry snakes. The failed Green Party candidate raised $7.2 million for presidential recounts that have so far increased Trump’s lead in Wisconsin and made a convincing argument why Detroit shouldn’t be allowed to participate in elections after the ballots on the books didn’t match voting machine printouts in 59% of the precincts. Stein may end up having to pay the entire cost of the Michigan recount and is struggling in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, 42% of Clinton voters believe the recount will show she won. They’re going to be very disappointed. [more...]

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