Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Obama and I Learned at Columbia: How to Destroy America From Within

I'm about to solve the mystery of Obama... to break "the Obama code." I'm about to tell you everything about the way Obama and the people around him really think. I'm about to rip open the true Obama plan to destroy our country. I can do this now because I was there when the plan was hatched.

How do I know all this? Because I was Barack Obama's college classmate at Columbia University (class of 1983). I was easy to recognize: the lone outspoken conservative in a class of 700 students. I knew I was in trouble when my first political science class at Columbia was "Communism 101" taught by Professor Trotsky in the Fidel Castro Building, at the corner of Marx Blvd. and Lenin Drive. I'm only half-kidding. My experiences at Columbia were not far off. Everyone needs to hear my story because what Obama and I learned at Columbia explains EXACTLY what Obama is doing to America today. [more...]

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