Monday, November 25, 2013

Comedy Central Hosts Downplay the Harry Reid Nuclear Option

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart recently scurried to the defense of the wily Harry Reid. With late-night humor as a cover, the Comedy Central hosts parroted the themes of the left-leaning news media regarding the senate majority leader's unprecedented move to exercise the so-called nuclear option, which in one fateful stroke changed the more than 200-year-old procedure for filibustering presidential nominees.

With tongue solidly in cheek, Colbert, portraying his faux conservative character, referred to the day of the Reid bombshell as "the last day of America" and announced that he was leaving the U.S. to go to a little known foreign territory called "South Carolina." Colbert’s late night persona then expressed mock worry as he somberly proclaimed the following: "We have just witnessed the death of an American institution." [more...]

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