Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1-2-13 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: When Unrepentant Terrorists Teach Our Youth
2. Steve Gill: Got Gratitude?
3. Dave Bego: Pro-Union NLRB Primes Union Money Pump
4. James Hirsen: Oscar Members Struggle with New Online Voting

When Unrepentant Terrorists Teach Our Youth

Morgan Gliedman, 27, and her boyfriend Aaron Greene, 31, were arrested on weapons charges this past weekend in their Greenwich Village apartment on West 9th Street. They were charged with possessing bomb-making materials and were also found to have in their apartment bomb-making manuals, various booby traps and a sawed-off shotgun. Both are reported to “have close ties to the left-wing social and academic establishment in Chicago and elsewhere,” according to The Daily Caller which had access to confirming records. Although no clear motive or link to any known terrorist group has been established to date, the chief spokesperson for the New York Police Department characterized the explosive they found in the apartment as one "used in terrorists’ attacks previously." [more...]

Got Gratitude?

Let's kick off the New Year with a focus on expressing at least some small piece of gratitude every day. You will find that you have a LOT to be grateful for and you may even have to start writing two or three notes a day as the benefits of gratitude flow more dramatically in your own direction. Why not help make 2013 a year of gratitude... for yourself and others? In a year when many will be seeking self- improvement, this is a perfect place to start. [more...]

Pro-Union NLRB Primes Union Money Pump

Once again President Obama’s illegitimate recess appointees took matters into their own hands in order to resuscitate Big Labor’s Gasping Dinosaurs by priming the union money pump at the expense of the union members themselves. The President’s re-election has emboldened the Rogue NLRB agenda to achieve card check. Despite the fact Obama and NLRB continue to cost union jobs, Americans and the union rank and file members remain oblivious to the fact that Big Labor bosses and the President do not care about them! They only care about the money that can be stolen from members’ dues to save the Gasping Dinosaurs and further the political aspirations of the President and the liberal left. [more...]

Oscar Members Struggle with New Online Voting

Endlessly debated in the last political election cycle was the subject of voting irregularities. Now, as the Oscar campaign season shifts into high gear, Hollywood seems to find itself grappling with the same thorny issue. Voting procedures are weighing heavy on the minds of members and leaders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This is because for the first time in its history the Academy has decided to incorporate online voting. [more...]

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