Tuesday, March 16, 2021

3-16-21 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Brigitte Gabriel: Biden Has Created a Deadly National Security Threat

2. James Hirsen: Down the Path to a One World Religion

3. Karen Kataline: Dr. Seuss - a Racist?

4. Steve Turley: Cable News is Collapsing as a New Network Society Rises

5. Cheryl Chumley: Biden Has Created a Border Mess

6. Robert Curry: Forgetting the Founders

Biden Has Created a Deadly National Security Threat

By Brigitte Gabriel

Biden did not inherit a border crisis; he created it! He has not only created a humanitarian crisis but a national security threat that could prove deadly to Americans. Iran is capitalizing and seizing the opportunity at the border to smuggle its operatives into the U.S. We have captured up to 30 terrorists on the terror watch list who have come into the U.S. Terrorists from Iran and Yemen pose the major concern. Iran has a Hezbollah command center in the tri-states in South America and have been training people to blend in and cross into America for years. They look at this Biden administration as their four-year window of opportunity to smuggle their operatives here. They are working with the drug cartels to smuggle their people and they have helped the drug cartel as well with tunnel digging technology which Hezbollah has perfected in Lebanon. The Yemenis crossing the border are a part of the Houthi terrorist group funded and armed by Iran. Iran is trying to develop their operation in the U.S. in case the political situation changes in four years and America gets into a confrontation with Iran over their nuclear program.

Down the Path to a One World Religion

By James Hirsen

In 2016, a video released by the Vatican appears to indicate that different religions are all just assorted paths to God. In the footage, the Pontiff expresses that although faiths may be "seeking God or meeting God in different ways," we are all "children of God." Interfaith dialogue denies one crucially important reality; that being, there are incompatible fundamental distinctions between the deeply held beliefs of differing religions throughout the world. Because of this fact, it is impossible for religions to be combined or somehow blended together, without suffering the loss of the vital integrity of the respective faiths. [more...]

Dr. Seuss - a Racist?

By Karen Kataline

I find the twisted values and anti-American sentiments of the radical Left in this country to be deeply offensive and even dangerous, but I would never think of trying to force others to agree with me. Funny how that quintessentially American value is among those that socialists and communists hate most. If I advocated for the persecution or prosecution of America-haters, I'd be a raging hypocrite. Remember that archaic idea of hypocrisy? That intellectual honesty requires that one should hold oneself to the same standard to which he seeks to hold everyone else. It doesn't matter whether a growing number of self-appointed dictators suddenly think Dr. Seuss is a racist. They simply don't get to choose for everyone else. [more...]

Cable News is Collapsing as a New Network Society Rises

By Steve Turley

'The Post-Trump Cable-News Apocalypse has Arrived – CNN Hardest Hit.' This headline from Hot Air references a report on the imploding audience for the so-called Big Three cable networks. Fox News – which has experienced a dramatic drop in viewership since its election night fiasco – has managed to hold the decline down to single digits of late. Ratings for Laura Ingraham's show are down 9 percent; Sean Hannity is down 12 percent; Tucker's down 5 percent. But that loss hardly compares to the audience decline for CNN and MSNBC. [more...]

Biden Has Created a Border Mess

By Cheryl Chumley

Biden told wannabe border crossers to wait a bit - don't come just yet - and with that, opened the doors wide for border crossers. He created this mess. He's to blame. It was the caveat in his messaging that counted most. To the masses, the memo was: Don't worry, you'll get in. Eventually, you'll get in... And now there are 4,200 or so unaccompanied migrant minors in the hands of Border Patrol, many of whom have been shifted to Federal Emergency Management Agency oversight for sheltering and feeding. Which is to say: Taxpayers are paying. Which is to wonder: How many are carrying the coronavirus? [more...]

Forgetting the Founders

By Robert Curry, author of Reclaiming Common Sense

The American way is to lay claim to our unalienable right to liberty. According to the founders, our right to life and our right to liberty are not inherited, they are inherent; our unalienable rights are intrinsic to, and inseparable from, our nature as rational beings and moral agents. Claiming we Americans have our rights by inheriting them does not simply get the founders' understanding of rights wrong, it overthrows the American idea of government. We the American people are sovereign; in the founders' vision, ours is a government by, for, and of the people. [more...]

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