Tuesday, December 4, 2018

12-4-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Christmas Past, Present and Future
2. Lowell Ponte: Alaska and America's Fragile Foothold
3. Karen Kataline: Michelle Obama - 'I'm Independent, You're Not'
4. Daniel Greenfield: Muslim Migrants Terrorize a Sleepy German College Town
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: GM Suffers Massive Layoffs
6. John LeBoutillier: Trump-Russia-Mueller Investigation Update

Christmas Past, Present and Future
By James Hirsen

For centuries Christmastime in America was widely recognized as a special season of joy, filled with festive celebrations, heartfelt gift-giving, and, of course, transcendent music that conveyed the faith of so many of our nation’s people. Unfortunately, what has transpired over the last few decades is a rise of suppression of Christian expression, which has become most evident during the time leading up to this brightest of holidays. [more...]

Alaska and America's Fragile Foothold
By Lowell Ponte

The great earthquake on Friday struck just north of Anchorage at 8:30 a.m., with dawn more than an hour away. Its magnitude 7.2 tremor lasted only 30 seconds but triggered more than 190 aftershocks as large as magnitude 5.8 over the next 24 hours. The quake swarm damaged buildings, cut off electricity to thousands, and tore roads apart; but according to early reports it miraculously neither killed nor severely injured anyone. A large earthquake is an awe-inspiring experience; it shows you how the material things we trade years of our lives for, such as a home, can be shaken to pieces in an instant. It teaches you how to survive in a land where the very earth you stand upon is not reliably stable. [more...]

Michelle Obama - 'I'm Independent, You're Not'
By Karen Kataline

Michelle Obama has been on a celebrated book tour.  Unlike Bill and Hillary Clinton, who are speaking to houses that are 83% empty, Mrs. Obama has been speaking to sellout crowds. Orchestra seats for Mrs. Obama’s “Becoming” tour are going for $3000.00 a pop. The former First Lady made headlines recently when she declared once again that she’s not running for president. She explained it this way: “My path has never been politics,” she said. “I just happened to marry somebody whose passion was politics. Just because he likes it doesn’t mean that I like it!” [more...]

Muslim Migrants Terrorize a Sleepy German College Town
By Daniel Greenfield

29. That’s how many crimes one single Syrian migrant had allegedly committed since entering Germany four years ago. He had already been wanted for drug trafficking and had been investigated for a rape last year. And then he struck again, this time in a case that has once again torn apart a sleepy college town. Freiburg is a German city of 226,000 people. Foreigners make up 36,800 or 16% of the population. Of the foreigners in Freiburg, whose name means fortified city of free people, 18,750 or 8.5% are men. Even though foreigners are only a small percentage of the population, they commit 42% of the crimes. [more...]

GM Suffers Massive Layoffs
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

General Motors announced Monday that it will close five factories, lay off nearly 15,000 or 15 percent of its salaried workers, and shut down five plants in North America. These cuts break down to around 8,000 white-collar workers, and 5,000 factory workers. GM is the leading enterprise in car manufacturing along with other productions. This news comes after the fear of tariffs and dealing with unknown market changes have seen the auto industry's raw-material costs for steel and aluminum skyrocket, costing the company over $1 billion this year alone. [more...]

Trump-Russia-Mueller Investigation Update
By John LeBoutillier

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we look at how the entire Trump-Russia-Mueller Investigation took an unexpected turn with the surprise plea of Michael Cohen. Why are Trump's own aides now describing him as "spooked" and "distracted?" What shoe is about to drop next? [more...]

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