Friday, January 31, 2014

1-31-14 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dave Bego: Common Core - It's All About Control
2. Christina Tobin: Independents Hit Record 42%
3. Dr. Larry Kawa: Obamacare Federal Lawsuit Heads to District Court of Appeals
4. Joe Messina: The Two "N" Words
5. John LeBoutillier: Americans' Disillusionment with the Political Class... And the Future of Politics
6. Kyle Olson: New Short Film Exposes Milwaukee Schools’ Efforts to Block High-Performing Competitors
7. Joseph Klein: The Iranian Threat & Obama’s Deception
8. James Hirsen: Suspicions Mount over D'Souza Indictment

Common Core - It's All About Control

Like Obamacare, Common Core is another government debacle being pressed by the far left as legislation that, in Nancy Pelosi's vernacular, "needs to be passed so we can learn what is in it." Once supported by leading teachers unions such as the National Education Association (NEA), American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), many union officials are now questioning its merits. They are also concerned, among other things, about another Obamacare "train wreck" rollout as well as its merit as an education model. Despite early union support, it appears some union members are beginning to wake up and realize that Common Core may not be what they bargained for, specifically after the Obama Administration had the Department of Education (DOE) publish the draft of this new program. [more...]

Independents Hit Record 42%

It's finally starting to happen.  The American people have been unhappy with their representatives in Washington for too many years. In 2014 the revolution, which has been slowly building for decades, is poised to begin.  Everything is in place. A recent Gallup poll shows that 42% of Americans identify themselves as Independent.  Only 25% of Americans identify as Republican, only 31% as Democrat.  Independents are now close to outnumbering Republican and Democrats combined.  Independents just have to gain 4% more from each party to reach 50%, making it theoretically impossible for an Independent to lose in states where races have tended to be close. [more...]

Obamacare Federal Lawsuit Heads to District Court of Appeals

All the President's men believe that an average American citizen doesn't have the right to question the actions of this administration. That's what they argued against me, a local Florida orthodontist, who decided to stand up against an administration that has taken the law into its own hands. As an American, I simply can't lie down and allow this administration to run roughshod all over the Constitution. I can't stay silent while a Congress of one (the President), decides to make and change laws based on his whims. That's why I’ve decided to take my Obamacare federal lawsuit to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. [more...]

The Two "N" Words

Recently, I read an article about an elementary school principal who was suspended for using the "N" word.  The teacher was getting the kids ready for a play about Martin Luther King, Jr. After using the word "Negro" several times, one of the children said he was uncomfortable with that word and refused to participate in the play. Ultimately the principal was called in for backup, and during the course of explaining the differences between the two "N" words, Negro and Ni***r, ended up getting herself in trouble. She has been suspended pending an investigation. But why? [more...]

Americans' Disillusionment with the Political Class... And the Future of Politics

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we explore the real State of the Union: a deeply alienated American public which views D.C. - both political parties and the media that covers them - as corrupt and out for themselves; a "rigged" system filled with corrupt arrangements - with the American people no longer giving their leaders the "consent of the governed." Watch our two shows here: Sunday Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Monday on the Dot Com. [more...]

New Short Film Exposes Milwaukee Schools’ Efforts to Block High-Performing Competitors

Hundreds of Milwaukee families have discovered in recent years that having a school voucher doesn’t mean much if your private school of choice doesn’t have the classroom space to accommodate additional children. Such is the case for the city’s St. Marcus Lutheran School. The high-performing private school has a long waiting list for any available seats that open up, and it’s not difficult to understand why. By virtually all measures, St. Marcus Lutheran is outperforming Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) – its government-run counterpart – by a wide margin. The most telling statistic is probably the schools’ graduation rates: St. Marcus succeeds in getting a diploma into the hands of 96 percent of its students, compared to MPS’ dismal 65 percent graduation rate. [more...]

The Iranian Threat & Obama’s Deception

President Obama misled the American people in his January 28th State of the Union address regarding what Iran is required to do under the six-month interim nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1 nations - the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China) plus Germany. Obama made the following patently false claim about the implementation of the interim agreement: "As we gather here tonight, Iran has begun to eliminate its stockpile of higher levels of enriched uranium." [more...]

Suspicions Mount over D'Souza Indictment

When reports surfaced regarding Dinesh D'Souza's indictment on charges of violating federal campaign finance laws, some serious questions were raised about the criminal investigation of the author and filmmaker. Although the FBI and Justice Department did not explicitly reveal to which election the charges had referred, Federal Election Commission records indicated that the only political candidate to which D'Souza had ever donated was Wendy Long, a former New York senatorial candidate. [more...]

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