Tuesday, January 17, 2017

1-17-17 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Starting Point for the Trump Economy
2. Joel Gilbert: Obama’s Biggest Secrets Released
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Trump’s Inauguration Will Result in Optimism
4. Wayne Allyn Root: The Russians Are Coming... or are they?
5. James Hirsen: The New McCarthyism
6. Michael Stumo: The Ivory Tower is Crumbling on Trade Theory
7. Daniel Greenfield: Obama Appoints His Own Goebbels to Holocaust Memorial Board

The Starting Point for the Trump Economy

When President-elect Donald Trump takes the oath of office on Friday, he will be inheriting a U.S. economy which has grown slow and steady under the Obama administration. Trump must certainly be happy to receive an economy which isn’t completely broken. Economists will be watching for data on industrial production, employment, and inflation this week. All three of these economic indicators have been a focus in Trump’s plan for the economy. With so many metrics already so strong, Trump should key in on the weaker facets of the economy like GDP growth. Americans are very optimistic on the economy with Trump in office. [more...]

Obama’s Biggest Secrets Released

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert discusses Obama’s secret past and exposes bombshell news Obama does not want anyone to know, revealing new information obtained since Joel’s blockbuster film, Dreams from My Real Father. Gilbert sums up the Obama years as Obama leaves office, explaining how his time in office is a reflection of his true hidden identity. [more...]

Trump’s Inauguration Will Result in Optimism

First and foremost, Trump’s inauguration is an optimistic celebration. Despite some Democrats boycotting the inauguration festivities and some left-wing radicals hoping to disrupt the events, most Americans are celebrating America’s peaceful transition of power. The fact is that out of over 3,100 counties in the United States, Trump carried about 2,600 counties to Clinton’s roughly 500 counties. Another fact is that most Americans believed that America was on the wrong track preceding the 2016 presidential election. Last summer, RealClearPolitics was reporting nearly 70% of the average “Direction of Country” polls indicated America was on the wrong track. [more...]

The Russians Are Coming... or are they?

It was painful to watch the recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing chaired by Senator McCain titled “Foreign Cyber Threats to the United States.” It should have been called ”A hit job hearing on Russian hacking to de-legitimize the election of Donald Trump.” Testifying before the committee were three of Obama’s handpicked lackeys. Their conclusion? Surprise, surprise: “the Russians were out to get Donald Trump elected.” Are you kidding me? The Russians and the rest of the world’s bad state actors have had a free-roll field day with Obama in charge and certainly looked forward to another eight years of the same with Obama's lackey Hillary Clinton. If the Russians did have anything to do with the release of the Hillary, Podesta and DNC e-mails, they (like the media and political establishment) expected Hillary to be elected and did it solely to embarrass her. They certainly didn’t do it to help elect President Trump who will stand up to them and “make America great again.” [more...]

The New McCarthyism

The term “McCarthyism” has routinely been used in a generic sense to refer to the practice of making public accusations of subversion without evidence to substantiate the allegations; this is particularly true in the present day when the term is used to refer to the stifling of contrary political viewpoints and marginalizing of an individual or group from society. The Hollywood blacklist, which is often associated with McCarthyism, embodied a policy of denying employment to entertainment professionals because of their alleged sympathies with, or membership in, the Communist Party. Now comes the use of the term “reverse McCarthyism,” which is proving to be accurate as numerous prospective performers for the Trump inauguration recently experienced firsthand the repercussions of this new version of the blacklist. [more...]

The Ivory Tower is Crumbling on Trade Theory

The majority of the economic community supported every trade agreement ever signed, despite the fact that they never read the agreements. They saw the words "free trade agreement" and that was enough for them. Anyone who said otherwise was a protectionist and an isolationist. Economists (wrongly) consider themselves scientists but they refuse to jettison old trade theories when the data refutes them. Instead they simply talk louder. We are in a new era when the Ivory Tower is shaken. New understandings must replace the old conventional wisdom. We need to set a new goal of balanced trade as the new fundamental objective for the U.S. Indeed, that is the forgotten objective of old free trade. We will produce more of what we consume and harvest the good jobs that come with that production. [more...]

Obama Appoints His Own Goebbels to Holocaust Memorial Board

Some administrations go out with dignity. Obama is going out with displays of spite. There's paying back the pro-Israel Jews. And then the Cubans. Now back to the Jews. Appointing his cronies, especially widely disliked ones like Jarrett, Rice and Rhodes who are unpopular even in Dem circles, to boards that they are utterly unqualified for is tawdry enough. It shows the corruption underneath all the “Hope and Change.” [more...]

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