Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama's Apologies Should Be to America, Not Other Nations

President Obama’s apologies to Muslim nations have done nothing other than reinforce that America has weak leadership and that our nation is like a dog that’s all bark and no bite. We need leadership that demands respect first and builds friendships after respect is established.

In my book, No Tomorrows: How to Halt America's Imminent Collapse and Return to the American Dream - And Why it Must Start with the 2012 Elections, one of the core problems that I identify our nation faces which sets us up for imminent collapse is that we don’t choose true leaders. We use all the wrong criteria for choosing them.

Even if people are right about Mitt Romney having a lack of personality (which I absolutely disagree with), wouldn’t you rather have someone who knows how to run something successfully and has a remarkable track record of past successes instead of a person who not only has no real work experience, but also has a record of nothing but failure? [more...]

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