Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9-18-12 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Doug Schoen: What Obama Must Do Next with Egypt
2. Dave Bego: The Taking of American Freedoms
3. Doug Johnson: America's Foreign Relations are in Shambles and President Obama Only Has Himself to Blame
4. Joseph Klein: Islamic Violence Needs No Spark
5. Al Fadi: Is the U.S. Prepared for the New Middle East?

What Obama Must Do Next with Egypt

The president must tell Egypt in no uncertain terms that unless they condemn the recent Embassy attacks, there will be no more loans or financial aid, and they must go after the perpetrators of murder in Libya. And now more than ever, it is imperative that the president reemphasize his commitment to the safety and security of America’s one true ally in the Middle East, and meet with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu while he is in the country for the United Nations General Assembly session in New York on Sept. 27th and 28th. What is clear is that additional commitments by the U.S. to aid Egypt are far from enough to sway the view and future of the country in our favor. [more...]

The Taking of American Freedoms

Recent events, both at home and abroad, show the growing trend of misinformation, intimidation, violence and coercion utilized by those determined to force their will upon the majority of Americans while stripping them of their most basic freedoms under the Constitution. These tactics are being embraced by our current President and his re-election campaign. They are, in fact, tactics the President himself learned from Big Labor’s Gasping Dinosaurs, and which he has, ironically, condoned when he sits back and votes "present" as Americans at home and abroad are persecuted and attacked by those who cannot survive in a free market society without the use of force. These tactics have been chronicled in The Devil at Our Doorstep: The Taking of American Freedoms. [more...]

America's Foreign Relations are in Shambles and President Obama Only Has Himself to Blame

I’ve been amazed as I’ve been on radio talk shows across this nation over the past few months how numerous talk radio hosts have made the comment that the only thing that Barack Obama can campaign on is his foreign relations record, to which I’ve consistently had to ask, "What is it about Obama’s record on foreign relations that's so great?" The response is either "Um, er..." or the sound of crickets chirping. Then this past week we saw the Middle East erupt in violent protests, murder and destruction followed by more protests that have now spread to many more places around the world - the "fruit" of Obama’s foreign policy labors. [more...]

Islamic Violence Needs No Spark

The Obama administration is willfully misleading the American people on the source of Islamic violence and throwing the First Amendment’s protections of free speech under the bus to boot. In full dhimmitude mode, President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice have been busy blaming an obscure anti-Muslim video for the killing of our ambassador to Libya, John Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. They refuse to place the blame where it belongs - on the Islamists themselves who do not need an excuse to incite violence against the "infidels." Never mind that the interim president of Libya Mohamed al-Magariaf publicly took issue with the Obama administration’s apologist explanation for the killings of the Americans in his country. [more...]

Is the U.S. Prepared for the New Middle East?

In the wake of the recent attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, one sobering reality emerged very clearly: the U.S. is not prepared for the new Middle East - not even close by any stretch of the imagination. Many current events and factors are foundational in reaching this heartbreaking conclusion. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

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