Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1-22-13 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Obama Ignores Hollywood Violence
2. Steve Gill: Piers Morgan on Gun Control
3. John LeBoutillier: Second Term Priorities
4. Kyle Olson: Columbus School District Employees Investigated for Changing 311,000 Final Grades
5. Ryan Mauro: Gradualism: The Islamist Strategy for Victory

Obama Ignores Hollywood Violence

When Vice President Joe Biden met with film, television, cable, and video industry lobbyists to discuss efforts to curb gun violence, some thought that new ideas were sure to emerge from the dialogue. Little came of the discussions though, and a possibility exists that the power players knew in advance that some kind of a fix was in. As representatives of the entertainment industry arrived at the White House, Hollywood hands were noticeably empty of any new proposals. President Obama had put forth a promise for a broad dialogue and far-reaching response to the gun violence issue. However, despite Obama’s subsequent rolling out of 23 executive actions, which were purportedly intended to address school shootings, the president instead skirted the Hollywood component of the gun violence problem. [more...]

Piers Morgan on Gun Control

The anti-gun crowd is increasingly frothing at the mouth with their hysterical attacks on the 2nd Amendment - including a bizarre parsing of the words “bear arms” to claim that while guns may be protected, the right doesn’t extend to ammunition. Really? A gun without ammo is essentially a club. Wouldn’t the founding fathers have articulated the “right to bear clubs” instead of “arms” if that was the intent? None of the so-called journalists leading the fight against America’s freedoms has been more rabid in their rhetorical assault on the Constitution than CNN’s Piers Morgan. First he demeaned the Constitution as a “little book.” Now, he has asserted that reliance upon guns to protect Americans from our own government is ridiculous because our leaders have access to nukes and could simply kill us all. Talk about destroying the village to save it!  [more...]

Second Term Priorities

What will be President Obama’s Second-Term Priorities? Will his Assault Weapon Ban pass Congress? Will the GOP correct itself and be an effective check on the administration? Why has America’s Leadership Class betrayed the American people? Tune in to the Fox News Channel at 5:25 PM ET on Sunday and watch POLITICAL INSIDERS. [more...]

Columbus School District Employees Investigated for Changing 311,000 Final Grades

The New York City Department of Education has been catching heat from transportation unions lately over a decision to solicit bids for transportation services for the first time in years, in an effort to curtail runaway costs. The district has not sought "significant" bids for student transportation services in 33 years. That means it’s probably been using the same companies for years, without competitive bids to naturally control rising costs. And those costs are increased every year because the companies use highly-paid union drivers. [more...]

Gradualism: The Islamist Strategy for Victory

One of the mistakes that the West makes is that it doesn’t listen to what the Islamists are saying. If only we listened, we could hear their strategy. In November 2011, Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the top Muslim Brotherhood theologian and arguably the most influential Sunni cleric in the world, called on Muslims to embrace “gradualism.” The doctrine of gradualism is successful because we fail to appreciate the ability of the Islamists to be skillful political strategists. Gradualism is an intelligent form of jihad based on pragmatism, patience, long-term planning and self-evaluation. [more...]

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