Thursday, September 10, 2020

9-10-20 Fabulous Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. John R. Lott, Jr.: Americans' Very Right to Keep and Bear Arms is on the Ballot This Election
2. David Horowitz: Dems, Harris Scaring People About Vaccines
3. Karen Kataline: The War is Between Good and Evil
4. Dr. Jerome Corsi: Is a Military Coup Next?
5. Robert Curry: When American Universities Taught Common Sense
6. Lowell Ponte: Moderating the Debates

Americans' Very Right to Keep and Bear Arms is on the Ballot This Election

Democrats will "confiscate your guns and appoint justices who will wipe away your Second Amendment," President Trump warned in his recent acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination. He's right. Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris has promised to use executive orders to ban guns, and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has promised to make former Congressman Beto O'Rourke (D-TX) his gun czar. O'Rourke made a name for himself when he yelled, "Hell yeah, we're going to take your AR-15." He called them "weapons of war, designed to kill people efficiently on a battlefield." If Democrats win control of both the Senate and the presidency, the legislation they will pass and the judges that they will appoint will eventually lead to guns being banned in the United States. Gun control advocates will dismiss this as scaremongering, but things are different this time. [more...]

Dems, Harris Scaring People About Vaccines

David Horowitz whose latest book BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, released in June, has been listed on the bestseller lists of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, said it was ludicrous to think Trump could single-handedly rush a vaccine into use. David Horowitz excoriated Democrats, including Kamala Harris, on Monday for trying to scare Americans into not taking a vaccine for COVID-19, if available, insinuating the Trump administration is rushing the approval process and making any inoculation not trustworthy. "They're too busy scaring people to not taking vaccines if they're recommended by our government, which is the most reckless thing you can imagine," Horowitz said. "Just think of all the people who might be dead, we don't know, if they listen to Kamala Harris and don't take a vaccine when its available. It's all based on this Democrat sleight-of-hand that Trump controls everything," Horowitz added. "He doesn't control a single healthcare system in this country. It's all under the control of the states and the governors. He doesn't make the vaccines. They come from a scientific process, and if there is rigging of the process, you can be sure there will be whistleblowers. So, what Kamala Harris is doing is counting on the fact that our media is so corrupt, it doesn't report 90% of the truth, and that's what the Democrats are banking on to win. And that's why the subtitle of my book says, Trump will actually smash the left and win that election in November." [more...]

The War is Between Good and Evil
You don’t have to be of any certain religion or even any religion at all to acknowledge this, although it helps. People of faith are easy to recognize that they fall short of their values but at least they have them - and those values are a reverence for life rather than death, freedom rather than tyranny, and building rather than destroying. I don’t have the stomach to write a complete piece about this yet but as an MSW social worker in a previous life, I treated adult survivors of child sexual abuse. The devastation of early sexual abuse cannot be underestimated and carries with it profound consequences for the rest of that child’s life. WHERE ARE THE SOCIAL WORKERS? The answer is that the great majority of them are Leftists first. This is unconscionable. [more...]

Is a Military Coup Next?

As Joe Biden attempts to fool the public by denying most of his previously held, and always wrong, positions on all major issues, it is obvious that the public is not buying his latest deception and the Biden/Harris train wreck continues to unfold. However, massive voter fraud, a Democrat multi-pronged and well-honed process, developed over many decades is gearing up for its ultimate assault on America. [more...]

When American Universities Taught Common Sense

When Lord Acton visited Harvard in 1853, he found that the philosophy of the college was common sense. Acton wrote that by "the third year Reid becomes a text-book." The Reid whose philosophy became the focus of the junior year of study at Harvard was Thomas Reid, the author of An Inquiry into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense (1764) and the founder of the philosophy of common sense realism. The core idea of common sense realism is that there are self-evident truths and that self-evident truths are known to be true by means of common sense; common sense enables us to know what is self-evidently true. Read the Founders, and you will find them constantly referring to self-evident truths. They got their understanding of self-evidence from Reid. Because the Founders' thinking relied on Reid's conception of self-evident truth, what Harvard and Princeton and the others were aiming at in those days was teaching American college students how to think like an American. [more...]

Moderating the Debates

In 2012 the presidential debate, moderator Candy Crowley of CNN openly took the side of President Barack Obama and against the side of former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney. Hours later, she admitted that Romney "was right," but the debate by then was over and the damage of her bias was done. How biased are this year's debate moderators? [more...]

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