Tuesday, January 9, 2018

1-9-18 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Stephen Thayer: Attorney General Sessions Attacks Violent Crime
2. James Hirsen: Trump’s Twitter Account is Keeping Us Safe
3. Lowell Ponte: Expert Predictions for 2018 - Pt. III
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Can Oprah Win the 2020 Presidential Election?
5. Jeff Ferry: How to Make China Pay for U.S. Solar Industry Expansion
6. Michael Stumo: NAFTA Withdrawal Likely to Boost Stock Market

Attorney General Sessions Attacks Violent Crime

While campaigning last year, then candidate Trump, often referred to the growing opioid epidemic and the need to combat violent criminals and organizations. On February 9, 2017, within weeks of being sworn in to office, he signed an Executive Order establishing a task force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety. In furtherance of the presidential order, Attorney General Sessions established the national Public Safety Partnership (PSP) in June 2017. PSP provides an innovative framework for DOJ to enhance its support of state, tribal, and local law enforcement officers and prosecutors in the investigation, prosecution, and deterrence of violent crime, especially that related to gun violence, gangs, and drug trafficking. The timing of the initiative couldn’t be better. [more...]

Trump’s Twitter Account is Keeping Us Safe

Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, concisely highlighted the usefulness of the president’s Twitter account by explaining the diplomatic value of the “nuclear button” tweet. During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” when asked whether the president’s tweet was a good idea, Haley responded, “I think that [Trump] always has to keep Kim on his toes. It’s very important that we don’t ever let him get so arrogant that he doesn’t realize the reality of what would happen if he started a nuclear war.” Haley said North Korea should clearly understand that the United States means business when it comes to Kim. [more...]

Expert Predictions for 2018 - Pt. III

Days ago, as the northeast was battered by some of the coldest weather in a century, global warming huckster Al Gore claimed that the chill was a sign that Earth is getting warmer, not colder. Gore is being deceptive. Global warmists say that snow happens when warmth evaporates water into the air, where it freezes into snow. The weather bomb remembered as the March Blizzard of 1888 buried New York City in snowdrifts 30 feet deep. But January 2018’s record cold caused relatively little snow. It was mostly just Arctic cold that could cause frostbite in minutes, or even death. [more...] [Read Part I here...] [Read Part II here...]

Can Oprah Win the 2020 Presidential Election?

Given the long-range trends and short-range trends in play that favor conservative candidates, it is unlikely that Oprah Winfrey might get elected president. Because of her popularity, her voter intensity would probably be much higher that Hillary Clinton; but her political stands would make it difficult for her to win. Given the divided and fragmented Democratic Party, it is possible that she could win the nomination.  She might also secure a nomination from a third party as well. But, it’s highly improbable that she will be elected president in 2020. [more...]

How to Make China Pay for U.S. Solar Industry Expansion

Later this month, President Trump faces one of the biggest trade decisions of his presidency. By Jan. 26th, the president must decide whether to levy duties on solar cell and module imports, and what level those duties should be. The International Trade Commission (ITC) found in September that the industry has suffered injury from imports from China and elsewhere, and unanimously recommended that duties should be levied. The two complainants, struggling solar manufacturing companies Suniva and SolarWorld, have each said the recommended duties are not high enough to save the manufacturing industry, while the SEIA (the national trade association for the U.S. solar industry) has loudly protested that duties could have a negative impact on industry growth. [more...]

NAFTA Withdrawal Likely to Boost Stock Market

Withdrawal from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is likely to boost stock prices, employment and economic growth. Republican Senators told the White House earlier this week that NAFTA withdrawal will harm the stock market. But that claim is based on outdated, incorrect views on trade and investment. America’s economy and wages grew faster before the modern trade agreement era. But our manufacturing members saw substantial growth last year in part because of trade agreement uncertainty and a new focus from business on finding sources of supply within the U.S. The new approach is raising production and employment at U.S. manufacturers. Their biggest problem now has become finding skilled workers to meet new demand. [more...]

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