Thursday, June 28, 2012

6-28-12 Guests Available on Obamacare Decision

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Analysis: Obamacare Decision
2. John LeBoutillier: Video Analysis on Obamacare Decision
3. Dr. Elaina George: Analysis: Obamacare Decision
4. Richard Bernstein: Obamacare Decision
5. Doug Johnson: Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare and Obama's Legacy

Analysis: Obamacare Decision

Wayne Allyn Root, a CEO, small business owner, serial entrepreneur, Senior Economic Advisor for a global financial education company, and Capitalist Evangelist who appears regularly in the media, will be available to discuss the Supreme Court ruling and its effect on small businessmen and women across the USA. Wayne has appeared on thousands of media interviews because of his economics background, small business expertise, and colorful personality. Wayne will be standing by Thursday and Friday for interviews from his office in Las Vegas, Nevada, complete with ISDN and Skype. [more...]

Video Analysis on Obamacare Decision

What are the political ramifications of the Supreme Court's almost total overturn of the Arizona Immigration Law? And what can we expect from this Thursday's Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare? Watch CAMPAIGN INSIDERS - featuring Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen and John LeBoutillier as they analyze the 2012 campaign with no spin, no talking points and absolutely no agendas. [more...]

Analysis: Obamacare Decision

By upholding The Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court has ignored the Constitution. In doing so, they have placed corporate interests and profits along with government control above the needs of the doctor and the patient. This decision guarantees the destruction of the doctor patient relationship, and with it individualized healthcare, innovation and access while perpetuating the worse aspects of our medical system. Because of the mandate, Americans will be forced to pay for a system that will increase costs for patients, remove healthcare decisions from both the doctor and the patient, and lead to rationing thereby changing healthcare as we know it to a system based on one size fits all, cost controlled, conveyor belt socialized medicine.

Richard Bernstein is Available for Interviews Leading Up to and Post Obamacare Decision

Richard S. Bernstein will comment on the effect of the Obamacare decision on small businesses.  Mr. Bernstein, CEO of Richard S. Bernstein & Associates, and healthcare adviser to Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, will be available to comment leading up to and after the Supreme Court decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare.  He will specifically address how small businesses will deal with the new requirements, what new costs will be incurred by small businesses, and how insurance companies will implement the changes. Bernstein has spoken to top media outlets such as Forbes, FORTUNE, Bloomberg, CBS News, and CNN spreading his free-market, fiscally conservative, pro-capitalist, business approach to healthcare.

Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare and Obama's Legacy

Obama’s legacy will not be positive regardless of the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare. The destruction of this nation will be his legacy; Obamacare will only be seen as one of the methods used to destroy the nation. President Obama will go down in history as the one who succeeded at bringing down our nation. Obamacare is not the money-saving program it was sold to us as, nor is it the improvement to quality of care and access to healthcare either. [more...]

NOTE: Doug Johnson lives in Colorado and may be facing evacuation in the next few days.  He is available to talk about the Colorado wildfires. Go here for more...

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