Monday, July 14, 2014

The Campaigner-in-Chief

Entering office under a hopeful banner, the president and his administration are now mired in a slew of scandals. When the president first ran for office, he repeated the campaign slogan "hope and change," and much of the nation thought he was talking about virtue. They liked what they heard. We are, after all, a country on a quest for the ideal - always have been and always will be.

The president’s notions and those of the country are very different indeed. Nothing could be more illustrative of this point than the places in which the president can be found during these difficult times - on one campaign run after another, grabbing for cash, perhaps in hopes of saving, among other things, a sinking legacy.

Amid the country’s obvious distress and suffering, last week the president set off on a Hollywood fundraising tour. He meandered over to the opulent Austin, Texas mansion of director Robert Rodriguez, where a crowd of willing Left Coast donors shelled out $32,400 a head to help the Democratic National Committee (DNC) buttress their midterm election coffers. Some paid $5,000 to be admitted and were able to have their picture taken with the self-professed non-photo op president. Obama refuses to show up at the site of the border crisis but instead campaigns at the home of a pro-illegal immigration movie director. [more...]

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