Friday, January 16, 2015

1-16-15 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Bill Glynn: Cyber Warfare - A technology Trillion Dollar Shot in the Arm
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: It’s Time for the Oil Industry to Plan its Exit Strategy
3. Bill Tatro: Media's Confusing Messages
4. David Horowitz: Bush was 100% Right After 9/11

Cyber Warfare - A technology Trillion Dollar Shot in the Arm

Big business is at war with a new cyber army. It has deployed its troops into the new world, a new frontier, and even nation states have joined in with massive efforts to hobble global commerce, specifically in the West. Sony, Target and even the Defense Department, among many others, are under siege. It has only just begun. The culprits are North Korea, China, Russia, Iran and now even ISIS. The fact is there are land laws, maritime laws, air and space laws, but the new frontier, cyber, is yet to be governed by similar standards and government rules of engagement around the world. The U.S. has extremely robust capabilities, both offensive and defensive, but critical infrastructure, power grids, nuclear, transportation and a multi-trillion dollar electronic business - from online business to banks and Wall Street - are woefully underprepared. 9/11, as terrible as that was, may pale in comparison to the global economic disruption that is coming to our shores anywhere and everywhere on the planet. [more...]

It’s Time for the Oil Industry to Plan its Exit Strategy

After steadily increasing to recent highs, the price of oil has been dropping dramatically in the past six to eight months as worldwide oil production reaches its own highs. Americans refuse to cut back on production because they are supporting job creation, which is a good enough reason for most. Saudis are not cutting production because they could care less what happens to America or the rest of the world. This phenomenon, in part, leads to a surplus in the American market which is contributing to the creation of a massive ripple effect on the underlying oil commodity market. Part of the money making ability of companies in the oil and gas Industry is directly correlated with the price of their particular type of oil. [more...]

Media's Confusing Messages

"U.S. Retail Drops the Most Since 2012" ... "Holiday Sales Rise the Most Since 2011" ... huh? A bit confusing wouldn’t you say? But those were the headlines that greeted me with my morning coffee. I assumed that the decline imbedded in the first headline was due to a decrease in gasoline sales. While sales volume is probably the same, it was just the price that dropped by 40%.  I was correct, but I was also a bit surprised to learn that miscellaneous store retailers, electronics, appliances, clothing, sporting goods, books, music and department stores all went negative. [more...]

Bush was 100% Right After 9/11

Fourteen years after 9/11, it is tragically clear that President Bush was right about the threat we faced and Democrats are suicidally wrong. The 9/11 attacks were indeed a salvo in the war Islamists have declared on us but even now, all these years later, Democrats still want to regard such attacks as acts of individual criminality, and deal with them through the legal justice system, affording American rights to those who want to destroy American rights.  Why, you may ask yourself, is the Boston Marathon bomber going to be tried in a criminal court of law, where he will be able to make propaganda for his cause underwritten by his victims? Because Democrats want it that way. It shows we're superior to everybody else. [more...]

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