Monday, July 2, 2012

7-3-12 Expert Commentators for Your Show

1. John LeBoutillier: The National Despair Deepens
2. Dr. Elaina George: Killing the American System of Healthcare
3. Doug Johnson: The Last Independence Day Celebration
4. Richard Bernstein: The Supreme Court's Decision on The Affordable Care Act and How it Affects You
5. Dave Bego: Is Obamacare Redistributing Wealth to Big Labor?
6. Will McAndrew: America's Biggest Problem: Energy Independence

The National Despair Deepens

Last week’s two monumental Supreme Court decisions - upholding ObamaCare and striking down almost all of the Arizona immigration law - have only further alienated a majority of Americans from the D.C. establishment and deepened the underlying gloomy sense that the nation is careening into unknown territory. A stagnant economy, poor job prospects and two major parties that seem to talk past most people have deeply soured many Americans; pessimism has replaced the normal inherent American sense of optimism. This is the mood as we enter the final four months of the presidential and congressional campaigns. [more...]

Killing the American System of Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act was upheld because the bill was based on Congress’ ability to levy taxes? There were no taxes mentioned in the bill, and for the past two years advocates of ObamaCare swore that the tenets of the bill were not based on taxing Americans - what a lie. Now that this malignant law has passed, we are about to learn the extent of the disease that will ultimately kill the American system of healthcare (by destroying the doctor patient relationship on the one hand, and eliminating both the doctors’ freedom to treat, and patients’ freedom to choose treatment options on the other). For those who thought they were going to get good healthcare, they are in for a rude awakening. The Americans for Tax Reform highlights 20 new or higher taxes that will affect American families and small businesses. [Go here for examples...]

The Last Independence Day Celebration

We have just seen actions taken that will assure us of the imminent collapse of our nation if we do not stop the madness now and begin the turnaround to save our nation. July 4, 2012 may be the last Independence Day celebration in America as we know it. This past week the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Health Care law (excuse me while I choke on the word "affordable") which is also known as ObamaCare. This decision will go down in history as a travesty just like the Dred Scott decision and other awful mistakes the court has made over the years. This will go down as the decision that ripped freedom from the hands of the American people and sold our future to a limited few who will inflict the worst kind of tyranny imaginable upon the American people. [more...]

The Supreme Court's Decision on The Affordable Care Act and How it Affects You

Last week's Supreme Court ruling to keep The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in place could prove to be one of the costliest decisions the court has made in years. Health care premiums are rising about 9 to 15 percent a year. And with future costs of ObamaCare uncertain or not clarified, there’s a possibility that companies, their employees and individuals will find premiums becoming unaffordable. Even though the law will provide insurance in 2014 to the roughly 30 million Americans who are now uninsured, I see it as too costly. Health care costs will continue to grow in the coming years. It will impede the ability of some businesses to afford health care plans for their employees and will do additional damage to our health care system. [more...]

Is Obamacare Redistributing Wealth to Big Labor?

It has become obvious that the SEIU has a major interest in the healthcare legislation. Although the SEIU is a major player in the public union market, it is also one of the largest unions in the private sector. Furthermore, the largest share of its private sector members are healthcare employees: nurses, hospital staff, janitors, and home healthcare workers. Is it any wonder, then, that President Obama’s primary piece of legislation was Obamacare? Andy Stern, SEIU’s President at the time, was reportedly in the White House at least 22 times in the first year of Obama’s Presidency, while the main priority was passing Obamacare! [more...]

America's Biggest Problem: Energy Independence

We’ve been exporting our hard earned wealth to other nations for years causing America’s financial supremacy to deteriorate. We create so much that if we simply kept more of it in house, we could solve a lot of problems. While every energy source claims to be the greatest, there is no reason why all options can't be explored. It shouldn’t be green energy versus oil and natural gas. It shouldn’t be nuclear versus coal. All options should be on the table. Unfortunately, the media has decided that government backed wind, solar, and other green energy sources are our only option, when we have a tremendous wealth of resources (natural gas, oil, and coal) in the ground that we could extract in a responsible manner. Our shale reserves alone could make us competitive with Saudi Arabia. Think of all of the jobs that could create. Not just oil jobs, but manufacturing, retail, tourism - you name it.  [more...

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