Thursday, April 26, 2012

4-26-12 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Steve Gill: The GOP VP: Avoiding the Palin Treatment
2. Tony Katz: Rolling Stone & Obama
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Could Spain’s Reign over Dire Economy Subject World to Greater Downfall?
4. Dave Bego: Congress Fights Back: Recent NLRB Power Grab Takes the Center Stage... in Court

The GOP VP: Avoiding the Palin Treatment

The VP candidate eventually picked by Romney may not actually be as important in terms of their value to the ticket as the transparent, open and engaged process by which they should be picked. A surprise VP candidate selection announced suddenly in mid to late August with the Romney team having conducted the process entirely in private will subject their nominee to the Palin treatment, or worse, and the results would probably be similar. Picking the right person, but in the wrong way, could do Romney more harm than good, which means he must thread the needle of both selecting a great VP nominee AND doing it in a way that engages and involves the base, which has never been done before but which may be crucial to victory in November. The VP candidate must have both the battle scars and some measure of success in the presidential primary process. [more...]

Rolling Stone & Obama

Certainly, no rational political enthusiast can take an interview in Rolling Stone magazine without a grain of salt salt mine. However, Rolling Stone's leading, sophomoric questions for President Obama led to very revealing answers from the President. As Weekly Standard reports, Obama was asked by Rolling Stone if there was a way to "break through... obstructionism by Republicans" (I did say it was a leading question!) Obama responded: "Frankly, I know that there are good, decent Republicans on Capitol Hill who, in a different environment, would welcome the capacity to work with me. But right now, in an atmosphere in which folks like Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist are defining what it means to be a true conservative, they are lying low. My hope is that after this next election, they'll feel a little more liberated to go out and say, 'Let's redirect the Republican Party back to those traditions in which a Dwight Eisenhower can build an interstate highway system.' It's not that Republicans are lying low; it's that Obama is just lying. Republicans have repeatedly tried to work with President Obama. [more...]

Could Spain’s Reign over Dire Economy Subject World to Greater Downfall?
By Wayne Allyn Root

Write this down - soon you will tune in to the news and it will be “all Spain, all the time.” By this summer (and maybe sooner) Spain will be on everyone’s lips. You will wish you'd never heard of Spain. Spain could take us all down. This month marked the anniversary of the sinking of the supposedly unsinkable Titanic. Spain is the new Titanic. It’s already hit the iceberg and is sinking fast. 1,500 died when the Titanic sank. Spain's sinking could kill entire economies, destroy millions of jobs, affect billions of lives, and drown us all in debt. Spain is about to become a gigantic problem for the entire world. Unlike Greece, Spain is too big to fail, but also too big to bailout. The economic news out of Spain is very, very bad for all of us. The reason Spain is so important is because size matters. [more...]

Congress Fights Back: Recent NLRB Power Grab Takes the Center Stage... in Court

President Obama’s Rogue NLRB, driven by Chairperson Mark Pearce and the President’s radical recess appointees, have encountered serious roadblocks the past several weeks as they continue their quest to achieve EFCA through the backdoor. This past week, the GOP Senators pushed back when they announced they are suing Obama over sham labor board nominees. It is clear that the GOP has tired of the Obama NLRB’s attempted run around of Congress through the creation of regulations such as the Posting Rule - requiring employers to post notices of employee rights under the NLRA in the workplace, and Quickie Elections - substantially reducing the timeframe during which elections are conducted for the purpose of eliminating the employer’s ability to educate its workforce. [more...]

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