Thursday, June 6, 2013

6-6-13 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: Susan Rice's Prize for Lies
2. Lex Levinrad: Finding Bargain Priced Foreclosure Properties
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Barack Obama - The Ghost of Columbia University

Susan Rice's Prize for Lies

President Barack Obama's foreign policy is in shambles all over the world. On his watch, the Middle East is crumbling into sectarian violence, not only in Syria but in Iraq where Obama has squandered the victory over Islamists achieved during George W. Bush's administration. The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt and turned it into an autocratic Islamist state. Violent Islamic jihad has spread way beyond Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Middle East and Africa. Iran is closing in rapidly on achieving a nuclear arms capability, while its ally North Korea is moving ahead with its nuclear program and advanced missile systems capable of delivering nuclear payloads to attack our allies and the United States itself. China is pressuring Japan and other neighboring countries in a strong hegemonic move to expand its sphere of influence, while Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is working to recreate the vestiges of the old Russian empire.

Yet, in the midst of this morass, to whom does President Obama turn to succeed Tom Donilon as his chief adviser on national security? To Susan Rice, the same woman who agreed to front and blatantly lie for him and Hillary Clinton on national television last fall, delivering the Obama administration's false narrative about the causes of the Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead. [more...]

Finding Bargain Priced Foreclosure Properties

Real estate investors looking for a good investment opportunity in real estate should learn how to invest in bargain priced properties that are in some stage of foreclosure or have already been taken back by the bank via the foreclosure auction. If you have access to cash and are willing to understand how the foreclosure process works then you can find great deals in today’s real estate market. The biggest challenge for new investors is how to find bargain priced properties. One readily available source of properties is bank owned properties but it is important to understand that this is not the only source of discounted properties. [more...]

Barack Obama - The Ghost of Columbia University

I am a graduate of Columbia University, Class of 1983 - the same class Barack Obama claims to have graduated from. We shared the same exact major - Political Science. We were both Pre-Law. It was a small class (about 700 students). The Political Science Department was even smaller and closer-knit (maybe 150 students). I thought I knew, or met at least once (or certainly saw in classes) every fellow Poly Sci classmate in my four years at Columbia... but not Obama. No one ever met him. Even worse, no one even remembers seeing that unique memorable face. Think about this for a minute. Our classmate is President of the United States. Shouldn't someone remember him? Or at least claim to remember him? [more...]

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