Tuesday, August 27, 2019

8-27-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: 'Overcomer' Lights Up the Box Office
2. Lowell Ponte: Enemies of the Electoral College
3. Karen Kataline: 'Trans Kids,' Gay Kids and Child Drag Queens?
4. Daniel Greenfield: Getting PBS Hate Out of the Classroom
5. John LeBoutillier: The Trump Trade War

'Overcomer' Lights Up the Box Office
By James Hirsen

Executives at Sony Pictures and its faith-based unit Affirm are no doubt elated over the box-office performance of the big-screen release “Overcomer.” Alex and Stephen Kendrick’s most recent film opened in 1,700 theaters this past weekend and brought in a higher than expected $8.2 million, the third largest opening for a movie from the faith-based filmmaker brothers. The film secured a third place slot in the weekend box-office line-up, just behind the major studio releases “Angel Has Fallen” and “Good Boys.” [more...]

Enemies of the Electoral College
By Lowell Ponte

Our Constitution's framers created the Electoral College to prevent demagogues and political power junkies from seizing the presidency. Demagogues and power junkies have ever since been trying to abolish or circumvent the Electoral College, most recently through the so-called National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Thus far, 15 states plus the District of Columbia have agreed to cast their Electoral votes for the winner of the national popular vote, even if some of these states' voters prefer the other major candidate. These 15 states + D.C. control 196 Electoral votes - nearly 3/4ths of the 270 Electoral votes needed to elect a President. Sixteen of the Democratic presidential candidates favor ending the Electoral College, thereby giving more political power to the largest cities in large Democratic states. Is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact a way to steal the "national popular vote" via one or two big states such as California - and thereby to steal the presidency? [more...]

'Trans Kids,' Gay Kids and Child Drag Queens?
By Karen Kataline

The Left is openly targeting children with sexual messages, forcing “LGBTQ” sex practices on grade-schoolers without their parents’ consent and mass marketing “trans-kids,” gay kids and child drag queens. Gender is fluid, don’t you know, but being gay is not. But why?  Why would they actively push a gay agenda on children who aren’t yet old enough to know about "the birds and the bees?" Thrusting children into premature sexuality and confusing them with adult sexual messages, be they gender-bending or not, used to be an undisputed social taboo. We still prosecute child sex traffickers and child pornographers, and we don’t allow children into R-rated movies, but child drag queens and forced sex education is "forward-thinking?" [more...]

Getting PBS Hate Out of the Classroom
By Daniel Greenfield

Every time that there is any talk of cutting the PBS budget, the massive organization rolls out Sesame Street as its puppet shield. Cutting the PBS budget is tantamount to killing Grover, Elmo, and Big Bird. Except it isn’t Republicans who have been killing Big Bird. The greed of PBS executives was doing that. While PBS has plenty of money to throw at its top executives and its lefty causes, its licensing payments only covered 10% of Sesame Street’s production costs. That’s why the Sesame Workshop took first episodes of its series to HBO. Meanwhile the PBS leadership got another in a series of huge raises. [more...]

The Trump Trade War
By John LeBoutillier

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we discuss the state of the Trump Presidency, the Trump trade war, and the campaign to defeat Trump in 2020. Why is Trump behaving even more erratically than usual? Why are White House insiders leaking to the media tales of Trump's deteriorating behavior? What's going on inside the White House and the Trump campaign? [more...]

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