Monday, June 10, 2013

Google Data Achieved 94% Accuracy in Hollywood Box-office Predictions

Digital information is virtually unlimited in the ways in which it can be applied to predict future human behavior. Search information provides data that can be used by sophisticated software in supercomputers to make predictions on all sorts of things, ranging from items that consumers are most likely to buy to how citizens will ultimately cast their votes in a political election.

Hollywood executives have been paying close attention to the whole subject of search information data, particularly with regard to potential applications within the entertainment industry. Google, in fact, has been out touting its ability to utilize the information that it has collected to make predictions about which movies are going to be top box-office draws.

According to a recently released Google research paper that was posted on the Google Think Web site, the number of Google and YouTube searches of a movie has the capacity to provide the film industry with a highly accurate predictor mechanism - one that is able to act as an indicator of whether a movie will turn out to be a blockbuster or a bomb. [more...]

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