Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8-6-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: The Truth Obama's Great Depression
2. Sandy Botkin: Spending a Fortune on that "Dream School"
3. Joe Messina: Abortion Issue Does Not Equal Women's Health Issue
4. Kyle Olson: Cops: Teacher Showed Up to School Drunk, Pantless

The Truth Obama's Great Depression

Obama is famous for saying, “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.” We all know how that worked out. Now Obama brags about his economic “recovery.” It’s as if he’s saying, “If you like your economy, you can keep it.” Well, Mr. Obama, let me say this. “There is nothing to like about this economy. And you can keep it.” We’re all being fed a pack of lies. Why we are NOT in a recovery. Does any of this sound like a recovery, or a healthy economy? To me it sounds more like economic ruin. It sounds like “the murder of the middle class.” That’s the title of my new book exposing how the middle class is the target of a purposeful attack by big government, big business, big unions and, of course, big media – all of them protected by covering up the facts. [more...]

Spending a Fortune on that "Dream School"

I have NEVER met anyone, in my 30+ years of tax and financial coaching, who was happy with incurring substantial financial debt for his or her undergraduate school. In fact, most people who have incurred significant debt for undergraduate studies are really in trouble. There was a recent article in the Money section of Time Magazine about sixty-year-old people who are still not out of debt! The problem is that most schools don't meet the real financial need. If a student has $150,000 in total student debt, this would cost $1,819 a month for ten years to pay off! Even $100,000 in debt would take about $1,212 a month for 10 years to amortize. This monthly burden has to be compared to starting salaries for most kids, which is between $3,300 and $4,600 a month. [more...] See my latest book: Achieve Financial Freedom – Big Time!

Abortion Issue Does Not Equal Women's Health Issue

I have been saying, to the irritant of my friends on the Left, that abortion has nothing to do with the women’s health issue. One of the original questions the Supreme Court had to deal with in the seventies when they approved Roe v. Wade was: When does life begin? Well, all the academics and doctors that were willing to take some money and testify said life did not start until the third trimester. Remember, this was a time when cancer was almost always fatal, AIDS was a death sentence, and, in some cases, people still died from the flu. Medicine has come a long way since then. And now many agree, scientists and doctors alike, that life begins at conception or shortly thereafter. [more...]

Cops: Teacher Showed Up to School Drunk, Pantless

One teacher was reportedly caught with her pants down at the start of the school year – or actually they were missing altogether. 49-year-old Wagoner Public Schools teacher Lorie Ann Hill showed up to school "disoriented and without pants," according to Police Chief Bob Haley. "She was found in a room kind of disoriented," Haley said. "By the time we got there she was in a room and wearing shorts." She was found at the high school in an empty classroom, according to News Channel 4. She was booked in the Wagoner City Jail on a public intoxication complaint, the newspaper reports. She was "recently" hired by the district and classes start Thursday. [more...]

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