Thursday, January 16, 2014

1-16-14 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Obama is 100% Right About Inequality
2. Kyle Olson: School District: We Spent $24K on Student Bowling to 'Improve Hand-eye Coordination'
3. Rabbi Ganz: The Effects of Negative Political Advertising
4. John LeBoutillier: Christie Will Be Impeached This Year

Obama is 100% Right About Inequality

Obama is obsessed with inequality; he lectures us about it in every speech. His entire agenda and every policy is intended to create equality, fairness, and social justice. He vows to "fundamentally transform the United States." The result? Suddenly the unstoppable American economy is stopped cold in its tracks. Our GDP is in quicksand. The great American jobs juggernaut is in reverse. We have chronic unemployment, the lowest work force participation rate in 35 years, massive deficit and debt. We have millions unemployed, millions more under-employed, forty-seven million on food stamps - more than the population of Spain - and over 10 million on disability. More Americans are on entitlements than working in the private sector. Over 46 million are living in poverty - twice the population of Syria. Over 6 million more Americans are living in poverty just in Obama's first term; and the number of Americans without a job has increased by almost 10 million under Obama. [more...]

School District: We Spent $24K on Student Bowling to 'Improve Hand-eye Coordination'

The Camden, New Jersey school district has been a mess for years, despite a 14-to-1 student to teacher ratio and spending over $26,000 per student every year. The district's graduation rate is under 50%. ABC News recently reported only three Camden students who took the S.A.T. test last year scored as "college ready."  This all shows something is not working in Camden. EAGnews recently analyzed the district’s 2012-13 spending. One of many things that stuck out: nearly $24,000 was spent at bowling alleys and skating rinks. One might assume the district is paying for field trips and that could be justified in many people’s minds. When we asked why the district spent money this way, in particular at a bowling alley, the district’s response? “Improve hand eye coordination.” [more...]

The Effects of Negative Political Advertising

Negativity plays a major role in modern political punditry. It seems as if rightwing opinion makers have reached a new high (or low) when it comes to viciously bashing the political Left and its leader. In print, TV, and radio, President Obama has been openly referred to as a liar, a want to be dictator, a closet Muslim who is out to destroy the U.S., and so forth. What, if anything, does this negativity accomplish? There are three possibilities:
• The Liberals are weakened when being depicted as flawed.
• The attacks do not matter at all. The Conservatives are already convinced, and the Liberals ignore what those on the Right say anyway.
• A third counterintuitive possibility is that these attacks on the Left backfire; they actually help the Liberals and their objectives. [more...]

Christie Will Be Impeached This Year

It is more likely that Governor Chris Christie will be impeached and removed from office (in 2014) than he ever runs for the GOP nomination for President. Why? Because Democrats – unlike our current House Republicans – know how to run a gut-cutting, down-and-dirty-if-necessary investigation against a political opponent.  They know how to take aim and then keep their eye on the target no matter what. They know they have most of the media with them – and they thus are not afraid of "overreach," and they have the killer instinct that almost all Republicans lack. The Bridge-Gate Scandal is the latest perfect example: the e-mails ordering up the traffic jam first made it into the public domain last Wednesday, January 8th. By the following Monday – January 13th – a mere five days later, the Assembly and Senate Democrats had already named not one but two special investigative committees armed with special counsels and widespread subpoena power. The Assembly Speaker said, "The investigation will go where it goes." In other words, they are free to go down any tributary – as long as it helps them sink Governor Christie. [more...]

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