Monday, February 11, 2013

2-11-13 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: The Emerging Egyptian-Iranian Strategic Alliance
2. Al Fadi: The Iran & Muslim Brotherhood's Brief - A Future Middle Eastern Alliance
3. John LeBoutillier: Has Partisanship Replaced Patriotism in our Foreign Policy?
4. Guido Lombardi: Pope Benedict XVI to Resign
5. Carl Schramm: What if the Economy Never Recovers?

The Emerging Egyptian-Iranian Strategic Alliance

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to Egypt makes him the first Iranian head of state to visit Egypt since Tehran broke off diplomatic relations with Cairo in 1980. Ahmadinejad is in Cairo for a summit meeting of the inter-governmental Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), but he hopes his meetings with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will help the Iranian regime to forge a strategic alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood-led government in Egypt. [more...]

The Iran & Muslim Brotherhood's Brief - A Future Middle Eastern Alliance

On Feb. 7th, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Ahmadinejad, announced during a press conference in Cairo during his recent visit to attend an Islamic summit, that Iran is looking forward to reigniting and strengthening its past ties with now “The Islamic Republic of Egypt." This announcement supports our previous prediction of such a move between the Islamic regime in Iran and the newly formed Islamic regime in Egypt under the command of the Muslim Brotherhoods. It also serves to support our concerns that a closer tie between both regimes can only mean one thing: a future religious trouble for the embattled region, and specifically to our closest ally - Saudi Arabia. [more...]

Has Partisanship Replaced Patriotism in our Foreign Policy?

Is our foreign and defense policy a mess because of bitter partisanship? Are the looming Sequester cuts already weakening our military and our economy? What will the President say in the State of the Union speech? What will Marco Rubio counter with in his rebuttal speech that night? Fmr. Congressman John LeBoutillier has detailed analysis... [more...]

CALL 516-735-5468 or e-mail Sandy to schedule interviews with Guido George Lombardi, Executive Director of the North Atlantic League, which promotes positive foreign relations between Italy, Israel, and the United States. As a political expert, he has served as the official representative of Italy’s Northern League to the United States. Lombardi still travels to Italy to consult on Italian politics and economics for Berlusconi and his party. Guido's first book, “Liberta’ e Progresso Economico” (Freedom and Economic Progress) was critically acclaimed by Italian academics and political leaders, and was received by His Holiness Pope John Paul II. His follow-up work “The Value Matrix,” earned him high praise from American business leaders such as Donald Trump and Daniel Abraham.

What if the Economy Never Recovers?

There’s a growing portion of Americans who consider this a real possibility. It is common to hear people discuss 2% annual growth and 8% unemployment as the “new normal.” Respected economists like Robert Gordon even contend that our country’s franchise on innovation is being lost. Perhaps most alarming is that Americans between the ages of 18 and 27 have never known what it’s like to participate in a robust, growing, economy. The sentiment felt today is not unprecedented in history. During the Great Depression there was likewise a feeling that recovery might never come. It is assumed that we now really understand the events of 1929 and how the near decade long Depression finally came to an end. Clearly we do not; if we did, we would have pulled ourselves out of the current predicament by now. [more...]

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