Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Open Borders Costing Americans Jobs and Depressing Wages

The most recent jobs report proclaimed that 288,000 new jobs were created and that unemployment dipped to 6.1%. The Obama Administration’s portrayal of the report as indicative of an economic recovery is more disingenuous rhetoric from a President and an administration that was trained by the likes of the SEIU and Bill Ayres. Much like the misinformation spewed by big labor during Corporate Campaigns to force unionize employees, the intent is to bedazzle the naive, uninformed and easily misled with propaganda designed to achieve its goals.

The misleading jobs report cited by the administration, as well as the President’s refusal to address the concern of our open borders, is reminiscent of Bill Ayers' tactics except, instead of lobbing bombs, the President uses flowery and misleading rhetoric to achieve the destruction of the nation’s work force and economy. Conveniently, the jobs report failed to identify that the net 288,000 jobs consists of approximately 500,000 full-time jobs lost and replaced by 788,000 part-time jobs, realistically providing less take-home pay for employees and failing to qualify them for the mandates of employer-provided health care insurance. Thank you Affordable Care Act (ACA)! [more...]

Dave Bego is President/CEO of Executive Management Services, an employee advocate against the SEIU, and author of The Devil at My Doorstep: Protecting Employee Rights.

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