Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2-6-13 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.: When a Posttraumatic Flashback Turns into a Real Life Nightmare
2. Joseph Klein: Why Israel Was Justified in Attacking Syria
3. Dave Bego: The Devil is in the Details - Buyer’s Remorse over Obamacare, Except for SEIU?
4. Doug Johnson: GOP More Dangerous Than Democrats
5. John Leboutillier: What Does the Hagel Nomination Tell us About Obama's Second Term?
6. Kyle Olson: Three-Year-Olds Chant 'Union Power' After Reading New Children's Book

When a Posttraumatic Flashback Turns into a Real Life Nightmare

Chris Kyle by all accounts was an amazing hero - a Navy Seal who passed his BUD/S training and went on to serve in Iraq distinguishing himself as one of our military’s most lethal snipers, a role in which he often protected his team mates. According to news accounts, when Chris decided to return home from the demanding tempo of his job he struggled briefly with all he’d been through but perhaps true to his Seal can-do spirit he overcame his re-entry stress and followed through on his strong desire to bond again with his wife and build his family strong. And like many Navy Seals, he continued giving back to society long after his commission was over. After getting his own affairs in order, he began volunteering his time to work with other veterans who were struggling, but not finding the same resilience he had. Eddie Ray Routh, Kyle's killer and a Marine veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, also served his country as a Marine but by preliminary press accounts evidently came home as a wounded warrior - not finding the peace in his soul that he needed to rebuild his life. [more...]

Anne Speckhard is an expert on PTSD and the author of Talking to Terrorists

Why Israel Was Justified in Attacking Syria

Last August, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel with the use of precision rockets in Hezbollah's possession which, Nasrallah warned, could turn the lives of "hundreds of thousands of Zionists to real hell, and we can talk about tens of thousands of dead." Yet the international community has not lifted a finger to enforce the terms of the Security Council resolutions requiring the disarming of Hezbollah, not to mention the embargo on further arms shipments to Hezbollah. With Syria in a virtual death spiral and more sophisticated arms on their way to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israel saw little choice but to enforce the Security Council resolutions itself for the sake of protecting its own civilian population. [more...]

The Devil is in the Details - Buyer’s Remorse over Obamacare, Except for SEIU?

It appears many of the Big Labor bosses are beginning to have buyer’s remorse. Based on reactions to the cost of regulations being exposed as Obamacare becomes a reality, many of the unions are demanding government subsidies to remain competitive at a time when membership is at a historical low. Only 11.3% of the total workforce and 6.3% of the private sector workforce are unionized! Apparently most Big Labor bosses forgot the basic fundamental premise - "Caveat Empetor" - meaning let the buyer beware – when supporting the President’s re-election campaign and backing his signature law, Obamacare. Evidently those astute business people bought in to Nancy Pelosi’s famous quote "We must pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it." Well, that is true for most Big Labor bosses, except for those at the SEIU. [more...]

GOP More Dangerous Than Democrats

The establishment GOP is trying to destroy true conservatives and Karl Rove is leading the way. They will drive the final nail into the GOP's coffin if they're allowed to get away with it. Do we never learn our lessons? It seems not. The establishment GOP architect of failure, Karl Rove, has decided to attack the true conservatives of the Tea Party. He can't accept that his horrendous failures in the last election should send him a message that his ideas aren't what Americans want. Instead, he has decided that he will pretend to be a conservative and force feed his ideas down our throats while trying to destroy true conservatives in the process. He thinks that will create a winning future for the GOP. His kind of Republicans are more dangerous than the Democrats because all they do is divide America and produce losing elections for the Right. [more...]

What Does the Hagel Nomination Tell us About Obama's Second Term?

What does the Chuck Hagel confirmation spectacle tell us about the President’s agenda vis-a-vis Iran? And what does it tell us about the Senate and the way they conducted Thursday’s confirmation hearing? Is our economy slowing down? If so, what will it do to President Obama’s second-term agenda? Will the bipartisan agreement on immigration pass the House? [more...]

Three-Year-Olds Chant 'Union Power' After Reading New Children's Book

Is your three-year-old preschooler chanting ‘union power’ these days? He/she might, if author Innosanto Nagara has his way. Nagara wrote “A is for Activist,” a book supposedly geared for the children of the “99 percent.” In other words, a new vehicle has been developed for leftists to begin indoctrinating children. “It’s pretty awesome to hear a three-year-old saying ‘union power,’” Nagara said in a YES! magazine interview. But union power and student activism aren’t the only goals. [more...]

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