Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4-3-12 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Doug Johnson: Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare Won’t Fix Cost of Healthcare Coverage
2. Christopher Markowski: College Financial Aid is Killing Us - Today's Outrage
3. Dave Bego: Control Business, Control the Country
4. Ryan Mauro: Al-Qaeda, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood Have a Hay Day in Yemen
5. James Hirsen: 'Schindler's List' Producer Makes Anti-Obama Film

Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare Won’t Fix Cost of Healthcare Coverage

The Supreme Court decision on the legality of Obamacare will have no impact on making healthcare coverage affordable. That is an entirely different problem that no one is addressing honestly. Affordable healthcare coverage is an oxymoron that makes about as much sense as jumbo shrimp or postal service. All the politicians, government bureaucrats, insurance industry experts, doctors and medical industry experts put together cannot make healthcare coverage affordable. Their answers do little, if anything, to help bring the cost down. The real answer is not something Americans will want to hear. [more...]

College Financial Aid is Killing Us - Today's Outrage

Student loans are making college prohibitively expensive. (Corollary: Student loans are like an albatross around the neck of our economy.) What's brought this on, at least for me, was the revelation last year that student loans totaled some $1 trillion. That's a thousand billions, and a staggering amount of money. My contention is it's the existence of student loans that is driving the cost of college through the roof. For evidence, look no further than venerable Harvard University, with an endowment estimated to be $32 billion. [more...]

Control Business, Control the Country

President Obama knows the key to ultimately destroying free enterprise and establishing socialism is tight-fisted control of businesses. His instrument of choice is the Rogue NLRB headed by the radical Mark Pearce, whose former employer the AFL-CIO, recently defended the use of violence by union members. Intimidation is the calling card of the President and his cronies, Big Labor’s Gasping Dinosaurs. They realize the one opportunity to survive and achieve ultimate political power is by winning the 2012 Election and controlling America’s employers through Card Check through Regulation vs. Legislation. [more...]

Al-Qaeda, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood Have a Hay Day in Yemen

Osama Bin Laden had more than a few good reasons to pick Yemen as the best opportunity to create an Islamic state. Yemeni President Saleh was swept away in the Arab Spring, though the rest of his regime remains intact. The power vacuum that already existed under his rule has grown larger and Iranian proxies, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are all pouncing on the opportunity at hand. Yemen is the one country where Al-Qaeda is clearly advancing. It has taken over Abyan Province, where it has instituted strict sharia law, going so far as to publicly lash four people 80 times for consuming alcohol. Apparently, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula decided to ignore Bin Laden’s advice to wait three years before moving forward. [more...]

'Schindler's List' Producer Makes Anti-Obama Film

Along with Steven Spielberg, Gerald R. Molen has produced a string of successful and memorable Hollywood movies including the Oscar-winning “Schindler’s List.” In contrast to Spielberg, who is a strong supporter of President Barack Obama, Molen has produced a new anti-Obama film, “Obama’s America: 2016,” which will be released at the kick-off of the general presidential election season. Molen’s documentary is based on author Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” and features the following marketing slogan: “Love Him Hate Him, You Don’t Know Him.” The film explores themes in D’Souza’s book that analyze the formation of the president’s underlying political philosophy and motivation for his policies. [more...]

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